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Current Issue

Volume 7, Issue 4, 2016 (July - August)

  1. Isolation of Pimple Causing Bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) And Effect of Some Natural and Chemical Substances on Its Lysis.
    Arshia Verma, Anamica Srivastava*, Tanvi Routela and Suneetha V.

  2. Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Volatile Compounds from Lignosus rhinocerus (Tiger milk mushroom).
    Johnathan M, Nurul AA, Ezumi MF, and Gan SH*

  3. Yield Capacity And Bioenergy Efficiency Of The Sunflower Cultivation Technology When Using Microelement Containing Preparations.
    A.V. Karpov, A.L. Toigildin*, E.A. ?herkasov, I.A. Toigildina, and M.I. Podsevalov

  4. Scale-down of Cephalosporium acremonium Cultivations for High Throughput Screening of High-yield Cephalosporin C Strains.
    Ngoc Thang Vu*, Jun Tan, Mohamed Bedair Ahmed, Naveed Ahmed Qambrani, Yu You Hao*, Si Liang Zhang*, and Ju Chu.

  5. An Association between the Socio-Economic Indicators and the Periodontitis in the Republic Of Macedonia.
    Kiro Ivanovski*, Maja Pandilova, Georgieva Silvana, Pesevska Snezana, Kokolanski Vlatko, Dirjanska Katarina, Ristoska Stevica, Stefanovska Emilija, Mindova Sonja, andMarkoski Aleksandar.

  6. An Analysis of Complications of Coronary Angiography Correlation with Risk Factors in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Shilpa Patil, Piyush Prajapati*, Shivaraj Afzalpurkar, Omkar Patil, Pradip Warghane, and Saurabh Gandhi.

  7. Down Regulation of Inflammatory Cytokines by Protocatachuic Acid Isolated from Blepharis maderaspatensis (L.) B.Heyne ex Roth Leaves.
    Meenakumari S, Murugan R and Pachaiappan R*.

  8. A Survey Based On Blood Vessel and Optic Disc Segmentation.
    B Sivakumar*, and K Srilatha.

  9. The Development of a New Polymer Membrane : PSf/PVDF blended Membrane
    Nita Kusumawati, Toeti Koestiari, and Supari Muslim.

  10. A Comparative Study of Detecting the Congenital Heart Disease Using Tree Algorithms.
    M Karthi*, L Mary Gladence, and J Joshua.

  11. Survey on Performance of FFT Processor.
    V Vamsikrishna, T Surendra Babu, and N Mathan*.

  12. Gas Chromatography Coupled With Mass Spectroscopy for The Isolated Lipoidal matters of Manilkara hexandra.
    Moustafa H Baky, Mohamed R Elgindi*, Eman G Haggag, and Amal M Kamal.

  13. Comparison of Effort Estimation Techniques Using Decision Table with Regression Analysis.
    Sapphire Paul J*, Brumancia E, and Monisha GS.

  14. Degradation analysis of different agro-substrates by Aspergillus flavus SB04 using FT-IR.
    Uthara Lakshmi N, Narendra Kumar G and Ganesh Kumar A*.

  15. Practices of Raising the Cropping Power of Green Large Seed Lentil in the Volga Region Steppe.
    Shevtsova LP*, Shyurova NA, Bashinskaya OS, Toigildin AL, and Toigildina IA.

  16. Isolation of Phytoconstituents and Invitro Antilithiatic activity by Titrimetic method, Antioxidant activity by DPPH scavenging assay method of alcoholic root extract of Hedychium coronarium J. Koenig and alcoholic leaves extract of Ageratum conyzoides Linn. Plant species.
    Chandra Shekhar Tailor*, and Anju Goyal.

  17. Effective Handling of Patient Health Records Using NoSQL: MONGODB.
    Subham Kumar Goyal*, Souvik Das, and Lakshmi M.

  18. Exploration of the Semi-Supervised Learning Approach for Detecting Phishing Attacks.
    Vignesh Jeevan*, Refonaa J, and Suraj Shaurya.

  19. An Autecological Account of a Medicinal Plant Elephantopus scaber L.
    Moumita Das*, and Ambarish Mukherjee.

  20. Auto Precautionary Alert And Accident Avoidance System Using Image Processing.
    Indhuja D, Dharsanya R, and Anto Praveena MD*.

  21. Currency as a New Mode of Transmission of Pathogens.
    Soumyadipto Santra*, Neha Agnihotri, Sakshi Mishra, and Suneetha V.

  22. Map Reduce Implementation For Geo-Data Processing.
    Revathy S*, Nivetha M, and Sahaya Dony Lency A.

  23. Cytokine Serum Level Association with Superantigen Production by Staphylococcus aureus in Psoriasis vulgaris.
    Ebtihal Ch. Abbas, Ali M. Al-mohana, Muhsin A. Al- Dhalimi , and Alaa H. Al-Charrakh*

  24. Key-Summative Searchable Encryption (KSSE) for information distribution via Cloud Storage.
    Sriman Narayana*, Thiruneelan, and Sathiyavathi.

  25. Three Step Authentication Technique To Safeguard The Data Present In An Android Device.
    Ritesh Kumar, Deb Jyothi, and Revathy S*.

  26. FPGA Implementation of ASK, BPSK and QPSK Modulator Using Hardware Co-Simulation.
    M Kavi Camilin, K Susan Sangeetha and B Rajasekar*.

  27. A Facile One Pot Microwave Synthesis Of 2-Amino-5- Aryl Thiazole By Using NaHSO4-SiO2 Heterogenous Catalyst In Dry Media.
    Ezhilarasi MR*, Prabha B, and Raja C.

  28. Mall and Hospital Finder Using GPS Location Tracking Management.
    Gladwin G, Joshua Premdev James* and Gowri S

  29. Alice in Wonderland: A Case Study.
    Ajithakumari G* and V Hemavathy.

  30. Low Power CMOS Design Technique for Power Switches Gating.
    Azizur Rahman, Eldhose Kuriakose, and B Rajasekar*.

  31. Content Based Image Retrieval Using Multi-view Alignment Hashing.
    Ogeti Naveen, Shaik Zahir Hussain, and B Rajasekar*

  32. Secure Model for P2P File-Sharing System.
    S Vishnu Raj, and Govindaswamy Indhumathi*.

  33. Anorexia Nervosa-Case Study.
    S Saradha Devi, and V Hemavathy.

  34. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge of Post-Operative Care Among Orthopedic Patient.
    G .E. Margareat Thatcher*.

  35. Esophageal Fibrosis: A Case Study.
    M Vijayabarathi*.

  36. A Novel Semantic Approach for Integrating Heterogeneous Data for Tourism Information.
    GS Monisha*, Senduru Srinivasulu, and J Sapphire Paul.

  37. A Despriptive Study to Assess the Prevalence and Risk Factors of Low Back Painamong Staff Nurses in Selected Hospital at Chennai.
    Pappy Yuvarani*.

  38. Biometric Authentication using Steganography via Chaotic Encryption and Data Hiding.
    MK Bharathi*, and E Nagarajan*.

  39. Survey on Low power ALU design by using Modified GDI Technique in Microchip application.
    T Hemanth Kumar, Karthick C*, and M Sreenivasa Reddy.

  40. Antimicrobial, Biochemical, Organoleptic and Stability Properties of Cookies Fortified By Pomegranate Juice during Storage.
    Lamyaa El-Seideek*, Serag Farag Zaied, Magda Ibrahim Hassan, and Mohamed H. Elgammal.

