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Current Issue

Volume 8, Issue 2, 2017 (March - April)

  1. A Rare Case of Reversible Dementia In Old Age
    Aravindan R*, Noorul Ameen, Ramakrishnan, Abhishek, and Manikandan.

  2. Tracheal Agenesis
    Vahini P*, and Johnson WMS.

  3. A Case of Asymmetrical Lateral Ventricles with Normal Variant.
    Aravindan R*, Noorul Ameen KH, and Manikandan.

  4. Secure Data Search Using One To Many OPE In Cloud.
    Ravi Shankar R*, Rajesh B, and Chandu PMSS.

  5. Improvement role of curcuma longa against oxidative stress by lithium carbonate in the male rat.
    Haider Salih Jaffat*.

  6. An Assessment of Autonomic Function Tests in Female Migraine Patients with Aura During Interictal Period.
    Durgavati Tak*, Jyotsna Shukla, Bajrang Tak, Pooja Shukla, Kapil Dev Mathur, and Amitabh Dube.

  7. Comparison between oral midazolam and oral clonidine as a pre-anaesthetic medication in a paediatric age group for general anaesthesia.
    Vikram Thamilselvam*, and Sekaran NK.

  8. An in vitro study on Hemiscorpiuslepturus (scorpionida: Hemiscorpiidae) venom cytotoxicity effects on K562 cells.
    Nazanin Fathi, Mehri Ghafourian Broujerdnia, Babak Vazirianzade, Golnaz Rashidi, Mohammad Rashno and Ali Khodadadi*.

  9. Optimization and Performance Characteristics of Methyl Esters Produced from Chicken Fat
    Selva Ilavarasi Panneerselvam*, and Lima Rose Miranda.

  10. Physico-chemical studies, indirect band gap energy and antitumor assay of some selected oxaloyldihydrazones and their cobalt(II) complexes.
    Ayman H. Ahmed*, Ali M. Hassan, Hosni A. Gumaa, Bassem H. Mohamed,Ahmed M. Eraky, and Ahmed A. Omran.

  11. EPR and Spectral Investigations on Edible Green Leafy Vegetables.
    Venkata Subbaiah Kotakadia, Babu Singarapu, Susmila Aparna Gaddam, Sucharitha KV, Sai Gopal DVR, and Rao JL,

  12. Influence of Dielectric Constant of Medium on Chemical Speciation of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) Complexes with 5-Hydroxysalicylic acid in DMF-Water Mixtures.
    Balakrishna M, Srinivasa Rao G*, Ramanaiah M, Ramaraju B,and Nageswara Rao G

  13. Phytochemical Analysis and Acute Toxicity Studies Of Methanolic Extract Of Stem Of Dalbergia lanceolaria, Flowers Of Dendrobium normale And Bark Of Measa indica.
    Narsimha Rao Y*, and Naveen Babu K.

  14. A correlative study on the association of Brachial Arterial Intima Media Thickness (BA IMT) and Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) so as to quantify BA IMT as a biomarker of atherosclerosis
    Gaurav Balpande, *Sobana R, Smirta Swamy, Madanmohan, Amirtha Ganesh, Parthasarahy, Jaiganesh K

  15. Ecological Study of Mangrove Forest in Mandeh Bay, West Sumatra, Indonesia: I. Structure and Composition of True Mangrove.
    Erizal Mukhtar*, Febby Yulia Rahmi, Izil Okdianto, Wilson Novarino, Syamsuardi and Chairul.

  16. Development Dynamics of Hospitalization Replacement Technologies in the Frames of Unified National Health System
    Aiman K Ozhikenova*, Kuralbay K Kurakbayev, Kassymbek A Ozhikenov.

  17. Valorization of Natural Tomato Wastes in the Reduction of ProchiralKetones
    So?ane Ali Rachedi, Mohamed Aissaoui, and Abdelha?d Djerourou*.

  18. Effect on Quality of Pasta Adding of Finely Dispersed Amaranth Flour.
    Gulzhanat AUmirzakova*, Galiya KIskakova, Bayan ZhMuldabekova and Valerii Ya Chernyih.

  19. Antibacterial effect of the Montivipera bornmuelleri crude venom against Salmonella enteritidis and Staphylococcus aureus
    Chantal Abou Jaoudeh*, Souad Hraoui-Bloquet, Riyad Sadek, Rita Rizk, andWalid Hleihel.

  20. Dynamic spreading of droplet on porous surface: Effect of droplet impact velocity and surface porosity
    Abdul Basit, Kuzilati Kushaari*, Lau Kok Keong, Thanh Trinh, and Babar Azeem.

