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Volume 8, Issue 3, 2017 (May - June)

  1. An Assessment of Autonomic Function Tests in Female Migraine Patients with Aura During Interictal Period.
    Durgavati Tak*, Jyotsna Shukla, Bajrang Tak, Pooja Shukla, Kapil Dev Mathur, and Amitabh Dube.

  2. Case Report:PrimaryLymphomaof The Cervix.
    Ramin Azarhoush, Amir Houshang Pourkhani, Arash Rezaei Shahmirzadi*, Hadi Kord, and Mona Rezapour.

  3. Splenic Artery Embolization for an Unusual Large Splenic Artery Aneurysm Located Near the Splenic Hilum.
    Ravella Keerthika Chowdary*, Vamsi Krishna Kamana, Umesh Pai M, Seshagiri Rao, and Naveen Krishna Kamana.

  4. Efficacy of Rumen Fluid from Various Types of Egyptian Sheep and Goats on The Biodegradation of Aflatoxin B1 In-vitro.
    Shaaban M Abdel-Fattah*, Flourag M Rady, Dawood Hosni Dawood, Yahia H Abo Sree, andMohamed Abdel Hamed Taher.

  5. Protective Role of Vitamin E and Selenium On the Acute Hepatotoxicity of Lead Acetate in Albino Rats.
    Yasmine Hamdy, Nagwan M. Youssef, Gehad A. H. EL-Bargeesy, Hany A. El- Haback, and Shaymaa Hussein*.

  6. Gross Anatomy And Morphology Of Egyptian Water Buffalo’s Liver (Bubalus Bubalis) With Reference To Some Histochemical And Immunohistochemical Evaluation.
    Eman Rashad, Hany A. El-Haback, Mohamed I. Abd Rabou, Shaymaa Hussein*, and Khalifa EF.

  7. Monitoring of Orthopedic Diseases at Cows.
    Evgeniy Mihajlovich Marin*, Valeriy Arkadyevich Ermolaev, Pavel Mihajlovich Lyashenko, Aleksey Viktorovich Sapozhnikov, Svetlana Nikolaevna Hokhlova, Alexey Leonidovich Hokhlov, Sergey Nikolaevich Zolotukhin, Dmitry Mihajlovich Marin, and Vera Ivanovna Ermolaeva.

  8. Assessment of Endothelial Dysfunction, Coronary and Carotid Atherosclerosis In Type I Diabetics.
    Soha M Abd El Dayem*, Abo El Maged El Bohy, Mohamed Ali, and Enass Moktar.

  9. Studying of Biological Activity for (Azo --Seven Cycles) Derivatives.
    Sabaah Neama Al-Thamer, and Aseel Fadhil Kareem.

  10. The Effect of Trans-Resveratrolon The Viability of Human Trabecular Meshwork Cells.
    Normie Aida Mohd Nasir, Renu Agarwal*, Anna Krasilnikova, Siti Hamimah Abdul Kadir, Igor Iezhitsa, Ahmad Bakhtiar Bin Md Radzi, Farhan Bin Hamdan, and Nafeeza Mohd Ismail.

  11. Molecular Docking Studies of Substituted Biguanides Against AMP activated Protein Kinase.
    Sivajothi V*, and Jasmin sajini.

  12. The Benefits of Innovative Technologies in Teaching Subjects in Medical Education.
    Demikhova N, Smiianov V, Smiianov Y, and Lukyanikhin V*.

  13. Preparation of mono, di, and tri- activated carbon based CompositesFor Kerosene Desulfurization in Slurry Bubble Column Reactor.
    Nada S Ahmedzeki*, Salah M Ali2, and Sarah R Al-Karkhi.

  14. Synthesis, Characterization and antibacterial activityof mixed ligands complexes of some metal ions with 2-aminophenol and tributylphosphine.
    Taghreed H AL-Noor,Amer J Jarad, and Abaas Obaid Hussein*.