  41. Measurement of Humidity and Temperature using PSoC Chip for Controlled Storage.
    V Pragathi Nathan*, and D Jamuna Rani.

  42. Privacy Protection Using Sensitive Data Protection Algorithm In Frequent Itemset Mining Of Medical Datasets.
    R Dheepa*, and D Usha Nandini.

  43. Neglected Tropical Disease - “PODOCONIOSIS”.
    Jegatha C*.

  44. Dengue Fever: Case Study
    V Yasodha*.

  45. LYME DISEASE: A Review.
    S Pauline Sheela Priya*.

  46. A Survey on CAD Technique for Various Abnormality Classification in Chest Radiography.
    M Mercy Theresa1* and V Subbiah Bharathi2.

  47. Automation of Attendance and Student Tracking with Face Recognition and Ultrasonic Sensor.
    Divyaharitha P*,Gayathri B and A Safiya Parvin.

  48. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Case Report.
    C Meribha Christy*, and V Hemavathy.

  49. Evidence Based Disease Analysis using Big Data.
    RM Gomathi*, Obin Joseph, and Vikash Kumar Gupta

  50. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – A Case Study.
    S Leelavathi*

  51. Improved Network Lifetime Enhancement Method for Sink Relocation.
    Saurabh Padhi, Lairellakpam Kalu Singh*, and Z Mary Livinsa,

  52. A study to assess the knowledge and reported practices about self-medication among the students of Engineering and Technology.
    R Nimmi*.

  53. Effectiveness of Educational Intervention Package Regarding Postpartum Management.
    Sathiyalatha Sarathi*, and V Hemavathy.

  54. Molluscum Contagiosum – A Case Study.
    Ariya S Kurup*.

  55. Influence of Higher Respiratory Rate on SDNN Heart Rate Variability and Heart Rate in Healthy Subjects.
    Subbalakshmi N K*, Shilpa N Bijoor,and Bagyalakshmi K.

  56. Anti-Venom Activity of Camellia Sinensis L. Leaves Extract on Naja naja Snake Venom.
    Ponnusamy Suresh, and Murugesan Balasubramanian*.

  57. Investigation of DPPH Radical Scavenging, Antioxidant and Melanogenesis Stimulating Activities of Various Pigment Extracts from Thai Herbal Plants.
    Sitthiphong Soradech*, Pokchut Kusolkumbot, Paiboon Reungpatthanaphong, and Sirinan Thubthimthed.

  58. Garcino Gel: A Result of Extensive Comparative Anti-Microbial Study of Various Bioactives of Garcinia indica.
    Krishna R Sharma, Tejaswi P Chalke, Divyesh S Sagathiya, Sujit K Nagare, and Supriya S Jirge*.

  59. Multi Server Authentication System Based on Finger Print and Secured OTP using ECC.
    Mythili S, And Nirmalrani V*.

  60. Design, Synthesis and Cytotoxic Activity of Some New Pyrazolines Bearing Benzofuran and Pyrazole Moieties
    Ashraf S. Hassan*, Taghrid S. Hafez, Mamdouh M. Ali andTamer K. Khatab.

  61. Changing Cows's Productivity by Influence Yeast Culture.
    Anatoly Foadovich Shevhuzhev*, Nikolai Ivanovich Belik, and Dagir Ramazanovich Smakuev.

  62. The Mineral Composition of Ration Feeding By Sheep.
    Vladimir Ivanovich Trukhachev, Anatolii Nikolaevich Kononov, Nadezhda Arkadevna Ozheredova*, Alexander Nikolaevich Simonov, and Elena Valentinovna Svetlakova.

  63. A Study on Vision Based Fall Detection for Automated Geriatric Care.
    C Prayline Rajabai*, and S Sivanantham.

  64. Echocardiographic Evaluation of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Its Relation with the Severity of the Disease.
    Amardip Rajput*, Virendra C Patil, Swati C Aundhakar, Chinmay Kulkarni, andJayesh S. Shetye.

  65. Economic Production of Polyamide Surface Modifying Protease Enzyme under Solid State Fermentation Using Wheat Germ Meal and Sand.
    Magda A. El-Bendary, Maysa E. Moharam, and Abeer A. Keera*

  66. Thermoplastic Removable Partial Dentures versus Metal Cobalt-Chromium.
    Sahar KH.Abdel-Bary, Eman M. Rostom, and Asmaa N. Elboarey*.

  67. Phytochemical and Elemental Profile of Embelia ribes Burn. F.
    Amit Saraf*, K. Srilata Srinivas, and Alka Chaturvedi.

  68. Detection of blaNDM-1 and blaVIM Mediated Carbapenem Resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India.
    Chitralekha Saikumar*, and K Mahesh kumar.

  69. Prognostic Outcome of Patients with Stroke with Special Reference to Plasma Glucose Levels and HbA1C.
    Chinmaya J. Kulkarni*, Sanjay T. Thorat, and Swati C. Aundhakar.

  70. Isolation, Production Of Novel Enzyme: Amylase From Penicillium Sp. And Its Cytotoxic Studies.
    F Starlet Priya, A Renu, and M Murugan*.

  71. Scientific Rationale for Inclusion of A New Nature Complex Belyj Kolodez (Russia, Belgorod Region) Into the Emerald Network.
    Alexandr V Gusev*, Elena I Ermakova, and Zhanna A Buryak

  72. Green Synthesize of Silver Nanoparticle by Semecarpus anacardium, Plumbago zeylanica and Curcuma longa Extracts and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticle.
    K Senthil Kumar*, R Vasuki, and R Priya.

  73. Effect of Foliar Application of Amino Acid and NAA on the Growth, Yield and Some Phytoconstituents of Melon Citrullus colocynthis L.
    Maher H.S. Al-Mohammad*.

  74. Specific Application of Antibiotic Use in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
    Nikil Kumar Jain*.

  75. Preparation Design Selection For Porcelain Veneers Manufacturing: A Review.
    Katerina Zlatanovska1*, Ljuben Guguvcevski2, Cena Dimova1, and Ivona Kovacevska1.

  76. Sporobakterin Probiotic and Its Influence on the Physiological, Morphological and Biochemical Status of Piglets.
    Smolentsev Sergey Yurievich*, Onegov Andrey Vladimirovich, Rozhentsov Alexey Leonidovich, Holodova Lyudmila Valeryevna, Drobot Galina Pavlovna, Popova Olga Vladimirovna, and Zabiyakin Vladimir Aleksandrovich

  77. Preparation of ß-carotene Enriched Nanoemulsion by Spontaneous Emulsification Using Oleic Acid as Nano Carrier.
    Heba H. Salama, M.M. El-Sayed, and M.H. Abd El-Salam*.

  78. Effects of Operation Conditions on the Apparent Rate Constant of CopperRemoval in a Packed-Bed Electrolytic Reactor.
    M. F.Alebrahim, I. A. Khattab, A. M. Abouel-Fotouh, and H. S. Hussein *.

  79. Evaluation of Hypolipedimic Activity of Ethanol Precipitated Cress Seed and Flaxseed Mucilage in Wister Albino Rats.
    M. Abd El-Aziz*,H.F. Haggag, M.M. Kaluoubi, Laila K. Hassan, M.M. El-Sayed and A.F. Sayed.

