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Volume 9, Issue 6, 2018 (November - December)

  1. Selection of Rainbow Trout Female Studs According to the Genetic Correlation and a Degree of Maturity of their Gonads with Morphometric Signs.
    Ildar N Agleev*, Alexander V Bushov, and Yury M Isaev.

  2. Anti-Inflammatory, Hypolipidemic And Antioxidant Activities Of Thymoquinone In Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver In Rats.
    Reham E Masoud*, and Amira S mohammed.

  3. Nutrient And Energy Digestibility In Cows Fed The Energy Supplement «Felucen».
    Mironova Irina Valeryevna*, Kosilov Vladimir Ivanovich, Nigmatyanov Azat Adipovich, Saifullin Ranis Raufovich, Senchenko Oksana Viktorovna, Khalirakhmanov Eldar Rustamovich, and Chernenkov Evgeny Nikolaevich.

  4. Recent Developments In Osmotic Dehydration Technique For Improving The Post-Harvest Quality Of Fruits And Vegetables.
    Keerthana HK, and Srijaya M*.

  5. The Significance of Ki-67 in Head and Neck Cancers: Review Article.
    Zuzul I, Pavic I, Granic M, Kuna T, Kotarac Knezevic A, and Andabak Rogulj A*.

  6. Soil Decompaction By Frost Action.
    AM Petrov, Yu A Saveljev, PA Ishkin, IN Semov, and ON Kukharev.

  7. Role Of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) In Aging And Aging-Related Diseases.
    Mei Li Ng*, Shanmugapriya, Soundararajan Vijayarathna, Yeng Chen, Lim Ghee Seong, and Sreenivasan Sasidharan*.

  8. Overall Results Of Heart-Rot Resistant As Pen Cultivation In Valentinovsky Tree Nursery (Moscow Region, Russia).
    Oxana Chernyshenko*, Denis Rumyantsev, and Anna Sirotova.

  9. Functional Aspects Of Body Resistance.
    Mal GS, Kharitonov EL, Vorobyeva NV, Makhova AV, and Medvedev IN*.

  10. Development And Implementation Of Management Systems - A State Priority In Providing Quality And Safety Of AIC Products.
    Popov VG*, Kadochnikova GD, Pozniakovsky V?, Ermolaeva ??, and Surkov IV.

  11. The Upper Jurassic Oil-Bearing Horizon Of The Southern Regions Of The Yamal Peninsula.
    Vladimir I Kislukhin*, and Ivan V Kislukhin.

  12. Phytochemical Screening, Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities Of Some Plants Species Derived From The Northwestern Coast Of Egypt.
    Hanan Samir*, Mohamed S Abbas, Amira Sh Soliman, and Rehab A Lotfy.

  13. Biomodification Of Meat For Improving Functional-Technological Properties Of Minced Meat.
    Anton Nesterenko, Andrey Koshchaev, Nadezhda Kenijz, Kristina Akopyan, Maksim Rebezov, and Eleonora Okuskhanova*.

  14. The Development Of Intellectual Features Of Students Using A Chess Game.
    Alifirov AI, Mikhaylova IV*, Fomina SN, Fedchuk DV, Bakulina ED.

  15. Homotopy Perturbation Method For Host Dynamics Of Hiv Infection.
    V Geetha, and S Balamuralitharan*.

  16. Spatial Distribution of Zoobenthos, In the Shallow Saline Lake Zun-Torey In The Low-Water Phase.
    Petr V Matafonov*, and Balzhit B Bazarova.

  17. Physiological Features Of Platelet Functioning In Calves Of Holstein Breed During The Newborn.
    Vorobyeva NV, and Medvedev IN*.

  18. Placental Morphometry In Different Severity Of Hypertensive Pregnancies Compared With Normotensive.
    CH Santhi*, V Subhadra Devi, and R Vijaya Ragavan.

  19. Synthesis, Characterization And Microbial Efficiency Of Azo Dye Ligand Complexes With Some Metal Ions.
    Jinan Mohammed Mahmood Al-Zinkee*, and Amer J Jarad.

  20. Preparation and Characterization of Hybrid Biomaterial based on PANI / CaCO3 Nanoparticles for Photo Thermal Therapy of HeLa Cells Cancer.
    Mohanad I Kamil*, and Salma M Hassan.

  21. Influence Of 3-(3-Fluorophenyl)-6-(4-Methoxyphenyl)-7H-[1,2,4]-Triazolo-[3,4-B][1,3,4]Thiadiazine On The Cultural Properties Of Pathogenic Mycobacterium Bovis.
    Olexey Bihdan*, VolodymyrParchenko, Volodymyr Zazharskyi, Tetyana Fotina, and Pavlo Davydenko.

  22. Physiological Indicators Of Platelets In Ayrshire Calves During The Dairy Feeding Phase.
    Oshurkova Ju L, and Medvedev IN*.

  23. Synthesis And Characterization Of Some New Quinolin-2(1H)-Ones And Imidazoles Containing 1, 3, 4-Thiadiazoline Ring Derived From Thiosemicarbazone.
    Jumbad H Tomma*, Ahmed N Ayyash, and Hamed J Jaffer.

  24. Evening Primrose Oil Diminishes Fatty Degenerations And Down Regulates AGE/RAGE Axis In Fructose-Drinking Rats: Comparison To Fenofibrate.
    Mona K Tawfik*, Amany Y Elkazaz, Mona A Hssain, and Reham E masoud.

  25. Comparison Of Marginal Seal Of MTA And Cyanoacrylate As Root End Filling Materials-An In Vitro Study.
    Lakshmi Nidhi Rao*, Aditya Shetty, Mithra N Hedge, Shruthi Attavar, and Tony Mathews.

  26. The Effectiveness Of The Theoretical Training Of Russian Students Of Secondary Schools In Physical Culture.
    Melnikova Yu A, Natskevich Yu A, Penkova IV, and Karpova NV*.

  27. Intraluminal HDR Brachytherapy In Palliation Of Advanced Oesophageal Cancer: Single Institution Experience.
    Preety Jain, Rajan Yadav, Devendra Chawla, Ramesh Arya, Manish verma, and Gaurav Kumar.

  28. Anti-Inflammatory Cytokinin’s In Blood Serum Of Patients With Recurrent Genital Herpes.
    Kambachokova ZA, Aramisova R M, Shogenova M S, Kutueva S K, Shavaeva FV, Attaeva M Zh, and Shogenova LS.

  29. CR-39 As A Tool For Uranium Concentration Calculation In Bio Assay Sample: Bladder Cancer As Case Study.
    Shaymaa M Qaddoori*, and Shafik S Shafik

  30. Influence Of Physical Exercise On The Activity Of Brain Processes.
    Vorobyeva NV*, Mal GS, Zavalishina S Yu, Glagoleva TI, and Fayzullina II.

