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Current Issue

Volume 8, Issue 1, 2017 (January - February)

  1. Thermochemistry of Heteroatomic Compounds: The Calculation of C-H and C-C Bonds Strength of Hydrocarbons in Gaseous and Condensed States.
    Vitaly Ovchinnikov*, Alexey Kulakov , Irina Grigorieva, and Ludmila Lapteva.

  2. Solubility Diagram Determination of Ibuprofen-PVP Solid Dispersions Obtained by Milling.
    Marouene Bejaoui*, Haykel Galai, Abdessalem Ben Haj Amara, and Hafsia Ben Rhaiem.

  3. Attitudes of Medical Students towards English Language Learning In Yemen.
    Abdul Ghafour Ahmad Anajar*.

  4. Efficacy of Acupuncture and Vitamin C in Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Pilot Study.
    Zavoreo Iris, Sikora Miroslav, Vucicevic Boras Vanja*, Terlevic Dabic Diana, and Andabak Rogulj Ana.

  5. Pathvisio++: An Interactive Web Server for Analyzing Metabolic Pathways.
    Udayakumar Mani*, Krishna Nishand M, Raghu Ram G, and Sai Mukund Ramakrishnan.

  6. Allergens and Molecular Diagnosis.
    Vidya S Vuruputoor, Sanjucta Adak, and Chitra Kalaichelvan*.

  7. Pomegranate ameliorates the inflammatory status and oxidative stress in carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in rats.
    Mona A. Mohamed*.

  8. Health Sector Evolution Plan and propagating natural childbirth in Iran.
    Mina Riahi, Yasamin Molavi Taleghani, Marjan Vejdani, Hamid Salehiniya*, andAbdolmajid Fadae.

  9. Evaluation of the biological activity of plant extracts of Algerian Solanum elaeagnifolium.
    Karima Mellouk*, Nidhal Soualeh, Smaïl Meziani, Michel Linder, Boudjama Boughrara, Rachid Soulimani, and Belgacem Legseir.

  10. The Antihyperpigmentation Activity Test In Vitro And The Gel Formulation’s Development From Ethanol Extract Of Pine Bark As A New Natural Product.
    Fifi Harmely*, Witta Widiasari, Chris Deviarny and Salman Umar.

  11. In-Vitro Antioxidant and Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activities of Tradescantia zebrina.
    Cheah SY, Magdalene CY, Eldwin Lim CZ, Wong MH, Amir S, Daniel S, Liow YC, Ketnipha S, Karenjit K, Gabriel GA, and Chin JH*.

  12. Predicting the amount of chemical dosage in Effluent Treatment Plant Using Artificial Neural Network.
    Dhivya S*, Ganapathy V, and Monica Catherine S.

  13. Complex Research of Quality and Safety of Canned Food from Rabbit Meat.
    Iztelieva RA*, Baibolova LK, Alberto S, and Rskeldiev BA.

  14. Interns perception of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
    Dhruvi Parikh*, Kalyani Bhate, and Sushmita Mitra.

  15. Characterization and stabilization of immobilized pea (Pismus sativum) invertase and invert sugar production.
    Sanaa T El-Sayed*, El-Sayed M El- Sayed, Shimaa S Hanafy, Mohammed IY Elmallah.

  16. Raga Identification Using Datamining Techniques.
    Santhi B*, and Sushmetha N.

  17. Cross Sectional Evaluation of Interleukin-4 and Collagen Type-1 in Knee Osteoarthritis.
    Marlina*, Miftahul Jannah, Andini Khairunnisa, Maya Anggrelana Zalmi, Hirowati Ali, Rizki Rahmadian, Rustini, and Fithriani Armin.

  18. Software Inspection and its Alternatives: A Survey.
    Manikadnan N*, Senthilkumaran U, and Senthilkumar M.

  19. No Efficacy of Photodynamic Therapy with Toluidine Blue in Oral Lichen Planus.
    Muhaxheri G*, Vucicevic Boras V, Gabric D, Terlevic Dabic D, and Jurisic Kvesic A.

  20. Leptin and Resistin Induce Oxidative Stress in Patients with Chronic PlaquePsoriatic
    Ahmed M. Al-Mokhtar, Abdulsamie H. Alta'ee*, and Mohammed K. Al-Hattab

  21. VFD Based Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor Application for Paper Manufacturing Industry.
    K. Kannan Kaliappan, Kathirvel R , and Shanthakumar P.