  80. Fetal ECG Extraction Using ANFIS Trained With Genetic Algorithm.
    TG Nagarajan, G Arun Balaji, V Vijayakumar*.

  81. Based on Artificial Neural Network Reconstructing Fast X-Ray and CT images.
    M Murali, K Muthu Varun Singh, and B Rajasekar*.

  82. Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Human Brain Tumors: A Review.
    Nilesh Padhi, Payal Dande, and Shashikant Patil*.

  83. Properties of Bio-Composites Boards from Gigantochloa Scortechinii and Themeda Arguens (L.) Hack at Different Ratios and Resin Contents.
    Razak Wahab*, Izyan Khalid, Mazlan Mohamed, Hashim W. Samsi, and Amirah Mohd Fikri

  84. Alpha Amylase Inhibition and Antioxidant Activity of Phyllanthus niruri Powder Drink.
    DeivyAndhikaPermata*, and Wenny SuryaMurtius.

  85. Application of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems in Fabrication Industries.
    Sunitha N, Aditya Harsha Kiran CH, Amulya Sai P*, and Naveen Kumar BV.

  86. Topical Use of Jatyadi Oil in Normal and Dexamethasone Suppressed Wound Healing in Animal Studies
    Sherin Babykutty, Sumisha Jose, and Rekha R Shenoy*

  87. Correlation of Three Bioelectric Method with Skin Fold Thickness in Body Fat Measurement in Indian Obese
    Anupam Mehrotra, Kalyana Chakravarthy*, Animesh Hazari, and A Sampath Kumar.

  88. Evaluation of Clinical Nutritional Knowledge in Iranian Critical Care Nurses.
    Alireza Khatony, Sakine Mazaherpur*, Yahia Pasdar, Farid Najafi, and Alireza Abdi.

  89. Behavior of Ochratoxin A (OTA) during bread making enrichment with some natural antioxidants.
    Abou-Baker Salim, Mona E.M. Naga, and Mohamed T. Fouad.

  90. Study the Effects of Age and Gender of Children on Rotavirus Infection in Baghdad, Iraq.
    Ali Saleem Abdulridha*.

  91. An Interesting Case Of Absent Pulmonary Artery!.
    Pradeep Kumar Reddy K*, M Sudhakar Rao, Raja RajanM, Ashwal Aj, Padma Kumar R, and Goutham Reddy Katukuri.

  92. Accident Warning and Rest Recommendation System for Vehicles Using Gradient Vector Calculations.
    A Saranya, S Suganthi, and V Vijayakumar*.

  93. Media Optimization, Production, Purification and Characterization of Alkaline Protease Enzymes from Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
    Chandran Masi*, Naveen kumar KR, and Umesh R.

  94. Do Cytokines Portray Distinct Osteoimmunology?-Establishing the Unique Role.
    Alphy AS*, Kannan TP, and Nurul AA

  95. The Dose-Dependent Antioxidant Capacity of Bezafibrate: An In-Vitro Analysis.
    Susshmitha R*, Muthiah NS, Sandiya R, Sowmya P, and Arvinth A.

  96. Activity of Enzymes of Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain of Rat Hepatocytes under Different Steatosis.
    D.O. Voieikova*, M.M. Kondro, T.M. Falaleyeva, and L. I. Ostapchenko.

  97. Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Different Regimens of Triple Therapy for Treatment of Egyptian Patients with Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer Due To Helicobacter Pylori.
    Mohamed A. Tayea, Ahmed Khames, Ibrahim Abdullah Maghrabi, Majed Al robaian, Mohamed Darwish, Abdel Aziz A.Saleem, and Hesham R.Elkhayat*.

  98. Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Novel 4,5-Dihydro Pyrazole Derivatives Bearing Thiazole and Furan as Potent Antimicrobial and Anticancer Agents.
    Chandrashekar Suradhenupura Munikrishnappa, Sangamesh B. Puranik,G.V. Suresh Kumar*, and Y. Rajendra Prasad.

  99. Accordion Phenomena: An Angiographic Illusion.
    Pradeep Kumar Reddy K*, Sravan K Reddy N, M Sudhakar Rao, Naveen Chandra GS, Ranjan Shetty K, and Goutham Reddy Katukuri.

  100. Spectrophotometric Studies On The Interaction Of Synapis alba Extract With Salmon milt DNA.
    KN Shashitha, Joanne Thangi J, Ashwini HA, Shlini P*, and Kavitha G Singh.

  101. Study of Effects of Redispersable Latex Powders On Hardening Kinetics of Cement-Sand Composites.
    Alexander A. Bobrishev*, Lenar N. Shafigullin, Vladimir T. Erofeev, Alexander A. Treshchev, Michael.I.Sotnikov, and Vyacheslav.A. Kozin

  102. Knowledge and Attitude of General Dentists towards Management of Avulsed Tooth.
    Sindhu Priya, Deepa Gurunathan*, and Arunachalam Karthikeyan Shanmugaavel.

  103. Bismuth (0) Nanoparticle as Anti-Breast Cancer Agent Synthesis and Investigation.
    Sarah Ashour Hamood*, and Ziad Tarik Aldahan.

  104. Characterization of Aspergillus flavus NG 85 Laccase and Its Dye Decolorization Efficiency.
    N. M. Khalil*,M. I. A. Ali, S. A. Ouf and M. N. Abd El-Ghany.

  105. Random Forest Modeling For Mice Down Syndrome Through Protein Expression: A Supervised Learning Approach.
    RS Kamath, TD Dongale, Pankaj Pawar, and RK Kamat*.

  106. SVM-Based Characterization of Focal Kidney Lesions from B-Mode Ultrasound Images.
    Shailja Rana*, Shruti Jain, and Jitendra Virmani.

  107. Isolation of Phytosterols from the Methanolic Extract of Leaves of Ficus Dalhousiae Miq.
    Safiullah SG*, Shazia S, Fouzia F, Ummara H, Arifuddin M, and Tasneem M.

  108. Effect of Ionizing Radiation on the Properties of Some Synthesized Polyurethanes.
    Hussien A. Youssef, Yasser K. Abdel-Monem*, Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny, Hanan M. Eyssa, Hany M. Abd El-Raheem.

  109. Resveratrol Pretreatment Protects Cardiomyocytes Against Catecholamine-Induced Beta Adrenergic Stimulation And Myocyte Injury During High Glucose Challenge.
    Uma S, and Sreepriya M*.

  110. Vitamin D and the response of hepatitis C virus to Interferon and Ribavirin in Egyptian patients.
    Hanan M El-Tokhy*, Doaa S.E. Zaky, Samiha A.E. Abd Rabo, Nagwa Abd-El-Ghaffar Mohammed, Samy Zaky El-Sayed, and Hala S. Kotb.

  111. Isolation and Protection Effects of Methyl Gallate from Surian Leaves (Toona sureni BL Merr) Against Atherosclerosis of Hypercholesterolemic Rat.
    Suhatri A*, Yanwirasti, Ellyza Nasrul, Dachriyanus, Satriko Indrawan, Netty Marusin, Sanubari R Tobat, and Yori Yuliandra.

  112. Assessment of Food Awareness for the Female Students in Taif University and Its Relationship with Intake of Nutritional Micronutrients.
    Dalia I. Hemdan*.

  113. An Interesting Case of Type 3 Spinal Cord Arteriovenous Malformation in a Pregnant Female Presenting As Compressive Myelopathy
    Goutham Reddy Katukuri, Jagadesh Madireddi, Pradeep Kumar Reddy K*, Mohan VB, and Mukhyaprana Prabhu.