  31. Validation Of Analytical Method For Determining Ciprofloxacin’s Level In Blood Using High Performace Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).
    Rahmatullah SW*, Sandi DA, Perwitasari DA, and Darmawan E.

  32. Development Of The Prescribed Foodstuff Composition For Diabetes Mellitus Prevention.
    Vladimir Vsevolodovich Sadovoy*, Irina Alexandrovna Trubina, Veronika Valerievna Melentyeva, Elena Alexandrovna Skorbina, and Tatiana Viktorovna Shchedrina.

  33. Role Of Calcium, Magnesium And Phosphorous In Human Body.
    Eleonora Okuskhanova*, Anuarbek Suychinov, Maksim Rebezov, Almagul Nurgazezova, Aimara Anuarbekova, Svetlana Harlap, Nikolai Maksimiuk, Tatiana Zaitseva, Nikolai Shcherbakov.

  34. The Monitoring of Nizhniy Kaban Lake by Rbcl Gene of Fresh Water Ater Organisms Using Next-Generation Sequencing.
    Ludmila L. Frolova*, and Anthony E. Sverdrup.

  35. The Evaluation Of Water Quality Of Nizhniy Kaban Lakeusing Next-Generation Sequencing.
    Artur M Khusainov*, and Ludmila L Frolova.

  36. Features Of Physical Rehabilitation After Myocardial Infarction.
    Mal GS, Vorobyeva NV, Makhova AV, Medvedev IN*, and Fayzullina II.

  37. Medicinal Plants used in Human Medicine in the Northern Black Sea Coast Region (Bulgaria).
    Petya Boycheva*, and Dimcho Zahariev.

  38. The Study of Daucus Carota subsp. Sativus Fruits Fatty Acid Composition of ‘Olenka’, ‘Kharkivska Nantska’ and ‘Yaskrava’ Varieties.
    Olexandra A Kyslychenko*, Viktoriia V Protska, Iryna O Zhuravel, Viktoria V Hutsol.

  39. Functional Features Of Platelets In Newborn Calves Ayrshire Breed.
    Oshurkova Ju L, and Medvedev IN*

  40. Probiotic Activity Of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated From Fermented Palm Oil Sap.
    Edy Fachrial*, and Harmileni.

  41. Synthesis And Anti-Cancer Activities Of Novel Pyrimidine -2-Thione Derivatives From Benzosuberones.
    Bandapally Rupavani*, and Peesapati Venkateswarlu.

  42. Artificial Croplands and Natural Biosystems in the Conditions of Climatic Changes: Possible Problems and Ways of their Solving in the South Steppe Zone of Ukraine.
    Raisa Anatoliivna Vozhehova, Serhii Vasylovych Kokovikhin, Pavlo Volodymyrovych Lykhovyd*, Serhii Hervasovych Vozhehov, and Antonina Viktorivna Drobitko.

  43. Immunomodulatory Activity Of Some Selected Medicinal Plants On Response To Salmonella typhimurium In Poultry.
    Mounir Mohamed El-Safty*, Hala Mahmoud, and Howaida Ibrahim Abd-Alla.

  44. Ensuring The Physiological Optimum Of The Body Using Hydro-procedures.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  45. Enhancement in Monitoring Patients Health,
    Pravin A*, and Prem Jacob T.

  46. Study Of The Anticorrosion Effect Of Exopolysaccharides Produced By Lactobacillus Fermentum Ts Cultivated On Different Carbohydrates.
    Ibryamova S, R Ivanov, and TS Ignatova-Ivanova*.

  47. Physiological Danger Of Physical Inactivity For Humans.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  48. Overview Of Quantitative Traits Loci Associated With Egg Productivity Of Domestic Chickens.
    O Yu Barkova*, and M G Smaragdov.

  49. Ameliorative Effect Of Betaglucan Diet In Oreochromis Niloticus Against Aeromonas Hydrophila.
    Hadeer M Hosseny*, Sabry M Abdel Motaal, Mohamed A Kamel, and Abdel Hakeem I El-Murr.

  50. Flexural And Compressional Behavior Of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete.
    Sivapriya SV*, Ridhuvaran S, Karthick V, and Gopikrishna R.

  51. Investigation The Immunological And Genetic Role Of Interleukin 17 For Some Diabetes Patients In Diyala Governorate
    Janan Aziz Hadi, Mohammed Abdul Daim Saleh, and Al - Mahdawi, Muthanna. A. K. Saleh.

  52. The Problem Of Traumatic Brain Injury In Humans.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*

  53. Milling And Baking Qualities Of Winter Wheat After Pre-Sowing Seed And Foliar Treatment With Microelements-Synergists.
    Fail Adelshevich Mudarisov*, Vladimir Ilyich Kostin, and Vitaly Aleksandrovich Isaychev.

  54. Effects of the Addition of Oxygen Plasma Treated Polyamide fibers on Some Properties of Room Temperature Vulcanized Maxillofacial Silicon Elastomers.
    Mustafa Sabah Ahmed Hamdi*, and Abdalbseet Ahmad Fatalla.

  55. Fundamentals Of The Physiology Of The Circulatory System.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  56. Peculiarities Of The Formation Of A Vegetative Tonus In Adolescents In The Conditions Of Various Motor Activity Regimes.
    Maria V Shaykhelislamova*, Natalia B. Dikopolskaya, Gulfia A. Bilalova, Alena D. Komarova, and Timur L. Zefirov.

  57. Prevalence And Risk Factors Of Toxoplasma-Like And Intestinal Parasites In Cats From Urbanized Area Of Tatarstan, Russia.
    Nikolai D Shamaev*, Anastasiya Yu Fedotova, Alina V Galiullina, Malik N Mukminov, and Eduard A Shuralev.

  58. The Influence Of IF-Current Blockade On The Parameters Of Action Potential Among 1-Week And 20-Week-Old Rats.
    Lenar I Faskhutdinov*, Nafisa I Ziyatdinova, and Timur L Zefirov,

  59. Dose-Dependent Influence Of Clonidine Hydrochloride To The 6 Week Old Rats Isolated Heart Activity.
    Anna M Kuptsova*, Nafisa I Ziyatdinova, and Timur L Zefirov.

  60. Fundamentals Of Human Physiology Of Hearing.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  61. Sludge Study From Biological Wastewater Treatment After Pyrolysis Processing.
    Ilnar A Nasyrov*, Gennady V Mavrin, Dinar D Fazullin, and Valeriya V Terentyeva.

  62. Macro-Ion Emission Study From Pyrolysis Products Of Carbon-Containing Wastes After Ashing.
    Ilnar Abuzarovich Nasyrov*, Valeriya Valeryevna Terentyeva, Gennady Vitalevich Mavrin, Dinar Dilshatovich Fazullin, and Aigul Ilgizovna Nurullina.