  21. Cytotoxicity of denture base resins and preventive measures.
    Nandhini Ashok*, Dhanraj Ganapathy

  22. Analysis And Relative Extraction Optimization Of Betulinic Acid Using RP-HPLCFrom Various Parts OfZiziphus jujuba L.
    Dhirendra Kumar, and Kashyap Kumar Dubey*.

  23. Determination of Ethanol Content in Sudanese Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Sharboat Drink, and Drinking Yogurt by Gas Chromatography.
    Malik Abdalla Abdelrahman Elsheikh*.

  24. Assessment Of Internal Fit And Marginal Discrepancy In Full CeramicAndMetalceramic Dental Crowns - Review Article.
    Katerina V. Geshoska, and Jagoda Bajevska

  25. Enzymatic production of high fructose syrup from sugar beet and chicory roots using immobilized pea invertase.
    Sanaa T El-Sayed*, Shimaa S Hanafy, El-Sayed M El- Sayed, and Mohammed IY Elmallah.

  26. The effect of using of Ergonomics Knowledge in Preventing Occupational Hazards of Medical Emergency Personnel, and Nurses Working in Intensive Care Units in Teaching Hospitals of Hamedan.
    Ali Afshari, Arash Khalili*, Reza Afshari, Mohammad Reza Setvati Bassir, and Farshid Alazmani Noodeh.

  27. The Effects of Brain Games and Music on Short Term Memory
    Arshiya Shehanaz*, and Dhanraj.

  28. Evidence-Based Guidelines for the Care and Maintenance of Complete Dentures.
    Arshiya Shehanaz*, Abirami Gunasingh, and Dhanraj.

  29. Comparative study of the impact of professional ethics education using lecture and multimedia software on knowledge of nursing students.
    Arash Khalili, Saeedeh Almasi, Fatemeh Joonbakhsh, Hassan Ahmadinia, and Masoumeh Davodi*.

  30. Medical Image Edge Detection using Hybrid Entropy Multi thresholding Approach
    Kumar SN*, Lenin FredA, Ajay Kumar H, and Sebastin Varghese

  31. Gene Therapy In Dentistry
    Aarthi A*, Sarumathi T, Hemalatha VT, and Amudhan A.

  32. One Stage Implants - a New Standard Treatment Protocol in Totally ?dentulous Mandible.
    Edvard Janev*, Marija Peeva-Petreska, Nadica Janeva, and Simona Tosevska.

  33. Prevalence of Oral Mucosal Lesions In Saveetha Dental College: A Retrospective Study.
    Sneha Susan Santosh*, and Jayanth Kumar.

  34. Iatrogenic Damage Caused During Orthodontic Tooth Movement: A Review.
    Sneha Susan Santosh*, and Sumathi Felicita.

  35. Hydrochemical and bacteriological study of two fresh water: Ghara and Atrous (Basin of Sais, Morocco)
    Hinchi I*, Nechad I, Fadil M, Lebrazi S, Fikri Benbrahim K, and Fadil F.

  36. Management of Oral-Leukoplakia with Topical Spirulina: A Case Report.
    Corlson Titus Paul S*, Amudhan, and Nalini Aswath.

  37. Awareness of Periodontitis in Smokers.
    Sneha Susan Santosh*, Jaiganesh Ramamurthy.

  38. Real time Automobile Accident Exploration and Extrication System.
    Suresh N*, Vinithraj R, and Shajithali S.

  39. Synthesis of hydroxyappatite nanoparticles by emulsified liquid membrane technique. Part I: Study of membrane stability.
    Rania M Sabry, Azza I Hafez*, and Maaly MA Khedr.

  40. Effect of storage on physicochemical properties and microbiological stability of osmodehydrated pineapple (Ananas comosus) treated with sucrose-sorbitol mixtures
    Lim Chee Hui, Rabiha Sulaiman*, Rosnah Shamsudin and Yaya Rukayadi

  41. Role of Zinc in immune modulation in Egyptian children.
    Azza Abdel Shaheed, Nermine N. Mahfouz*, Salwa Refat El-Zayat, Hiba Sibaii, Sara F. Sallam, Reham F. Fahmy, Amany El-Wakkad

  42. Surveillance of integrated circuit for Hardware Trojan and remedies to protect from the Trojan.
    Surendar A*, Sharma S, Tejaswi V, and Ramyasri G.

  43. Assessment of Unfair User Rating in Multidisciplinary System.
    Mareeswari V*, and Bala Prasanth P.

  44. The water quality of Nador Canal (Merja Zerga, Morocco): Parameters Physicochemical and Metal trace elements.
    Oussama BENABBI*, Yahya MKADMI, Abdelkebir BELLAOUCHOU, Abdallah El ABIDI, Mohammed FEKHAOUI, and Elhabib ELAZZOUZI.

