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Volume 6, Issue 2, 2015 (March - April)

  1. Exploring the Causes of Prevalent Preterm Delivery after Pre-Eclampsia in Pregnant Women Visiting Shariati Hospital of Bandar Abbas in 2011-2012.
    Soghra Fallahi, Niloufar Aslavi*, Simin Norouzi, Aida Najafian, and Amin Qanbarnejad.

  2. Evaluation of the Severity of Dust Storms and Air Quality Index in Sanandaj in 2010.
    Seyyed Jamal Aldin Ebrahimi, Leila Ebrahimzadeh*, and Akbar Eslami.

  3. Evaluation ofHeavyMetals Concentration in theDrinkingWater Distribution Network in Kurdistan Villages in the Year 2012.
    Seyyed Jamal Aldin Ebrahimi, Akbar Eslami, and Leila Ebrahimzadeh*.

  4. Critical Thinking and Clinical Decision Making Skills in Pediatric Nursing Students.
    Susan Penjvini*, and Mohammad Saleh Hejrani.

  5. Efficacy of Different Methods Combined with Nicotine Patch Therapy for Smoking Cessation.
    Seyyed Jamal Aldin Ebrahimi, Leila Ebrahimzadeh*, Farzam Bidarpour, and Fardin Gharibi.

  6. A Case History of the Recurrent Severe Oral Ulceration with the High ?elicobacter pylori Content in the Stomach.
    Ludmila Michailovna Lukinykh*, Svetlana Urievna Kosyuga, and Svetlana Emilevna Engulatova.

  7. Comparison of Biosurfactant Activity for Hydrocarbon-Utilizing Microorganisms.
    AR Gilmullina*, LG Akhmetzyanova, PY Galitskaya, and SY Selivanovskaya.

  8. Estimation of the Thyroid Gland Volume by Means of Ultrasonography among School Children in Aktobe Area, Kazakhstan.
    Kh I Kudabaeva*, LS Yermukhanova, GK Koshmaganbetova, Y Sh Bazargaliev, AM Baspakova, KK Kaldybaev, and AT Kaldybaeva.

  9. Experimental Research facility with LED Lights.
    Olga Evgenyevna Zheleznikova*, and Svetlana Anatolyevna Amelkina.

  10. Oral Mucosa Diseases as a Consequence of Eradication of Helicobacter Pylori.
    Ludmila Michailovna Lukinykh*, Svetlana Urievna Kosyuga, and Svetlana Emilevna Engulatova.

  11. Prevention of the Oral Diseases in the Immediate Relatives of the Patients with the High Degree of the ?elicobacter ?ylori Content in the Stomach.
    Ludmila Michailovna Lukinykh*, Svetlana Urievna Kosyuga, and Svetlana Emilevna Engulatova.

  12. Research and Practical Recommendations on the Lighting System Use with LED Light Sources.
    Olga Evgenyevna Zheleznikova*, and Lyudmila Vasylevna Sinitsyna.

  13. Systematic Approach and its Use During the Environmental Situation Study Experiencing Technogenic Impact.
    Aleksandr Semyachkov*, Viktoriya Pochechun, and Aleksandr Terekhanov.

  14. Volatile Oil Composition of Carthamus Tinctorius L the Flowers Grown in Kazakhstan.
    Turgumbayeva AA*, Ustenova GO and Samir A Ross.

  15. Realization of Multimedia Applications on Re-Configurable Platform
    P Rajkumar*, and I Mary Sajin Sanju.

  16. Stability Indicating LC Method for the Determination of Ketoprofen in Presence of its Impurity.
    RymGuelmamiChayeh, RachidChemli, RidhaDriss.

  17. Kinetic Study of Ketoprofen Degradation According To Standards Methods of International Commity of Harmonisation by HPLC.
    RymGuelmamiChayeh, RachidChemli, and RidhaDriss.

  18. Phytochemical Analysis of Raphidophora tetrasperma
    D Sharmila* and Selvakumar Sivagnanam.

  19. Effect of Thyroxin Therapy on Lipid Profile in Dyslipidemia in Subclinical Hypothyroidism.
    Kaviprasanna S*, Saikumar P and Alaguveni T.

  20. Comparison of Clonidine and Fentanyl as Adjuvants in Brachial Plexus Block.
    Yogarajan R, and Edger Nelson*.

  21. Is Retroperitoneal Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma In Female Is Easy To Ruled Out?.
    Rajalakshmi R*, and Saraswati K.

