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Volume 10, Issue 1, 2019 (January - February)

  1. Adiazoninol-Steroid Derivative With Biological Activity Against Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.
    Figueroa-Valverde Lauro*, Rosas-Nexticapa Marcela, Mateu-Armad Virginia, Díaz-Cedillo Francisco, Herrera-Meza Socorro, Hau-Heredia Lenin, López-Ramos Maria, García-Cervera Elodia, Pool-Gómez Eduardo, Cauich-Carrillo Regina, and Guillen-Morales Magali.

  2. Automated Pattern Recognition For Multispectral Chromosome Anlaysis Using Statistical Classifier And Fuzzy Inference Engine.
    Mousami Munot*, and Alwin Anuse.

  3. Delirium In The Elderly Hospitalized: A Literature Review.
    Gabriel Penha Revoredo de Macedo, Ana Ester Fernandes Diógenes, Dafne Almeida Remígio, Maria Clara Pinheiro Correia, Francisco Irochima Pinheiro, Amália Cinthia Meneses Ręgo, and Irami Araújo Filho*.

  4. Synthesis, Characterization Antimicrobial Activities Studies Of Mixed-Ligand Complexes Of Curcumin And Anthranilic Acid With Bivalent Metals Chlorides.
    Ghaidaa Adnan Tawfeeq, and Taghreed Hashim Al-Noor*.

  5. Methods Of Training Chess Players Of Higher Sportsmanship.
    Alifirov AI, MikhaylovaI V*, Fomina SN, Seselkin AI, and Zhalilov AV.

  6. Immediate effect of listening to Sri Mahishasura Mardini Strotram on memory in healthy females.
    Matta Navya, Kumar Sai Sailesh*, Gautami S Penmatsa, Ravikanth Manyam, Movva Swathi, and Kuntal Ghosh.

  7. The Effect Of Aerobic Engagement On Coordination. Its Dynamics And Prognosis.
    Grinko Vitaliy*, Kudelko Victoria, and Hlotov Yevgeny.

  8. Mathematical Modeling for Simulating the Thin Layer Drying of Hayani Date Using an Infrared Dryer.
    Ahmed El-Raie EmamSuliman, Mohamed Mustafa Elkoly, Yossry BayoumyAbd Elhay, and Shymaa Saad Sayed Ibrahim*.

  9. Estimation Of Blood (TG, TC and LDL) As Markers Of Lipid Profile And Urea, Uric Acid And Creatinine As Markers Of Kidney Function In Diabetic Patients (Type 2).
    Fayhaa M Khaleel*, Jinan Hussein Murtadha, and Iman Hashim Abdul Razzaq

  10. Personalization Of The Learning Process As A Means Of Formation Of Professional Competence Of Future Specialists In Physical Therapy.
    Iryna Shaposhnikova*, Svitlana Korsun, Larysa Ruban, Lubov Karpets, Olena Orlenko, and Iryna Pomeshchikova.

  11. Quercetin Ameliorates Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Toxicity In Rats.
    Eassam A*, Haytham A Ali, and Keshta A.

  12. The Efficacy Tests Results Of The Veterinary Drug "Trifuzol 1% Solution For Injection".
    Nataliya N Borisenko, Inna Ya Gubenko, Volodymyr V Parchenko, and Inna V Bushueva*.

  13. Exopolysaccharide Producing Endophytic Bacteria Isolated From The Plant Derris elliptica.
    Dhanya BE, and Chandra M*.

  14. The Use Of Silicon-Containing Agro Ores For Increasing The Productivity Of Agricultural Crops.
    NP Checkaev, IN Semov, A Yu Kuznetsov, AN Arefyev, and EG Rylyakin*.

  15. The Physiological Response Of The Body To The Practice Of Physical Therapy After Spinal Cord Injuries.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  16. Chemical and Electrochemical Behavior of Manganese Dioxide Film in Various Solutions.
    Giorgi Tsagareli*, Shota Makhatadze, Marina Soselia, and Nino Maisuradze.