  15. Review of Detection and Classification Methods for Snore Sounds.
    Jeslin Renjith E*, and Christy A.

  16. Real-time PCR detection of clarithromycin resistance genes in Helicobacterpylori from paraffin-embedded gastric biopsies in Gastric carcinoma patients.
    Nadia M ElSheshtawy*, MakramFAttallah, Alaa A.Aly,Safaa M M.Abd El Khalek,Marwa M Shakweer, and Ahmed H Shaker.

  17. Production and Purification of Extracellular L-Asparginase from Mutant isolate Geobacillus thermoleovorans.
    Shaymaa H Al Rajhi*.

  18. Preparation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Lafutidine Floating Microspheres
    Ranjith Kumar K, Bhikshapathi DVRN*, and Sandhyarani B

  19. Structure, Diagnosis, and in the Vitro Antimicrobial evaluation of 2-amino pyridine-derived Ligand Schiff base and its complexes with Cu (II), Hg (II), Ni (II), Mn (II) and Co (II).
    Rehab K Al-Shemary*, Wurood A Jaafar, and Ali N Niseaf.

  20. The Efficacy of Pre-Operative Analgesics Compared with Standard Extraction Procedure: A Double-Blind Study.
    Shreya S, and Sivakumar M

  21. Neonatal Jaundice.
    K Subhashini*.

  22. Cytotoxic Activity of Methanol Fraction Hydroids Aglaophenia cupressina Lamoureoux Against HeLa Tumor Cells.
    Eva Johannes*, Sjafaraenan, Magdalena Litaay, and Nur Haedar.

  23. Assessment activity and Partial purification of Alkaline phosphatase (AIP) from sera of patients with celiac disease.
    Jinan Hussain Murtadha, Iman Hashim Abdul Razzaq*, and Taghreed U Mohammed*.

  24. A Novel Design and Analysis of Fractal Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wideband Applications.
    M Florence Silvia*, M Ribitha Elizabeth, J Mary Suji Mol, and G Jegan.

  25. Multi-Model User Authentication Using Signature Verification and Graphical Password.
    Mounika S*, Pavani S, and MD Antopraveena.

  26. Using NPL Algorithm to Find the Un Natural Post in Microblogs.
    Subash Chandar A, Arul Subramaniyan N*, and Jackulin Reeja J.

  27. Efficacy and Effectiveness of HiOra Ayurvedic Mouth Wash In Generalised Chronic Gingivitis Patients.
    Nivedhaa Chezhian*, Jaiganesh*.

  28. Screening Assessment of Nutritional Status in School children.
    Galina G Prozorova*, Viktor T Burlachuk, Andrey V Budnevsky, Lyudmila I Letnikova, and Alexey N Stepanov.

  29. Extreme Rainfall: Candidature Probability Distribution for Mean Annual Rainfall Data.
    Retius Chifurira*, and Delson Chikobvu.

  30. Characterization of rbcL gene sequences in tongkat langit banana(Musa troglodytarum L.) from Maluku.
    Adriana Hiariej*.

  31. Essence of Immunotherapy In Developing Cancer Vaccines.
    Lakshmi Prasanna S, Dhivya K*, Divya Sree P, Gnana Chaitanya C, and Nazma M.

  32. The correlation between density functional theory (DFT) and spectroscopic investigations of PVA/PVP nanocomposites containing gold nanoparticles.
    Naifa S Alatawi*, AM Abdelghany, and Nadia H Elsayed.

  33. Electrochemical Simultaneous Removal of Copper and Zinc from Bimetallic Solution Using Packed-Bed Cathode Made of Carbon Particles - Kinetic Study.
    IA Khattab*,MF Alebrahim, and Mohammed Sanduk.

  34. Antioxidant Activity of Cocoa Powder on The Changes of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) And Malonaldehyde (MDA).
    Tamrin*, Teti Estiasih, Ansharullah, AnugrawatiCintya, Syair, Abdul Rahman, Rahayu M, Abdu Rahman Baco, and Muhidin.