  22. A Rare Complication during Stricture Urethra Surgery.
    Uma R, and Edger Nelson*.

  23. Stevia the Ideal Sweetener: A Review.
    Aswin Kumar A*, Sankara Narayanan B, and Sandiya Ravi

  24. TLC Bio-autography Guided Identification of Antioxidant Fraction from Aegle marmelos Rind.
    Diana Victoria T, and Antony V Samrot*

  25. Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluations of Mixed Ligand Complexes of Diphenylamine of Cobalt.
    Ejelonu BC, and Olagboye SA*.

  26. Clinical Profile of Oral Cancer Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital in Miraj District of Maharashtra: An Observational Study.
    Abdul Rafe Abdul Qadeer, Sharad S Sawant, Vikas Gosavi, PD Gurav, and Shoeb Khan.

  27. Study the effect of anhydrous Cupric Sulphate on eutectic mixture of Lithium Chloride - Potassium Chloride.
    Samaa Saadi Mahmood, and Abbas A-Ali Drea*.

  28. Phytochemical and Mineral Elements Composition of Bondazewia berkeleyi, Auricularia auricula and Ganoderma lucidum Fruiting Bodies.
    Emmanuel E Essien*, Victor N Mkpenie, and Stella M Akpan.

  29. A Review on Oxadiazole.
    Subin Mary Zachariah*, Mridula Ramkumar, Namy George, and Mohammad Salam Ashif.

  30. A Review on Pioneering Technique - Liquisolid Compact and Applications.
    Meena Kharwade*, and M Sneha.

  31. Studies of Mixed-Ligand Complex Formation of Drug Dapsone and Amino Acids with Chromium (III).
    Bhimrao C Khade*

  32. Comparative Evaluation of Caudal Block Using Bupivacaine and Ropivacaine in Children Poster for Infra Umblical Surgeries.
    R Immanuel Nargunanathan J, and B Sangeetha*

  33. Carbapenem Resistance Gene (OXA) Associated with IS Element in Clinical Isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii
    Manjubhashini A, Sheik Abdulla K, Sandhiya R, Srivani Ramesh S*.

  34. Synthesis of Some New Heterocycles Derived from 3-Amino-5-hydrazinopyrazole dihydrochloride.
    Hassan A Etman*, Mahmoud G Sadek, and Abdel-Galil M Khalil.

  35. Detection of Avian Influenza A Virus in Malaysian Birds.
    Zahirunisa Abd Rahim*, Mustafa Abdul Rahman and Ismail Ahmad

  36. Study of Bacteriological Etiology of Wound Infections.
    Surya Prabha P, Divya Rani M, Lakshmi K*, Chitralekha S, and Illamani V.

  37. Optimization of Lignocellulose Degrading Enzyme Laccase from Basidiomycetes Using One Variable at a Time Approach.
    Ruchika Mahajan, Neeta Raj Sharma*, ans Mahavir Joshi.

  38. Antibacterial Activity of Methyltiosulfonate and Its Complexes with Rhamnolipid and Trehalose lipid against Pseudomonas aeruginosa NBIMCC 1390.
    Irina Lazarkevich, Anna Sotirova, Tatyana Avramova, Stoyanka Stoitsova, Tsvetelina Paunova-Krasteva, and Danka Galabova.?

  39. The Evaluation of Technical and Vocational Centers in Ahwaz Based on the Excellence Model of EFQM.
    Forough Talanak*, and Faranak Omidian

  40. Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination of Agricultural Soils and Cassava Leaves along Umuahia - Ikot-Ekpene Highway, Abia State
    Nnaji JC* and Iwe CK.

  41. Organoleptic, Physico-chemical and Microbial Quality of Drinking Water in Orumba South Local Government Area, Anambara State, Nigeria.
    Nnaji JC*, Adosiobi EC and Ngwoke CA.

  42. Isolation and Characteristion of Rare Gram Positive Cocci in Clinical Samples by Simple, Costeffective, Reproducible Technique.
    Karthika Jayakumar*, Jenoffia, and Dhivya G.

  43. aVEGF-A and its Soluble Receptor Type 1 (sVEGFR-1, sFlt-1) Concentrations in Pregnancies with Intrauterine Growth Restriction in the Presence or Absence of Preeclampsia.
    Marzena Laskowska*, Katarzyna Laskowska, and Jan Oleszczuk.

