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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2014 (January – February)

  1. Medicinal Plants with Potential Nootropic Activity: A Review.
    Patel VS, Jivani NP*, and Patel SB

  2. Development and Analysis of Bis[(Benzo-15-Crown-5)-4-Methyl] Pimelate Based Potassium Coated Wire Ion Selective Electrode.
    Raghunathan R, Neelamegam P and Murugananthan K

  3. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Substituted phenoxy Derivatives of Phosphorylated and Thiophosphorylatedbenzazoles.
    Chandni Jain, Meena Nagar and Gita Seth*

  4. Detection and Determination of Various Types of Clostridium perfringensinSheep andGoatby Cultureand ELISAMethodinKhuzestanProvince.
    Pooladgar Abde Rahman, Loni Rahman, HeidariRazieh, Pilechian Langrudi Reza, Ghaemmaghami Shamsedin.

  5. A Comparison of Copper, Zinc, and Iron in the Serum of Chronic Cigarette Smokers versus Non-Smokers.
    Arvind Rao HT*, and Suchetha Kumari*

  6. Analysis of Subcellular Localization Sites and Calculation of Isotopic Mass for Catharanthusroseus.
    Ramanathan K, Arun N and Kalaiselvan S

  7. Comparative Effects of Two Antimalarial Drugs (P-Alaxin and Coartem) on Serum Electrolytes and Serum Enzymes in Albino Wistar Rats

  8. Physico-Chemical Properties of Biodiesel Obtained from Callophylluminnophyllum Oil.
    VN Ariharan*, VN Meena Devi, ST Gopu Kumar, and P Nagendra Prasad

  9. 3D-QSAR Models to Predict Antiamoebic Activities of the Cyclised pyrazolines and 2-(quinolin-8-yloxy) acetohydrazones.
    Samira Mbarki*, Menana ELHALLAOUI

  10. Effect of Temperature on Theperformance of Porous Membrane Activated Sludge Reactor (PMASR) Treating Synthetic Wastewater.
    Anita MaslahatiRoudi*, SabariahBinti Abdul Rahman, ShreeshivadasanChelliapan*, Amin MaslahatiRoudi, HesamKamyab, MohdFadhilMd Din and Mohammad Soltani.

  11. Quality and Quantity of Municipal Solid Waste in Mashhad.
    Anita Maslahati R*, ShreeshivadasanChelliapan*, and Amin Maslahati R.

  12. Physico-Chemical and Phytochemical Investigation of Plant Sesbaniasesban.
    Kumar Sandeep*, BajwaBaljinder Singh and Kumar Narinder

  13. Quantitative Determination of Usnic Acid Content in Usneasiamensis by TLC-Densitometry and TLC Image Analysis
    Chayanon Chaowuttikul, Worathat Thitikornpong, Chanida Palanuvej,* and Nijsiri Ruangrungsi

  14. Comparative Evaluation of Total Salivary Proteins in Leukemic and Healthy Children of Mixed Dentition Age Group.
    Rahul R Deshpande*, Megha V Jadhav, VishwasPatil, Rajdeep Singh, MayuriMutha, and Bhavana S Metha

  15. A Comparative Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Various Extracts of Embelia basal Against Salivary Microflora of Mixed Dentition Age Group.
    Rahul R Deshpande*, Pallavi K Kakade, Priya S Panvalkar, Vivian K Varghese, Gayatri S Kamble, and Nirmala R Deshpande

  16. Speciation of Enterococci as a Urinary Pathogen with Its Resistance Pattern: A Study from Pondicherry.
    Civamani Deepa, Sreenivasan Srirangaraj, Praveen Charles MV, Arunava Kali*, and Sivaraman Umadevi

  17. The Role of Platinum (II) ß -Carboline Complexes in Autophagy and Cancer Developement by Molecular Modeling.
    Lebbad Fatima, MeradMeriem, Soufi Wassila, and Ghalem Said*

  18. In-vitro Experimental Studies on Selected Natural Gums and Resins for Their Antimicrobial Activity.
    Sravani P*, Y Kiranmayee, S Narasimha M, VS Reddy, S Asha and R Bharath Kumar

  19. Characterization of Black Ni and Sn as Optically Selective Absorber Coatings in Thermal Solar Collectors Mainly (Part ?).
    MF Shaffei, N Khattab, AM Awad, and HS Hussein*