  35. Radiographic Evaluation of Non-Operative Repair Depths for Various Preventive Approaches.
    Asmaa Harhash,and Ghada Salem*.

  36. Bee Pollen as a Bio-nutrient for Calendula officinalis.
    Mahfouz SA* and Abou-Sreea AIB.

  37. Evaluation of Pap Smear and Acetic Acid Test As Cervical Cancer Screening Tools -With Histopathological Correlation.
    Suman K*and Sreenivas N

  38. Detection of (zinc, lead and Iron) in the Iraqi rocks.
    Allaa Hussein Mhdi Salh Al-amiri*.

  39. Bioassay of Mycotoxins from Toxigenic Fungi Isolated from Food Stuff.
    Shimaa R Hamed*, Raed S Al-Wasify, and Manal S Selim.

  40. Peculiarities of Wound Process at the Regional Application of Titanium Aqua-complex Glycerosolvate and Oxytocin in Experiment.
    AA Glukhov, AA Andreev, VN Ektov, AN Redkin, and OS Mokhova*.

  41. Viability and TemperatureEffect to Conidia Germination of Trichoderma spp Indigenous Banana Rhizosphere in West Sumatera Indonesia
    Nurbailis, Martinius, Ujang Khairul, Vera Amelia

  42. Circulating Leptin in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
    Amal Shawky Bakir, Reham Al Swaff*, Hany Samir Rasmy, and Ahmed Mandoor.

  43. Hydrogeochimical Characterization of Groundwater in The Plateau of Mellagou (Western Area of Khenchela, East of Algeria).
    Hassad Sara*, Ouldjaoui Mounia, and Houha Belgacem.

  44. Touch Screen Controlled Multi-Purpose Spy Robot Using Zigbee Environment.
    I Mary Sajin Sanju, I Rexiline Sheeba*, FV Jayasudha, and S Thomas Niba.

  45. Palm Vein Pattern Recognition Using Combined Features of DRLTP and WLD.
    Rexiline Sheeba I*, Jayasudha FV, Thomas Niba S, and Mary Sajin Sanju I.

  46. Impact of Wavelet Transform and Median Filtering on Removal of Noise in Digital Images.
    Jayasudha FV, Thomas Niba S, Mary Sajin Sanju I, Rexiline Sheeba I*.

  47. Reclamation of Municipal Wastewater Using Cost Effective Biological Treatment System in Egypt.
    Hala M Elkamah, Hala S Doma*, Saber A El-Shafai, Reda M Moghazy, and Sabah Badr.

  48. Correlative Study of Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 Levels on Senile Dementia of Alzheimers Type.
    Pooja Vashistha, Mona Srivastava, Ashok Singh, Mishra SP, Tapan Kumar, Rakesh C Chaurasia, and Ratna Pandey*.

  49. Robust Encryption Based Watermarking Technique.
    Divya S*, and Usha NandiniD.

  50. Incidental Adrenal Cortical Adenoma: A Case Report.
    R.S. Gayathri Priyadarshini*, Hemalatha Ganapathy and B.O.Parijatham.

  51. A new stability indicating method was developed and validated for the simultaneous estimation of Lamivudine and Abacavir in tablet dosage form by RP-HPLC.
    Santoshi G Rajamahanti*, Annapurna N, Santosh T, Durga B, and Raziya SK

  52. An Analysis and Precautionary measure for mobile phone Accidents while driving and cost effective fatalities
    Thomas Niba S*, Mary Sajin Sanju I, Rexiline Sheeba I,and Jayasudha FV.

  53. Design and Analysis of Nonagon - Torus Slot Antenna Working In Multiband Frequencies.
    Nithya A, Bhanu Sriya P*, andRexiline Sheeba I.