  44. QSAR Rationales for the 5-HT2A Receptor Antagonistic Activity of 2-Alkyl-4-aryl-Pyrimidine Fused Heterocycles.
    Manju Choudhary, Pradeep Pilania and Brij Kishore Sharma*.

  45. Isolation and Identification of Symbiotic Bacterium Associated With the Entomopathogenic Nematode, Heterorhabditis sp. (IISR-EPN 01) From India.
    Rashid Pervez*, Revathi J, Eapen SJ, Devasahayam S and Jacob TK

  46. Role of Polyamines in Retardation of Dark Incubation Induced Changes in Thylakoid Membrane Organization and Photochemical Functions in Maize (Zea mays) Primary Leaves.
    Bhanumathi G and Murthy SDS*.

  47. A Review on Toxicological Effects of Fungicides.
    Sharma Preeti*, Sharma Aksha, Jasuja D Nakuleshwar, Sharma Nidhi, and Joshi C Suresh

  48. Phytochemical and Biological Investigations of Onopordum alexandrinum Seeds.
    Walid E Abdallah,Wael M Elsayed, Heba D Hassanein , Khaled A Shams*, Shams I Ismail and Seham M Ali.

  49. Isolation and Screening of Cellulolytic Fungi by Baiting Method from Soils of Jalandhar.
    Monika Tuli, Sushma Gurumayum*, Sawinder Kaur, Swetlana Nagal, and Indesh Attri.

  50. Synthesis, Docking Studies and Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Some Chromenone Derivatives.
    Rajesh B Patil *, Sanjay D Sawant, Kavya V Reddy, and Milind Shirsat.

  51. Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh. as Phytoaccumulator of Sediment Heavy Metals in the Las Piñas – Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area (Philippines)
    Arnold V Hallare*, Adrian L Santos, Mary Nadine Alessandra R Uy, and Allan Patrick G Macabeo*.

  52. Placement of Implants in Maxilla: A Case Report.
    Vijay Ebenezer*, R Balakrishnan, Pradeep Christopher, andT Muthu Mani.

  53. Comparison of Locking Plates with Miniplates for Management of Mandibular Fracture.
    Balakrishnan R, Vijay Ebenezer, Abudakir, Muthu Mani*, Saravanakumar

  54. Detection of Malignancy of Skin Lesions Based on Local Texture And Fractal Analysis.
    Bethanney Janney J*, G Rohini, and J Pauline.

  55. Determination of Total Phenolic, Flavonoid Content and Antioxidant Activity of Terminalia Chebula (Fruit).
    Kaveti Balaji*, Lim Hui Ni, Bavaneswari Rajindran, Mukesh S Sikarwar, Neeraj Kumar Fuloria, and Shivkanya Fuloria.

  56. Antibacterial Activity and Concentration Dependent Modulation of Angiogenesis of the Saponins of Schefflera luzoniensis.
    Janin Louise A Covarrubias, Allan Patrick G Macabeo*, Oliver B Villaflores, Matthias Knorn, Paul Kohls and Aristea V Bayquen*.

  57. Synthesis, Pharmacological Evaluation and Docking Study of Novel 3-Phenyl-5-Aryl-4, 5-Dihydro-1h-Pyrazole-1-Carbaldehyde as Anti-Inflammatory Agents.
    Anna Pratima G Nikalje*, Gaurav Gaikwad, Rajesh Nawale, Jaiprakash Sangshetti1, and Firoz A Khan.

  58. Pentacyclic Triterpenoids and Steroids from Voacanga megacarpa.
    Allan Patrick G Macabeo*, Katherine Yasmin M Garcia, Claire Francis S de Guzman, Warren S Vidar, and Scott G Franzblau.

  59. Development of Colorimetric Method for the Assay of N-acetylcysteine in Dosage Forms using 2, 6-Dichloroquinone-4-Chlorimide.
    Mohamed Abeid Adam, Shaza Wagiealla Shantier*, Sara Ahmed Alfangari, and Elrasheed Ahmed Gadkariem.

  60. Anxiolytic Effects of Pisum Sativum Seed Extracts in Animal Models.
    Sankara Narayanan B*, Sandiya R, Muthaiah NS.