  20. The Role of Phospholipase C Isozymes during Fibrinolysis and in Relation to Platelet Function in Goat Blood.
    Manoj G Tyagi, AnandRamaswamy, DiyvaDeepika V and Aniket Kumar

  21. Comparative Study of Ethanol Production from Different Industrial Waste and its Managerial Benefits.
    Muthumani S* and Anbuse

  22. Stability Study of Chitosan Nanoparticles Containing Some ntiretroviral Drugs
    J AdlinJinoNesalina,*, and A Anton Smithb

  23. Construction and Characterization of the Intestinal Biofilm Model of Candida spp
    Afaf Baktir*, Masfufatun, Galuh Ratmana Hanum, Kiky Rizky Amalia, and Purkan

  24. Evaluation of Self Medication Practices Among Medical and Non Medical Individuals.
    Tejashree T, Sarala N*, and Girish M Bengalorkar

  25. Correlation between Salivary Constituents of a Mother and Child.
    Rahul R Deshpande, Vishwas Patil, Mayuri Mutha*, Megha Jadhav, Bhavana S Metha, Rajdeep Singh Chhabra, and Tushar V Gadkari

  26. Hemolysin Production and Antibiogram Pattern of UropathogenicE. Coli Isolates from South India.
    Lavanya Segar, Sreenivasan Srirangaraj, Arunava Kali*, and Sivaraman Umadevi

  27. Study on Injuries to Hippocampus, Amygdala, Cerebral Cortex and Their Effects on Conditioned Taste Aversion in Total Body 60 Co-?-irradiated Rats.
    Vanita Gupta and Madhu Bala*

  28. Phytochemical research of plant extracts and usein vitro culturein order to preserve rare wild species Gladiolus imbricatus.
    Krvavych AS*, Konechna RT, Petrina RO,Kyrka MS, Zayarnuk NL, Gulko RM, StadnytskaNE,and NovikovVP.

  29. In vitro antioxidant properties of the traditional medicinal plant species, Ehretia microphylla Lam. and Erythroxylon monogynumRoxb.
    Palaniappan Ranjitham, Senguttuvan Jamuna, Kandasamy Padmavathi and Subramaniam Paulsamy*

  30. The Changes in the Serum, Liver, Kidney Protein and Genomic DNA Profiles in Rats Treated with 7,12-Dimethylbenz(A) Anthracene and Plantago major L.
    Ismet Berber,*Suat Ekin,Abdulkadir Levent, and Gokhan Oto

  31. Protective Impacts of Zinc against the Toxicity of Smoking Induced Fluctuated levels Of testosterone, Estrogen and Zinc in Smoker Men.
    Ahmed Mohammed Ahmedand Hisham Waggiallah*

  32. The Mechanism of Forming the Granules on the Basis of Lactose and Microcrystalline Cellulose.
    Kytova OV, Kovalevska IV*, Kutsenko SA, and Ruban OA

  33. Updated Review on LC-MS.
    Alagar Raja M*, Shailaja V, David Banji, Rao KNV, and Selva Kumar D

  34. Comparison of Linear and Non Linear Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in Different Postures.
    Rajesh Kumar Sharma*, and ShailjaChambial

  35. Vitex negundo Induced Protein Changes in the Fat Body of Corcyra cephalonica
    *M Madhaviand S Sabita Raja

  36. Can Magnesium be an Influencing Element in Type 2 Diabetics?.
    Goyal V, Agrawal Y*, and Chugh K

  37. Synthesis, Characterization and Anticonvulsant Activity of 2-Ketophenyl-3-(Substituted aryl)-1-Thiazolidin-4-Ones
    Vats V*, Upadhyay RK,Upadhyay S and Gupta U

  38. Adsorption Studies of Congo Red from Aqueous Solution on to Rice Husk.
    K Kumaraswamy*, B V Dhananjaneyulu, M Siva Jagadish Kumar

  39. 2,4-D the Appropriate Composition for Controlling Citrus Postharvest Decay.
    KavoosAyazpour and AbdolhosseinAboutalebi*