  54. Feature extraction to detect Bone Cancer Using Image Processing.
    Asuntha A*, Parveen Banu A, Ainthaviarasi K, Bharath Kumar S, and Andy Srinivasan

  55. Intrinsically Bent DNA Structures Models.
    Ajay Kumar*.

  56. Unusual DNA Structures.
    Ajay Kumar*.

  57. Survey on Vein Visualisation and Biometric Techniques.
    Sumalatha S*, and Kishore Sonti.

  58. Optimization of Heat Exchanger Network in Crude Distillation Unit for an Existing Refinery using Pinch Technology.
    Srikanth R* Joga Rao H, and Kalyani G.

  59. Bioremediation of ammonia in river Nile by Ralstonia pickettii and Chryseobacteriumgambrini.
    Belal EB,Shalaby ME, El khatibe NMM, Maksoud YMA*, and Gad MA.

  60. Computerized Analysis of the Occlusal Balance in Patients with Circular Bridges.
    Korunoska-Stevkovska Vesna*, Gigovski Nikola, Nikolovska Julijana,Mijoska Aneta, and Bajraktarova-Valjakova Emilija.

  61. Quinalphos Induced Changes in Amino Acid Contents of Forager Worker bees Apis mellifera L.
    Sushil Kumar*

  62. Review on Transceiver Architectures.
    Jeron K*, and Ravi T.

  63. Anticipated Performance Index (API) of some selected phanerophytes considered for Green Belt Development.
    Sharmistha Ganguly, Moumita Das*, and Ambarish Mukherjee.

  64. Influence of Endophytic Fungi and Growing Media on the Growth and Some Chemical Constitutes in Chrysophyllum oliviforme Seedlings.
    Ebeid AFA* and Yasmin M Shebany.

  65. Amyand`S Hernia: The Clinical and Diagnostic Insight of a Rare Case.
    Hayder Assim M Salih,Naghem Farouk Abed*,Atif AB, Zahri MK,Tarik Ibrahem Ali, and Wisam A Yassin.

  66. The Ethanolic Extract of Green Tea Ameliorates Oxidative Stress Parameters and Female Reproductive Performance Regression Induced by Indomethacin in Pregnant Rats.
    Saher Mahmood Jwad*.

  67. Synthesis of Antifungal Chemical Compounds from Fluconazole with (Pharma- Chemical) Studying.
    Nagham Mahmood Aljamali*

  68. Biochemical Indicators Related to Grafting Compatibility in Grapevine.
    Mohamed Ahmed Fayek, Ahmed Abdelhady Rashedy*, Rania Ahmed Mahmoud, and AMR Ebrahim Mohamed Ali.

  69. Geotechnical and Geochemical Characteristics of the Soils along the Expressway between Damietta and Cairo, from the north to the south of Nile Delta, Egypt.
    EL-Bady MSM*, and Belal ZL.

  70. Synthesis, characterisation and Biological Activities of some bivalent Platinum and Palladium Complexes with ThioSemicarbazone Ligands derived from some chalcones.
    Sharad T Tajane, and Ashok N Patange*.

  71. Modulatory Effect ofCicer arietinum Extract against ?-Irradiation-Induced some Biochemical Disorders in Rats.
    Mohamed-Assem S Marie, Amany A Sayed*, Osama A Abbas, and Mona A Saad.

  72. The Impact of Leek (Allium ampeloprasum L.) Extract on Prohemistomum vivax (Sonsino, 1892) Encysted Metacercariae in Clarias gariepenus Fish.
    Taghreed B Ibrahim*, and Amany M Kenawy.

  73. Non-Linear Control Design of Ball and Beam System.
    Asuntha*, Sowrya Ch, Swetha S, Kuhitha L, and Andy Srinivasan.

  74. Chemo - Spectral and Biological Studying of New Ligands.
    Nagham Mahmood Aljamali*, and Nemah Sahib Muhammed.

  75. Evaluation of Protective Activity of Potato Peel Extracts on Liver and Brain Against Oxidative Stress.
    Hazem Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan*.