  61. Hepatoprotective and Antioxidant Activities of Phenolic Compounds Isolated from Alpinia zerumbet (Pers.) B.L. grown in Egypt.
    FM Hammouda, SS El-Hawary, HA Kassem, WA Tawfik, AA Abdel Motaal, NM Nazif and SS El-Shamy.

  62. Crossed Fused Ectopic Kidney.
    Kalaivani S*, and Vathsala Venkatesan

  63. The Effect of Vitamin D on the Lung Tissue Damage in Mice Infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    Hotmaida Siagian, and Juliana Christyaningsih*.

  64. Effect of Novel Chalcone Derivatives on Clinical Isolates of Multidrug Resistant Bacterial Strains.
    Mallika Maiya, Akshatha S J, Shobha KL, Vivekananda Shenoy*, Subrahmanya Bhat K.

  65. Review On Statins: Future Perspective.
    Swapna Vadlamani*.

  66. Congenital Lobar Emphysema (Overinflation) Due to Bronchomalacia: A Rare Case Report
    Sudha M, Srinivasa Kannan SR, Gayathri Priyadarshini RS, Subhashree AR, Parijatham BO.

  67. Effect of Supplementation of Different Essential Oils on In-Vitro Methanogenesis, Fermentation and Digestibility of Finger Millet Straw based Diet in Rumen Liquor of Crossbred Cattle.
    Chandrasekharaiah M*, Thulasi A, and Lyzu Jose.

  68. Isotretinion Induced Pulmonary Thromboembolism.
    Sumit Agrawal*, Nitin Patil, Varun Jain, and Aparna Patange

  69. Glycation of Myosin - In Aging & Diabetes. How to Help Out?: A Mini Review.
    Mythili SV*,Jamuna Rani A, and Kalaiselvi VS.

  70. Manufacture of PVDF-Kitosan Composite Membrane and its Utilization in Batik Industrial Wastewater Treatment.
    Nita Kusumawati*, Asri Wijiastuti, Agus Budi Santoso.

  71. Quackery in Dentistry.
    Darshana Bennadi*, and Vinayaka Konekeri

  72. Teratogenic Effects of the Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on the Pregnant Female Rats And Their Off Springs.
    Abd El Wahab El Ghareeb*, HamidaHamdi, Ahlam El Bakry, Hunyda AboHmela.

  73. Anticancer Evaluation of Some Newly Synthesized Oxadiazol-2-Yl-Pyrazole Derivatives Attached To 4-Benzothiazol-2-Yl Moiety,
    Eman A Abd El-Meguid*, and Mamdouh M Ali.

  74. A Prevalence Report of IMP and VIM Type Beta-Lactamase Genes in Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter Species.
    Manjubhashini A, Sandhiya K, Esther Mary Selvam, and Srivani Ramesh S*.

  75. Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Isolates from Patients in Ahvaz city, Iran.
    Foroozan Kavoosinezhad, Naghmeh moori Bakhtiyari, Esmail Fattahi, and Barati S*.

  76. In-Vitro Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Selected Fruit and Vegetable Juices and Fermented Dairy Products Commonly Consumed in Egypt.
    Mohamed T Fouad, Amr Moustafa, Laila Hussein*, Ramy Romeilah, Mostafa Gouda.

  77. Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Chemical Constituents from Genista aspalathoides Lamk. ssp. erinaceoides (Lois.) M. (Fabaceae).
    Rabiaa Boukaabache, Ouahiba Boumaza*, Ratiba Mekkiou, Ramdane Seghiri, Fadila Benayache and Samir Benayache.

  78. Teratogenic effects of Hexachlorobenzene on the pregnant rats and their fetuses during gestation and lactation
    Abd El Wahab El Ghareeb*, Hamida Hamdi, Ahmed Ragab, and Malak Mamdouh.

  79. Whey utilization as milk substitution in the making of Caspian Sea Yogurt.
    Joni Kusnadi*, Agustin Krisna Wardani, Elok Zubaidah, and Tabhita Larasati.

  80. Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity of Different Parts of Pongamia pinnata L. extracts obtained by Sequential Extraction against Pathogen Isolates from Raipur region.
    Rinu Khan*, and Gupta AK.

  81. Removal of Phosphate Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Using Modified Diatomaceous Earth.
    Marwa A Sherief*, Adly A Hanna, and Reham MM Aboelenin.