  114. Association between Serum Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 1 Concentration and Lipid Parameters in Obese Women.
    Moushira Zaki*, Shams Kholoussi, Haiam Abdel Raouf, and Iman Helwa.

  115. Application of Plackett-Burman Design for Optimization of Alkaline Protease and a-amylase Production by the Marine Bacterium Bacillus methylotrophicus SCJ4
    Hamada El-Gendi, Mohamed S. Azab,Nadia A. Soliman* and Yasser R. Abdel-Fattah*.

  116. Evaluation Of Antioxidant And Metal Chelating Activities Of Protein Hydrolysates Produced From Leather Waste By Alkaline And Enzymatic Hydrolysis.
    Jacob Rania H*, Hassan HMM, and Afify AS.

  117. Automatic Detection of Lumbar Spine from Ultrasound Images Using Fuzzy Clustering Techniques.
    Umamaheswari V* and Poonguzhali S

  118. Solar Based DC-DC Converter for Shunt Motor Application.
    S Jayaprakash*, and A Murugan.

  119. Information Hiding Technique for Secure Transmission of Medical Images.
    Priya S*, Santhi B, Swaminathan P, Abhinaya M, Suppriya V, and Raja Mohan J.

  120. A Comparative study of the antibacterial Activity of Retama stalks (raetam) ; its synergic effect with some of standard antimicrobes.
    Hamza Bensaci, Lakhdar Sekhri*, Abdelali Atmani, Halima Benkina, and Bilal Khaled.

  121. Biomarkers evaluation for patients infected with Entamoeba histolytica parasite.
    Saleem K. Al-Hadrawy, Mohammed E. Al-Ghurabi*, and Zekra Ali Hrab.

  122. Ultrasound and MRI Findings in Invasive Molar Pregnancy.
    SM Mohideen Fathima*, Kanakaraj, and Prathiba Rajalakshmi.

  123. Allelopathic Effect of Mango Leaf Residue against Portulaca oleracea or Chorchorus olitorius Associated Phaseolus vulgaris Growth
    Kowthar G. El-Rokiek*, E. R. El–Desoki, I. M. El-Metwally, and Mona G. Dawood

  124. The Effect of Metaxenia on Fruit Yield and the Relation between Some Date Palm Pollinizers and Two Female Cultivars Using RAPD Molecular Markers.
    Mostafa,E.A.M, M.M.S. Saleh*, N.E. Ashour, S.A.A. Heiba, and Sara E.I. El Dessouky.

  125. DNA Fingerprinting and Half Diallel Analysis of Some Rice Genotypes under Water Deficit Conditions
    Eldessouky, E. I. Sara, Heiba, S. A. A,A. A. El-Mouhamady*, and Y. M. Abdel-Tawab

  126. Fungicidal and Fungistatic Activity of Some Plant Essential Oils against Alternaria solani the Causal of Tomato Early Blight.
    Mona, M.M. Ragab, Ashour A.M.A, Abdel-Kader, M.M*., El-Mougy, N.S and Abdel-Aziz, A.

  127. Influence of Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources on Yield and Its Components of Some Maize Varieties.
    Amal, G. Ahmed, Nabila, M. Zaki, M.S. Hassanein*, Gehan, Sh. Bakhoum, and M.M. Tawifk.

  128. Enhancement Quality and Quantity of Lupine Plant via Foliar Application of some Vitamins under Sandy Soil Conditions
    Mohamed E. El-Awadi, Yasser R. Abd Elbaky, Mona G.Dawood*, Magda. A. Shalaby, and B.A. Bakry

  129. Double purpose (Forage and seed) of mungbean(Vignaradiata L. Wilczeck) as affected by urea foliar application in sandy soil.
    Elkaramany, M.F*,Kabesh,M.O, Alice, T. Thalouth, Amany,A.Bahr and Gehan SH. Hanna.

  130. Genetic Fingerprint of Five Peanut Genotypes and Study the Effect of Irrigation Intervals on Yield and Its Components.
    Abd El-Rhman, Rehab H.A.,S. A. A. Heiba*, Sara E. I. Eldessouky,I.S.El-Demardashand Y. M. Abdel-Tawab.

  131. Utilization of hydrogel for reducing water irrigation under sandy soil condition 5-Yield and yield components of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)as affected by hydrogel and drought stress in sandy soil.
    Waly, A. I., El-Karamany, M. F.; Shabaan, A. M.; Bakry, A. B* and Elewa, T. A.

  132. Response of Two Yellow Maize Hybrids (Zea mays L.) to Partial Replacement of Recommended Nitrogen Fertilizer by Organic and Biofertilizers Under Wadi El-Rayyan, El-Fayoum Governorate, Egypt, Conditions.
    Amal G. Ahmed, M.S*. Hassanein,M.A. Ahmed,Nabila M. Zaki and Manal F. Mohamed.

  133. Utilization of hydrogel for reducing water irrigation under sandy soil condition 4-Yield and yield components of sunflower as affected by hydrogel and drought stress in sandy soil.
    El-Karamany, M.F, Waly, A, Shabaan, A. M, Bakry, A.B* and Elewa,T.A.

  134. Optical properties Study of New Films Derived from poly(vinyl chloride)- N-(4-Hydroxy-phenyl)-acetamide
    Salam A. Mohammed*, Ali Hasan, Wasan A. Al-Taa'y, Ahmed Ahmed, Majid Khalaf, and Emad Yousif.

  135. Photo-Fenton Reaction: How to Remediation Waste-Water Using (Fe+2/ UV)
    Zainab Hussain, Salam A. Mohammed*, Hanan Ibraheem, Naqeebullah Khan, Bashar Mudhaffar Abdullah, and Emad Yousif.

  136. Optical Properties and AFM Study of New Polymers Derived From Poly(Vinyl Chloride)-2-Acetoxy Benzoic Acid Complexes.
    Wasan A. Al-Taa'y, Salam A. Mohammed*,Hadeel Adil, Naqeebullah Khan, Ali Hasan, Majid Khalaf, and Emad Yousif

  137. Production of Biodiesel by Esteri?cation of Free Fatty Acid using the Catalyst La1-xSrxFe0.7Ni0.3O3 (LSFNx)
    Abderrahman Bouafia, Omar Ben Mya*, and Assia Djouadi.

  138. Effect of Raw Camel Milk on ProinflammatoryAdipocytokines Levels in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.
    Waleed A. Mohamed ,Nehal Abdelhamid*,Abeer Selim, and Emad Salama.

  139. 3D-QSAR studies on substituted Purines as HIV-1 TAR inhibitors, A Non-trivial target of HIV-1.
    Saikiran Reddy Peddi, Janaiah Chevula, Sree Kanth Sivan, and Vijjulatha Manga*.

  140. Influence of drying methods on the quality ofsage (Salvia officinalis), parsley (Petroselinum crispum) and nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus).
    Kandil M A M, Reham M Sabry*, and Salah Sayed Ahmed.

  141. Bilateral Mandibular Dens Evaginatus: A Report of Two Cases and Short Review.
    Vijendra P Singh*, Sunil Kumar Nettemu, Sowmya Nettem, Rajesh Hosadurga, and Madhu B Verma.