  40. Characterization of the Human Skin Microbiome.
    Christopher W Cefalu*

  41. Anatomical Study of Anterior Interosseous Nerve in Indian Adult Cadavers.
    Bindurani MK*, Lokesh HM, Muralidhara P Shepur, Kavyashree AN, and Lakshmiprabha Subhash

  42. Partial Characterization and Serological Relationship of a Tospo Virus Infecting Sunflower (Helianthus annuss. L) In South India.
    VenkataSubbaiahKotakadi*, SusmilaAparnaGaddam and DVR Saigopal

  43. Structural Stability and Electronic Properties of Neutral, Anionic and Cationic Cesium Chloride Nanostructures – A DFT Study.
    Nagarajan V and Chandiramouli R*

  44. Hepatoprotective Effect of AzimatetracanthaLam on Ferrous Sulphate Induced Toxicity in Albino Rats.
    Sowmya A and Nagarajan V*

  45. An Overview of Microbial Proteases for Industrial Applications.
    Bashir SajoMienda*, AdibahYahya, Ibrahim A Galadima and MohdShahirShamsir

  46. TEM Analysis of Gold Nanoparticles Synthesisin Glycerin: Novel Safety Materials in Cosmeticsto Recovery Mercury Damage.
    TitikTaufikurohmah*, I Gusti Made Sanjaya, AfafBaktir, and AchmadSyahrani

  47. A Study on Chelation and Antimicrobial Activity of The Complexes of 4-Amino-5-Phenyl-3-Mercapto-1,2,4-Triazole and Its Benzylidene Derivatives
    Alia Begum*, B Sreedhar, K Laxmi, P Mamathaand ChSarala Devi**

  48. Comparison Result of Inversion of Gravity Data of a Fault by Cuckoo Optimizationand Levenberg-Marquardt Methods.
    Reza Toushmalani*, ZeinabParsaand Amir Esmaeili

  49. Comparison Result of Inversion of Gravity Data of a Fault by Particle Swarm Optimization and Cuckoo OptimizationMethods.
    Reza Toushmalani*, Amir Esmaeili,and ZeinabParsa

  50. Genetic Code as Binary BCD and Gray Code
    UdayBhaskar, AdeeshNagpal, Himanshu Paul, and M Yamuna*

  51. Teratagenecity and Maternogenicity – Myths and Facts
    BishtManisha*,and Dhasmana DC

  52. Nanotoxicology and Its Implications.
    MohdFarhan, Imran Khan, and Padma Thiagarajan*

  53. RP-HPLC Analysis of Acebrophylline in API and Capsule Dosage Form.
    SravaniTakkarusu, Sridhar Thota*, Venisetty Raj Kumar, VenumadhavNeerati

  54. Synthesis of 2-Substituted-1 H-Benzo[D]Imidazoles through Oxidative Cyclization of O-Phenylenediamine and Substituted Aldehydes using DioxaneDibromide.
    Satish S Birajdar, Girish D Hatnapure, Ashish P Keche, and Vandana M Kamble*

  55. Synthesis and Analysis of Metal Chelating Amino and Diamine Precursors and their Complex Formation on Copper (II) using Conductivity and Spectroscopic Methods.
    PrakashanandCaumul*, Kishore Boodhoo, ShenazBibiBurkutally, ShivanandsinghSeeruttun, NawfalNamooya, NafiisahRamsahye, NausheenJoondan

  56. Anti-oxidative Effect of Polyphenol-Rich Extract of Russulaalbonigra.
    AdhirajDasgupta, Debal Ray, Ananya Chatterjee, Anirban Roy, and Krishnendu Acharya*

  57. Studies of Second Structure of 16S rRNA Gene in Uncultured Paenibacilus Species Clone T-168
    Sheyda Akhshabi and Abolhasan Rezaei*

  58. Studies of the Rate Homology between 16S rRNA Gene in the Uncultured Paenibacillus Species? Clone: T-168? and Other16S Rrna Gene in the Paenibacillus Species.
    Sheyda Akhshabi and Abolhasan Rezaei*

  59. Cardio, Neuro And Renoprotective Activities of Atorvastatin in Streptozotocin-Induced Type2 Diabetic Rats Undergoing Treatment with Metformin and Glimepiride.
    Peddolla R, Rondi S and Venisetty RK*