  63. Stimulation Of ?1A-Adrenergic Receptors Has A Different Effect On The Rat Myocardial Inotropy.
    Insaf I Khabibrakhmanov*, Nafisa I Ziyatdinova, Andrey L Zefirov, and Timur L Zefirov.

  64. Rehabilitation Potential Of Adaptive Physical Education In People With Hearing Impairment.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  65. Effect Of a1A-Adrenergic Receptors Stimulation To The Isolated Rat Hearts Chronotropy.
    Insaf I Khabibrakhmanov*, Nafisa I Ziyatdinova, Anna M Kuptsova, and Timur L Zefirov.

  66. Identification And Quantitative Content Determination Of Macro- And Microelements In Spinach Leaves, Seeds And Roots Of “Krasen’ Polissia” And “Fantasy” Cultivars.
    Uliana V Petrovska*, Iryna ? Zhuravel, and Victoria V Hutsol.

  67. Biologically Active Feed Additive in Feeding of Young Pigs.
    Zemfira V Pskhatsieva, Sergei I Kononenko, Marina P Semenenko*, Denis V Osepchuk, Denis A Yurin, Elena V Kuzminova, and Natalia A Yurina.

  68. Possibilities of Implementation of Polyculture for Optimization of Industrial Sturgeon Aquaculture on the Basis of Closed Water Supply Facilities.
    Vladimir G Krymov, Maria S Galicheva, Marina P Semenenko*, Denis A Yurin, Dmitry V Shumeiko, and Natalia A Yurina.

  69. The Physiological Response Of Bone Tissue To Increase Physical Activity.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  70. The Effectivity Of Silver Nanoparticles Prepared By Jujube Ziziphus sp. Extract Against Whitefly Bemisia tabaci Nymphs.
    Hazim Idan Al Shammari*, Hind Ibrahim AL-Khazraji, and Sawsan Kareem Falih.

  71. New Technology To Thyroidectomy: A Literature Review Of Previous Studies.
    Luai Farhan Zghair*, Jihad Anad Khalef, and Muhammad Qasim Qazaal.

  72. Regression Models for Predicting Production of Three Main Beef Cattle Breeds Grown in Russia with Respect to Biochemical Parameters of Blood.
    Ivan Fiodorovich Gorlov, Olga Pavlovna Shakhbazova, MarinaIvanovna Slozhenkina, Rasim Gasanovich Radzhabov, Aleksandr Vasilievich Randelin, Nadezhda VasilievnaIvanova, Natalia Ivanovna Mosolova, Ivan Mikhailovich Volokhov, Valentina NikolaevnaHramova, and Elena Yurievna Zlobina

  73. Formulation Of Innovative Water Quality Index For Assessing Sugar Mill Effluent.
    M A Sabitha*.

  74. The Influence Of Sport On The Functioning Of Internal Organs.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  75. Experience Of Treatment Of Infantiles Hemangiomas Of The Maxillo-Facial Area Of The Children With The Help Of Propranolol.
    Garshina MA*, Korytina IV, Charitonov DU, Podoprigora AV, Chirkova NV, Shalaev OU, Kalivradzhiyan ES, Oleynik OI, and Kharitonov Yu M.

  76. Variant For Prevention And Treatment Of Odontogenic Upper Jaw’s Sinusitis.
    NV Chirkova*, A N Morozov, AV Podoprigora, ?A Lesheva, IV Stepanov, OI Oleynik, and Yu M Kharitonov.

  77. Prevalence Of Dentinal Hypersensitivity In South Coastal Population, India.
    Urvashi Sodvadia*, Gowrish S Bhat, Mithra Nidarsh Hegde, and Nireeksha Shetty.

  78. Biological And Climatic Resources Of Tourism As A Factor Of Innovative Development Of The Economy.
    Vladimir Aleksandrovich Gladilin*, Alexander Vasilyevich Gladilin, Elena Nikolaevna Babina, Alexander Vyacheslavovich Krasnikov, Denis Alexandrovich Syromyatnikov, and Valeriy Sergeevich Myakishev

  79. The Effectiveness Of Static Exercises In The Rehabilitation Of Cerebral Palsy.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  80. The Effect of the Modified Coatings Titanium Implants on the Morphofunctional State of Tissues Adjacent to Area of the Bone Regeneration.
    Plekhova NG*, Nevzorova VA, Kabalyk MA, Ugay LV, Kostiv RE, Maistrovskaya Yu V, Gnedenkov SV, Sinebyukhov SL, Mashtalyar DV, and Gnedenkov AS.

  81. Comparison Of The Minimum Bactericidal Concentration Of Antibiotics On Planktonic And Biofilm Forms Of Staphylococcus Aureus: Mastitis Causative Agents.
    YuV Horiuk*, MD Kukhtyn, YaS Stravskyy, RYu Havrylianchyk, VV Horiuk, and HA Fotina,

  82. Trends And Determinants Of Dividend Policy: A Special Focus On Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.
    S Dinesh*, SCB Samuel Anbu Selvan, and M Ananthi.

  83. The Effectiveness Of Regular Adaptive Physical Education Classes With Adolescents Suffering From Cerebral Palsy.
    Ereshko NE, and Makhov AS*

  84. Incidence Of Retreatment Of Anterior Root Canal Treated Tooth In South Canara Population, India.
    Mithra Nidarsh Hegde, Ananiya John*, and Nireeksha Shetty.

  85. Chemical Constituents And Antioxidant Activity Of Ethanolic Extract Of Propolis From Malaysian Stingless Bee Geniotrigona thoracica Species.
    Nurul Hakimah Mohd Salim, Eshaifol Azam Omar, Wan Adnan Wan Omar, and Rafeezul Mohamed*.

  86. Studying The Inhibition Activity Of Mentha Pulegiuml Extract Iron Nanoarticles For Human Pathogenic Bacteria.
    Raghad abdull atif abdul Razaq, Sundushameed Ahmed, Salwakhudadad Khalid, and Isam Hussain T Al-Karkhi*.

  87. Technology Development of Protein-Fat Emulsion and Its Use in Food Production.
    ?nna Victorovna Morgunova*, Ismail Sagidovich Ismailov, Nina Vladimirovna Tregubova, Aleksandr Pavlovich Marynich, and Elena Aleksandrovna Grudeva.

  88. Functional Features Of The Blood System Under Conditions Of Regular Muscle Loads.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  89. Evaluation Of Physico-Chemical Characteristics And Sensory Profile Of Tomato Ketchups.
    Gopala Krishna Devisetty*, Ahlam Hamdan Salim Saif Almawali, Miysaa Khalifa Salim Al-Hattali, and Maryam Said Nasser Al Rusheidi.

  90. Motivational Principles Of Using Various Fitness Programs.
    Mulyk K*, Maksimova K, Mulyk V, Karpets L, Pustovoit B, Yefimenko P, Perevoznyk V, Mishin M, Kanishcheva O, and Paevskiy V.

