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Volume 14, Issue 2, 2023 (March - April)

  1. Impact Analysis Of Fear, Knowledge, And Attitudes On Purchase Behavior Of Nutritional Supplements Before And After COVID19:A Cross-Sectional Study In Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
    Usha Rani, and Bobba Babitha*.
  2. Study Of Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase, Lipid Profile And Serum Magnesium As The Best Predictor For Severity Of Pre-Eclampsia.
    Rajeswari M*, Gowri Sankar B, and Bhuvaneswari S.
  3. Body Fat Muscle Ratio: A Better Assessment Of Dyslipidemia Than The Conventional Anthropometric Measurements.
    Archana Devi C, Bhuvaneshwari R, Gayathri R, Padmapriya Muthu, Preethi A*, and Udaya Kumari G.
  4. Study Of Clinical Features, Management And Microbiological Profile Of Fungal Sinusitis In Post Covid And Non Covid Patients.
    Vijay Nivas*, Sivasankari, Santhana Krishna Kumar, Ravikumar, Surya, and Robin Richards.
  5. Study Of High Intensity Breast Feeding And Insulin Sensitivity In Women With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus During Early Postpartum Period.
    A Preethi, D Hemalatha, C Archana Devi, P Deepalakshmi*, G Udayakumari, and Vignesh G.
  6. Multi Ligamentous Knee Reconstruction Outcome Analysis Following Staged Reconstruction.
    K Senthilkumar*, M Dhanagopal, and A Siva Senthil.
  7. Isolation And Characterization Of Sulfur Containing Compounds In Cleome Genus And Activity Analysis; A Comparative Analysis In Cleome viscose and Cleomegynandra.
    Pavani Pilli, and Jattavathu Madhavi*.
  8. A Study On The Association Between TSH Values And Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) Levels In Euthyroid Patients Of Metabolic Syndrome (MetS).
    Vinodha J, Chitra Siva Sankari G*, Mukila UD, Udaya Kumari G, and Preethi A.
  9. Impac tOf Alcoho lOn Auditory Threshold A Cross Sectional Study.
    N Sivakumar*, Saravanan B, and Gomu S Priya.
  10. Plasma Fibrinogen As A Marker Of Vascular Ischemia In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
    Rajalakshmi K, MC Archana, D Suresh Anandan, and Mary Rebecca Yowaraj*.
  11. Electrolyte Imbalance-A Better Predictor For Onset Of Metabolic Derangements In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
    Chitra Siva Sankari G, Vinodha J*, and Jemima Ajitha P.
  12. Clinical Outcome Of Posterior Wall And Column Of Acetabular Fractures Treated With Reconstruction Plates.
    K Senthilkumar*, A Siva Senthil, and M Dhanagopal.
  13. A Study To Assess The Correlation Of Serum HDL As A Prognostic Marker In Sepsis.
    Chandrashekhar HR, Keshava HK, HN Satyaprakash, Foram Josh4*, Meenakshi R, and Ashwini Prakash.
  14. Hand Hygiene Auditing: An Effective Tool To Improve The Adherence To Hand Hygiene Practices Among Healthcare Workers.
    Sayali Pande, Vishal Kulkarni, Ashish Banginwar, Anjan Trivedi*, and Shraddha Kulkarni.
  15. Knowledge, Attitude And Practices Regarding Medical Disorders In Pregnancy Among Women In A South Indian Rural Setup.
    Monalisa Biswas, Swetha Chandru*, and Shruthi CN.
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