  22. Production and characterization of ß-galactosidase from isolated lactic acid bacteria.
    Hayam Fathy M, Osama A. Ibrahim*, Olfat S. Barakat, Mahmoud A. El-Hofi, Gamal A. Ibrahim, and Hassanein A. Hassanein.

  23. Synthesis Characterization and Antimicrobial Analyses of Iron (III) Complexes of 1-(imino-4-antipyrinyl)-8-aminonaphthalene.
    Anila BN*, Muraleedharan Nair MK, and Sylas VP.

  24. An Application of Clonal Selection Algorithm in Gene Selection for Cancer Classification using Microarray Data
    Gunavathi C*, Premalatha K, and Sivasubramanian K.

  25. Preparation Polysulfide Polymer containing 1, 3, 4-thiadiazole unit and Study of Its Optical Properties.
    Ali Jassim Al-Zuhairi*, Aymen Abdul Rasool Jawad, Ammar Abdulkareem Azzam, Abdulazeez O. Mousa, and Shaymaa Hussein Nawfal.

  26. Association between number and type of tooth loss on Oral Health Related Quality of life in 35-44 year olds in southeastern Iran.
    Marzieh Karimi Afshar1 , Behzad Bahramnejad2 , Molook Torabi Paizi3*, Narges Khanjani4, and Mehrnaz Karimi Afshar5.

  27. A Survey of The Low Power Design Techniques at The Circuit Level.
    Anusha N1*, and Sasilatha T2.

  28. Development of Watermelon agar medium and Muskmelon agar medium.
    Vuyyuru Viswanadh Reddy*, Bhadra Murthy Vemulapati, R Srinivasulu K, Siva Reddy Golamari.

  29. Study for The Assessment of Compliance and Medication Knowledge of Patients with Asthma.
    Meenu Vijiayan*, Roshni PR, Krishna Gopinath K, and Greeshma John.

  30. Flow Cytometric Analysis of Cell Cycle and apoptosis-regulating proteins in Tissue of Biomphalaria alexandrina Snails.
    Samah Ibrahim Ghoname, Rabab Salem Hamad*, and Shadia Mohamed El- Dafrawy.

  31. The Effect of Drying Temperature to Chemical Components of Surian Herbal Tea Leaves (Toona sureni,(Blume) Merr.).
    Sahadi Didi Ismanto*,Tuty Anggraini, Aisman, and Betri Wahyu.

  32. An Efficient General Decentralaized Clustering using Gossip Based Communication
    Janani P*, Shanthakumar P

  33. Stability of Cassava-Based Angkak Pigment in Different Extreme Conditions.
    Alfi Asben, and Deivy Andhika Permata*.

  34. Effect of different doses of melanin in the blood protein changes in rats under alkaline esophageal burns.
    Chornenka NM*, Raetska Ya. B, Savchuk OM, Kompanets IV, Beregova TV, Ostapchenko LI.

  35. Development of the technology of combined meat product using biomass from the spleen of horses
    Sholpan Baytukenova, Mukhtarbek Kakimov, Saule Baytukenova, Kairat Bekbayev, Zhayik Tokhtarov*, and Aidyn Igenbayev.

  36. Wireless Technology in Bus Alert System - A Fortune for Visually Challenged Populace.
    Swaminathan S, Srinivasan A*, Ramasamy K and Narasimhan D.

  37. Germination and Seedling Characteristics of Moringa Oleifera (Lam.) from Different Sites in Egypt.
    Shaltout KH, Ali HI, Ahmed Mobarak, BarakaDM, and Aly SH*.

  38. Role of photonic crystals in Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorusferrugineus Olivier coloration.
    Mohamed Ragaei, and Al-kazafy H Sabry*.

  39. A Theoretical Study on the Vibrational and UV/VIS Spectra for the some 1, 3, 4-oxadiazole Derivatives by Using DFT Approach.
    Assan Faeez, and Shatha Fadil Al-Saidi*

  40. Fusion of CT-PET Lungs Tumour images using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform.
    Naveenadevi R*, Nirmala S, and Ganesh Babu TR.

  41. Machine Vision Based Automatic Segmentation and Yield Counting Of Fruits By Color And Shape Features
    Gayathri Devi T*, and Neelamegam P.