  17. Method Development And Validation For Simulataneous Determination Of Torsemdie And Spironolactone In Tablet Dosage Form By RP-HPLC.
    P Abhinandana*, and Rama Rao Nadendla.

  18. New Image Modeling Features For Planning Surgical Interventions.
    G Ya Hight*, AE Mishvelov, EA Melchenko, CV Nuzhnaya, VA Epanov, AA Dolgalev, M Yu Kukharuk, M Yu Portnov, and VE Suprunchuk.

  21. Knowledge And Attitude About Research Methodology And Statistics In Post Graduate Dental Students.
    Swathi Movva, Kumar Sai Sailesh*, Sudhakara Reddy, and Ravikanth Manyam.

  22. Synthesis And Bioactivity Of 5-Heteryl-1,2,4-Triazoles.
    Olha ? Suhak*, Oleksandr ? panasenko, Yevhenii g Knysh, and Andriy ? Safonov.

  23. Preventive Dental Care Among Children Organized By Forecasting Models.
    Sudakov O, Gladskikh N, Alexeev N*, Bogacheva E, Sudakov D, Kuzmenko N, and Trofimova T.

  24. Mathematical Modeling Of Heart Rhythm Variability In Estimation Of Cardiovascular System Adaptation Capabilities In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes And Arterial Hypertension.
    Sudakov O, Gladskikh N, Alexeev N*, Bogacheva E, Sudakov D, Kretinina L, Fursova E, and Trofimova T.

  25. The Functional State Of Human Sensory Systems On The Background Of Regular Exercise.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  26. Prognostic Model Of Formation Of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia In Premature Babies.
    Budanova M, Gladskikh N, Shvirev A, Sudakov O, Alexeev N*, Bogacheva E, Fursova E, and Kuzmenko N

  27. Oxaliplatin associated with acute kindey injury with CAPEOX regimen in a Chinese patient: A Case Report and Literature Review.
    Hongjian Ji, Jian Liu, and Xiaohua Zhou*.

  28. Acute And Chronic Hematological Study Of Gold Nanorods In Rats.
    Mahmoud Abdo Said*, Ahmed Sabry S Abdoon, Said A Aziz, Shams G, and Sameh M Elnabtity.

  29. Interfacial And Thermodynamic Properties Of Sodium Dodecyl Benzyl Sulphate Surfactant-Furosemide Drug System.
    Mena M Faris, and Sameer H Kareem*.

  30. Effect Of Ultrafine Particles Of Chromium On Growth Rates, Blood Biochemical Parameters And Activity Of Digestive Enzymes In Broilers Influence Of Ultra Disperse Cr Particles On The Organism Of Broiler Chickens.
    Svyatoslav Valerievich Lebedev, Irina Aleksandrovna Gavrish*, Ilmira Zakievna Gubajdullina, and Elena Vladimirovna Shejda.

  31. Quality Assessment of Salted Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) Fillets Stored at Ambient Temperature.
    Sabri M. A. Shehata, Abdelrahman S.A. Talab, Mohammed H. M. Ghanem, and Mahmoud M. M. Abbas*.

  32. Synthesis And Biological Activity Of Hydrazones Of 5a-Steroids.
    Nanuli Sh Nadaraia, Nana N Barbakadze*, Meri L Kakhabrishvili, and Vakhtang D Mshvildadze.

  33. Identification Of Phytoconstituents In N-Hexane Extract Of Nerium indicum Leaves By GC-MS Analysis.
    P Kireeti*, K Ashok kumar, S Harika, V Mounika Yadav, and Abdul lateef

  34. Formation Of A Healthy Lifestyle Of Young People By Means Of Physical Education Of The Russian Cossacks.
    Alifirov AI*, Tuzov I N, Fedchuk D V, and Alenurov EA.