  76. Survey on Design And Implementation Of Automated Diagnostic Tool For Blood Bank.
    Kannam Redd Y Surendra*, and P Muthu Krishnammal.

  77. Survey on Flux Sensor Based Text Recognition System.
    Lakshmi Priya S*, and Chitra P

  78. Phytochemical Screening, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Extracts Prepared from Fruit and Bark of Moringa oleifera.
    Kanika Chaudhary, and Savita Chaurasia*.

  79. Methodology, Techniques and Algorithms used in Human Brain Tumour Segmentation: A Survey.
    Shalini Das*, Nidhi Singh, and Veeramuthu A.

  80. A Comparison of The Effect of Adding Nano-Silver Particles to The Primer and The Composite Adhesives on Shear Bond Strength of Metallic Brackets.
    Ghada Salem*, Omnia A Elhiny, Harhash AY, and Hanaa S Elattar.

  81. Egyptian patients of Metabolic Syndrome and its Component.
    Zeinab H. El Sayed*, Eman Roushdy Mohamed, Sahar Mohamed Ismail, FawkiaEissa Zahran, and Aida Ahmed Abd Elhameed.

  82. Preparation, Spectral, Thermal and Bio Activity Studies of Azo Dyes Complexes.
    Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani*, Najdat R Al-Khafaji, and Naser Shaalan.

  83. Catecholase Activites Studies of Bis-Tripodale Pyrazolyl N-Donor Ligands, With Different Copper (II) Salts.
    Rabab Boyaala, Rafika El Ati, Farid Abrigach, Mohamed El Kodadi*, Rachid Touzani,and Belkheir Hammouti

  84. High Pressure Processing: A Novel Approach to Preserve Fresh and Value Added Meat and Meat Products.
    Muhammad SajidArshad, Ahmed H. El-Ghorab*, Muhammad Imran, AimenAther, and Sheraz Ahmed.

  85. Histopathological Changes in Abomesum Infested With Heamonchuscontortus In Sheep In Basrah City
    Huda A. Abbas, Suzan A. Al-Azizz*, and Salih K. Majeed.

  86. Oral Hygiene For The Diabetes Mellitus And Osteoporosis Patients.
    Anass Muez Alyasiry*.

  87. Automated Glaucoma Detection Techniques: A Comprehensive Review.
    Sai Prasanthi B*, and Logashanmugam E.

  88. Antifungal Activities of Some Botanical Extracts and Synthetic Compounds Against Down Mildew in Cucumber Plants.
    Abeer A El-ghanam, Hoballah EM, Abdel-Halim KY*, and Sanaa A Massoud.

  89. A Survey On Intracranial Tumor Detection In MRI Using Various Computer Based Imaging Techniques.
    SrideviM*, and Joany RM.

  90. Fresh-Water Macroalgae In Monitoring of Water Pollution by Toxic Metals in Near-Border Territories.
    Aleksey Petrovich Kuklin*, and NadezhdaViktorovnaPomazkova.

  91. Quantitative Structure/Retention Relationship Study of Benzene Derivatives.
    Karima DJELLOUL MOKRANI* , Hamza HADDAG, and Djelloul MESSADI.

  92. The Effect of Estrogen and Various Signalling Pathways in Breast Cancer Cells.
    Jayashree V*, Reshma A, and Priyanka S.

  93. Review: Association of Myeloid derived growth factor (MYDGF) with Cancer.
    Kabir Nadia*, Mohammad Sohail, and Stephanie Stella Mica Avoulou Meyo.

  94. Survey on Autonomous Controlled Quadcopter
    John Paul Praveen A*, and Vino T.

  95. Application of FTIR Spectroscopy and Chemometrics PLSR Of the Determination of Total Flavonoid of Kalimantan’s Kasturi (Mangifera casturi).
    Liling Triyasmono*, Noor Cahaya, Dodon Turianto, Heri Budi Santoso, and Abdul Rohman.