  42. Telemedicine- A catalyst to health promotion.
    Amudha R*, Cresenta Shakila Motha L , Alamelu R, Nalini R, and Srinivasan A.

  43. The Potential Of Oviposition Of Paederus Fuscipes With The Treatment OfCalotropis procera Leaf Powder.
    Harpreet Singh, and Sudhakar Gupta*.

  44. Study of the density of Rapeseed, Lio and Nigella oils before and after heating.
    A Kafih*, A Elhourch, O Dahass, O K Kabbaj, A Zrineh, A Ghanimi, A Bouziani, J Labrag, M El Joumani, L El Moussaoui, I Hassanain, R Rochdi2, S Belekbir, F Hlimi, and M Alaoui El Belghiti.

  45. Influence of Processing and fermentation on chemical composition, total phenolic and phytic acid of some cereals and legumes
    Ibrahim M Hamed* and Mona M Hussein.

  46. Assessment of Serum Malondialdehyde (MDA) and Urinary8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) in Egyptian Children with Type I Diabetes Mellitus and Factors affecting.
    Abeer M Nour El Din Abd El Baky*, Nagwa Abdallah Ismail, Maha MA Abo-Hashesh, Manal E Kandil1, Inas A Rasheed, Eman H Thabet and Dalia El-Lebedy

  47. Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial properties of three different extracts of Achyranthes asperaLinn and chlorhexidine against salivary microflora.
    Snehal V Shep*, Rahul R Deshpande, Vishwas Patil, Fawaz Siddiqui,Anjali Ruikar, and CDShendkar.

  48. Mathematical Models for Financial Time Series Problems - A Review.
    Seethalakshmi R*, Vijayabanu C, Saavithri V, and Kannan K.

  49. Comparison of the effects of topical corneal inhibitory agents on TTL and PON1 in rats.
    Adem Soydan, Hayrullah Yazar*, Ayhan Cetinkaya, Elcin Hakan Terzi, Fatih Ulas, and Umit Dogan.

  50. Novel strategy for driving homogeneity principles in So A using Association Rule Mining Technique.
    Appas Ali M*, and Sugumar R.

  51. Studying the Bimetallic Catalyst Effects on the Synthesis of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes via CVD Method.
    Eman Mwafy A*, Dawy M, Abouelsayed A, Elsabbagh I A, and Elfass M M.

  52. Electrical resistivity of vegetable oils: olive, argan, nigella, prickly pear, palm, colza, linseed, almond and castor.
    Hassanain, A. Bouziani*,A. Kafih, S. El Aggadi, S. Bougarrani, A. El Hourch, O. Dahass, M.Serghini Idrissi, O.K. Kabbaj, A. Zrineh, A. Ghanimi, F.Hlimi, andM. Alaoui El Belghiti.

  53. A Survey on the role of k-means Clustering Algorithm in Privacy Preserving Data Mining.
    Keerthika K, Manikandan G*, Harish V, and Nooka Saikumar.

  54. Estimation of Bit Error Rate of an Optical OFDM System.
    Swaminathan S*, and Raajan NR.

  55. Preparation, Characterization and In-vivo Evaluation of Span 60-Lornoxicam Niosomes.
    Mohamed Shafik El-Ridy, Soad Aly Yehia, Amira Mohamed Mohsen*, Sally A. El-Awdan and Asmaa Badawy Darwish

  56. Automated microscopic medical image analysis for human spermatozoa identification: A Survey.
    L Prabaharan*, M Muthukumaran, A Sivapathi, S Gopalakrishnan andA Raghunathan.

  57. A Comparative Study of the Effect of Training in the two Groups of Peers and Health care experts on Quality of Life among the adolescent girls living in rural areas of Qazvin, Iran.
    Zahra Hosseinkhani, Hashem Alijani, Reza Pakzad, Iraj Pakzad, and Maryam Zamanian*.

  58. A Census of Ethnomedicinal Plants Used In Bankura District, West Bengal.
    Sayani Biswas*, and Ambarish Mukherjee.

  59. Bioassay of tannin rich fraction and identification of compounds using UV-Vis, FTIR and RP-HPLC.
    Rajeswari Anburaj* and Vinoth Jothiprakasam.

  60. Identification of Attacker and Tracking Mobile User Based On GPSLocation in Disruption Tolerant Networks.
    Raviteja S, Kavitha Esther Rajakumari, Prudhvi Krishna TR*.