  60. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers: Assurance and Apprehensions Revisited.
    Dixit A*, Pandey P, Mahajan R, and Dhasmana DC

  61. Frequency and Distribution of Blood Groups among Rural and Urban Population of Tumkur District, Karnataka.
    Shashiraj HK, Venkatesh G*, Sendilkumaran D, and Sachin JI

  62. Kinetics of Anodic Oxidation of Niobium in 0.1M L-Ascorbic acid: Solvent and Temperature effects.
    *V JeevanaJyothi and CH Anjaneyulu

  63. Clinical Evaluation of Anti-Nociceptive Activity of Terminalia arjuna extract In Albino Rats.
    BhomikGoel*, Nishant Pathak, Dwividendra Kumar Nim, Rakesh Kumar Dixit, and Rakesh Chaurasia

  64. Characterization and In-vitro Susceptibility of Malassezia SpeciesInPityriasisVersicolar Cases from a Tertiary Care Centre.
    Kalyani M*, Bhuvaneshwari G, Narasimmhalu, ShameemBanu AS,Renu Mathew, and Jayakumar S

  65. Low Fat Yogurt Reduce Weight: Randomized Clinical Trial from Malaysia.
    Redhwan Ahmed Al-Naggar*, Muhamed T Osman, and Mahfoudh Abdulghani

  66. Toxic Effects of Aluminum on Certain Protein Metabolic Parameters in Two Rice Varieties during Leaf Senescence.
    M Muthukumaran*and A VijayaBhaskara Rao

  67. Comparative Kinetic Investigation of Oxidation of 3-Methylindole by PeroxomonosulphateandPeroxodisulpahte Using Ethanol Medium
    Stephen J*, SubramaniK ,Muniyappan K, and Chandramohan G

  68. Allelopathic effect of Spinaciaoleracea L. and Psidiumguajava L. on Vignamungo (L.)Hepper
    A Martha Leema Rose, P Karthiga Gandhi, BD Ranjitha Kumari and S Anitha*

  69. Development and Validation of Stability- Indicating RP-HPLC Method for the Estimation of Agomelatine in API.
    Meghana M, Sridhar Thota*, Raj Kumar Venisetty

  70. A Convenient Route to the Synthesis of New Trisubstituted Pyrazolines and their Antimicrobial Activity
    KR Raghavendra, K Ajay Kumar* and S Shashikanth*

  71. Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Substitutes -Some Properties and Potential Health Benefits and Risks.
    Fatima Bukhamseen and Ladislav Novotny*

  72. Dielectric Studies of Binary Mixtures of Aromatic Aldehyde with Polar and Non Polar Solvents.
    R Anandhi and P Krishnamurthi*

  73. Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for the Estimation of Leflunomide in Bulk Drug And Tablets.
    S Palled*, YD Padmavathi and AR Bhat.

  74. Assesment of Transferrin Saturation as an Indicator of Iron Overload in Homozygous &Hetrozygous Form of Thalassemia.
    Aparna A Sagare*, and Dhiraj J T

  75. Semi-Empirical Based 3D-QSAR Studies Of Some Pharmacological Important Compounds with a Pathogen.
    Kishor Arora*

  76. Alternative Oral Drugs to Pioglitazone in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
    Arun Sharma*, M Thulasimani, S Amarnath, AKP Praveen, S Jaikumar, S Basalingappa, and S Ramaswamy

  77. Endosulfan Poisoning Induced Myocarditis: Rare Manifestation of a Commonly Used Insecticide in India: A Case Report.
    Narmada P Patel*, Roopesh Jain, Bhupendra K Ratre, and Umesh Patel

  78. Analysis of Important Dairy Products: Isolation and Characterization
    LK Attri* and HumeetNarang

  79. Time Delayed Capsule Device for chronopharmaceutical drug delivery system of Diltiazem hydrochloride-Formulation and Evaluation
    V Kamalakkannan*, and KSG Arul kumaran

  80. Meningo-Orbital Foramen-In South Indian Dry Skulls and Its Incidence.
    Gopalakrishna K, KashinathaShenoy M, and Preetha

  81. Synthesis and Biological Studies of Schiff Bases from Substituted Amino Benzothiazole on In-Vitro Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Microbial Activities.
    Balaji PN*, KP Priyanka, P Sai Sahithi, Reddy Prasanna K, R Lathamani, and Aswini M