  45. Detection and Estimation of Tannic Acid in Rubus-Idaeus (Red Raspberry) as Natural Chelating Agent for Iron Using HPLC.
    Hazim Ali Hussein*, Mufeed. J Ewadh, and Moaed E AL gazally.

  46. A Case of McCune-Albright Syndrome with Fibrous Dysplasia and Endocrinopathies.
    ShilpaPatil, Piyush Prajapati*,Shakuntala Prajapati, Pramod Shaha, Dhanesh Mhaskar, Saurabh Gandhi, and Aditya Aundhakar.

  47. Content Extraction of Iris Datasets.
    Kolla Bhanu Prakash*.

  48. Assessment of Internet addiction among young in Al-Hilla City.
    Amean A. Yaser*, and Ali F. Abdul Hussein.

  49. Human resource management of healthcare organizations in Kazakhstan.
    Baiganova Zh*, Dubitskiy A, Mussina G, and Koykov V.

  50. Review of Detecting Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic Retinopathy using Tongue Images and Its Features.
    Vaibhavi A, Bhagyalakshmi L, Porselvi S, and Sanjay Kumar Suman*.

  51. Cyanoacetylation Of Substituted 2-Aminothiophenes And Evaluation for Antioxidant And Antibacterial Activities.
    Kuchana Madhavi*, Kalluri Ramakrishna Soumya, and Cheedarla Subhashini.

  52. Immunology Biomarkers in Oral Surgery.
    Daniela Veleska-Stevkovska*, Marija Peeva-Petreska, Boris Velickovski, Gordana Apostolova, Pavlina Aleksova, and Filip Koneski.

  53. Computational Approach on The Drug Affinity Studies of Substituted (4-Aminophenyl) Benzothiazole Derivatives Against Colon Cancer.
    Teenu James, Arya Rajendran, Shilpa Martin, Reshma Easo, Navneeth C Krishnan, Asha Asokan Manakadan, and Saranya TS*.

  54. Isolation and Identification of Measles Virus from Refugees in Babylon Governorate-Iraq.
    Mohammad AK Al-Saadi*, Younis AK Al-Khafaji, Laith AIK Al-Kaif

  55. Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide from Graphite and its Application on Supercapacitor
    Dinesh Kumar Mani*, and Bharath Suresh.

  56. A review on challenging experimental approach for methanogenic archaea cultivation.
    Mythili Ravichandran, Prathaban Munisamy, Chandrasekar Varadharaju*, and Sharmila Natarajan.

  57. A Survey on Inter and Intra Domain Routing Techniques
    Stefana Dealmeida J*, Karunya Rathan, and Akshaya J.

  58. Comparative study for chemical reaction of cultivated rose (Rosa hybrida) and Taif,s rose (Rosa damascena Miller var. trigintipetala) in relation to incidental infestation with two- spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae.
    Ellaithy, A.Y. M., A. Mithoefer, Hessein F., Hoda E., Elgengiehy, S. E., Omar, E. A., Elgunndy,N., Esmat*, F. Ali, and Bazaid, S.A.

  59. The Water Absorption Behaviour Of Coconut Shell Powder Reinforced Epoxy / Jute Fibre Mat And Epoxy / Glass Fibre Mat Hybrid Composites.
    Gopal P1*, Bupesh Raja VK2.

  60. Anti-bacterial activity and GC-MS analysis of ripened and un ripened Banana (Musa x paradisiaca L) cv. Bontha fruit pulp Extracts.
    Jyothirmayi N, and Mallikarjuna Rao N*.

  61. Pharmacological Activities Of 1, 3, 4-Oxadiazole Derivatives: A Review.
    Revathy Sreedhar, Amrutha Unnikrishnan, Sneha James, Shalumol A, and Leena K Pappachen*.

  62. Screening for Cytotoxic and Antioxidant Activity of Selected Wild Plants at Shafa Badran, Amman, Jordan
    Jamila Ismail Dibas, Basma M Yaghi*, Iman A Mansi, Nizar M Mhaidat, andKhadeejah FS Al-Abrouni.

  63. Hematological cross sectional study of the anemia types in children in Al-Zahraa hospital in Al-Najaf Province.
    Zainab Sajid Mohammed S*, Zahraa Sami,Methak Abd Al-Razak and Zahraa Sami.

  64. Development Of An Integrated Application For The Process Of Homology Modelling Using Net Framework.
    Udayakumar M*, Ragavan G, and Shrivatsan AD.

  65. Chemopreventive Effect of Momordica charantia Extract Against Chemically-Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Experimental Animals.
    Ibrahim H Borai, Hala M Ghanem, Mamdouh M Ali*, Abeer H Abdel-Halim, Azza EA Hegazi, and Fatma M Mousa.