  96. Application Of Eco-Friendly Natural Dye From Aerva Sanguinolenta On Cotton Yarn Using Biomordant
    Sohini Mukherjee* And Shyamala Kanakarajan.

  97. Dental Analysis for Authentication by Using Fast Marching Algorithm.
    Sakthi Kumaresh J*, Harish Abi S,and Jayasudha FV.

  98. In-Silico Screening of Some Quinazolinone Derivatives as Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV Inhibitors For Antihyperglycemic Activity
    Amit G Nerkar*, Ajay M Sisode, and Sanjay D Sawant.

  99. A Survey on Asthma Detection and Web Based E-Monitoring System.
    Priyadharshini R*, and Kavipriya P.

  100. Survey on Prediction of Tablet Positioning and Tracking Using Different Techniques.
    Ramya V*, Riyana J, Sahaya Steffi J, and Jayasudha.

  101. Composition of psychrotrophic microflora of water and biofilter filler in recirculation aquaculture system on trout farm
    Nataliia Grynevych, Tetyana Dyman, Mykola Kukhtyn*, and Nazariy Semaniuk

  102. Production, Purification and Characterization of L-Methioninase From Streptomyces Variabilis 3MA2016.
    Mohamed E El Awady*; Manal S Selim; Ahmed S Abd El-Razek And Mohsen MS Asker

  103. A Study on Vaccination and Immunization Reminder of Children Through Mobile Phones.
    Renugadeve P*, and Sivakumar VG.

  104. Fruit wastes extract: a rich source of bioactive chemicals.
    Ranjay Thakur, Prasanta Kumar Biswas, and Mukesh Singh*.

  105. Body Mass Index in Patients with Bronchial Asthma with Regard to Gln27Glu Polymorphism ß2-Adrenergic Receptor Gene.
    Liudmyla N Prystupa, Anna N Bondarkova*, Ninel A. Murenets, Vladyslava V. Kmyta, Nataliia G. Kuchma, and Valentina G. Psareva.

  106. Think Lateral, Think Pink a Case Report of Esthetic Root Coverage.
    Anisha Avijeeta*, MdJalaluddin, and Ipsita Jayanti.

  107. Development of a Novel Hydrogel Adsorbent for Removal of Reactive Dyes from Textile Effluents .
    Marwa M El-Sayed*, Gh A Al Bazedi, and Mona A Abdel-Fatah.

  108. Antimicrobial: A Comparative Study of Silver Nanoparticles and Chitosan Hydrogel Effect on Pathogenic E. Coli.
    Marwa M. El Sayed*, Dalia M. Mohsen, and Ghada A. Al Bazedi.

  109. Approach of Aerob-Anaerob Biosystem Treatment On Biodegradation Of Remazol Brilliant Blue.
    Suyasa WB*, Wahyu DS, N Wirajana and Iryanti ES.

  110. Studying Of 2-((5-R-4-R1-4H-1,2,4-Triazole-3-Yl)Thio)Acetic Acid Salts Influence On Growth And ProgressOfBlackberries (KIOWA Variety) Propagules.
    Roman O. Shcherbyna*, DmytroM. Danilchenko, Volodymyr V. Parchenko, Olexandr I. Panasenko, Evgeniy H. Knysh, Nina A. Hromyh, and Yuri V. Lyholat.

  111. Data Forwarding and Vital Sign Monitoring for Heart Failure Prediction Using Raspberry Pi.
    Gnaneswar B*, and Ebenezar Jebarani MR.

  112. Antibacterial Activity of Different Extracts of Daucus Carota (L.) Growing Wild in Kosovo.
    Fatmir Faiku, Arben Haziri*, Ibrahim Mehmeti, Arbresha Muriqi, and Bleron Faiku.