  91. Mechanisms Of Regulation Of Economic Policy Of The State In Terms Of Multi-Level Sanctions In The Sectors Of The Economy: Engineering, Tourism, Chemical Industry, Transport.
    Valeriy Sergeevich Myakishev*, Vladimir Alexandrovich Gladilin, Anatoly Ivanovich Shatalov, Alexander Alexandrovich Kalashnikov, Galina Vasilyevna Bondarenko, and Sergey Alexandrovich Kaverzin.

  92. Statistical Evaluation Of Antimicrobial Influence Of Medical Ozone As A Part Of Inflammatory Prevention Of Periodontal Diseases.
    Kristina P Kubyshkina*, Anna V Podoprigora, Olga I Oleynik, Yuryi M Kharitonov, and Irina A Belenova.

  93. Early Diagnosis Of Secondary Destructive Parotitis As Prevention Of A Purulent-Septic Infection.
    M Gubin*, Yu Kharitonov, R Kikov, O Oleynik, A Podoprigra, and D Kharitonov.

  94. Functional Features Of The Cardiovascular System In Athletes.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  95. Problem Acidification And Alkalinization Of The Chernozems In The Stavropol Territory.
    Valerii Sergeevich Tshovrebov*, Vera Ivanovna Faizova, Anastasia Mikhailovna Nikiforova, Dmitry Vasilivich Kalugin, and Alexander Nikolaevich Marin.

  96. Mathematical Modeling Of The Technological System Of The Harvesting And Transport Process.
    Valentin Nikolaevich Kurochkin*, Anatoly Timofeevich Lebedev, Nikolay Efimovich Rudenko, Yury Ivanovich Zhevora, and Natalia Petrovna Doronina

  97. Justification Of Edge Sharpness.
    Anatoly Timofeevich Lebedev*, Pavel Anatolyevich Lebedev, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Maryin, Alexander Nikolaevich Maryin, and Vasiliy Aleksandrovich Chernovolov.

  98. Increasing Life Of Plunger Pairs Of Diesel Engines.
    Anatoly Timofeevich Lebedev*, Pavel Anatolyevich Lebedev, Roman Vladimirovich Pavlyuk, Valentin Nikolaevich Kurochkin, and Alexander Anatolievich Seregin.

  99. World Experience In Building Inclusive Sports Activities.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  100. Improving The Economy Of Diesel Engines With The Upgraded Sprayer Of The Injector.
    Anatoly Timofeevich Lebedev*, Pavel Anatolyevich Lebedev, Aslan Karalbievich Apazhev, Artur Mukhamedovich Egozhev, and Anzor Leonidovich Bolotokov.

  101. Analysis Of Geometric Parameters The Keyed Joints' Details Of Grain Harvesters "Vector".
    Anatoly Timofeevich Lebedev*, Roman Vladimirovich Pavlyuk, Elena Vasilievna Zubenko, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Maryin and Vasiliy Aleksandrovich Chernovolov.

  102. Analysis Of Groundwater Monitoring In The Territory Budennovsky And Levokumsky Districts Of The Stavropol Territory.
    Stanislav Vladimirovich Odintsov*, Alexander Viktorovich Loshakov, Elena Vyacheslavovna Pismennaya, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Stukalo, and Nikolay Yur'yevich Khasai.

  103. Costs Management Model Of Agro-Industrial Associations In The Regional System.
    Nadezhda Konstantinovna Vasilyeva, Oksana Viktorovna Takhumova*, Tat'yana Petrovna Baranovskaya, Igor Alexandrovich Bursa, and Alexandra Nikolaevna Oleynik.

  104. Model Of Small Business Development And Its Competitiveness In Conditions Of Institutional Transformations.
    Natalya Vyacheslavovna Lazareva*, Oksana Viktorovna Takhumova, Yury Nikolaevich Krivokora, Elena Rustemovna Vershitskaya,and Elena Alekseevna Batisheva

  105. Rules For The Organization Of Inclusive Physical Education And Sports Activities.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  106. Global Financial And Economic Crisis In Russia: Trends And Prospects.
    Irina Viktorovna Taranova*, Irina Mikhailovna Podkolzina, Viktoriya Vladimirovna Prokhorova, Oksana Nikolaevna Kolomyts, and Elena Mikhailovna Kobozeva.

  107. Systemic Inflationary Risk As A Factor To Investment Climate Formation.
    Lyudmila Anatolevna Latysheva*, Liudmila Yrievna Piterskaya, Svetlana Yurevna Shamrina, Alfira Menligulovna Kumratova, and Elena Vitalievna Popova.

  108. Influence Of Operating Modes Of The Vacuum Pump Of Lamellar Type On Change Of An End Backlash.
    Anatoly Timofeevich Lebedev*, Roman Vladimirovich Pavlyuk, Anton Viktorovich Zakharin, Pavel Anatolievich Lebedev, and Sergei Mikhailovich Voronin.

  109. Functional Features Of Microcirculatory Processes In Obese Women Against A Background Of Long Daily Wearing Of Corrective Clothing.
    Bikbulatova AA*.

  110. The Effect Of Regular Physical Activity On The Functioning Of The Nervous System.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  111. Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Genitourinary Specimens in Iraq Women by Real Time PCR assay.
    Mariam Kareem Ali *, and Jaafar Sataar Shia.

  112. Connective Tissue Stains: A Review Article.
    Kalpajyoti Bhattacharjee, Girish HC, Sanjay Murgod*, Alshame M J Alshame and Dinesh BS.

  113. Disease Development And Yield Of Barley On Different Levels Of Mineral Nutrition.
    VV Kosheliaev*, IP Kosheliaeva, and AA Volodkin.

  114. Physiological Basis Of Maintaining The Body's Reactivity.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  115. Study Of The Personal Social Responsibility Constituents Of Pharmacy Specialists.
    Natalia O Tkachenko*, Nataliia M Chervonenko, and Victoriia O Demchenko.

  116. Micro-Spectrophotometric Determination And Cloud Point Extraction Of Sulphamethoxazole In Pure Form And Pharmaceutical Preparation.
    Saadiyah A Dhahir*, and Isra Amer Katom.

  117. Reviewing The Influence Of Copper, Lead And Zinc Accumulation On The Morphofunctional Liver And Kidney State In Broiler Chickens Under Experimental Toxicosis.
    Irina M Donnik*, Olga G Loretts, Nikolai V Sadovnikov, Anatoly D Shusharin, Alexander V Elesin, Natalia N Semenova, and Mikhail I Barashkin.

  118. Quantitative Analysis Of The Structure-Activity Relationship Of 1,2-Benzodiazole Derivatives: DFT Study.
    Siham Lakrikh, Mohammed El Idrissi*, Latifa Laallam, Abdellah Zeroual, El Mostapha Rakib, and Ahmed Jouaiti.