  35. Laboratory And Thermographic Features Of Articular Syndrome In Combination With Metabolic Syndromes.
    Daria Gorbunova*, Oleg Uryasev, Alexey Rogachikov, and Yury Panfilov.

  36. About The Optimal Recovery Of The Derivatives Of Analytic Functions Defined In The Upper Half-Plane From Their Values At A Finite Number Of Points.
    Mikhail P Ovchintsev*.

  37. Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Novel Series Of 2, 4, 6-Trimethoxy Chalcones.
    Digambar N Ware*, Shibu Pillai, and Sachin Fegade.

  38. Cloud Point Extraction And Spectrophotometric Determination Of Cephalexin Drugs In Pharmaceuticals Preparation Through Complex Formation With Hg (II) And Ni (II).
    Saadiyah A Dhahir*, and Noor J Mohammed.

  39. The Effect Of Planting Date, Adding Of Mycorrhiza, Bio-Stimulators, And Interactions Among Them In The Accumulation Of Some Active Compounds In The Different Parts Of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. Plant Cultivated In Iraq.
    Ziena M Abdul-Qader*, and Kareem M Rabie.

  40. University In The System Of Continuing Medical Education: Problems And Prospects.
    Sergey V Popov, Sergey L Petrosyan, Igor V Popov*, and Liliya A Titova

  41. Toxicity Of The Oil And Dimethyl Tin Dichloride, The Ways Of Decrease.
    Victoria Osipova*, Margarita Kolyada, Nadezhda Berberova, and Elena ?ilaeva.

  42. The Biological Value Of The Motor Activity Of A Living Organism.
    Mal GS, Vorobyeva NV, and Zavalishina S Yu*.

  43. Identification New Derivative Clorogenic Acid From Coffee Pinogu Gorontalo With LCMS Method.
    Mohamad Adam Mustapa, Mohamad Taupik, and Mustofa Helmi Effendi*.

  44. Design and analysis of Efficient Scaled-down magnetic full adder using Magnetic Tunnel Junction.
    A Kirthanaa*, and G Anitha.

  45. Artificial Neural Network Use For Sweet Corn Water Consumption Prediction Depending On Cultivation Technology Peculiarities.
    Raisa Anatoliivna Vozhehova, Pavlo Volodymyrovych Lykhovyd*, Sergiy Olehovych Lavrenko, Serhii Vasylovych Kokovikhin, Nataliia Mykolaivna Lavrenko, Tetyana Yuriivna Marchenko, Olena Viktorivna Sydyakina, Tetyana Viktorivna Hlushko, and Vasyl Volodymyrovych Nesterchuk

  46. Development And Evaluation Of Nanocrystals Of Rosuvastatin For Enhancement Of Dissolution Rate.
    Md Ali Mujtaba*, and Khidir Agab Mohammed Hassan.

  47. Physiological Significance Of The Active Muscle Activity Of The Body.
    Mal GS, Vorobyeva NV, and Medvedev IN*.

  48. Use Of Methoprene And Diflubenzuron For Long-Term Control Of Aedes Aegypti, The Vector Of Dengue Fever In Jeddah Governorate.
    Jazem A Mahyoub*.

  49. Qualitative, Quantitative Analysis Of Bio-Active Phyto-Chemicals And Bio-Assay of Amaranthus Gangedicus Seeds.
    G Thirunarayanan*.

  50. Effect of Monthly Vitamin D Supplementation During Pregnancy Versus Counseling for Increased Dietary Intake on Vitamin Serological Level and Development of Adverse Effects.
    Zahraa Abdul Jaleel Murtadha*, Mahmood A Abdulrahman, and Hussam Dawood Saeed.

  51. Toxicopathological Studies On Cisplatin Toxicity In Rats And Trials For Protection Using Green Tea Extract And Coriandrum Sativum L Oil.
    Eman, I Hassanen, Rehab, A Azouz, and Asmaa, A Azouz*.

