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Conference Special Supplementary Issue.

8(3S), 2017 (May - June) Supplementary Issue

Name of the Conference:
2nd International Conference on Recent Advancements in Chemical, Environmental & Energy Engineering (RACEEE-2017)

23-24 February 2017

SSN College of Engineering, Kalavakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
  1. Investigations on nanostructured LiMnPO4 particles for cathodic material in Li-ion battery applications.
    M Manonmani, V Jaikumar* and K Jagannathan.

  2. Use of Waste Palm Cooking Oil for Cu (II) Ion Extraction from Aqueous Solution.
    Siu Hua Chang*, Alif Azwan Abdul Wahab, and Ayub Md Som.

  3. Modeling of soot characteristics of diesel engines A review.
    Gowthama Krishnan* and Rajkumar S.

  4. Design, Simulation and Optimization Of ZnO Nanorod For Energy Harvesting Application.
    Kiruthika Ramany*, Kirubaveni Savarimuthu, Sudha Murugesan, and Radha Shankararajan.

  5. Life Cycle Assessment of a Package Type IFAS Reactor Considering Different Operational Scenarios.
    Rana Pratap Singh*, Nitin Kumar Singh, Dharmender Yadav, Komal Jayaswal, and Absar Ahmad Kazmi.

  6. Analysis of Design Parameters of Radiator.
    C Uma Maheswari*, R Meenakshi Reddy, and K Hemachandra Reddy.

  7. Experimental Investigation of PCM based Thermal Energy Storage System using Al2O3-H2O nano fluid.
    Krishna Reddy K*, Meenakshi Reddy R, and Durga Prasad B.

  8. Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of VCR Engine Fuelled with Mahua Biodiesel Blends Using Nanoparticles.
    Jamuna Rani G*, Hanumantha Rao YV, and Balakrishna B.

  9. Experimental Studies on the Performance of a Multiple PCM Thermal Storage Unit.
    N Lakshmi Narasimhan*, and Karthik P.

  10. Preparation, Characterization and Purity Dependant Heat Transfer Properties of MWCNTs Nanofluids.
    MJ Giri Prasad*, N Jerome Santharaj, AS Abhishek Raaj, E Krithika, and S Devashankar.

  11. Performance Investigation of Eco-Friendly Nano Cutting Fluids in Turning Operation of Stainless Steel Billet.
    MJ Giri Prasad*, AS Abhishek Raaj, Vignesh Raja A, Balaji Chandrasekaran, and Frank Gladson.

  12. Ethanol Fuel Production from Glycerol using Bacillus cereus.
    Venkatesh Kamath H*, Samiyabanu, Krupa MB, Deepak GM, and C Vaman Rao.

  13. Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation on Dielectric Properties of Palmierite [K2Pb(SO4)2].
    Sarala Natarajan, Dhatchayani Surendran, Govindan Vadivel, and Sankaranarayanan Krishnasamy*.

  14. Isolation and Characterization of Pigment Producing Actinomycetes from Different Sources.
    Aishwarya Kulkarni, S V Desai*, and Anil R Shet.

  15. Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Cu doped ZnO nanopowder for the Solar Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dyeing Effluent.
    P Logamani, R Rajeswari*, and G Poongodi.

  16. Optimization of Pretreatment of Saccharum spontaneum (Kans Grass) Biomass for Production of Alcoholic Biofuels.
    Sandesh K*, Sana Amin, Harsha Kiran TS, and C Vaman Rao.

  17. Thermal and Rheological Properties of Polystyrene Nanocomposites with Carbon Nanotube and Boron Nitride as Dual Nanofiller: Effect of Boron Nitride Content.
    Preethi Arulmurugan, and G Pugazhenthi*.

  18. Preparation of Kaolin Based Tubular Ceramic Membrane: Effect of Sintering Temperature.
    Gitanjali Roy, M Mohan Kumar, and G Pugazhenthi*

  19. Adverse Effects of Physicochemical Parameters of Solid Waste Disposal on Ground water Quality- a Case Study.
    P Vijayalakshmi* and Marykutty Abraham.