  142. Mapping Tuberculosis Incidence Using Mixture Distribution in Khuzestan Province, Iran.
    Safoora Gharibzadeh, Sarah Gharibzadeh, Seyed Mohammad Alavi, Rahim Chinipardaz, and Mehri Ghafourian*

  143. Potential Activity of S100B Level towards Metabolic Syndrome in Obese Children.
    Amira Sayed El Refay*, Hanaa Hamdy Ahmed, Enas Raafat Abdel Hameed, Sahar Kaairy, Hala Mohamed Abdelsalam, and Abd El Aziz Ali

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  274. Using Genetic Markers in Breeding Sheep.
    Denis Yurievich Degtyarev*, Larisa Nikolayevna Skorykh, Dmitriy Vadimovich Kovalenko, Sergey Aleksandrovich Emelyanov, and Nina Vladimirovna Konik.

  275. Changing In Ammonifiers of Virgin Land and Black-Earth Ploughland to Central Ciscaucasia.
    Valery Sergeevich Tskhovrebov*, Vera Ivanovna Faizova, Alexander Nikolaevich Mar’in, Andrey Anatolievich Novikov, and Anastasia Mikhailovna Nikiforova

  276. Changing Population by Aerobic Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria in Natural and Anthropogenically Transformed Chernozems Biogeocenoses Central Ciscaucasia.
    Valery Sergeevich Tskhovrebov*, Vera Ivanovna Faizova, Alexander Nikolaevich Mar’in, Dmitry Vasilyevich Kalugin, Andrey Anatolievich Novikov.

  277. Application of Factor Analysis to Study the Labour Capacity of Stavropol Krai.
    IrinaVladimirovnaZaitseva, ElenaNikholaevnaKruilina, AnnaNicolaevnaErmakova, EvgenyAleksandrovichShevchenko,andYanaVitalievnaVorokhobina

  278. Biosorption of Pb (II) Ions from Aqueous Environment Using Low-Cost Biosorbents.
    Merina Paul Das*, and Neha Kumari.

  279. Improvement Technology Manufacturing Poly Radioprotective Microbial Poliantigen.
    Konyukhov Gennadiy Vladimirovich*, Nizamov Ramzi Nizamovich, Tarasova Natalya Borisovna, Vasilevskiy Nikolay Mikhailovich, Gayzatullin Rinat Raufovich, Rakhmatullina Gulnaz Ilgizarovna, and Aslanov Rashid Mikhailovich.

  280. Condition of Immune System of the Fruit and Possibility of Vaccinal Prevention of Infectious Diseases of Young Growth of the Early Postnatal Period.
    Makaev Haris Nurtdinovich*, Papunidi Konstantin Khristoforovich, Murtazina Gulnara Harisovna, Chernov Albert Nikolaevich, Spiridonov Gennadiy Nikolaevich, Vasilevskiy Nikolay Mikhailovich, and Faizov Tagir Hadievich.

  281. Veterinary and Sanitary Examination of Meat of the Animals Subjected To Physical and Biological Effects.
    Nikitin Andrey Ivanovich*, Konyukhov Gennadiy Vladimirovich, Tarasova Natalya Borisovna, Aslanov Rashid Mikhailovich, Gayzatullin Rinat Raufovich, Nizamov Ramzi Nizamovich, and Velikanov Valerian Ivanovich.

  282. Cytomorphological Changes Hepatorenal System Combined With Fever Poisoning Xenobiotics.
    Papunidi Konstantin Khristoforovich*, Kadikov Ilnur Ravilevich, Saitov Vadim Rasimovich, Tremasov Mikhail Yakovlevich, Tremasova Anna Mikhailovna, Sunagatullin Faruk Akhmadullovich, and Smolentsev Sergey Yurievich1.

  283. Preparation and Use of Transplantable Cell Line of Newborn Rabbits for Reproduction of Viruses.
    PlotnikovaEdieMinachetdinovna*, VasilevskiyNikolayMikhailovich, EvstifeevVitalyValeryevich, MakaevHarisNurtdinovich, SpiridonovGennadiyNikolaevich, ChernovAlbertNikolaevich, and ShuralevEduardArkadevich.

  284. Efficiency of Application of a Polysaccharide Enterosorbent of "Fitosorb" For Prevention of the Combined Mycotoxicoses.
    Semenov Eduard Ilyasovich*, Tremasova Anna Mikhailovna, Saitov Vadim Rasimovich, Smolentsev Sergey Yurievich, Sunagatullin Faruk Akhmadullovich, Papunidi Konstantin Khristoforovich, and Tremasov Mikhail Yakovlevich.

  285. Cytogenetic Changes of Cages of the LEK Line at Influence of Pesticide from Group of Synthetic Pyrethroids.
    Valiullin Linar Rashitovich*, Egorov Vladislav Ivanovich, Papunidi Konstantin Khristoforovich, Tremasova Anna Mikhailovna, Saitov Vadim Rasimovich, Sunagatullin Faruk Akhmadullovich, and Shangaraev Nail Gabdulkhaevich.

  286. Leak Diagnosis in Pilot Plant Using Soft Computing Technique.
    P Madhavasarma*, M Sridevi, P Veeraragavan, and S Kumarave4.

  287. Tables of proposed values for the Orientational Parameter of the Substituent. II.
    Juan S. Gómez-Jeria*.

  288. Impact of MPN of Coliforms on the wholesomeness of drinking water.
    J Senthil Kumar*, Rajasekaran P, David Paul Raj RS and Gopal NO.

  289. Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) Study of the Blood Samples of Indian Kala-Azar Patients.
    Sangita Lahiry, Rajiv Kumar, Shyam Sundar, Anindita Chakraborty, Mathummal Sudharshan , and Madhumita Manna*.

  290. Liposomes: A Review In Cancer Therapy.
    Rajandeep Kaur, Harpreet Kaur, Garish Joshi*, and Tushar Matta.

  291. A Study Of Secretory Otitis Media Occurring In Preschool And School Going Children And Role Of Adenoidectomy In Its Management Presenting At A Premier Teaching Institute Of India.
    Sarmishtha De*, Divya Agrawal, Rajesh Kumar Jain, Arun Gambhir, Deepika Garg, and Sanjay Kumar

  292. Morphometric Characteristic of the System “Mother-Placenta-Fetus-Newborn” At Gestosis of Pregnant Sows.
    Vladimir S. Avdeenko*, Alexei A. Volkov, Alexey V. Molshanov,Andrey S. Rykhlov, Pavel. V Rodin, M.A. Kyzerjvenkov, Sergey A. Staroverov.

  293. Some Aspects of Process Bus Configuration for Digital Substation.
    Lev Grigorievich Lipkin*.

  294. STI Epidemiology among Teenagers of Urban and Rural Areas of the Republic Of Kazakhstan.
    MargulanShakirov*, NatalyaTsoy, MarziyaDzhusupgaliyeva, Erbol Bekmuhambetov, and Timur Zharkenov.

  295. Modeling of layering growth virus epidemic and spread of harmful content on Poisson networks.
    Evgeniya Andreevna Shvartskopf*, AleksandrVasilevichZaryaev, Larisa VladimirovnaParinova, and Larisa Georgievna Popova.

  296. Development of Binaural Hearing in Children 4-11 Years Old.
    Tatiana Victorovna Mayasova*, Anna Alekcandrovna Lekomtseva, Elena Gennadievna Gutsu, Nadezda Nikolaevna Demeneva, and Elena Victorovna Kochetova.

  297. Radiation In The City: Natural And Artificial Radiation, Reality And Myths.
    Vladimir Alexandrovich Grachev*, Rafael Varnazovich Arutyunyan, and Olga Vladimirovna Plyamina.