  61. Effect of Aerobic Exercise Program on Immunosensencence in Young Elderly.
    Nesreen Zahran*, Nagwa Badr, Bassant Hamdy, and HodaFahiem.

  62. GLAD-PCR assay of selected R(5mC)GY sites in URB1 and CEPBD genes in human genome.
    Alexandr G Akishev, Murat A Abdurashitov*, Viktoriya L Sitko, Nina A Netesova, Irina F Radaeva, Elena A Nechaeva, and Sergey Kh Degtyarev

  63. Synthesis of new quinoline derivatives from methylene Meldrum's acid and screening the biological properties.
    Hanan F Mohssen, Naji M Ali*, and Hanaa A Ali.

  64. Comparison of Sol-Gel And Hydrothermal Synthesis Of Zinc Ferrite (ZnFe2O4) Nanoparticles.
    Syukri Arief*, Rahmayeni, and Zulhadjri.

  65. Energy Audit: A Case Study on Buildings
    C Venkatasubramanian*, and MK Divyaprakash.

  66. Rare Case of Cortical Nephrocalcinosis In Post Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
    Neeharika Chintala*, Siddanth Ojha, Kanakaraj K, and Prabakaran M.

  67. A Survey on Applicability of Evolutionary Algorithms in Data Science.
    Sai Sujana T*, and Madhu Sudan Rao N.

  68. A Literature Review of Website Quality of Pharmaceutical Companies.
    P Vijay Shankar*, and ST Surulivel.

  69. The Impact of Fetuin-A Level on Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction.
    Haydar H Al-Shalah*, Oday Al-Salihi, Dina Ayed Mohammed

  70. Prevalence of Nosocomial Infection at a Razi teaching Hospital, during 2010-2015.
    Sahar Geravandi, Seyed Mohammad Alavi, Farkhondeh Jamshidi, Farid Yousefi, Sasan Moogahi, Niloofar Mohamadrezai Esfarjani, Ahmad Reza Yari, Mohammad Mahboubi, Masoud Torabpour, Sina Dobaradaran, Saeed Shirali,and Mohammad Javad Mohammadi*

  71. Review on Energy Aware Clustering Based Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks.
    Yogapriya M*, and Kavitha T.

  72. A Comparison of The Effects of Maleimide Derivative and Its Combination With Phorbol-12-Myristate-13-Acetate on Neoplastic Monoblast Cells U-937.
    Iryna V Byelinska*, Liudmyla V Garmanchuk, Lyudmyla I Ostapchenko, mytro V Shelest, Natalya M Khranovska, Yulian M Volovenko, and Volodymyr K Rybalchenko.

  73. Optimization Of Process Parameters On Removal Of Azo Dye (Congo Red) By Various Fenton & Photo Fenton Process.
    Sathish S*, Ponduru Sai Akshay, and Shivam Mishra.

  74. Personalized Context-Aware Mobile Recommendation SystemBased on Hybrid Filtering Approach.
    Sivaramakrishnan N*,Subramaniyaswamy V,Muralidharan K,Dharmarajan V, and Praveenkumar G.

  75. Synchronous Occurrence of Malignant Mixed Mulleriantumor In the Uterus And Ovary: A Case Report.
    Chaitra C, Swati Sharma*, Manna Valiathan, and Muralidhar V Pai.

  76. A Survey on Internet of Things (IOT) Technologies, Architecture, Protocols, And Application.
    G Balamurugan*, and B Baranidharan.

  77. A Study of Various Fuzzy C Means Clustering Techniques for Segmentation.
    Suganya SD*, Rajasekhar Reddy M, and Vaithiyanathan V.

  78. A Study on Various Techniques of Image Dehazing.
    Sasireka E*, Karthikeyan B, and Vaithiyanathan V.

  79. Integrated Control against Root Rot and Wilt Diseases of Cantaloupe under Plastic Houses Conditions
    Abdel-Kader MM*, El-Mougy NS, Shaheen AM, and Rizk FA.

  80. Synthesis of New Silver Analgesic Drug.
    Omar B Ibrahim,Eman M Elsewedy, Mohamed Y El-Sayed, Abdel Majid A. Adam and Moamen S Refat*.