  82. Anti-bacterial and ß-Lactamase inhibitory effects of AnchusaAzurea and GlobulariaAlypumextracts.
    Naoual Boussoualim, Hayat Trabsa, ImanKrache, Lekhmici Arrar, and Abderrahmane Baghiani*

  83. Pioglitazone Hydrochloride Floating Tablets: Design, Evaluation and Release Kinetics
    T Rama Rao, and Mohammed Asif Hussain*

  84. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in an infant.
    VadlamudiHaarika, Venkatesh Soma, Chandrasekaran Venkatesh*, Dhandapani Gunasekaran, Palanisamy Soundararajan, and Sadagopan Srinivasan.

  85. Pathway Engineering, Epitope Mapping and Docking Of Hepatitis B-HBxProtein.
    Anju K Prasad, Bibhuti P Barik* and Prabodha K Behera

  86. Bioremediation of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons in a Sewaged Soil by Certain Remediative Amendments Followed by Phytoremediation.
    Hoballah E*, Saber M, Matter I, and Zaghloul A

  87. Identification and Characterization of Drought Stress Protein on Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr)
    Estri Laras Arumingtyas*, Evika Sandi Savitri, and Joni Kusnadi

  88. Assessment of the Need for Incorporation of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Second MBBS Practical.
    Khond SB, Pathak SS, Gupta VK*, and Arshiya T

  89. Development and Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Microspheres of Tetracycline by using a Spray Drying Technique
    Hire NN*, Derle DV, Deore AB, and Nathe KR

  90. Estimation of Des-gamma-carboxy prothrombin with Alpha Fetoprotein Elevates the Diagnostic Performance of Hepatocellular Carcinoma among Upper Egyptian Hepatitis C Patients
    Nabil Mohie Abdel-Hamid*, Abdel-Hamid NM, Wahid AM, Anbar NH and HelalyT

  91. Evaluation of Anti-Catatonic Effect of Leaf Extracts of TragiaplukenettiR.Smith on Phenothiazine Induced Catatonia in Rats.
    Sathish Kumar M*, Farzana SK, and RamaraoNadendla

  92. Compatibility Analysis of Entomopathogenic Fungi Beauveriabassiana (NCIM No-1300) With Several Pesticides.
    Ravi Kant Singh*, Smriti Vats, Brajesh Singh and Ravi Kant Singh

  93. Effect of SapindustrifoliatusLeaf Extractson Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines.
    D Pradhan*, and G Tripathy

  94. Ethnomedicinal recipes for Ophthalmic and ENT problems & allied diseases from Tribals of Sriharikota Island, Andhra Pradesh
    *R Bharath Kumar and and **B Suryanarayana

  95. Anti-Ulcer Activity of Methanolic Extracts of the Whole Plant of Leptadeniapyrotechnica Against Gastric Ulcer in Rats.
    SanghPartap, UjjwalTewari*, Jyoti Sati, Kuldeep Sharma, Keshari Kishore Jha

  96. In Vitro Germination of Date Palm Pollen Grains Affected By Different Sugar Types.
    Omayma M Ismail*

  97. Effect of Oral Curcumin Administration on Insulin Resistance, Serum Resistin and Fetuin-A in Obese Children: Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study
    Nagwa Abdallah Ismail*, Shadia Ragab, Abeer Nour Eldin Abd El Baky, Mona Hamed, and Al Shaymaa Ahmed Ibrahim

  98. Fatal Acute Liver Failure by Herpes Simplex Virus- A Case Report
    Yuthika Agrawal*,VipinGoyal, Tapesh Bansal and Neeraj Gupta

  99. Development and Evaluation of Polyherbal Formulation for Hair Colorant.
    Rajesh Yadav*, NitaYadav, MurliDharKharya

  100. Utility of Biotechnology to Oil and Fats Industry.
    Rita Awasthi, DeeptiShikha, SusmitaBajpai and Sanjay Awasthi

  101. Fast Dissolving Tablets of Domperidone Using Natural Superdisintegrant: Formulation and Optimization
    NehaKanuja, ManjuNagpal*, LoveleenKaur, Gitika Arora Dhingraand RajniBala