  119. Physiological Features Of Blood.
    Makhov AS*, and Zakharov NE.

  120. The Microbiocenosis Analysis Of Suppurative-Necrotic Ulcers In The Area Of Hooves In Cows By PCR Method (Real – Time).
    Evgeniy ? Marin*, Valeriy ? Ermolaev, Oksana N Marina, Pavel M Lyashenko, and Aleksey V Sapozhnikov.

  121. Histological Changes Of Tissues In Purulent-Necrotic Inflammation Of Soft Tissues In The Hoof Area In Cows.
    Evgeniy ? Marin*, Valeriy ? Ermolaev, Oksana N Marina, Pavel M Lyashenko, and Aleksey V Sapozhnikov.

  122. Potency Of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles On Skin Wound Healing In Rats.
    Aziza M Amer*, Ahmed I Abd El Maksoud, Mohamed A Abdeen. Amera Hamdy, Hana A Mabrok, Mohamed M Amer, and Ahmed A El-Sanousi.

  123. Functional Mechanisms To Ensure The Reactivity Of The Organism.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  124. Porphyromonas Gingivalis A Multitasking Pathogen.
    Roopa Yadahalli*, Supriya Kheur, and Aanchal Adwani.

  125. The Objectives Of Technological Parameters For Dairy Goats Keeping In Stable-Housing Period.
    MY Sannikov*, SI Novopashina, ?? Bykova, VS Kuhar, ?G Skvortsova, SA Volkova, EA Skvortcov, VI Kosilov, and NV Ziablitckaia.

  126. The Physiological Reaction Of The Body Of Adolescents To The Classroom.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  127. The Benefit Of Using Rigid Pediatric Cystoscopy In Placing A Safety Guide-Wire In Optical Urethrotomy In Male Urethral Strictures.
    Ahmed Nazar Dhannoon*.

  128. Evaluation Of Hepatoprotective And Hepatotherapeutic Activity Of Alhagimaurorum (Camel Thorn) Alcoholic Extract.
    Aziza M Amer*, Gehad Tarek, Wafaa M Amer, Hana A Mabrok, and Abdrabou MI.

  129. The Effect Of Physical Activity On Neurophysiological Processes In Students.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  130. On The Conformation Of Lys79 And Lys98 Residues In The Sperm While Myoglobin Structure.
    Mahmud A Basharov*.

  131. Testing Of Intramuscular Administration Of Rometar On Pain Sensitivity And Clinical And Physiological Parameters In Rams Edilbaevskoy Breed.
    Igor V Nenashev*, Evgeniy ? Marin, and Valeriy ? Ermolaev.

  132. Physiological Characteristics Of Physically Exercising People In The Post-Stroke Period.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  133. Evaluation of Irrigation Water Quality Index for Tigris River and Pollution Levels of Heavy Metals in Baghdad.
    Mazin Fadhil Khudhair, Firas W Ahmed, Abdul Baqi D Salman, and Wisammohammed Abd.

  134. Effect of Using for Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) Agricultural by-products and its Adding Enzymes or without in Rations on Some Productive and Economical Traits of Broiler Chicks.
    Ali J Hammo*.

  135. Basics Of Sanatorium-Resort Rehabilitation For Persons With Asthma.
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    Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov*, Sergei Nikolayevich Shlykov, Oksana Nikolaevna Konieva, and Olga Vladimirovna Sycheva.

  267. Feasibility Of Introducing Promising Methods Of Irrigation Agricultural Crops In The Conditions Of Central Ciscaucasia.
    Ludmila Victorovna Trubacheva*, Olga Ivanovna Vlasova, Olga Georgievna Shabaldas, Irina Alvianovna Volters, and Dmitry Alexandrovich Shevchenko.

  268. The Nutritional Value Of Pasture Forage And The Assessment Of The Vegetation Index For Growing Sheep Breed Dzhalginsky Merino.
    Vladimir Ivanovich Trukhachev*, Sergey Aleksandrovich Oleinik, Vitaly Yuryevich Morozov, Tatyana Sergeevna Lesnyak, and Sergey Pavlovich Sklyarov.

  269. Amino-Acid Composition Of Pasture Feeds For Growing Sheep Breeds Dzhalginsky Merino.
    Vladimir Ivanovich Trukhachev*, Sergey Aleksandrovich Oleinik, Vitaly Yuryevich Morozov, Tatyana Sergeevna Lesnyak, and Sergey Pavlovich Sklyarov.

  270. Various Methods For Assessing The Nutritional Value Of Feed For Breeding Sheep Breed Dzhalginsky Merino.
    Vladimir Ivanovich Trukhachev*, Sergey Aleksandrovich Oleinik, Vitaly Yuryevich Morozov, Tatyana Sergeevna Lesnyak, and Sergey Pavlovich Sklyarov.

  271. The Use Of Innovative Remote Monitoring Methods For Growing Sheep Breeds Manych Merino.
    Vladimir Ivanovich Trukhachev*, Sergey Aleksandrovich Oleinik, Vitaly Yuryevich Morozov, Tatyana Sergeevna Lesnyak, and Sergey Pavlovich Sklyarov.

  272. On The Issue Of Public Administration And Urbanization Processes In The Sociocultural Genesis Of The North Caucasus: A Comparative Historical Analysis.
    Inna Nikolaevna Kravchenko*, Evgeny Vasilyevich Tufanov, Olga Nikolaevna Shmatko, and Lyudmila Alekseevna Zvereva.

  273. Legal And Economic Methods As An Environmental Risk Management Mechanism.
    Alexandra Vladimirovna Voronina*, Natalia Borisovna Osipyan, Marina Aleksandrovna Dmitrieva, Olga Viktorovna Elchaninova, and Marina Vladimirovna Vatolina.

  274. Beef Cattle: Methods Of Management And Livestock.
    Gamlet Y Ostaev, Boris N Khosiev, Oleg K Gogaev, Inna A Mukhina, Dmitry V Kondratyev, and Ekaterina V Markovina.

  275. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus In Pregnancy- The Right Anaesthetic Choice?
    Pooja Bola Rajendra Devendra Kamath, Shweta Sinha*, Madhu Rao, and Sushma Thimmaiah Kanakalakshmi.

  276. Application of Probiotics Based on Lactic Acid Bacteria to Increase the Adaptive Capacity of Pigs and Meat Quality.
    Anton A Nesterenko, Nikolay N Zabashta, Marina P Semenenko*, Elena V Kuzminova, and Ekaterina P Lisovitskaya.

  277. Photosynthetic Activity The Yield And Biomass Of Maize Depending On Mineral Nutrition
    IV Gavryushin?*, SA Semina, and EV Zheryakov.