  298. Current Stateof Flora of the Lower Kama National Park Evidence from the Borovetsky Forest (Russia).
    Vadim E. Prokhorov*, Yuliya A. Lukyanova, Ilzira I. Gibadulina, and Natalya V. Zakharchenko.

  299. Institutional Environment of the Mining Waste Management of the EU Countries and Russia.
    Marina Anatolyevna NEVSKAYA*, and Oksana Anatolyevna MARININA.

  300. Development Of Hardware-Software System For Remote Wireless Diagnostics of Functional Status of Human Cardiovascular System Based on Photoplethysmography Method.
    Evgeny A. Bogdanov*, Natalia N. Shusharina, Ekaterina V. Silina, Danil A. BorchevkinVictor A. Stupin, and Maksim V. Patrushev.

  301. Problems of Organization and Scientific-Methodological Support of the Medico-Social Help to the Population.
    Saida Alirzaevna Magomedova*, Angela Sergeevna Damadaeva,Saniyat Djamaludinovna Musaeva, and Natella Tahmanovna Magdieva.

  302. The Efficiency of Dairy Herds Created Based on First-Calf Heifers of "Karatomar" Black-And-White Interbreed Cattle on Northern Kazakhstan.
    Elena A. Babich*, Almabek B. Nugmanov, Lyudmila Yu.Ovchinnikova,Alexander A. Ovchinnikov, and Marat Zh. Aubakirov.

  303. Study of Biological Efficacy of Drugs and Resistance of Acridoidea in Semi-Arid Areas.
    Beybit Nasiyev*, Madi Gabdulov, Nurbolat Zhanatalapov, and Gulzada Makanova

  304. A Study of Polyfunctional Properties of Biologically Active Peptides.
    Alexander Prosekov*, Olga Babich, Lyubov Dyshlyuk, Svetlana Noskova, and Stanislav Suhih.

  305. Priority Areas for Diversification of Enterprises of the Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC) Based on the Creation of Innovative Resource and Energy Saving Technologies for Processing Coal Mineral Stocks for the Production of Synthetic Gaseous and Liquid Fuels and Non-fuel Products.
    A.V. Zhukov*, D.E. Kusraeva, and Y.A. Zhukova

  306. Methods of Production and Purification of Biologically Active Peptides.
    Ludmila Asyakina*, Olga Babich, Vyatcheslav Dolganuk, and Stanislav Suhih.

  307. The Biological Activity of the Freshly Squeezed Lemon and Orange Juice.
    Olga Ivanovna Ustinova*.

  308. The Biological Activity of the Natural Means Onion, Marinated For 30 Minutes in a Natural Lemon Juice.
    Olga Ivanovna Ustinova*.

  309. Algorithm of Generation of Scale-Free Network at Realization Virus Attacks on Model Chiang Lu.
    Elena Sergeevna Sokolova*, Nikolai Ilyich Barannikov, Igor Leonidovich Bataronov, and Vladimir Ivanovich Belonozhkin,

  310. Development of Meat-And-Cereal Semi-Finished Products Tailored to the Specificity of the Gerodietetic Nutrition.
    Olga G. Chizhikova*, Olga N. Samchenko, Liudmila O. Korshenko, Kseniya V. Nizhelskaya, and Elena S. Smertina.

  311. Accumulation of Cu and Zn in the soils, rough fodder, organs and muscle tissues of cattle in Western Siberia.
    Valeriy L. Petukhov*, Alexander I. Syso, Kirill N. Narozhnykh, Tatyana V. Konovalova, Olga S. Korotkevich, Olga I. Sebezhko, Evgeniy V. Kamaldinov, and Ludmila V. Osadchuk.

  312. Specific Features of the Vegetative and Soil Cover Dynamics in the Semiarid Pasture Ecosystems Influenced By Grazing.
    Beybit Nasiyev*, Diamara Tulegenova, Nurb?lat Zhanatalapov, Askhat Bekkaliev, and Aidyn Bekkalieva.

  313. Method of Supercritical Hydrothermal Oxidation for Neutralization of Persistent Organic Pollutants.
    V.A. Grachev*, A. Ye.Rozen, K.M. Kolmakov, and A. Ye. Zverovshchikov

  314. Readily Recoverable Sorbent For Gold Extraction.
    Nikolay Vladimirovich Balanovsky*, Olga Nikolaevna Myatkovskaya, and Anatoliy Sergeevich Obodovsky.

  315. Increasing Students’ Functional Capabilities during the Academic Lessons in Physical Education.
    Larisa Vladimirovna Byankina*, Irina Mikhailovna Vorotilkina, Vladimir Vasilyevich Byankin, Aya Petrovna Bugaeva, and Maria Mikhaylovna Prokopyeva.

  316. Formation of Annual Crop Yield When Cultivating for Green Conveyor System in Dry Steppe Area of Western Kazakhstan.
    Beybit Nasiyev*, MeiramgulMussina, Nurbolat Zhanatalapov, Rakhimzhan Yeleshev, and Akmarshan Salykova

  317. Formulation and Evaluation of Simvastatin Solid Dispersions by Solvent Evaporation Method.
    A Thirupathaiah*, R Shyam Sunder.

  318. Analysis of trace heavy metals and volatile chemical compounds of Lepidium sativum using atomic absorption spectroscopy, gas chromatography-mass spectrometric and fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy.
    Haider Mashkoor Hussein*.

  319. Flexural and Tensile Strength of Acrylic Resin Denture Base Materials Processed by Three Different Methods.
    Asmaa N. Elboraey*, Wessam M. Dehis, andMohamed K. Mousa.

  320. Effects of Three Inorganic Fertilizers on the Biology and Histopathology of infected Biomphalariaalexandrina snails
    Rehab Mohamed Hussein, Mohamed- Assem S Marie, Fatma Afifi Ali El-Deeb and Sara Sayed M. Sayed

  321. Validity and quality control of water wells, the University of AL-Qadisiyah to irrigate green spaces within the University with identifying prevailing species of phytoplankton/AL-Diwaniya/Iraq.
    Zahra Klaeb Mahdi AL-Khazali*.

  322. Utilitization of agricultural residues of rice cultivation In manufacturing of light fired clay bricks.
    AI Hafez*, MMA khedr, Sh K Amin, RM Sabry, and RM Osman.

  323. Pyrazinamide Induced Maculopapular Rash: A Rare Case Report.
    Balaji O, Sereen Rose T, Laxminarayana Bairy K*, and Aswini Mohaptra1.

  324. Asthma and Diabetes: A Review of the Literature.
    Mani Dhandayuthapani, and Murugesh Shivashankar*.

  325. Allelic Polymorphism of Cytokine Genes in the Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction with Elevated ST-Segment.
    Alfiya Aimagambetova*, Lyudmila Karazhanova,Arkady-Avi Kotlyar, Meiramgul Tokbulatova, Ainur Abylkhairova, Aisulu Zhunuspekova, and Jamilya Mansurova.


  327. Physical Access to Health Care at Outpatient Level.
    G.D.Kuziyeva*, K.A. Tulebayev, and B.S.Turdalieva.

  328. Complex Forensic Medical Estimation Of The Severity Of The Harm Caused To Health At Damages Entailing Mental Disorder.
    K. K. Makashev*, V. D. Ossipov, F. A. Galitskiy, and T. Z. Zhakupova .