  81. Synthesis of New Thorium Clioquinol Drug.
    Omar B Ibrahim,Eman M Elsewedy, Mohamed Y El-Sayed, Abdel Majid A. Adam and Moamen S Refat*

  82. Synthesis of New Cadmium(II) Antipyretic Drug.
    Moh`d Mamoun Al Majthoub,Eman M Elsewedy, Mohamed Y El-sayed, Abdel Majid A. Adam and Moamen S Refat*.

  83. Synthesis of New Zirconium(IV) ParacetamolDrug.
    Moh`d Mamoun Al Majthoub,Eman M Elsewedy, Mohamed Y El-Sayed, Abdel Majid A. Adam and Moamen S Refat*.

  84. Synthesis of New Cobalt(II) Captopril as HypertensiveDrug.
    Moh`d Mamoun Al Majthoub,Eman M Elsewedy, Mohamed Y El-Sayed, Abdel Majid A. Adam and Moamen S Refat.

  85. Effects Of Sodium Carbonate Concentration And Temperature On The Yield And Quality Characteristics Of Alginate Extracted From Sargassum Sp.
    Syaharuddin Kasim*, Asnah Marzuki, and Sumarheni Sudir.

  86. Big Data Analytics In Social Media Using Data Mining Techniques: A Survey.
    V Alli Rani*, and S Pradeepa.

  87. Pattern Recognition Using PCA algorithms.
    G Uma Maheswari*, EP Ephzibah, and V Mareeswari.

  88. Exploiting Movie reviews using Unigram feature Propagation in micro blogging.
    Christy A and Meera Gandhi G*.

  89. Characterization and inhibition by natural agents of multidrug resistant bacteria isolated from wounds.
    Abdul-Raouf Al-Mohammadi*.

  90. Antidepressant-Like Effect of Amaranth Oil Pre-Treatment In Experimental Myocardial Infarction.
    N Preobrazhenskaya*, T Berezhnova, V Zoloedov, and N Fateeva

  91. A Survey on Different Floorplanning Techniques.
    Abinaya S* and Saravanan S.

  92. Review on Various Classification of Cryptographic Attack and The Countermeasures.
    Elavarasi V*, and Saravanan S.

  93. A Review on Enhancing Cache Power Strategies.
    Jerline J*, and Vijay Sai R.

  94. A Survey on Reduction of Logic Operators in FIR Filter.
    Sathiya Priya S*, and Saravanan R.

  95. A survey on router in bufferless NoC.
    Sivaranjani U*,andMuralidharan D.

  96. A Survey Onlow Power With High Performance Hybrid Full Adder.
    Thenmozhi V*, Dr Muthaiah R

  97. A Survey Paper on Time-To-Digital Converter (TDC).
    Mahima R*, and Muralidharan D.

  98. Scan-chain free functional testing for secured hardware systems.
    Ananth Hari R*, and R Muthaiah.

  99. FIR filter design for 2-1 Sigma-Delta Modulator using Simulink Model.
    U Jagan Mohan*, and R Muthaiah.

  100. A Survey on Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm and Its Improvements.
    K Kiruthigha*, and KS Ravichandran.

  101. Variation in the Levels of Steroidal Sapogenins within the Mature Fruit of Balanitesaegyptiaca and among Kernels of Balanites Fruit Accessions Collected from Different Geographical Localities in Sudan.
    Nour A. Osman-Bashir, and Salah A.A. Elhussein*

  102. A Survey on Brain Tumor Segmentation.
    B Chitra*, and KS Ravichandran.

  103. Antimicrobial Activity Studies on Seed Fibers of Wrightia tinctoria (Roxb.) R.Br.
    Keerthi Priya Yadala, T S Gopenath, R Bharath Kumar, and Asha S*.

  104. Phylogenetic of Rhacophoridae (Amphibia: Anura) from Sumatra based on Cytochrome-b gene.
    Neqita Deliana Benita, Dewi Imelda Roesma, and Djong Hon Tjong*.

  105. Preparation, thermal, antimicrobial efficiency and spectroscopic characterizations of Ce(III), Gd(III), Nd(III), Tb(III) and Er(III) eosin yellow complexes.
    Akram M El-Didamony,Mohamed Y El-Sayed, Hammad Fetooh, Eman SE Abd El-Maksoud and Moamen S Refat*

  106. Role of CD56 In Diagnosing Small Cell Lung Carcinoma on A Limited Tissue Sample with Marked Crush Artifacts - A Case Report.
    D Krishna Dev, Swati Sharma*, Ranjini Kudva, and Manna Valiathan.