  52. The State Of Hematopoiesis Of A Bird Under The Influence Of Various Doses Of Zinc Chloride.
    Alexander Ivanovich Vishnyakov, Dmitriy Nikolaevich Timofeev, Olga VilorievnaKvan, and Irina Aleksandrovna Gavrish*.

  53. Experimental Research Of The Conditions For Realization Of Creative Potential Of High School Students: Implementation Of Structural-Logical Schemes In The Process Of Studying Subjects Of The Humanitarian Cycle.
    Larysa Volodymyrivna Kokhan*.

  54. Preparation of Some New Bis-[4-(3-alkyl/aryl-4, 5-dihydro-1H-1, 2, 4-triazol-5-on-4-yl)-azomethinphenyl] Phtalate Derivatives with Their Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities.
    Murat Beytur, Sevda Manap, Gül Özdemir, ÖzlemGürsoy Kol*, Fevzi Aytemiz, Muzaffer Alkan and Haydar Yüksek

  55. Laetrile Or Amygdalin (Vitamin B-17) – Nutrient Or A Drug: A Review Of Running Controversies.
    MR Suchitra, and S Parthasarathy*.

  56. Features Of Psychophysical Training In The Cadet Cossack Corps.
    Alifirov AI*, Chepik VD, Baymurzin AR, and Zhalilov AV.

  57. The Influence Of Farming Activities On Seeds Productivity Of Winter Wheat Varieties In The Conditions Of The South Of Ukraine.
    Serhii Vasylovych Kokovikhin*, Viktoria Yuriivna Zaporozhchenko, Gennadiy Vasylovych Karashchuk, Olexandr Olexandrovych Kazanok, Mykhailo Vasylovych Kozychar, Maksim Valeryovych Levchenko, Yevhenii Sergiyovych Podakov, and Oleksandr Stanislavovych Prystemskyi.

  58. Phytochemical Screening Of Extracts Of Malva neglecta And Evaluation Of Their Biological Activity.
    Naira Nayeem*, Mohd Imran, and Bader Alsuwayt.

  59. Studying Of Physico-Chemical Properties Of 5-(2-,3-Fluorophenyl)-4-((Aryl-, Geteryl) Yliden) Amino-1,2,4-Triazole-3-Thiols And Any Of Their Retrievalproducts.
    Oleksii Bihdan*, Volodymyr Parchenko, Volodymyr Zazharskyi, Tetyana Fotina, and Pavlo Davydenko.

  60. Management Of Complicated Crown-Root Fracture By Inter Disciplinary Approach: A Case Report: 7-Years Follow-Up.
    Swathi*, Vivek Amin, Suhail Shariff, and Maria Priya Paul.

  61. Evaluation Of Motives For Practicing Mini-Football 5x5 (B1) (Sport Of The Blind) Among Highly Skilled Italian Athletes
    Makhov AS*.

  62. Synthesis of New Acyclic Pyrimidine Nucleoside Analogues and Preliminary Assessment of Their Cytotoxic and Genotoxic Effects In Vitro.
    Amar Osmanovic, Mirsada Salihovic, Nevenka Kopjar, Davor Želježic, Suncica Roca, Selma Špirtovic-Halilovic, Aida Šapcanin, and Davorka Završnik*.

  63. Association Of 2D:4D Ratio With Depression, Anxiety And Stress In Second Year Female Dental Students.
    Tejaswini Santhoshi Bandaru*, Kumar Sai Sailesh, and Ravikanth Manyam.

  64. Microbiological Indicators of Frozen Fish and Sensitivity of Psychrotrophic Microflora to Antibiotics in the Absence and Presence of Residual Amounts of Antibacterial Drugs.
    Zoya Malimon, Mykola Kukhtyn, Tetyana Garkavenko, Natalia Grynevych, Yulia Horiuk*, and Victor Horiuk.