  20. Evaluation of Antibacterial Potency and Phytochemical Screening of Seed Extracts of Butea monosperma (LAM.).
    R Anitha, and R Subashini*

  21. An Assessment Of Physico Chemical Charecteristics Of Nandhivaram Lake Water To Reduce Environmental Impacts .
    PK Raji*, and Marykutty Abraham.

  22. Performance of Solar Driven Disinfection Systems Based on Anodic Oxidation and UV Techniques in India.
    Roopak Varshney*, and Nadeem Khalil

  23. An Innovative Method for Waste Water Treatment Using Fluidized Media Bio Reactor Process.
    Vaishakh P Tholan, and Anita Kumari*.

  24. Size Enhanced Ultrafiltration: A Novel Hybrid Membrane Process for the Removal and Recovery of Heavy Metal Contaminants.
    E Kavitha*, M P Rajesh, S Prabhakar, A Sowmya, Mohammed Abdul Raqeeb, S Sriram, and Prince Jain.

  25. Design of an incinerator to treat combined biomedical wastes generated from four major hospitals in Chandigarh and Shimla City, India.
    Rajiv Ganguly*, Prachi Vasistha, and Ashok Kumar Gupta.

  26. Adsorption of melanoidin using microporous ZnO nano particle: Experimental and ANN approach.
    Charles David* and M Arivazhagan.

  27. Efficiency Study of 500 MW PF Boiler and Its Environmental Impact Assessment.
    Jabin J* and Mathevan Pillai T.

  28. A Study on the Avian Meat Processing and the Environment.
    B Asokumar*.

  29. Characterization of Antifungal Protein Isolated from the Leaf of Solanum Trilobatum & Lepidagathis Cristata and its Activity against Phytopathogenic Fungi.
    J Madhusudhanan*, Sumathi N, and K Sathish Kumar.

  30. Production of Bioethanol Using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae by Utilizing the Banana Peel Wastes.
    J Madhusudhanan*, K Sivaranjani, and R Vignesh.

  31. Characterization of municipal solid waste in Sunder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh, India.
    Anchal Sharma*, Rajiv Ganguly, and Ashok Kumar Gupta.

  32. Design and Simulation of Modified Symmetric and Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter.
    Thiyagarajan V*, and Somasundaram P.

  33. Optimization of phenyl acetic acid concentration during the growth phase of Penicillin-G production in pilot plant.
    J Madhusudhanan*, and B Bamarukmani.

  34. Effect of gas distributor on hydrodynamics of three phase inverse fluidized bed with batch liquid
    BSVSR Krishna*.

  35. A novel study on wound healing properties of electrospun chitosan- polyvinylalcohol nanofibers.
    Anitha T*, and Gomathi M.

  36. Development of a Economic Photovoltaic Array Simulator using an Off-The-Shelf Power Supply.
    Supriya R, Aishwhariya V, and Ramaprabha R*.

  37. Cement Replacement by RHA in Concrete for Sustainable Development.
    Josephin Alex, J. Dhanalakshmi, B. Ambedkar* and R. Anantharaj.

  38. Prediction of salting coefficient for Acetone-Methanol-Salt System using Scaled Particle Theory.
    J Dhanalakshmi*, B Deepak Kumar, S Aravind, S Ayyappan, and B Ambedkar

  39. Adsorption Behaviour of Lead Removal from Aqueous Solution on to NanoTitanium Dioxide.
    Gowri V* and Thenmuhil D.

  40. Treatment of Synthetic Turbid Water using Natural Tamarind Seeds at Atmospheric Conditions.
    Judith Emiliah Christy SS, Anantharaj R, Ambedkar B* and Dhanalakshmi J.

  41. Nitrogen and Sulphur Doped TiO2 for Photodegradation of Phenol under visible light.
    Jagannathan Krishnan*, Ravi Rajamanickam and Jaikumar Vasudevan.

  42. Biodegrdation Kinectics of Azo Dye Mixture: Substrate Inhibition Modeling.
    Jagannathan Krishnan, Anthony Arvind Kishore, Athreya Suresh, Akshay Krishna Murali and Jaikumar Vasudevan.

  43. Pulasan Peel for the Removal of Reactive Orange 16.
    Jagannathan Krishnan*, Perumal Kumar and Jaikumar Vasudevan

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