  113. Isolation, Identification and Characterisation of Mangrove Rhizosphere Soil Fungi.
    Rabiyathul Basiriya HM, Ananthan Anuswedha*, and Kalaiselvam M.

  114. Optic Disc Localization by Blood Vessel Enhancement Using Frangii Filter.
    Datla Hari Sai Bhaskara Varma, Chedella Jagadeesh Kumar2*, and Rajasekar B3.

  115. Appendicular Perforation Presenting as Small Bowel Obstruction: A Unusual Presentation.
    Barathiraja K*, Magesh Kumar J, Suresh Babu P, Sasikumar P, and Ravishankar KS.

  116. Plipastatin Over-production in Bacillus subtilis using Site Direct Mutation.
    Walaa Hussein* and Sameh Fahim.

  117. Probiotics and Oral Health.
    Kristina Mitic*, Ana Kaftandzieva, Mirjana Popovska, Kiro Ivanovski, Maja Pandilova, Silvana Georgieva, Snezana Pesevska, Aneta Atanasovska-Stojanovska, Biljana Kapusevska, Edvard Janev, and Aneta Mijovska.

  118. Histomorphometric Changes in The Spleen of Rats Under the Systematic Exposure TO +GX-Acceleration.
    Moroz GA, Kriventsov MA*, and Kutia SA.

  119. Non-Isolated Pentagon Rule Fullerenes: A Review.
    Ajay Kumar*.

  120. Superconductivity of Fullerenes: A Review.
    Ajay Kumar*.

  121. A Survey on Smart Grid Technology.
    Katuri Ashok*, and K Srilatha.

  122. Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Soluble Starch from Yam (Dioscorea hispida Dennts.) Using Enzyme from Termite (Nasutitermes Sp.) For Bioethanol Production.
    Rico Saputra, Syafrizayanti, and Zulkarnain Chaidir*

  123. Effect of the Organic fertilizer source and the level of mineral fertilizer in concentration of N, P, K and total tuber yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.).
    Jawad Taha Mahmood*, and Naddin Aziz Salman.

  124. Antibacterial Potentials of Surfactins against Multidrug Resistant Bacteria.
    Sameh Fahim*, and Walaa Hussein.

  125. Pathogenicity of Several Fungal Entomopathogenic Species against Aphis glycines (Homoptera: Aphididae) in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
    Ahwiyah Ekawaty Said, and Andi Nasruddin*.

  126. Improved Initial Centroids for Automated Detection Segmentation of Intracranial Neoplasm Using Enhancement K-Means Clustering Algorithm.
    SrideviM* and Joany RM.

  127. Measurement of Vital Signs in Healthcare Environment using RTOS.
    M Ramya, R Pushpalatha, S Thomas Niba*.

  128. Encryption of Big Data in Cloud using Deduplication Technique.
    G Usha Devi*, and Supriya G.

  129. Cerebral Pathology and Criminal Behavior.
    Boris Aristarhovich Spasennikov, Larisa Fedorovna Pertly,and Marina Anatolyevna Kaluzhina*

  130. An Effective Image Segmentation Approach using DSETS and DBSCAN Algorithm.
    MD Naresh Karthik, I Kathirvelan, and K Srilatha*.

  131. De-Noising and Contrast Enhancement Using Bilateral Filter and Adaptive Histogram Equalization.
    KS Madhu Mauthe, G Maria Rafols, and K Srilatha*.

  132. Semantic Segmentation of Brain Tumour Images Using Support Vector Machine Classification.
    Meryl B Asha C, Nandhini J, and K Srilatha*

  133. Haloperidol-Loaded Chitosan Nanocomposites Improve Liver and Kidney Functions and Lipid Profile of Male Rats.
    Hassan M Ibrahim*, Elham HA Ali, and Hend A Sabry.