  66. Internal Criteria of Young Pigs if Prebiotics and Probiotics with Sorbing Properties are used in the Diet of Breeding Pigs.
    Kornienko Alexey Viktorovich*, Ulit'ko Vasily Yefimovich, Pykhtina Lydia Andreevna, Savina Yelena Vladimirovna, and Fgbou VO

  67. Effect of Annealing on Spectral, Magnetic and Antimicrobial Properties of Terpolymer Nd (III) Metal Chelate.
    Kiran Meghwal,Narendra Pal Singh Chauhan, Nirmala Kumari Jangid, and Pinki Bala Punjabi*.

  68. Comparative study of phylloplane fungi recorded from various aged leaves of two mangrove plant species collected from Puducherry coastal area.
    Nayak BK*, and Anandhu R.

  69. Diversity of fungal endophytes from Salacia species in Western Ghats of Karnataka, India
    Roopa G, Madhusudhan MC, Majid BN, Sampath Kumara KK, Prakash HS, andGeetha N*.

  70. Study of iodide ion exchange reactions involving nuclear and non-nuclear grade anion exchange resins.
    Randive RU, Lokhande RS, Singare PU*.

  71. A Review on Data Science in Biotechnology.
    Selvarajan E*, and Punya Swaroop S.

  72. An Efficient Architecture for Adaptive Digital FIR Filter Implementation Using LMS Algorithm.
    Senthil Singh C, Priyanka V*.

  73. Synthesis and Characterization of 2-( (7-hydroxy-5-methoxy-2-methyl-4-oxo-4H-chromen-6-yl) methylene )hydrazine-1-carbothioamide Metal Complexes and their Investigation as Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents.
    Ahmed MA El-Seidy* , Mohamad ME Shakdofa, and Hanan A Mousa

  74. Effect of some active stimulants on plant growth, tubers yield and nutritional values of potato plants grown in newly reclaimed soil.
    Shaheen, AM*, Ragab ME, Fatma A Rizk, Mahmoud SH, Soliman MM and Nadia M Omar.

  75. Studies on electrochemical degradation of the azo dye Methyl Orange by anodic oxidation.
    Kaouthar Oukili*, Ghita Esbai, and Mohammed Loukili.

  76. Isolation and Identification of Phenol Degrading Microorganism- Optimization of Process Parameters Using Box- Behnken Design Method.
    Ranjitha M, Sridevi V, Divyateja D*, and Saikiran K.

  77. Preparation, characterization and antimicrobial activities of 2-hydroxy-N'-3-(hydroxyimino)butan-2-ylidene)benzohydrazide and its complexes.
    Fathy A. El-Saied*,Mohamad M. E. Shakdofa, Ahmed N. Al-Hakimi, Anas Rasras, and Ahmed M Elseidy.

  78. Variable Rate Spreading Scheme for MCCDMA System Over Longer Delay Channels.
    Paparao CH*, Sumithabhashini P2, and Chandrasekhar Reddy P.

  79. Effect of Cu on the Biocorrosion Inhibition of Ni-P coat based on Carbon Steel by the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm.
    Mohsen Q*, Sahar A Fadlallah, Sanaa MF Gad El-Rab, Montaser AA

  80. Relationship between IM Response and the C3435T SNP of abcb1 Gene among Some Iraqi CML Patients.
    Maysoon Hassan Abdul-Razaq*, Wiaam Ahmed Al-Amili , Abdul Hussein Moyet Al-Faisl

  81. Characteristics of Nata de coco of Three Types Coconut Fermentation Media.
    Andasuryani*, Anwar Kasim, Ira Desri Rahmi, and Vioni Derosya.

  82. Molecular and histopathological assessment of Arabic Coffee effect on fertility in Male Albino Rats.
    Montaser MM*, Mahmoud SF, Mahdi EA, El-HallousEI and Rasha A. Ebiya.

  83. Secondary Metabolites from Hoya pubicalyx Merr.
    Elvira Bolinget, Nelson M Panajon, Fernando B Aurigue, Ian van Altena and Consolacion Y Ragasa*.

  84. Liver Fibrosis: Mechanisms of Development, Experimental Models and Treatment Strategies.
    Ize Anumah, Tiwatayo Abiodun, Chiamaka Eneh, Maryam Shirkhani, Andrii Puzyrenko*, Oleksii Seniutkin, and Nadija Gorchakova.

  85. Study of the dynamics of codling moth larvae (Cydia pomonella L.) in three varieties of Apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) in the region of Laanoucer (Morocco).
    Abdelkader Meni Mahzoum*, Abderrahim Lazraq, Lahsen El Ghadraoui, Chaimae Rais, and Said Louahlia

  86. Membrane Stabilizing and Antioxidant Activities of Leaves Extracts of Salvadora oleoides (Decne.)
    Deepak Kumar*, Ashwani Sanghi, Shefali Arora, Raju Chandra and Abhay Pratap Singh.