  278. Possibilities of Using a Complex of Probiotics with Microelements for the Production of Functional Nutrition.
    Nikolay N Zabashta, Vladimir A Grin, Marina P Semenenko*, and Elena V Kuzminova.

  279. Health Saving Technology at Foreign Language Lessons with University Students.
    Liudmyla Holubnycha*, Svitlana Miasoiedova, and Kseniya Nesterenko.

  280. A Qualitative Infrared and Scanning Electron Microscopy Study of the Margins of Fourteen World Postage Stamps.
    Juan S Gómez-Jeria*, Ernesto Clavijo, and Sebastián Gutiérrez.

  281. Effects of Anesthesia on Innate Immune Components in Orthopedic Surgery.
    Adnan Hamad Aubaid*, and Khalid Lahmood Yaseen.

  282. Risk Factor of Childhood Bronchial Asthma in Iraqi Community.
    Hassan Raji Jallab*, and Gufran Hadi Hasan.

  283. Hydatidosis In Sheep, A Comparative Study Between License And Unlicensed Abattoirs In Basrah Province.
    Arwa R. Lazim, Suzan A. Al-Azizz*, and Jalal Y. Mustafa.

  284. Impact of SIRT3 Gene Polymorphism on Acute Myocardial Infarction Susceptibility.
    Ibrahim Abdul-Majeed Altamemi*, Aqeel Raheem Hassan, and Alawi Jawad.

  285. The Impact Of Non-Infectious Diseases And Biochemical Status Of Hens On Productive And Biological Characteristics Of The Offspring.
    Kotarev VI, Parshin PA, Kornienko PP, and Trubchaninova NS.

  286. Effect Bio-destructor Of Litter On Broiler Productivity.
    Elena Edugartovna Epimahova*, Nikolay Viktorovich Samokish, and Maria Gennadievna Barsukova.

  287. Analysis Of The Structure The Technological Process Of Harvesting Haylage In Rolls, Packed In Film.
    Sultan Nanuovich Kapov*, Alexander Viktorovich Orlyansky, Irina Alexandrovna Orlyanskaya, Alexander Alexandrovich Kojukhov, and Vladimir Alekseevich Bogomyagkih.

  288. Study The Effect Of Cryoprotectants On The Activity Of Yeast Cells And The Moisture State In Dough.
    Nadezhda Viktorovna Kenijz*, Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev, Anton Alekseevich Nesterenko, Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov, and Sergei Nikolayevich Shlykov.

  289. Influence Of Technological Methods On Sheep Productivity Level At Different Weaning Periods In The Saratov Region Conditions.
    Nina Vladimirovna Konik*, Victor Ivanovich Guzenko, Aleksandr Pavlovich Marynich, Alexandr Anatol'yevich Khodusov, and Alexander Mechislavovich Andrushko.

  290. Use Of A New Phytosorption Complex For Diarrhea In Animals.
    Viktor Anatolyevich Baryshev*, Olga Sergeevna Popova, Yuri Evgenievich Kuznetsov, Nadezhda Viktorovna Kuznetsova, Marina Sergeyevna Petrova, and Olesya Aleksandrovna Tokareva.

  291. Methodical Approach To Assessing The Development Of Foreign Economic Activity In Financial Instability Conditions.
    Nina Vladimirovna Lipchiu*, Anna Alexandrovna Khramchenko, Evgenia Alexandrovna Kovryakova, Valentina Leontievna Zazimko, and Irina Aleksandrovna Nevodova.

  292. Role Of Soil Condition Assessment In The Development Of Farming Biologization Techniques.
    Svetlana Vasilievna Okrut*, Elena Evgenievna Stepanenko, Oleg Yurievich Gudiev, Tamara Georgievna Zelenskaya, and Aleksandra Olegovna Kasatkina.

  293. In-vitro Effects Of Modulated Ultrasound With Intensity Of 0.2 W/cm2 On Pregnant Mares’ Blood
    Anna Anatolyevna Oleshkevich*, and Fedor Ivanovich Vasilevich.

  294. Innovative Approaches To The Development Of New Food Products Based On Secondary Raw Materials Of Animal Origin.
    Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov*, Sergei Nikolayevich Shlykov, and Anna Aleksandrovna Khramchenko.

  295. Obtaining A Biologically Active Food Additive Based On Formed Elements Blood Of Farm Animals.
    Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov*, Sergei Nikolayevich Shlykov, and Anton Alekseyevich Nesterenko.

  296. Choice Of Transport Units For The Transportation Of Haylage In Rolls.
    Alexander Viktorovich Orlyansky*, Irina Alexandrovna Orlyanskaya, Sultan Nanuovich Kapov, Alexander Nikolaevich Petenev, and Nicolay Ivanovich Shabanov.

  297. Price Characteristics Of The Project To Construct The Precipitation Runoff System Regulation.
    Tatyana Ivanovna Safronova*, Olga Georgievna Degtyareva, Stanislav Alekseevich Vladimirov, and Igor Aleksandrovich Prikhodko.

  298. Entrepreneurship As A Driver To Sustainable Development Of The Economy Into Republic Of Kalmykia.
    Tamara Tavinovna Tsatchlanova*, Angelika Tagirovna Aidinova, Elzata Viktorovna Erdnieva, Savr Viktorovich Namysov, and Danara Badmaevna Erendzhenova.

  299. Designing Dry Multicomponent Fruit And Vegetable Products For Children With Micronutrients And Minerals.
    Albina Alekseevna Varivoda*, Nadezhda Viktorovna Kenijz, Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov, and Sergei Nikolayevich Shlykov.

  300. Peculiarities Of Cattle Metabolism In Conditions Of Industrial Agroecosphere.
    ?A Bykova*, AV Stepanov, GV Mesheryakova, SS Shakirova, OA Gumenyuk, LV Chernyshova, DM Maksimovich, NM Kolobkova, and EV Ulitin.

  301. The Influence Of The Animal Feed Components And Biologically Active Substances Into The Intestinal Microbiota State Of The Bird.
    Anna Borisovna Balykina*, Ilia Nikolaevitch Nikonov, Larisa Yuryevna Karpenko, Alesya Alexandrovna Bakhta, and Yury Evgenyevich Kuznetsov.

  302. The Composition And Role Of The Microbiota Of Chickens' Gastrointestinal Tract.
    Anna Borisovna Balykina*, Ilia Nikolaevitch Nikonov, Larisa Yuryevna Karpenko, Alesya Alexandrovna Bakhta, and Yury Evgenyevich Kuznetsov.

  303. Planning Into The State Regulation System Of Agriculture In Russia.
    Namina Alexandrovna Burkutbaeva*, Gelena Anatolevna Samtonova, Danara Vladimirovna Idzhilova, Olga Alexandrovna Voropinova, and Angelika Tagirovna Aidinova.