  107. Survey on Energy Efficiency Protocolsin Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs).
    Ali Abdulla, Swathi Singh, Toni Christo, and Ananda Kumar S.

  108. A Survey On E-Learning Based Mobile Cloud Computing.
    Bidisha Pyne*, Swarnendu Kundu, and Ananda Kumar S.

  109. Forest Fire Detection: A Survey.
    X Stella Infanta*, and B Santhi.

  110. Wavelet Based Hybrid Compression and Color Clustering Segmentation Algorithm on CT/PET Images for Telemedicine Applications.
    Pramod S*, and Ashish Payal

  111. Simulation Of Non Deterministic Cellular Automata By Boolean Circuits.
    Nisha VM*, and Sajidha SA.

  112. Caralluma lasiantha: A review on it’s vital role in Indian Traditional Medicine.
    Sireesha Malladi, Venkata Nadh Ratnakaram*, Suresh Babu K, and Pullaiah T.

  113. Modeling of the electrical resistivity of vegetable oils:Palm and Prickly pear oil.
    M Serghini Idrissi, O K Kabbaj, A Bouziani*,S Bougarrani, I Hassanain, K Ellouzi, A Kafih, A Elhourch, L El Moussaoui, S Belekbir, F Hlimi, L Hammari, M Belgharza, and M Alaoui El Belghiti.

  114. Develop Prescription Food Compositions Intended for Individual Meals.
    Vladimir Vsevolodovich Sadovoy*, Irina Alexandrovna Trubina,Tatiana Viktorovna Shchedrina, and Elena Alexandrovna Scorbina.

  115. Assessment of the Opinion of Iranian Dentistry Students, about Training Method and Equipment in the Dental Prosthodontics Department.
    Sina Safari, Molook Torabi Parizi*, Hadi Nader Zadeh, and Marjan Kheirmand Parizi.

  116. Opto-electronic properties and molecular design for photovoltaicapplications of new materials based on 1-aza-azulene.
    T Sahdane*, A Laghrabli, R Benallal , H Bougharraf, B Azize, and B Kabouchi.

  117. Risk of Sharpsand Needle Stick Injuries among health care workers in a Teaching Hospital, southwest of Iran.
    Sahar Geravandi, Farid Yousefi, Seyed Mohammad Alavi, Sasan Moogahi,Mohammad Mahboubi, Zohreh Dehkordi, Bayram Hashemzadeh, Ahmad Reza Yari, Yusef Omidi Khaniabadi, Masoud Torabpour, Mohammad Javad Mohammadih*

  118. Nano-Dispersed Fe3O4 Liquid Crystal Compound Image Enhancement using Advanced Histogram Equalization Technique.
    J Sivasri, B T P Madhav, M C Rao, and R K N R Manepalli*.

  119. Mixed ligand complexes of Copper(II), Nickel(II) and Zinc(II) with salicylaldehyde tyrosine Schiff base and dimethylaminopyridine/ dimethylaminopyridine and Phenanthroline - Synthesis, Spectral characterization and Biological Studies.
    G Brindha, and R Vijayanthimala*

  120. Classification of Thyroid Disease Using ACO-MST Techniques.
    Poornima M, Sumathi A, and Meganathan S*.

  121. A Survey On The Applications Of K-Nearest Neighbour Algorithm And Its Variants.
    S Preethi*, and PLK Priyadarsini.

  122. Improving Functional and Sensory Properties of Brown Sugar With Addition of Nutmeg Powder.

  123. Experimental and Statistical Studies on the Adsorption of Lead in Aqueous Solution using Activated Carbon from Bauhinia Purpurea Leaves.
    H Joga Rao*, P King,and Y Prasanna Kumar

  124. The impact of the specialized products on the resistance of animals to theX-ray irradiation.
    KA Saparov*, Z Yessimsiitova, BA Abdullayeva, IM Zharkova, SA Mankibaeva, and B? Tynybekov.

  125. Over-The-Counter Vs Prescription Medications-A Case Analysis On Customer Perceptions.
    J Sethuraman*, C Vijayabanu, and V Srinivasakumar.

  126. Development of Phytosome – Black Tea Extract Complex By Different Methods And Study Of Cholesterol’s Effect On Entrapment Efficiency.
    Angreni Ayuhastuti*, Anisha Noviani Agustin, and Siti Rahmani Fauziyyah.