  102. Synthesis, Characterization of Telechelic Bromine Terminated Poly (Ethylene Oxide) and Its Inhibition Effect on Mild Steel Corrosion in Sulfuric Acid.
    Anil Barak, PalashJyoti Das, HemlataVashisht, Sudershan Kumar*

  103. The Impact of High Frequency Ultrasound Waves on Diluted Whey Proteins Resulted From Dairy Processing
    Mohammed Matouq*,Nii Susumu, Zaid Al-Anber, Ohannes Markarian, Omar Al-Ayedand Tomohiko Tagawa

  104. Pharmacological Evaluation OF Leaf Extracts OF Tragia PlukenettiR. Smith
    Sathish Kumar M*, and Ramarao Nadendla

  105. Ionic Conductivity and Electrochemical Studies of Mg2+ - Ion Conducting Peg-Al2o3 Composite Polymer Electrolytes
    Anji Reddy Polu*

  106. Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude And Practice on the Use of Natural Antioxidants Towards Cancer Prevention Among Health Personnel at Muhimbili
    Rainalds RS Malele* and NdeleSayuni

  107. The Study of Iron Related Parameters in Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Pregnancy
    Yogenderp, Sujatha r, Rangaswamy r, Sreekantha, and Avinash ss.

  108. Histo-pathological Analysis of Salivary Gland Lesions with Ki-67 Immunoprofile.
    Sangeetha N*, Palaniappan V, Hemavathy N, and Subathra K

  109. Diagnostic Utility of Latex Agglutination Test and Antibiogram Of Isolates Causing Acute Bacterial Meningitis in Pediatric Age Group.
    Jagadevi*, Jagadeesh and AnjanaGopi

  110. TGA as an Amperometric Reagent for Trace Determination of Gold (III)
    Rajni Arora1, RituLangyan, Dayawati, VB Taxak, and SP Khatkar*

  111. Effects of Flavonoids from Morus Alba Leaves Extract on Experimentally Induced Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) In Rats
    ShyamSundar Gupta, G Rajesh Kumar, Manju Sharma,Garima Pandey, PK Mohapatra, and Ch V Rao*

  112. Homocysteine: The Amino Acid Toxin.
    Dinesh Prakash Upadhyay and Laxmikant Gupta*

  113. Biodiversity Conservation in Rajasthan: Role of a Botanist.
    LataSharma, and Upadhyay DP.

  114. Synthesis and Antibacterial Evaluation of Some Novel Naringin Semisynthetic Derivatives.
    Duganath N*, Sridhar C and Jayaveera KN

  115. Design and Development of Press Coated Prasugrel Hydrochloride Tablets for Pulsatile Drug Delivery System.
    N Narasimha Rao*, GS Mahalakshmi Yadav, P SrinivasaBabu, and V Saikishore

  116. Use of Beta Blockers in Patients with Reactive Airway Disease and Concomitant Hypertension or Ischemic Heart Disease.
    Rahul Magazine, Bharti Chogtu*, DhanyaSoodana Mohan, Shruti Nair, andTanwiTrushna

  117. Chemical Composition, Phytochemical Constituents and Antioxidant Activities of the Seeds Extract of Apiumgraveoleus L from Yemen
    Al jawfiYaser* ,AlsayadiMuneer, BinmansorAbdelhafid , Atikbekkar Fawzia

  118. An Assessment of the Genetic Load of Hemoglobinopathies by Using Retention Time Chromatogram: A Tertiary Care Hospital Based Study, Located In Ranchi District of Jharkhand.
    Chandrahas Prasad, SB Singh, Tulsi Mahato, Shanti Praksh, and Satish Chandra

  119. The Study of Etipathogenesis and Modalities of Management of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding.
    Vinayak N Tukka, Nagaraj Bhalki, Sreekantha*, Avinash SS, and Remya.

  120. Study of Binding Site for Losartan and Irbesartan As Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonists as Antihypertensive Agents - Part I
    Anupama A Parate*

  121. Simultaneous Determination of Naphazoline and Antazoline in Eye Drop Formulations using Net Analyte Signal Standard Addition Method (NASSAM) and Partial Least Squares (PLS).
    Reza Hajian*, ValiZareShahabadi, AbdolmohammadGhaedi, HadissIzadi and MitraZafari.

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