  304. Biological Properties Of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus.
    Margarita Evgenievna Dmitrieva*, Aleksander Sergeevich Dubovoi, Valentin Aleksandrovich Manuvera, Vasiliy Nikolaevich Lazarev, and Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Shirokov.

  305. Modern Veterinary Disinfectants.
    Vasiliy Ivanovich Dorozhkin*, Nataliya Konstantinovna Bukova, Elizaveta Arkadyevna Denisova, Vladimir Olegovich Bondarenko, and Emil Kasymovich Rakhmatullin.

  306. Determination The Residual Amounts Of Anthelmintic Substances In Livestock Products By Immunomicrochip Analysis.
    Vasiliy Ivanovich Dorozhkin*, Elizaveta Arkadyevna Denisova, Svetlana Alekseevna Lavina, Svetlana Alekseevna Klementieva, and Vladimir Olegovich Bondarenko.

  307. Infusoria Tetrahymena Pyriformis In Toxicological Studies.
    Vasiliy Ivanovich Dorozhkin*, Svetlana Alekseevna Lavina, Lyubov Lvovna Zakharova, Dmitry Nikolaevich Urazaev, and Tamara Samuilovna Novik.

  308. Improving The Nutrition Of Non-Traditional Leguminous Crops For The Conditions Of The Central Ciscaucasia.
    Alexander Nikolaevich Esaulko*, Alexander Vladimirovich Voskoboinikov, Dmitry Evgenievich Galda, Andrey Yuryevich Oleynikov, and Alena Yurevna Ozheredova.

  309. Management Of Nitrogen Fertilizing Of Winter Wheat In No-Till Technology.
    Alexander Nikolaevich Esaulko*, Maxim Sergeevich Sigida, Evgeny Valerievich Golosnoy, Alena Yurevna Ozheredova, and Sergey Aleksandrovich Korostylev.

  310. Responsiveness Of Potatoes To The Use Of Mineral Fertilizers Depending On The Cultivation Conditions.
    Sergey Evgenievich Geist*, Yuliya Ivanovna Grechishkina, Yulia Alexandrovna Bezgina, Olga Yuryevna Lobankova, Alla Anatolievna Belovolova, and Natal'ya Viktorovna Gromova.

  311. Toxicodynamic Study The "Startin-Phyto" Drug.
    Alexander Anatolyevich Komarov*, Emil Kasymovich Rakhmatullin, Vladislav Evgenievich Abramov, Dmitry Nikolaevich Urazaev, and Tamara Samuilovna Novik.

  312. Influence The Structural And Mechanical Properties Of A Solid Fraction Of The Fermented Bird' Dung Onto Wet Granulation Process.
    Viktor Ivanovich Marchenko*, Ivan Nikolaevich Krasnov, Nikolay Ivanovich Shabanov, Nikolay Petrovich Aleksenko, and Dmitry Alekseevich Sidelnikov.

  313. Ways To Improve The Process Of Anaerobic Fermentation The Bird Dung.
    Viktor Ivanovich Marchenko*, Vladimir Alekseevich Bogomyagkih, Nikolay Petrovich Aleksenko, Boris Aizikovich Goldberg, and Dmitry Alekseevich Sidelnikov.

  314. Budgeting As A Tool Of Management Of Agricultural Enterprises.
    Dmitry Mikhailovich Pletenskoy*.

  315. Study The Synergistic Properties Of Difenacin-Based Rodenticidal Agent
    Anatoly Mikhailovich Smirnov*, Svetlana Alekseevna Klementieva, Lyubov Lvovna Zakharova, Vladislav Evgenievich Abramov, and Emil Kasymovich Rakhmatullin.

  316. Biochemical Blood Parameters Of Sheeps With Estrosis.
    Vasiliy Petrovich Tolokonnikov*, and Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich Marchenko.

  317. Water Erosion Monitoring On The Territory Of Agrolandscapes Stavropol Territory By Remote Methods.
    Vladimir Ivanovich Trukhachev*, Alexander Nikolaevich Esaulko, Sergey Anatolyevich Antonov, Alexander Viktorovich Loshakov, and Maxim Sergeevich Sigida.

  318. Information And Analytical Support In Assessing The Region Sustainable Development.
    Oksana ViktorovnaTakhumova*, Marina Vladimirovna Ponomarenko, Galina Viktorovna Tokareva, Ivan Ivanovich Ryazantsev, and Victoria Vitalievna Kurennaya.

  319. Focused Commentary On The Colistin Resistant Enterobacteriaceae
    Jeongsook Yoon*.

  320. Evaluation The Toxicity Of Accumulated Dose Of Tramadol On Gonads Of Albino Rat.
    Rana A. Ali, Mouchira M. Mohi-Eldin, and Heba A. Mohammed.

  321. Dynamics Of Life Quality Of Neurooncological Patients.
    Zh T Uap, TA Bulegenov, VB Kamhen, and VV Kovalchuk.

  322. Seasonal Dynamics Of Ecological Features Of The House Mouse (Rodentia, Muridae) North Caucasus.
    Marita M. Emkuzheva, Fatimat A. Tembotova, Zoya A. Bersekova, Zulikhat H. Bottaeva, Akhmat H. Chapaev, Marinat S. Gudova, and Ekaterina P. Kononenko.

  323. Karl Linnaeus ?ontribution To The Development Of The Russian Far East Flora Systematics.
    Gukov GV, and Rozlomiy NG.

  324. Improving The Tools Of Spatial Economic Research: Methodological Approaches And Practical Results Of Investment Activity Evaluation.
    Alexey Nikolaevich Gerasimov*, Yevgeny Ivanovich Gromov, Yuri Sergeyevich Skripnichenko, Elena Ivanovna Kapustina, and Oksana Petrovna Grigorieva.

  325. Tax And Organizational Components Of The Policy Of Countering The Shadow Sector Of The Economy.
    Vladimir Viktorovich Kuzmenko*, Elena Umarovna Karakaeva, Irina Aleksandrovna Moiseenko, Khalimat Mussaevna Tambieva, and Irina Nikolaevna Emelyanova.

  326. Simulation Of Quantization Error By The Rounding Level Of Input Samples.
    Maxim Alekseevich Mastepanenko*, Shaliko Zhorayevich Gabriyelyan, Igor Nikolaevich Vorotnikov, Sergei Ivanovich Vasil'yev, and Aleksandr Valentinovich Ivashina.

  327. An Innovative System As A Basis For A Phased Modernization Of The Production Sector In The Region.
    Irina Viktorovna Taranova*, Victoria Vitalievna Kurennaya, Svetlana Vasilyevna Alivanova, Tamara Vasilievna Skrebtsova, and Cometa Tahirovna Paytaeva.