  87. Immediate Implants Placement in Maxilla-A Review
    Swathi KV*, and Dhanraj M.

  88. Activity of novel yellow pigment produced by Micrococcus yunnanensis S-CSR-0010 against multidrug resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
    Smitha KV*, and Sooraj S Nath.

  89. Homotrimetallic transition metal complexes of 2-hydroxy-N'1,N'2,N'3-triphenylpropane-1,2,3-tricarbohydrazide preparation, characterization and microbeside activities.
    Mohamad M. E. Shakdofa*, Majed H. Shtaiwi, Nagy Morsy, and Anas Rasras.

  90. Chemical Constituents of Hoya paziae Kloppenb.
    Judy D V Perez, Melissa S Borlagdan, Fernando B Aurigue, Ian A van Altena and Consolacion Y Ragasa*

  91. Sterols fromTrametes versicolor.
    Melissa S Borlagdan, Ma Ellenita G De Castro, Ian A van Altena and Consolacion Y Ragasa*

  92. Optimization of uptake and analysis of mycotoxin by irradiated functionalized branched polymer using response surface methodology (RSM).
    Yasser K Abdel-Moneam, Osama A Gammal*, Mostafa A Shehata, Magdy M H Senna.

  93. A Study Of Anatomical Variations In The Origin And The Branching Pattern Of The Superior Mesenteric Artery.
    MR Manimekalai, S Chitra, and J Thilagavathi.

  94. Anatomical Study for The Leaf Epidermis of The Genus Lepidium L. in Iraq.
    Thulfiqar Abbas Kadhem*, and Ruqayah Manoon Alnomani.

  95. Associated Impacts The Participant with Two Kinds of Worms (Cestoda) Raillietinacesticillus and ( Nematodes)Ascaridiagalli  in Domestic Chickens
    Sukayna Jabbar Mushattat*.

  96. Biotechnological studies for reusable production of bacteriocin using LAB immobilized cells
    Enas Nabil Danial*, Salha Hassan Mastour Al-Zahrani and Zahra Al-Hassan Mohammad Al-Mahmoudi.

  97. Daily and seasonal activity patterns in steppe marmot (Marmota bobak, Sciuridae,Rodentia) in central part of European Russia.
    Alexey Andreychev* and Albert Zhalilov.

  98. Identification of Functional Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in Polycystic Kidney Disease using Computational Tools.
    Latika Jaiswal, and Ravi Kant Singh*.

  99. N-(2-mercaptopropionyl) glycine protects against gastric oxidative injury induced by indomethacin in male rats.
    Monera A Al-Abdan* and Zakia N A1-Mohaous*.

  100. Treatment with GenisteinDecreases AT1R Expression and ERK1/2 Phosphorylation inthe Aorta of Hypoestrogenic Rattus norvegicus.
    Ratnawati Retty*, Arsana I Wayan, Suprapto Ratih Paramita, and Wicaksono Budi.

  101. A Video-Analysis-Based Railway–Road Safety System by Using background subtraction.
    A Viji Amutha Mary*.

  102. Aspergillus Mediated Biotransformation: A Review
    Maheshwari Rajamanikyam, Varahalarao Vadlapudi and Suryanarayana Murty Upadhyayula*.

  103. Validation of Stability Indicating RP-HPLC Assay Method of Tofisopam in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form
    S. Shantkriti, T. Rosemary, K. Parameswara Rao and M.C. Rao*

  104. Effect of ethanolic extract of Ricinus communis L. on some Biochemical parameters and hormones in male mice
    Israa Seger Salman, Hadeel Machey Habeeb, Intisar Abdulla Hassan, Liqaa Ali Jasaa, Ghusoon Saaib Saleh, and Zhraa Hadi Helal*

  105. Endophytic Fungi As Biopesticides Against Rice Black Bug On Rice Plant.
    Nur Amin*, La Daha, and dan Nurariaty Agus.

  106. Sintering mode optimization of ceramics based on synthesized powders of ZrO2-Y2O3-CeO2 system with different contents of Al2O3 for development of bioinert ceramic materials.
    Ekaterina Makarova*, and Irina Antsiferova.

  107. The Response of Growth on Shoot Cuttings and Stem Cuttings of Citrus amblycarpa L. after Giving Atonik
    Rama R. Sitinjak*.

  108. Microstructural Features of Ni2+ Doped PVA Capped CdTe Nanoparticles
    K. Koteswara Rao, R.K.N.R. Manepalli, K. Ravindranadh,and M.C. Rao*

  109. Spectral Characterization on Mn2+ Doped TiO2 Thin Films.
    M.P.D. Parimala, M. Seshu Kumar, R.K.N.R. Manepalli, K. RavindranadhandM.C. Rao*.