  82. Histopathological Observations and Biochemical Changes of Rats with Diniconazole's Hepatotoxicity.
    Attalla F El-kott*, and Ahmad A Kandeel.

  83. Electronegativity and Atomic Number: Linear Isoelectronic Trends.
    Dinesh Prakash Upadhyay*, Laxmi Kant Gupta, And Mohan Kumar Sharma.

  84. A Study of the Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of Extracts from Wild Carrot (Daucus carota l.) Seeds Waste.
    Inessa Pavlyuk, Natalia Stadnytska, Izabela Jasicka-Misiak*, Boguslawa Górka, Piotr P Wieczorek and Volodymyr Novikov.

  85. Occupational Marks in Coconut Tree Climbers.
    Tanuj Kanchan*, Pradhum Ram, Vaman Kulkarni, and BB Darshan.

  86. Immediate Provitionalization of Full Arch Implant Placement: A Case Report.
    Vijay Ebenezer*, R Balakrishnan, Pradeep Christopher, and Muthu Mani.

  87. Carpal tunnel syndrome.
    M Kavimani*, K Suba Anandhi, and Christilda Felicia Jebakani

  88. Assessment of Genetic Diversity between and within Populations of Coleus sp using RAPD Marker.
    Alina Paul, Akhil Venu, and Sona S Dev*

  89. Home Health Assistive System for Critical Care Patients.
    A Sabarivani, and G Hari Krishnan*.

  90. Alteration In Serum Lipid Profile Following Chronic Consumption Of Thermally – Oxidized Palm Oil And Groundnut Oil – Modified Diets In Rats.
    E J Ani*, OE Ofem, VU Nna, and MU Jacob.

  91. Digital Video Invisible Watermarking Technology using SVD for copy right Protection.
    N Anuradha*.

  92. PhenotypicVariation ofFei Banana(Musa TroglodytarumL.) Originated fromMaluku Islands.
    Adriana Hiariej, Estri Laras Arumingtyas*, Wahyu Widoretno, and Rodiyati Azrianingsih.

  93. Fracture Body of Implant - Case Report.
    Vijay Ebenezer*, R.Balakrishnan, Pradeep Christopher, Muthu Mani

  94. Assessment of Dietary Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A and C Intake among Children and Adolescents in South Sinai.
    Kadry Z Ghanem, Sahar A Abdel-aziz,Mohamed H Mahmoud, Magda S Mohamed*, and Gamal Abdel Naser Yamamah.

  95. Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil Components and Antiproliferative Activity of Trans-Tiliroside Compound from an Endemic Desert Species Thymelaea microphylla Coss. et Dur.
    Labib Noman, Amar Zellagui*, Ayse Sahin Yaglioglu, Ibrahim Demirtas and Rhouati Salah.

  96. Reproductive Abnormalities in Men Due To Occupational Exposure.
    Dereddy Naga Linga Reddy, Kadiri Pullanna, and Gundala Harold Philip*

  97. Comparative Analysis of Antioxidant Properties of Different Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants.
    Sheelendra M Bhatt*, and Krishna and Shilpa.

  98. The molecular structure n-{2,2,2-trichloro-1-[(5-phenyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)amino]ethyl}acet- and Thioacetamide.
    PavloZadorozhnii, VadymKiselev, Ann Krvavych*,Volodymyr Novikov, and AleksandrKharchenko.

  99. Study of Prevalence of Potential Drug Interactions in Medicine Wards at A Tertiary Hospital.
    Poorwa Wandalkar*, Kunal Bhardwaj, B R Daswani, PT Pandit, and BB Ghongane.

  100. Removal of Hazardous Metals from Waste Printed Circuit Boards by Chemical and Biological Methods.
    A Jayapradha*, and J Abbas Mohaideen.

  101. Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction and Conventional Extraction of Silymarin from Silybum marianum seeds; A Comparison.
    IA Saleh*, M Vinatoru, TJ Mason, NS Abdel-Azim, EA Aboutabl, and FM Hammouda

  102. Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Characterizations and Antibacterial Activity of Some of Thiazole Derivatives.
    Zeki A Naser Al-Shamkhani* and Hanan A Al-Hazam.