  127. Mechanical Properties and Micro Structure of Kenaf-Hair Hybrid/Epoxy Composites.
    Siva R*, Gokul K, Vigneshwaran K, Mahamed Naveed Khan Patan, and Purusothaman M.

  128. Uncatalyzed Oxidation of Anti Tuberculosis drug, Pyrazinamide by Cu(III) Complex in Aqueous Alkaline Media: A Kinetic Approach.
    Umarfarooq R Bagwan, Abdulazizkhan L Harihar*, Shekappa D Lamani, Irfan N Shaikhand Amit B Teradale.

  129. Synthesis and Characterization of Citrate Capped Au Nanoparticle Dispersion in Liquid Crystalline Compounds.
    R K N R Manepalli*, M Tejaswi, M C Rao, G Giridhar, B T P Madhav, and V G K M Pisipti

  130. Uterine Prolapse in a Jersey-Red Sindhi Cross Cow.
    N Kasturi*, M Selvaraju and S Sendilvelan

  131. Osteoporosis and its implications in dentistry.
    Ketaki Kamath*, and Dhanraj Ganapathy.

  132. Synthesis, Characterization and TGA Studies of Co (II), Ni (II) and Zn (II) Complexes of 3-(2-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxy benzylidene) hydrazinyl)-2H-benzo[b] [1, 4] oxazin-2-one Schiff Base.
    Kavitha N, and Anantha Lakshmi PV*.

  133. Heart Rate Variability in Athletes Specializing in Middle-Distance Running during Mesocycle.
    Olha Roda*, Svitlana Kalytka, Anatoliy Tsos, Olga Andriichuk, Olena Ishchuk, Oksana Shvets

  134. Effect of low frequency electromagnetic treatment on raw meat.
    Anton Alekseevich Nesterenko*, Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev, Nadezhda Viktorovna Kenijz, Damir Saferbievich Shhalahov, and Kristina Rudol'fovna Vilts.

  135. Development of device for electromagnetic treatment of raw meat and starter cultures.
    Anton Alekseevich Nesterenko*, Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev, Nadezhda Viktorovna Kenijz, Damir Saferbievich Shhalahov, and Kristina Rudol'fovna Vilts

  136. Reproductive and fattening quality of pigs various genotypes.
    Vladimir Anikeevich Pogodaev*, Anatoly Nimeevich Arilov, Anatoly Foadovich Shevhuzhev, Alexandr Pavlovich Marynich, and Rashid Hasanbievich Kochkarov

  137. Complex assessment of meat efficiency and quality of meat rabbit breed "Chinchilla"
    Natal'ja Jur'evna Sarbatova*, Vladimir Jur'evich Frolov, Tatyana Aleksandrovna Ruleva, Olga Vladimirovna Sycheva, and Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov.

  138. Subcutaneous Filariasis mimicking Myositis: A Case Report.
    Rashmi Khemani, Swati Sharma*, and Manna Valiathan

  139. Torsion of the ovary with incidental finding of Teratoma: A Case Report
    Ekta Jajodia, Swati Sharma*, and Manna Valiathan.

  140. Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Dosage Form of Metformin Hydrochloride using A Combined Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Matrix
    Sundara Moorthy K*, and Sampathkumar KP.

  141. Analysis and Relative Extraction Optimization of Betulinic Acid Using RP-HPLC From Various Parts of Ziziphus Jujuba L.
    Dhirendra Kumar, and Kashyap Kumar Dubey*

  142. Overall assessment of drinking water security that reaching the consumers.
    Tunakova YA*, Novikova SV and Gabdrakhmanova GN.

  143. Formulation and Development of Oro-Dispersible Tablets of Metoclopramide Hydrochloride Using Different Taste Masking Agents.
    Rakhee K Kotecha*, Anil V Chandewar, and Anand S Surana.

  144. Addition Of Weissella Paramesenteroides As Probiotic In Liquid Soap From Abdominal Fat Cattle.
    Sri Melia, Afriani Sandra, Arif Trisman, Hendri Purwanto, and Endang Purwati*.

  145. Detection and eradication of major microbial contaminants during callus culture of Sugarcane (Saccharum offcinarumL.)genotype Co 86032.
    Virdhaval M Nalavade*, Mokshadaa R Naidu, Ravindra R Kale, Avinash S Thorat and K Harinath Babu

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