  110. Spectroscopic Studies on VO2+ Doped SnO2Thin Films by Spray Pyrolysis.
    K. Lakshmi, R.K.N.R. Manepalli, K. Ravindranadhand M.C. Rao*

  111. Synthesis and Structural Studies on TiO2 Thin Films
    M. Seshu Kumar, M.P.D. Parimala, K. Ravindranadhand M.C. Rao*

  112. Molecular characterization of quinolone resistant salmonellae  isolated from poultry.
    Ahmed Abd El Halim* , Ahmed Erfan, Sherif Marouf? and Jakeen El Jakee.

  113. Studies on Fungi Associated with Storage Rot of Dioscorea alata L. Roots in Odisha, India.
    Akhtari Khatoon, Ashirbad Mohapatra, and Kunja Bihari Satapathy*.

  114. Input driven dynamically reconfigurable fixed width multiplier for low power DSP applications.
    N Rameshbabu*, DRVA Sharath Kumar*, and Finney Daniel N*.

  115. The Changes On Dietary Fiber And Starch Digestibility Of Various Rice Varieties From West Sumatera Through Parboiling Process.
    Rina Yenrina*, Sahadi Didi Ismanto, and Rofiatul Ummah.

  116. Association Ghrelin Level with Insulin Resistance in Type 2Diabetes mellitus Obese patients.
    Methak, J.H.AL-Jboori*, Ali, H.Al-Saadi and Haider, K. Al-Saadi

  117. In Vitro Antioxidant activity of leaf extracts of Cissampelos pareira Lvar. hirsuta (Buch.-Ham.ex DC.) Forman.
    Anupa MP*, Vasantha Kumari B and Thavasimuthu Citarasu.

  118. Prescription Pattern Analysis of Medicines in the Orthopaedics Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital.
    Gnana Chaitanya C, Deekshitha P, Divya Sree P, Anusha T, Sharuk VK, andSamuel Gideon George P*.

  119. Studies on the biology of Xanthopimpla pedator a serious pupal parasitoid of Anthereae mylitta drury (Daba TV) a tropical tasar silk worm.
    Lakshmi Marepally*.

  120. Improvement of noodles using pomegranate peel and gelatinization rice to lowering cholesterol and glycemic rats
    Eman Hassan Ahmed Algarni*.

  121. Promoter Methylation Status Of P16 Gene In Biopsy Samples OfOSCC Patients Among North Indian Population.
    Sandesh Kumar Patel, Shantanu Gupta, Meenakshi Jha, Anju Shrivastava, andAbhimanyu Kumar Jha*.

  122. Incidence Of Surgical Site Infection In Open Mesh Hernioplasty Using Prophylactic Antibiotic
    Yash Pandey*, V.V Kanase, Ria Rai, Anish Pandey, PiyushPrajapati, HrishikeshDeka, SudhanshuTripathi, and ShakuntalaPrajapati

  123. Prevalence of Hyperhomocystenemia In Deep Vein Thrombosis
    AY Kshirsagar, Yash Pandey*, Ria Rai, SudanshuTripathi, PiyushPrajapati, Anish Pandey, ShakuntalaPrajapati, and HrishikeshDeka

  124. Immunohistochemical Study of Dendritic Cells in Dental Pulps from Non-Carious And Carious Teeth.
    Sotirovska Ivkovska A*, Georgiev Za, Zabokova Bilbilova E, Ambarkova V, Kanurkova L, Bajraktarova Misevska C, and Ivkovski Lj.

  125. Genotype Implementation of Animals in The Context of Various Housing Technologies.
    Katmakov Pyotr Sergeyevich*, Gavrilenko Vladimir Petrovich, Bushov Alexander Vladimirovich, Stenkin Nikolai Ivanovich, and Zelenov Gennady Nikandrovich.

  126. Characterization of two strains of lactic acid bacteria with promising starter and probiotic capabilities.
    Gamal Enan*, Mahmoud Amer, Mohamed Osman, Nahed El-Ayat, and Somaya Amen.

  127. Mitigation Strategies of Furan in Coffee Beans by Irradiation Process
    Serag A Farag Zaied, Mohamed H. Elgammal, Lamyaa El-Seideek*, and Ebid, Ayat Ebrahim, El.

  128. SDS PAGE Analysis of Bamboo Seed Proteins and Its Comparative Evaluation with Ageing in Different Species.
    Geetika Singh*.

  129. Virgin Coconut Oil Increase High Density Lipoprotein (LDL), Lower Triglyceride And Fatty Acids Profile (C6-C18) In Blood Serum of Mus musculus.
    Sumaryati Syukur*, Syafrizayanti, Siti Zulaiha, Mutiara Ismet, and Edy Fachrial

  130. Attractiveness of Trap Size and Direction to Adult Oriental Fruit Fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Chili Pepper.
    Tamrin Abdullah, Ahwiyah Ekawaty Said, Sri Nur Aminah Ngatimin,and Andi Nasruddin*.