  103. Ameloblastoma- A Review of 10 Cases.
    Abudakir*, R Balakrishnan, Saravanakumar, T Muthumani, NP Prabhu.

  104. Estimation of ESR, CRP, TLC and DLC in 200 Suspected Cases of Acute Appendicitis.
    Shalini Shukla*, Ish Kumar Baweja, Rajiv Kamal Gupta, Inderjit Chawla, Manjit Singh Bal, and Vijay Kumar Bodal.

  105. Production, optimization and characterization of broad spectrum bacteriocins from Lactobacillus plantarum DP2 and Lactobacillus casai DD1.
    Deepika Mahobiya*, and Ranjana Shrivastava.

  106. Terminaliaavicennioides as a Potential Candidate for Pharmaceutical Industry: A Review.
    AzeezMusibauAdewuyi*, YekeenTaofeekAkangbe, Animasaun DA, Durodola FA, and Bello OB.

  107. Quantum-Chemical Study of the Cytotoxic Activity of Pyrimidine–Benzimidazol Hybrids against MCF-7, MGC-803, EC-9706 and SMMC-7721 Human Cancer Cell Lines.
    Juan S. Gómez-Jeria* and Andrés Robles-Navarro.

  108. Experimental study of NOM characteristics affecting membrane fouling potential
    D Venkatesan*, and S Kumaravel

  109. Phytochemical Screening and Invitro Antioxidant Activity of Limnathemum Indicum.
    Jyothi Y*, Sangeetha D, and Kiran Kumar K.

  110. Synthesis and Characterization of new Schiff Base Derived from 1,2-Di (indol-2-yl) - 2-hydroxyethanone.
    Ahmed Hassen Alsryfy*, Zaied A Mosaa, and Nourabd Alrazzak.

  111. Effect of Particle Size on Total Extraction Yield and Silymarin Content of Silybum marianum L. Seeds.
    Ibrahim A Saleh,Sherin A Kamal, Khaled A Shams, Nahla S Abdel-Azim, Elsayed A Aboutabl and Faiza M Hammouda*

  112. Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Computational Strategies to Delineate Intra and Inter Molecular Interactions.
    Biswajit Gorai, Mahaboob Raashma and Thirunavukkarasu Sivaraman*.

  113. New strategy for the green synthesis and biological evolution for the synthesis of 2-oxospiro[indoline-3,2'-thiazolidine]-3'-yl)benzoic acidderivative.
    Satish Kumar Nandeshariya*, Gajanand Sharma

  114. The Effect of Gestational Age and Birth Weight on Serum Catalase Level as an Antioxidant Marker in Neonates.
    Adham M El-Tahry, Iman A Ali, Salwa M. El Batrawy, Doaa A Eissa, May M Moustafa, and Muhammad Al-Tohamy Soliman.

  115. Long Term Follow-up of a Reconstruction of Open Patellar Tendon Injury by Ecker’s procedure Using Gracilus and Hamstring Tendons.
    S Kumaravel*, and Joseph Victor.

  116. A Bizarre Agricultural Injury and Its Analysis.
    S Kumaravel*, and Anand Jain.

  117. An Analysis of the Conduction of Electric Charges along the Fluid in the Canals of the Human Bone Haversian system.
    S Kumaravel*.

  118. In silico evaluation of Molecular Structure, Vibrational Spectra and Substitution Effect of Hydantoin.
    Salah Belaidi*, Lazhar Bouchlaleg, Dalal Harkati,and Toufik Salah.

  119. A Review on Assessment of Medical Students and Instructors With Respect To the Intra-Ward and Clinical Education in Iran.
    Zahra Sadeghi, Abdolazim Ahamdpour*, and Payam Sadeghi.

  120. Evaluation of the Frequency of Leukemia in Hormozgan Province from 2007-2013.
    Davood Yousefi*

  121. A Review of Malignant Bone Tumors.
    Firouz Zarin, Turaj Kazemi, and Parvane Vakili*.

  122. Prevalence of Sleep Disorders among Medical Students.
    Farah Moayedi, Alireza Shahabjahanlu , Feysal Rasa, Payam Sadeghi*.

  123. A General Review on Hepatatis.
    Firouz Zarin, Turaj Kazemi, and Parvane Vakili*.

  124. Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome among Bipolar Patients.
    Farah Moayedi, Ladan Haj Abdolrasouli, Yaghub Fardan, Saeid Hosseini, and Payam Sadeghi.