  65. Ecological Assessment Of Spring Oilseed Crops And Prospects For The Production Of Superior Quality Oils In Ukraine.
    Valentina Gamayunova*, Lubov Honenko, Ludmila Gerla, Oleh Kovalenko, Tetiana Glushko, Yelena Sidyakina, and Tetiana Pilipenko.

  66. Flora of Razgrad Heights (Northeastern Bulgaria).
    Dimcho Zahariev*, and Iliyana Koleva.

  67. Fatty Acid Desaturase 2 (FADS2) Gene Polymorphism in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus- A Case- Control Study.
    Shilpa S Shetty, Ullal Harshini Devi, and N Suchetha Kumari*.

  68. Psychological And Emotional Characteristics Of Paralympic Athletes
    Makhov AS*.

  69. Solid Dosage Form In Traditional Medicines: A Review.
    Sharma Deepa*, Sharma Usha, Rawat Shusma, and Sharma Khemchand.

  70. Protein-Carbohydrate Complexesin The Meat Products Technology.
    Gorlovi F, Fedotovag V*, Slozhenkinam I, Mosolova NI, Danilov Yu D, and Zolotarevaa G.

  71. Effect Of Foliar Salicylic Acid Application On Growth And Yield Of Mung Bean (Vigna Radiate L.) Planted In Soil Polluted In Some Heavy Metals (Pb, Cd, Ni).
    Kadhim Makee Naser*, Ali Jasim Hadi AL-Tameemi, and Sinan Sameer Jumaa.

  72. Detection Of Non Zoonotic Giardia Duodenalis Assemblage C And D In Dogs In Baghdad Province.
    Hisham A Swadi*, and Mohammad M Zenad.

  73. Evaluation of Climate Water Balance of Nasiriya Meteorological station -Thi Qar Governorate-S. Iraq.
    Weam Hassan Kadum*.

  74. The Functional State Of The Joints In Conditions Of Regular Ordered Muscle Activity.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  75. Laboratory Evaluation of Toxicity of Boric Acid and Borax against American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana L.) in Jeddah Governorate.
    Somia, E Sharawi, Jazem A Mahyoub*, and Ahma I Assagaf.

  76. Pharmacological Prevention of Obstetric and Gynecological Diseases in Cows.
    Elena V Kuzminova*, Marina P Semenenko*, Andrey G Koshchaev, Oleg Y Chernyh, and Alexey N Turchenko1.

  77. Carbohydrates and Ascorbic Acid Contents in the Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal Gum Arabic
    Nuha Mohammed Elhassan Sati, Fatima Abdallah Mohammed Ahmed, Abdulhakim Bawadekji, and Sharaf Eldin Hussain Eltahir*.

  78. A Comparative Study Of Proximate And Mineral Nutrients Composition Of Paediatric Food Supplements.
    D Gopala Krishna*, Afaf Al-Ajmi, Zuwaina Al-Burtmanie, and Rehab Al Siyabi.

  79. Regular Muscular Activity In Maintaining The Optimum Of Human Physiological Parameters In Conditions Of Increased Mental Stress.
    Makhov AS, Medvedev IN*.

  80. Mineral Composition, Power Analysis, Physico And Phyto Chemical Characterization Of Cocos nucifera Oil.
    Gopala Krishna Devisetty*, Sumaya Khalfan Al-Shibli, Zamzam Mohammed Al-Buriki, and Zayoun Saif Al-Maamari.

  81. A Comparative Study Of Physicochemical, Phyto Chemical And FTIR Analysis Of Clove Oils.
    Devisetty Gopala Krishna*, Raitha Suliaman Al-Zakwani, Suaad Said Al-Mayahy, and Ruqaya Yhaya Al- Abri.

  82. Quantitative Study Of Commercial Dead Sea Mud For Estimation Of Metals And Its Potential Role In Cosmetic Application.
    D Gopala Krishna*, Maryam Juma Al-Orimi, Shahd Suleiman Al-Rawahi, and Zamzam Mohammed Al-Siyabi.