  329. Markers of Peripheral Neuronal Regeneration: A Bioinformatic Study.
    Ria Margiana*.

  330. Improving The Efficiency Of Dental Implantation Through The Application Of Platelet-Rich Autoplasma. Clinical Study.
    S. V. Sirak*, E. N. Iarygina, D. V.Mikhalchenko, A.V.Mikhalchenko, I.V.Firsova, and I.V.Koshel.

  331. Studying Clinical And Pathomorphological Changes In Gingival Tissues When Applying Platelet-Rich Autoplasma Regenerative Method.
    Iu. A. Makedonova*, I. V. Firsova, D. V. Mikhalchenko, S. V. Poroiskii, I. V. Koshel, and N. N. Trigolos.

  332. Resource Saving Basics in Potato Cultivation Technology within Far North Conditions.
    V.A. Chumak*, and M.P. Sartakov.

  333. «Green Economy» As an Approach to Ensuring Integral Security and Quality of Students Nutrition.
    Nelya A. Korbukova*, Marina M. Shaylieva, Irina U. Kusova, Jeanne V. Novikova,Kristina V. Isaakidu,Tatyana Yu.Tokareva, andValentina A. Budaeva.

  334. A Study on the Problem of Customer Relation Ship-Oriented Design Food.
    Alexey A. Tikhomirov*, and Valery A. Matison.

  335. Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Different Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy Types in Pollinosis.
    Ulbossyn Saltabayeva*, Marina Morenko, Victoria Garib, and Haidarova Nurzhanat.

  336. Experience Of One-Electrode Symplicity Flex Catheter And Multi-Electrode Symplicity Spyral Catheter In Kazakhstan.
    Yernazarov Adilet Azretovich*, Seithan Dzhoshibaev, Amirhan Kemelkulovitch Baymagambetov, Seisembekov Vadim, Seisembekov Timur, and Begdildaev Almas

  337. Sorption of Lead (II) ions from Aqueous Solutions by Carbon and Clay Sorbents.
    Alexandr I. Vezentsev*, Lidia F. Goldovskaya-Peristaya, Vladimir A. Peristiy, Ekaterine V. Kopylova, and Ekaterine V. Kormosh.

  338. Antirecessionary Policy Methods for Agricultural Enterprises on the Cluster Analysis basis.
    Elena V. Zakshevskaya*, Tatiana V. Savchenko, Tatiana V. Zakshevskaya, Irina V. Rysikova, and Yulia A. Prosyannikova.

  339. Relationship of Agro Soil Humus Content and Their Structure State.
    Larisa L. Novykh*, Lydia G. Smirnova, Evgeny A. Pelehoce, and Andrey G. Kornilov.

  340. Environmental and Geomorphological Analysis of Exomorphogenesis of the Territory of the Region of Belgorod.
    Aleksandr N. Petin*, Ludmila I. Belousova, Irina A. Kireeva-Genenko, and Valentina I. Petina.

  341. ECG Signal Denoising Using EEMD and Adaptive Filter.
    V Amala Rani*, Bhimavarapu Tirumalareddy, and CH Ajay Babu.

  342. Prediction of Epigenetic Variations in Alzheimer’s disease Identification of Ethnic Variants through Pharmacogenomic Approach.
    Sanjay Kumar P, S Karthikeyan, Preethi M Iyer, and P K Krishnan Namboori*.

  343. Review on Role of Salicylic Acid in the Alleviation of Cadmium Induced Damage in Plants.
    Jyothsna P1, and Murthy SDS*.

  344. A Study on Various Preprocessing Algorithms Used For NIR Spectra.
    A Anne Frank Joe1, and A Gopal2.

  345. A Simple Model For Skin Disease Identification Using ImageProcessing.
    DurgaKarthik*, K Vijayarekha, and D Vinodha.

  346. A Selection of Conditions for the Biodegradation of Poultry Wastes Industry.
    Alexander Prosekov*, Andrey Petrov, AndreiLisitsyn, Elena Ulrich, LyubovDyshlyuk, and VyatcheslavDolganuk.

  347. An efficient Image scrambling technique for Medical Images using Circular Filling and LSB substitution.
    Anusuya N, Renuga Devi G, SaraswathiDivya M, Rajesh Kumar N*, Bala Krishnan R,and Raajan NR.

  348. Comparative Study on the Effect of Professional Ethics Education Using Two Methods, Group Discussion and Multi-Media Software on the Knowledge of Nursing Students.
    Khalili A, Davodi M, Pouladi S, Paymard A, Shayan A, Azodi P, Azodi F,Molavi Vardanjani M, and Jahanpoor F*.

  349. Green Synthesis Copper Nano Particles for Increasing Antibacterial Properties of Polyester Fabrics.
    Mohammad Mahdi Jolaei*, Majid Montazer, Abo-Saeed Rashidi, and Mohammad BameniMoghadam.

  350. Android Interface Based GCM Security System Using Object Motion Detection.
    Maria Anu V*, Satya Bharath Reddy P, and Sushanth KSS.

  351. Identifying User Image-Search Goals by Tracking Browsing Data of Registered Users.
    Tarun CH*, Bhanumathi Selvaraj, and Saran Kumar D.

  352. Application and Future Aspects of Microbial Biosurfactants – Review.
    Mridul Deb, Namrata Mandal, Mythili Sathiavelu, and Sathiavelu Arunachalam*

  353. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Nursing Care on Patients with Osteomyelitis.
    R Ramani*.

  354. Bulimia Nervosa - A Case Study.
    R Ajitha Nancy Rani* and V Hemavathy.

  355. Ovarian Cyst: A Review Article.
    Zeenath M*.

  356. Spine Image Fusion and Detection of Defect Region by Using MMA and SGNN.
    Baron Sam B*, Preethi K and Shanmuga Priya T.

  357. Case Study on Talipes Disorder.
    S Geetha*.

  358. Fish-Handler's Disease.
    KR Vasantha Kohila*.

  359. Case Study on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
    Jamuna S*.

  360. Assess the knowledge regarding geriatrics care (physical, social, and psychological problems) among elderly people above 60 years in an urban community”.
    B Dhanalakshmi*.

  361. Osteoporosis: A Review.
    Ms Juli*.

  362. Effectiveness of Pranayama on Level of Anxiety among Clients with Myocardial Infarction.
    A Anitha*.

  363. Effectiveness of structured teaching program on prevention of coronary artery disease among hypertensive clients in selected urban community.
    S Semmalar1*, and Blessy Easow2.

  364. Ectopic Pregnancy: A Case Study.
    R Deepa*.

  365. A Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Structured Teaching Program On Hypertension In Terms Of Knowledge Among Patients In SreeBalaji Medical College And Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    T Deborah Mercy Bai*.

  366. Histopathological and ameliorative effect Of “Raphanus Sativus” extract against Copper Sulphate toxicity in “Ctenopharyngodonidella” Fish.
    Celine Hilda Mary S*, Leema Rose Mary, Anitha R1, and Anandan R.

  367. Platelet Rich Fibrin: A New Horizon In Pulp Revasularisation
    Brahmananda Dutta, Kanika Singh Dhull*, and Debasmita Das.

  368. Synthesis , Spectral Characterization and photo Thermal Decomposition Studies of New Hetrocyclic Azo Dye Compound Derived From Imidazole with Some Transition Metal Complexes.
    Khalid J Al-Adilee* , Hassan A Habeeb Al-shamsi, and Mohammed N Dawood.