  131. The Extract of Anastatica hirerochuntica (Kaff Maryam) Flavonoids Creates a Novel Pharmacophore at the position of Inflammation in Iraqi Female with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
    Rasha Zuhair Jasim*, Bushra Hameed Ali, and Zohair Ibrahim AL Mashhadani.

  132. Detection and Species Identification of Plasmodium using Nested PCR and Diagnosis of P.falciparum, P.vivax, P.knowlesi and mixed infection in South Nias Regency, North Sumatera, Indonesia.
    Harurikson Lumbantobing, Rahmiana Zein, Endang Purwati,Free Agustina. P. Sinaga, Edy Fachrial, and Sumaryati Syukur*

  133. Magnetic Coupled Sepic Rectifier with Voltage Multiplier Using PID Controller For SMPS.
    R Samuel Rajesh Babu*, Y Chiranjeevi, S Sindhuja, G Muthukumar, and J Rakesh.

  134. Effect of Shankhapushpi On Memory of Rats
    Maya Singha*, and SS Pathak.

  135. Speciation of binary Complexes of Ca (II), Mg (II) and Zn (II) with Histamine in CTAB-Water Mixtures.
    P Seetharam, M Ramanaiah, P Ramu Naidu, and BBV Sailaja*

  136. Protective Effect of Sauropus androgynus (L) Merr against Toxicity of Copper Induced Oxidative Stress and Ovary Damage in Experimental Rats.
    Chrismis Novalinda Ginting, Edy Fachrial, Almahdy, Ety Yerizel, and Rahmiana Zein*

  137. Survey on Image Segmentation in Various Clustering Algorithms.
    MD Naresh Karthik, I Kathirvelan, and K Srilatha*.

  138. Survey on Image Segmentation Using Various Techniques.
    Meryl B Asha C, Nandhini J, and K Srilatha*.

  139. Survey on De- noising and contrast Enhancement Techniques.
    KS Madhu Mauthe, G Maria Rafols, and K Srilatha*.

  140. Safe Weed Management Methods as Alternative to Synthetic Herbicides in Potato.
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    Mohamad S Ayoub, Effat A Abbas, Houry M Baghdadi, Reham AA Morsy*, Wael Y Elias, Dina S Abd El Fattah, Nadia L Soliman, and Heba E Tarek.

  284. An Efficient Key Management Infrastructure for Personal Health Record in Cloud.
    Franjoe Morais B*, Jayachandar, and Viji Amutha Mary A

  285. Modulatory Effect of ?- Glucans Aginst Nitrosodiethylamine-Induced Hepatocarcinogenesis in Rats by Suppressing NF-?b/IL-6 Signaling.
    Magda K Ezz, Sawsan M Elsonbaty, Sara M Abdelgawad, and Fatma SM Moawed*

  286. Design of PID and model predictive controller for three phase flow (crude oil+water+air) through helical coil and control Valve in series.
    Krishnamoorthy P*, and Bharanikumar R.

  287. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Desalination systems using PID tuning.
    Asuntha, Indrajit Jana, Selvam K , Andy Srinivasan, Joan of Arc X

  288. A critical review on design of MEMS based piezoresistive pressure sensor
    Sujit ES*, and Hemalatha B.

  289. Review of approaches and techniques for quantitative and qualitative measurement of soil nutrients.
    Sujit ES*, and Hemalatha B.

  290. Model Reference Adaptive Controller (MRAC) for Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination system using MIT rule.
    Asuntha*, Indrajit Jana, Selvam K, Brindha A, and Andy Srinivasan.

  291. The Distribution Of The Upper Frontal Teeth Shades Depending On Gender, Age, Skin And Eyes Colors
    Teuta Pustina-Krasniqi*, Kujtim Shala, Nexhmije Ajeti, and Belinda Pustina.

  292. Save the Avulsed Tooth- Review of the storage media
    Vani Taneja, Kanishk Gupta, Nekkanti Sridhar, Saurabh Kumar, andKanwardeep Kaur.

  293. Removal of methylene blue and brilliant green dyes from aqueous solution by Ag2O/MCM-41 nanoparticles.
    S. A. El-Hakam*, Awad I. Ahmed,E. Abdel-Galil, Sh. M. EL-Dafrawy, and A. A. Al-Khamri

  294. The Study of Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Al-Kufa-River, Tap Water and Reverse Osmosis Water in Al-Najaf City/Iraq.
    Feryal Ameen Merza*.

  295. Macroanatomical Investigation of Superficial Veins of Head in the Egyptian Red Fox "Nile Fox-Vulpes vulpes".
    Maher M A* and Khalifa E F.