  83. Quantitative Estimation Of Essential Nutrients In Different Fruit Jams.
    Gopala Krishna Devisetty*, Muzna Salam Al-Amri, Raya Salim Al-Aamri, and Noor Hamood Al-Saadi.

  84. Dynamics Of Functional Parameters In The Post-Stroke Period On The Background Of Active Muscular Activity.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  85. Metal Composition And Essential Nutrient Analysis In Various Colours Of Lentils Determination Of Levels Of Essential Nutrients And Compositional Analysis Of Metals In Lentil.
    Gopala Krishna Devisetty*, Omima Abatashi, Umaima Salim, and Zainab Said.

  86. Mixed Ligand Complexation Of Zinc By Some Chelating Organic Acids And Polydentate Azo Dyes.
    TVRK Rao*, and Chanchal Kumari.

  87. The Impact of Compression Garments on the Change of Creatine Kinase and Lactate Dehydrogenase Levels in the Athlete’s Body During Aerobic Training.
    Igor N Tyurin*, Varvara V Getmantseva, and Elena G Andreeva.

  88. The Physiological Significance Of The Formation And Maintenance Of Correct Posture.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  89. Toxicity And The Possible Biological Effects For Three Insect Growth Regulators Against Flesh Fly, Sarcophaga Dux (Diptera: Sarcophagidae).
    Abdullah Al Ghamdi, Tariq S ALGhamdi, J A Mehyoub*, and Khalid Al Ghamdi.

  90. The Application Of A Feed Additive In The Treatment And Prevention Of Cattle Diseases.
    Loretts OG*, Barashkin MI, Petrova OG, Usevich VM, Milshtein IM, Drozd MN, and Odegov Ye S.

  91. Study On The Durability Properties Of SCC Partially Replaced With Agricultural And Industrial Waste.
    Vijayalakshmi R*, and Shalini VB.

  92. Morphological And Physiological Indices Of Immune Organs Of Silver Carp-Hybrid In Aquaculture Of Belgorod Region.
    Voshkin AG*, Kulachenko VP, Kulachenko IV, Kirienko AV, Buslovskaya LK, and Semenyutin VV.

  93. Professional Orientation Of Students Of Cadet Educational Institutions.
    Alifirov AI, Makhov AS*, Pravdov DM, and Mikhaylov AA.

  94. Production Testing Of Amivit In Combination With Succinic Acid On Fattening Pigs.
    Merzlenko RA*, Kaveshnikov DV, Semenyutin VV, Bezborodov NV, and Kontsevenko VV.

  95. Biochemical Indicators Of Physiological Systems Of Animals At Using The Tylosin Compounds.
    Zuev NP*, Shvetsov NN, Naumov MM, Pokhodnya GS, Shvetsova MR, Li AC, and Bezborodov NV.

  96. A Highly Productive Herd Of Holsteinized Black-Pied Cattle.
    Gudymenko VI*, Kibkalo LI, and Zhukova SS.

  97. Physiological Changes In The Locomotor System During Massage Effects.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  98. Peculiar Properties Of Growth And Meat Efficiency Of Bull-Calves Of The French Breeding In The Central Black Earth Zone.
    Zadnepryansky IP*, Privalo OE, Shvetsov NN, and Tatyanicheva OE.

  99. Nanostructured Composite Drugsatescherichiosis Of Birds.
    Zuev NP*, Shvetsov NN, Bukhanov VD, Naumov MM, Salashnaya EA, Buslovskaya LK, and Li AC.

  100. Biotechnology For The Production Of Veterinary Drug Nukleinat Sodium From Microalgae.
    Roik BO*, Naumov MM, Shvetsov NN, Semenyutin VV, Kulachenko VP, and Burlakov VS.

  101. Influence Of Urban Wastewaters Sludge And Zeolite On The Yield Of Agricultural Crops And Accumulation Of Heavy Metals In Plant Growing Production.
    EN Kuzin*, AN Arefiev, and EE Kuzina.