  134. Methods of Pre-Treatment of Wheat Straw for Bio-Ethanol Production.
    Meenakshi Kanungo, and Himanshu Singh*.

  135. Pretreatment of Rice Straw for Bio-ethanol Production: A Review.
    Nitika Dhap*, and Himanshu Singh.

  136. Radionuclide Concentration in Different Environmental Samples Collected from Middle Delta Region, Egypt.
    S.U El-kameesya, M.A Abou-Leilab*, A. Hamidc,and R. Salehb*

  137. Littoral Communities of the Neva River Estuary: Structure and Dynamics of Quantitative Characteristics under Anthropogenic Pressure.
    Elizaveta Pankova, Andrey Brodsky, and Daria Safronova*.

  138. Research of Variation in Price of Antidiabetic Drugs in The Pharmaceutical Market of Ukraine.
    Ivko T, GermanyukT, Bobruk V, Kryvoviaz O, Toziuk O, Balicka O, Bobrowska O, and Bobritska L*.

  139. Assessment of Bulinustruncatus Immune Response Against Schistosomahaematobium Infection by Tissue Reaction and Hemocytes Count.
    Abdel Hakim Saad, Hanaa Abu El Einin, Rewaida Abdel-Gaber, Magda Ayoub*,and Shereen Mansour

  140. A Simple and Fast Algorithm to Detect the Fovea Region in Fundus Retinal Image.
    Kothuru Ravi Teja*, Vennapusa Sivasankar Reddy and Mary Sajin Sanju I.

  141. Performance analysis of Inter-Relay Cooperation on the performance of FSO Systems using DF, AF and FF Algorithms.
    Ragul Yaswanth T*, Pradeep Kumar K, and Umarani P.

  142. Bio-Impedance Analysis for Classification of Various Skin Diseases in Indian Context.
    Durgaprasad K Kamat*, and Pradeep M Patil.

  143. Economic burden among people living with HIV/AIDS on 2nd Line ART.
    Senthil Kumar*, and Sathiyasekaran BWC.

  144. Efficient Discovery Of Web Services Using User’s Frame Of Reference.
    G Senthil Kumar*, and C Lakshmi.

  145. Comparative Micromorphological Study on the Pectoralis Muscle in the Flying and non-Flying Birds.
    Dina Wagih, Samira Fouad, Mohamed Kandil, Thorya Sallam, and Shaymaa Hussein*.

  146. Mnii Catalyzed Oxidation Of P-Bromoaniline By Periodate Ion: A Kinetic and Mechanistic Study.
    RD Kaushik*, Jaspal Singh, Richa Saini, Kavita Rawat, and Ekata Kumari.

  147. Changes in Lipid Profile During Germination of Soybean Seeds (Glycine max L. Merr.).
    Attri LK* and Vibhuti Gupta.

  148. Segmentation and Optimization of Blebs In Human Embryonic Stem Cell Videos.
    S Johan Michaelderrick, K Sriram Varma, and S Yogalakshmi.

  149. A Self-Sufficient Reservoir Directorate with Capacity-Velocity Sensing Using Android App.
    P Dinakar, Gobi Chand Reddy, and GI Shamini*.

  150. Comparative Evaluation of Microleakage Of Three Newer Composite Resins Using SEM And Stereomicroscopy: An In-Vitro Study.
    Shweta Tekriwal, Aniket Kumar, B Rajkumar, Vishesh Gupta, and Akanksha Bhatt*.

  151. Assessment of Can Based Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Controlled Automation.
    Podila Raju, Gnana Pratap, and Karthick C*

  152. Survey on software defined radio platform for MIMO-OTA measurement and its Testing applications.
    M Yasaswi*, and S Karthikeyan.

  153. Exploring Molecular Pathways Significantly Associated with Breast Cancer Metastasis.
    Vipin Tomar, Kapil Chaudhary, Pramod K Yadava, and Anil Kumar!#

  154. Review on Tumor Classification Techniques.
    Pavithra S, Neenu Vincent, and K Srilatha

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