  369. Tracking System for Tranquil Environment in Hospitals
    AVRN Manikanta Swamy, Aaron James S*, Sree Hari Reddy, M Nagarjuna Reddy, Monisha M.

  370. Evaluation of Genotoxicity and Mutagenicity Induced by Crude Oil Contaminated Water Before and After Biodegradation.
    Sanaa MF Gad El-Rab*, Aziza M Hassan, and Hala M Abdelmigid.

  371. Studies on the Efficiency of Cyanobacteria on Textile Wastewater Treatment
    Fekry M Ghazal*, Mohamed G Battah, Azza A Abd EL-Aal, Hamed M Eladel,and Sara E Adly.

  372. Synthesis of Bisindole using Novel Clay catalyst
    Ismail Shaikh, Sheserao Pawar, Muktar Shaikh, and Syed Abed*

  373. Comparison between Real-Time PCR and Conventional PCR for Detection ofLPAI-H5N1 in Different Water Types.
    Neveen M. Rizk*, Ahmed Kandeil, Rabeh El Shesheny, Ahmed B. Barakat, Sahar A. Showman, Fagr Kh. Abdel-Gawad, and Mohamed A. Ali.

  374. Evaluation of Acute Anxiolytic and Antidepressant Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi) Leaf in Wistar Albino Rats
    Sumina S, Kingshuk Lahon*, Johan Pandian and Manimekalai K.

  375. Study On Clinical Pharmacists’ Initiated Interventions In Geriatric Population.
    Surya Krishnan*, Vrinda Nampoothiri, Kavya Vinod and Neeraja Vijayan, Priyavijyakumar, and Meenu Vijayan*

  376. Systematic Review on Initial Alignment Efficiency of Coaxial Wire.
    Gayathri M*, Ravindra Kumar Jain, and A V Arun.

  377. In- vitro evaluation of antithelminthic activity of albendazole and three midicinal plant extracts on Capillariasp and its characterization with RAPD-PCR.
    Gamalat Y.Osman, Amal I.Khalil, Nahla A.Radwan, Omayma,A.M. Maghraby, Sobhy E.Hassab El-Nabi, and Alyaa M. Abo Msalam.

  378. Assessment of the Nutritionally Essential Minerals and Physiochemical Properties of Infant Milk Food Commercially Available In Kuwait.
    Maryam Ali Bu-Hamdi, Meshari Al-Harbi, and Alfred Anderson*.

  379. Evaluation of Antioxidant and Hepatoprotective Potential of Premna Tomentosa L. In Albino WistarRats.
    SDPawar1,Kusu Susan Cyriac2*, NMeena3, ARShirolkar4, SNGaidhani5, and GVeluchamy6.

  380. An Innovated Method of H2S Elimination from KSA CrudeOil Using Chitosan/Nano Activated Carbon/Iron Oxide Composite.
    Hala M. Abo-Dief1+*, N.A. Mostafa2, Eman Alzahrani3, and Ashraf T. Mohamed4.

  381. Survey on Online Signature Verification Using MATLAB and GSM
    Prem Reddy C, Santhosh Kumar D*, and Srilatha K

  382. Medical Image Retrieval Using Content Based Image Retrieval.
    Jeyanthi P*, Rubini K, and Vinitha S.

  383. A Survey on Intra Prediction in H.264 Encoder.
    Bernatin T*, Sherin John*, and Sandhya P.

  384. Crawling Strategies of Reverse Searching and Incremental Two-Level Site Prioritizing System.
    Chinmai Daka1*, Julie Shabna S1, and Priya K2.

  385. A Survey on Tag Recommendation Techniques using Text Mining.
    Vijay K*, and Monisha S.

  386. A Smart Phone-Base Pocket Fall Accident Detection, Positioning, and Rescue System.
    P Jeyanthi*, N Goutham, and C Kamaleshwaran.

  387. Review on Low power ALU design by using Modified GDI Technique in Microchip application.
    Karthick C, Hemanth Kumar T, and Sreenivasa Reddy M.

  388. Survey on Content Image Detail Enhancement on Wavelet Analysis Using Satellite and Medical Images.
    V H N S Satish Kumar, Karthick C*, and CH Kalyan Babu

  389. Pediatric Brucellosis: A Case Study.
    VJ Binipaul*.

  390. A View - Community Associated MRSA.
    S Uma Maheswari*.

  391. Finding the High Specific Target Gene Among Cry1Ac & Cry2Ab In Resistance To Pesticide.
    Mrs. R. Priya* Rashmi Das** and DR. PB Ramesh Babu***.

  392. Review on CSLA design using Sub Threshold Adiabatic logic techniques.
    Vinay Kumar S, Karthick C*, Anil Kumar P.

  393. Study of Clinical, Epidemiological and Heamatological changes of Heamoparasites infection in Cattle of Diyala Province-Iraq.
    Tareq Rifaaht Minnat*, Ahmed H. Al-Zuhairi, and Waleed I. Jalil

  394. Increasing Egg-Laying Qualities of Quails by Changing Light Regime.
    Gaukhar Seidaliyeva1, Taalaibek Turdubaev2 and Bolatkhan Makhatov3*.

  395. Non-Conventional Low-Cost Biosorbents for Adsorption and Desorption Of Heavy Metals.
    Sabah A. Badr, Azza A. Ashmawy, Iman Y. El-Sherif, and Reda M. Moghazy*.

  396. Fungal mediated degradation of low density polyethylene by a novel strain Chamaeleomyces viridis JAKA1.
    Anudurga Gajendiran, Kaustubh khare, Anish Mathew Chacko, and Jayanthi Abraham*.

  397. Multi Cloud Deployment with Migration of Virtual Resources for Effective Resource Allocation for Green Computing.
    Deepika A, and Vijay K*.

  398. Uric acid and other Risk factors in Hypertension in province of Al-Najaf.
    Salih Khames Haider1*,Saad Saleem Raheem2, and Alaa Hashim Abd- Ali3.

  399. Apoptogenic Effect of Green Tea Polyphenon-60 against Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma Cells in Swiss Albino Mice
    Mohamed A El-Missiry*, Mohamed E Abdraboh, Azza I Othman, Ahmad M Abdeen, and Nada Mohsen

  400. Motivational Factors Influencing Orthodontic Treatment among South Indian Adult Population.
    Rathna Subhashini M.H*, and Ravindra Kumar Jain*.

  401. Rapid Identification of Dermatophytes Isolated from Clinical Specimens from Dermatophytosis Patients by Application of the PCR-RFLP method.
    Adnan Hamad Al-Hmadani1 , Muhsin Abdulhusien Al-Dhalimi2*, and Muhammad Muhsien Abdulhusien Alrufae3.

  402. Promoter Hypermethylation of Tumor Suppressor Genes in Lung Cancer.
    Meenakshi Jha1#, Sandesh Kumar Patel2#, Shantanu Gupta2, Abhimanyu Kumar Jha2, and Anju Shrivastava1*.

  403. A Smart-Frame for Information Management of Smart Grid in a Secure Cloud
    Jaissri Kumanan1*, SivaranjiniS1 and Priya K 2.

  404. Black Ant (Dolichoderus thoracicus): Artificial Diet and Nest Prospects in Controlling Cocoa Pod Borer (Conopomorpha cramerella Sn.)
    Ahdin Gassa*, Fatahuddin, Tamrin Abdullah, and Muhammad Junaid.

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