  102. The Prevalence Of Co-Morbidities In Russian Patients With Psoriasis: A Retrospective Study.
    O Yu Olisova, and LG Garanyan*.

  103. Basics Of Physiotherapy In Diseases Of The Musculoskeletal System.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  104. Chromagraphic Research Of Liniment, Which Active Substance Belongs To New Derivatives Of 1, 2, 4-Triazole.
    Martynyshyn VP, Hunchak VM, Yaroshenko ??*, Parchenko VV, Panasenko ??, Shcherbyna RO, and Hunchak AV.

  105. Problems Of Economic Efficiency Of Milking Robotics In The Middle Urals.
    EG Skvortcova*, VI Nabokov, NV Zyablitskaya, KV Nekrasov, AS Gusev, YS Vinter, and YV Malkova.

  106. Biologically Important Non-Linear Optics Crystal Substitute For Tibia Fracture: Healing Diagnosis.
    P Veeraragavan, S Kumararaman, P Madhavasarma*, M Sridevi, S Kumaravel, and S Venkatesh.

  107. Study The Influence Of Interaction Of Ascorbic Acid Isoforms With 1, 2 Dioctanoyl-Sn-Glycero-3-Phosphocholine Lipid Monolayer As A Cell Membrane Model At Different Conditions.
    Muhannad M Qassime*, Sergey B Venig, and Evgeny G Glukhovskoy.

  108. Medicinal plants of Razgrad Heights (Northeastern Bulgaria).
    Dimcho Zahariev*, and Seven Sali.

  109. Environmental Assessment of Rice Grains (Oryza sativa L.) Depending on Cultivars and Quality of Irrigation Water.
    Sergiy Olehovych Lavrenko*, Viktor Oleksandrovych Ushkarenko, Olha Ivanivna Dementieva, Nataliia Mykolaivna Lavrenko, Pryimak Viktoriia Viktorivna, Andrii Vasylovysh Shepel, and Oksana Volodymyrivna Siletska.

  110. Comparative Pharmacodynamic And Histopathological Studies On Tetracycline Loaded Nanoemulsion And Tetracycline In Rabbits.
    Mohamed S Saber, Aziza M Amer, Shymaa A El-Badawy, Ahmed M Othman, Omar A Ahmed-Farid, Mohamed M Amer

  111. The Functional State Of The Body With Vascular Dysfunction On The Background Of Regular Physical Exertion.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  112. The Effect Of Aging On The Nutritional Value And Sensory Properties Of Marble Beef.
    Ilya V Kozyrev*, Tatyana M Mittelstein, Tatyana G Kuznetsova, Andrey N Ivankin, and Oksana A Kuznetsova.

  113. Comparison Of Various Transformations In Fingerprint Recognition.
    A Balakumar*, and B Kiran Bala.

  114. Fabrication Of Ciprofloxacin Nanocrystals By Probe Sonication Method For Enhancement Of Dissolution Rate.
    Md Ali Mujtaba*, Nawaf M Alotaibi, and Lina Eltaib.

  115. The Formation Of Spring Wheat Seedlings And Yield In The After-Effect Of Organic And Non-Traditional Fertilizers.
    ? Kh Kulikova*, SN Nikitin, ?L Toigildin, and GV Saidyasheva.

  116. The Problem Of Flatfoot And Approaches To Its Solution.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  117. Diagnosis of Gens gyrA and parC in Acinetobacter baumannii Resistant to the Quinoloin in Baghdad.
    Rana AH AL-Lami*, and Asmaa M Salih Almohaidi.

  118. Isolation Of Fungi From Surface Water Of Tigris, Euphrates Rivers And Some Water Sources.
    Rahman Issa Saeed*, YD Salim, and YS Salim.

  119. DNA Barcoding for Identification Freshwater Shrimp from Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia.
    Nursyahra*, Ismed Wahidi, Lora Purnamasari, and Achmad Farajallah.