  328. Influence Of Biological Preparations And Their Metabolites On The Number And Seasonal Dynamics Of Micromycetes In The Ordinary Chernozems Of The Central Ciscaucasia.
    Valerii Sergeevich Tshovrebov*, Vera Ivanovna Faizova, Dmitry Vasilivich Kalugin, Anastasia Mikhailovna Nikiforova, and Vera Yaroslavovna Lysenko.

  329. Methods For Determining The Informative Parameters When Processing The Measuring Signals Of Capacitive Transducers.
    Maxim Alekseevich Mastepanenko*, Shaliko Zhorayevich Gabriyelyan, Igor Nikolaevich Vorotnikov, Sergei Vladimirovich Mashkov, and Egor Vladimirovich Kulaev.

  330. Spatial Econometric Modeling And Forecasting The Socio-Economic Development Of The Region.
    Alexey Nikolaevich Gerasimov*, Yevgeny Ivanovich Gromov, Yuliya Mikhailovna Sklyarova, Igor Yurevich Sklyarov, and Anzor Mukhamedovich Ashkhotov.

  331. Innovative Development Of The Agricultural Sector: Problems And Prospects.
    Irina Petrovna Belikova*, Dmitry Vasilyevich Zaporozhets, Alexander Vladimirovich Tenischev, Olga Sergeevna Zvyagintseva, and Alexander Pavlovich Isaenko.

  332. Tax Culture In The System Of Countering Informal Business Activities.
    Vladimir Viktorovich Kuzmenko*, Dmitriy Mikhaylovich Bondarev, Khadzhimurad Ziyavutdinovich Khalimbekov, Sakina Agaverdievna Aidaeva, and Irina Petrovna Kuzmenko.

  333. Mechanism Of Increasing The Competitiveness Of Fruit Growing, Viticulture And Winemaking In The Context Of Innovative Development.
    Andrey Nikolaevich Baidakov*, Anton Vladimirovich Nazarenko, Alexander Vladimirovich Tenischev, and Olga Nikolaevna Babkina.

  334. Studying The Regional Features Of Socio-Economic Development The Stavropol Region.
    Alexey Nikolaevich Gerasimov*, Yevgeny Ivanovich Gromov, Yuliya Mikhailovna Sklyarova, Igor Yurevich Sklyarov, and Sergey Alexeyevich Shanin.

  335. Creating A Three-Dimensional Biocompatible Matrix For Use In Reconstructive Surgery.
    Reshetov IV*, Starceva OI, Istranov AL, Vorona BN, Lyundup AV, Melnikov DV, and Shtansky DV.

  336. The Effectiveness Of The Use Of Dairy Cows In Highly Productive Herds Of National And Foreign Selection.
    Abylkasymov D, Chargeishvili SV, Abrampalskaya OV, and Sudarev NP.

  337. Clinical And Morphological Characteristics At Combined Pathology Of The Mammary Gland, Endometrium At Cows And Its Influence On The Protein Component Of Milk.
    Pavlenko OB, Khromova LG, and Shelyakin ID.

  338. Optimization Of The Physical And Functional State Of Female Students By Means Of Hypoxic Exposure.
    Anastasiia Demchenko, Vitalii Demchenko, Anatoly Rovniy, Vladlena Pasko, Inna Galimska, and Yevgeniya Dzhym.

  339. The Current State Of The State Support For Agriculture In The Region.
    Irina Ivanovna Glotova*, Elena Petrovna Tomilina, Yuliya Evgenievna Klishina, Olga Nikolaevna Uglitskikh, and Liubov Vasilevna Agarkova.

  340. Analysis Of The Current State And Prospects For The Development Of Agriculture In The Stavropol Territory.
    Marina Genrikhovna Leshcheva*, Tatiana Nikolaevna Uryadova, Tatyana Nikolayevna Steklova, Tatyana Nikolaevna Cheprakova, and Irina Anatolevna Demchenko.

  341. Model Of Creating An Educative Environment Into Educational Organizations And Organizations For The Children Recreation And Their Rehabilitation In The North Caucasus Federal District.
    Natalia Nikolaevna Sotnikova*, Natalia Viktorovna Cherepkova, and Olga Nikolaevna Artemenko.

  342. Statistical Analysis In The Study Of Foreign Educational Experience.
    Dmitry Alexandrovich Endovitsky*, and Irina Borisovna Durakova.

  343. Methods Of Assessing The State Of The Labor Potential Of The Region.
    Victor Alexandrovich Fursov*, Evgeniya Ivanovna Krivokora, Irina Petrovna Savchenko, and Elena Borisovna Gorlova.

  344. Study Of Objects During The Accounting Expertise In The Economic Entities Of The Public Sector.
    SA Zvyagin*, TN Fomenko, NA Breslavtseva, and AA Fedchenko.

  345. Synthesis, Investigation, Theoretical Study And Effect Of Some New Triazole Derivatives On Creatinine Ring On The Activity Of Some Transferase Enzymes.
    Zahraa T. Khudhair*, and Entesar O. Al-Tamimi.

  346. Capital Structure Analysis Of Agricultural Organizations In Modern Conditions.
    Boris Alekseevich Doronin*, David Yervandovich Davydyants, Betal Aminovich Shogenov, Liudmila Ivanovna Khoruzhiy, and Tatiana Pavlovna Satsuk.

  347. Improving The Adaptability Of Vehicles To Low-Temperature Operating Conditions.
    Ilya Alexandrovich Anisimov*, Ananstasia Dmitrievna Gorbunova, and Maxim Mikhaylovich Tishin.

  348. The Gastrointestinal Motility in Rats at First Trimester of Pregnancy.
    Zherebak NM*, Golovynska JY, Stepanova LI, Nikitina NS*, Beregova TV, and Gnatko OP.

  349. Ways To Reduce The Negative Impact Of Vehicles On The Environment In Low-Temperature Operating Conditions.
    Ilya Alexandrovich Anisimov*, Ananstasia Dmitrievna Gorbunova, and Maxim Mikhaylovich Tishin.

  350. ?omposition And Molecular-Weight Distribution Of Arabinoxylans Of Winter Rye Grain.
    Ponomareva ML*, and Ponomarev SN.

  351. Dynamics Of Dairy Production Of Heifers Of Different Genotypes Of Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase (SCD1).
    Natalia Yu Safina*, Shamil K Shakirov, Farida F Zinnatova, Ziliya F Fattakhova, Elza R Gaynutdinova, and Liliya N Shayakhmetova.

  352. Why the drug treatment of COPD alone is not always accompanied by an improvement in exercise tolerance and patient’s quality of life?
    Luev IA, Tokmachev RE*, Ovsyannikov ES, Shkatova YS, Liutikov YV, Naumkina DA.

  353. Anemic Syndrome Diagnostic Problem In The General Practitioner.
    Natarov AA., Letnikova LI, Tokmachev RE*, Ovsyannikov ES., Voronina EV., Simion AU, Chernik TA, and Leshcheva MU.

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