  296. Effect of Salinity, Selenium and Boron on Chemical Composition of Brassica napus L. plants Grown under Sandy Soil Conditions.
    EM Badawy, Eman E Aziz*, AH Hanafy Ahmed, SS Ahmed, Laura Pistelli,and Hend Fouad

  297. A Review on Classification Algorithms of Medical Diagnostics.
    Gokulnath BV and Usha Devi G*.

  298. Assessment of Thrombolytic Potential using Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Buchanania lazan and Holoptelea integrifolia.
    Sumita Mondal, Swastika Banerjee, Moumita Das, and Abhijit Bandyopadhyay*.

  299. Review on Performance of Multipliers.
    Dasari Ujwala, and Mathan N*.

  300. Design Of Microstrip Patch Antenna For Space Environment With Minimum Returnloss.
    Mekala Harinath Reddy*, Rexilin Sheeba, and S Thomas Niba.

  301. Study of stress among first and second year medical and dental students
    R Pathak, AM Aye, and A Pathak*

  302. Experimental Infection of Dogs with Attaching- Effacing E.coli Identified by PCR: Clinical, bacteriological and Pathological Studies.
    Khaled M Abdelhakim and Reda M. S. Korany*.

  303. Estimation of Adaptable Possibilities of Medical Students Based on Climatic Factors.
    Alexeev N*, Sudakov O, Kuzmenko N, Fursova E, and Sviridova T.

  304. Process Development for the manufacturing of selected manganese compounds from Egyptian manganese ores in Sinai.
    A.F. Shaaban*, I.A. Khattab, E.H. Khater, and Sh.A. El-Rafie.

  305. Screening of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolates by Different Advanced Techniques in Hospital Settings.
    Jainamboo M and Praseetha P. K*

  306. Ecological Aspects of Sewage Sludge Utilization.
    Denisov Yevgeny Petrovich*, Denisov Konstantin Yevgenievich, and MolchanovaNadegdaPetrovna.

  307. Effect of plant growth regulators, explant type on plantlet regeneration through callus induction in Nerium oleander L.
    Alaa Jabbar Taha*.

  308. Management of Periapical Cysts- A Review
    Arshiya Shehanaz*,Pradeep Solite, and Dhanraj.

  309. HCG and CA-125 Levels In Pregnancy And Abortion Patients.
    Kalpana Thalava, *E Prabhakar Reddy, and A Vaithilingam.

  310. Oleic Acid-Induced Pulmonary Edema Did Not Augment the Vagal C-Fiber Reflexes Elicited by Phenylbiguanide and Capsaicin as Seen with Mesobuthustamulus Venom.
    Aparna Akella, Ratna Pandey*, Anil Kumar Tiwari, and Shripad B. Deshpande.

  311. Quantification of Marker Compounds in Multi-Component Sedative and Anxiolytic Herbal Product Phyto Novo-Sed based on herbal extracts.
    Vladimir Beloborodov, Inna Voskoboynikova, Vladimir Kolkhir*, Aleksey Savvateev, and Natalya Zakharova.

  312. Assessment Of Serum Leptin In Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection.
    Ahmed Moanis, Reham Al Swaff*, Zainab Alii-El Din, Hany Aly, Hany Samir, And Khaled Raafat.

  313. A Novel Approach to Analyze Medicine Feedback Reviews Using Sentimental Analysis.
    Sasikumar AN*, And Joshila Grace.

  314. A Test On The Potential Of Marine Yeasts To Degrade Diesel Oil Isolated From Kili-Kili Beach, Trenggalek, East Java.
    Dwi Candra Pratiwi*, Mahmud Buyung Syafryadi Panto, Gatut Bintoro, Agoes Soeprijanto, and Nanik Retno Buono.

  315. Trend of Malaria in Tain Sub centre, District Mewat, Haryana, India.
    Ram Das*, BK Rajora, M Kumar, DS Solanki, VN Tiwari, G Kumar, VP Maheshwari, and R Rana.

  316. Newcastle Disease Virus on East Java Isolate based on Fusion Protein: An Epidemiology Study.
    Sri Murwani*, Dahliatul Qosimah, Edhy Sujarwo, Rizki Arya Pradikta, and Indah Amalia Amri.

  317. The effectiveness of a biotechnological-based fertilizer “Biofresh” in combination with organic matters on soybean health and production.
    TeguhWijayanto*, Andi Khaeruni, M. Tufaila, Muhidin, and DjodjiFaat.

  318. Association of Metabolic Syndrome with Thyroid Dysfunction.
    Santosh Kumar Yadav*, Lal Chandra, Prahlad Karki, Madhab Lamsal, Nirmal Baral, and Basanta Gelal.

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