  120. Expression Of Aquaporin 1(AQP1) In Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
    Elizabeth C Dony*, Mamatha GS Reddy, and Gayathri Nayanar.

  121. The Influence Of A Bacillus Subtilis Probiotic On The Cecal Microbial Communities, Exocrine Pancreatic Function, And Productivity Parameters In Broiler Chicks.
    Egorov IA, Vertiprakhov VG, Manukyan VA, Lenkova TN, Egorova TA*, Baykovskaya E Yu, Grozina AA, Laptev G Yu, Ilyina LA, and Nikonov IN.

  122. Molecular Identification And Genetic Diversity Of Entamoeba Species From Diarrheic Patients In Baqubah / Iraq.
    Musab Ahmed Ibrahim*, Rawaa Abdulkhaleq Hussein, and Qasim Sharhan Al-Mayah.

  123. Functional Features Of The Nervous System In The Context Of Regular Physical Education.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  124. Serum Matrix Metalloproteinase-3 Levelin Iraqi Patients With Ankylosing Spondylitis And Its Relationship With Treatment.
    Khalid M Abdul-Wahid*, Jasim M Karhoot, Mohammed H Al-Osami, and Adil K Zghair.

  125. Theoretical And Experimental Aspects Of The Grinding Process The Soaked Soybean Grain.
    Vladimir Jur'evich Frolov*, Vladimir Stanislavovich Kurasov, Denis Petrovich Sysoev, and Georgiy Georgiyevich Klasner.

  126. Optimization Of Repair Work In Electrical Distribution Networks.
    Vladimir Yakovlevich Khorolsky*, Sergei Vladimirovich Oskin, Alexey Valerievich Efanov, Andrey Borisovich Ershov, and Vitaly Nikolaevich Shemyakin.

  127. Self-Esteem Level Studying In Boys And Girls With Different Types Of Separation From Parents.
    Tatyana Vasilievna Petrenko*, and Lidiya Vladimirovna Sysoeva.

  128. New Standards Governing The Production Of Pork For Children Nutrition.
    Ekaterina Petrovna Lisovitskaya*, Natal'ja Jur'evna Sarbatova, Olga Vladimirovna Sycheva, and Lidiya Valentinovna Kononova.

  129. Weakening Of Platelet Activity In Patients With A High Degree Of Arterial Hypertension In The Metabolic Syndrome Who Received Complex Treatment.
    Medvedev IN*.

  130. The Regulation Trend Of Tourist And Recreational Complex As A Factor To The Regional System Sustainable Development.
    Oksana Viktorovna Takhumova*, Elena Rustemovna Vershitskaya, Dmitry Ivanovich Ryakhovsky, Zhanna Viktorovna Gornostaeva, and Yulia Alexandrovna Bezgina.

  131. The Application The Quantitative Assessment Model The Probability Of Bankruptcy To Assess The Financial Condition Of Subjects Agro-Industrial Complex.
    Nadezhda Konstantinovna Vasilieva*, Nina Vladimirovna Lipchiy, Anatoliy Grigorievich Prudnikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Shol, and Anna Alexandrovna Hramchenko.

  132. Factors And Directions Of Innovative Development The Dairy Products Subcomplex Of The Agro-Industrial Complex.
    Igor Alexandrovich Bursa*, Oksana Viktorovna Takhumova, Dmitry Ivanovich Ryakhovsky, Antonina Nikolaevna Ryakhovskaya, and Elena Alekseevna Batisheva.

  133. Optimization Of Flow And Rhythm Of Work Of The Harvest-Transport Link
    Gennady Georgievich Maslov*, Valeriy Viktorovich Tsybulevskiy, Nikolai Anatolievich Rinas, and Elena Mikhailovna Yudina.

  134. Synthesis Of N-Methyl-1h-Indole And Adamantane Fragment Containing Derivatives Via UGI-4CR.
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