  125. Satisfaction Levels of Medical Students from Clinical Education in Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences.
    Payam Sadeghi*, Mitra Rahimpour, Nosrat Eisapoor, and Abdolazim Ahamdpour.

  126. A Review of Kidney Stone and Its Risk Factors Along With Diagnostic Methods.
    Firouz Zarin, Turaj Kazemi, Parvane Vakili*.

  127. Phytochemical and biological studies of Ruellia brittoniana.
    MR Elgindi*, EG Hagag andSE Mohamed.

  128. Review: Plant Extract a Novel for Agriculture.
    Tansukh Barupal* and Kanika Sharma.

  129. Antioxidant Effect of Daucus carota.
    A Aswin Kumar*, Sankara Narayanan B, Sandiya Ravi, and A Abi Selvi.

  130. A Review on Ispaghula.
    A Aswin Kumar*, Sankara Narayanan B, Sandiya Ravi, and A Abi Selvi.

  131. Experience on the Use of Ultrasound in Treatment of Non Union / Delayed Union of Fractures.
    Manoj Deepak M*, Mathivanan N, and K Venkatachalam.

  132. Prospective study of the evaluation of Autologous Blood Transfusion in the treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis.
    Bheeshma B, Manoj Deepak M*, Prabhu Thangaraju, K Venkatachalam.

  133. An Interesting Case of Intestinal Obstruction Due To Nonrotation of Midgut and Internal Hernia.
    Girinath Venkat J*, Joseph Alexander, and Jayapriya J.

  134. An Interesting Case of Adult Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and Its Long Term Management.
    Abhishek Kasha*, KH Noorul Ameen, S Habeeb Ahmed Abdul Kaiyoom

  135. A Rare Case of Monteggia and Galeazzi in the Same Patient.
    T Prabhu*, Mathivanan N, A Sivakumar, and Vijaya narasimhan.

  136. Efficacy of Tranexamic Acid in Conservation of Blood Loss in Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients.
    T Prabhu*, Manoj Deepak, R Harish, Vijaya narasimhan

  137. A Study of Ovarian Lesions in a Medical College Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Prakashiny*, BO Parijatham, and Hemalatha Ganapathy.

  138. The Outcome of Illizarov Ex-Fix in Treatment of Distal 1/3 Tibial Fractures.
    Anwar Sathik S* , Sivakumar , Harish R, and K Venkadachalam.

  139. A Rare Case of Avulsion Fracture of Calcaneum Tuberosity.
    G Sundaresan, Anwar Sathik S*, and Mathivanan.

  140. Audio Signal Recognition System Based On Vocal Features.
    AJose Albin *, and NM Nandhitha.

  141. Nootropic Activity of Tuber Extract of Dioscorea batatas Using Lithium-Induced Head Twitches in Albino Wistar Rats.
    R Sandiya*, and NS Muthiah.

  142. Utilization of hydrogel for reducing water irrigation under sandy soil condition 2- Preliminary study: yield and yield components of rice and barley in sandy soil as affected by hydrogel.
    Waly, A.El-Karamany, M.F.; Shaaban, A. M; Bakry, A.B and Elewa, T.A.

  143. Utilization of hydrogel for reducing water irrigation under sandy soil condition 3- Effect of hydrogel on yield and yield components of sugar beet under sandy soil conditions.
    El-Karamany, M.F.;Waly, A.; Shaaban, A.M; Alhady, O.A and Bakry, A.B.

  144. Utilization of hydrogel for reducing water irrigation under sandy soil condition 1 Preliminary study on the effect of hydrogel on yield and yield components of sunflower and wheat under newly reclaimed sandy soil.
    Waly, A.El-Karamany, M.F.; Shaban, A.M; Bakry, A.B and Elewa, T.A.

  145. MRI Evaluation of Painful Knee Joint.
    Girinath Venkat J*, Joseph Alexander, and M Prabakaran.

  146. Sarcomatoid Carcinoma of Small Bowel – A Case Presentation.
    Kolandaivelu, Mahadevan DSA, Balamurugan R, Lakshmana R, Sathyanarayanan M, and Vishnu Sundar R*

  147. Treatment of Chronic Elbow Dislocation in a 3 Staged Technique.
    S Sri Krishna Sandeep*, R Balaraman, R Sathish Kumar, V Vijayanarasimhan, and A Sivakumar.

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  279. Write originally.

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    Abeer A. El-Habeeb*

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