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Volume 10, Issue 2, 2019 (March - April)

  1. The Role Of Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPS) In The Female Reproductive System - Review Article
    Sumilin Lada, Vukovic Ante, Skrinjar Ivana, Kuna Krunoslav, Todoric Laidlaw Ivana, and Loncar Brzak Bozana*.

  2. Preventive Effects of the Aqueous Extract of Guiera senegalensis Roots on Dexamethasone Induced Insulin Resistance in Mice.
    David Miaffo*, Stéphane Zingué, Mbainambe Dingamtoudji, and Albert Kamanyi.

  3. Preparation Of A Class Teacher In The Institutions Of Higher Pedagogical Education.
    Olha Bashkir*, Natalya Smolyanyuk, Tetyana Sobchenko, and Alla Tsapko.

  4. Features Of The Application Of Mathematical Modeling To Study The Structure Of The Rabbit Heart In Normal.
    Lera L Musabaeva*, Igor V Nenashev, Evgeniy ? Marin, and Marat S Seitov.

  5. Heat Shock Protein In Birds : A Review.
    Salman KAA*.

  6. The Role Of Ki-67 In Oral Leukoplakia-Review Article.
    Zuzul I, Andabak Rogulj A*, Terlevic D, Pavic I, Granic M, Vuletic M, and Jerkovic D.

  7. Testing Of Portable Surgical Table In The Treatment Of Small Animals (SOP-1).
    Igor V Nenashev*, Dmitrii N Kotov, Sergei V Vdovkin, Evgeniy ? Marin, Valeriy ? Ermolaev, and Oksana N Marina.

  8. Study The Effect Of Withania somnifera Dry Fruit Ethanolic Extract On Cognitive Function In High Fat Diet Induced Obesity Rats.
    Prameelarani A, and Ahemadi Banu*.

  9. Epidomology Of Cystice Chinococcosis Among Human In Al Najaf Province.
    Kareem A Hammadi*, Jawad K Ali, and Husam H Alewi.

  10. Relationship Of Hips And Knees Osteoarthritis With Bronchial Asthma.
    Zainab A Mahmood*, and Ziyad T Malghooth.

  11. Digestibility And Use Of Nutrients And Feed Energy In The Diet Of Lambs Fed The Supplements 'Glauconit' And 'Biogumitel'.
    Mironova Irina Valeryevna*, Ziyangirova Svetlana Ravilevna, Blagov Dmitriy Andreevich, Nigmatyanov Azat Adipovich, Galieva Zul'fiya Askhatovn, Gazeev Igor' Ramilevich, Zakirova Zul'fiya Ravilevna, Gizatov Al'bert Yakupovich, Chernenkov Evgeniy Nikolaevich, and Novikov Nikolay Nikolaevich.

  12. Formation Of Photosynthetic And Grain Yield Of Soft Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Depending On Varietal Characteristics And Optimization Of Nutrition.
    Antonina Panfilova*, Margaryta Korkhova, Valentina Gamayunova, Antonina Drobitko, Natalia Nikonchuk, and Natalia Markova.

  13. Parameters Of Spine Mobility In Wrestlers-Veterans Of Sports With Osteochondrosis Of Lumbar Sacral Division Of The Spine.
    O Honcharov*, L Ruban, D Okun, K Ananchenko, A Lytovchenko, N Boychenko, and V Perebiynos.

  14. Synthesis, Spectral, Bioactive And Theoretical Studies Of New Schiff Base And Metal Complexes.
    Veyan Taher Suleman, Vian Yamin Jirjees, Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani*, and Suzan Duraid Ahmed.

  15. Development And In-Vivo Evaluation Of Enzalutamide Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles.
    K Taraka Sunil Kumar*, M Mohan Varma, and P Ravi Prakash.

  16. Effect Of Bilateral Thenar Muscle Stimulation In Improving Swallowing Function And Swallowing Muscles Activity In Post Stroke Dysphagia.
    A Kumaresan*, M Manoj Abraham, Vijayarahavan Rajagopalan, S Vinoth Khanna, Prathap Suganthirababu, and M Manikumar.

  17. An In-Vivo Study Of The Effects Of Chemical, Organic And Hormonal Fertilizers On The Growth Of Tagetus Plants.
    Mathews P Raj*, Anitha A Abraham, Chondamma B V, Pranitha K Deshpande, and Pravallika M.

  18. The Application Of Methods Of Cytoembryological Analysis Considering The Causes Of Alfalfa Infertility (For Example Medicago Romanica Prod.)
    Natal'ya Viktorovna Ledovskaya*, Marina Anatol'evna Kuksova, Viktoriya Vladimirovna Smol'nikova, and Boris Lazarevich Mezencev

  19. Productive And Biological Characteristics Of Growing Sheep With Different Genotypes.
    Abdurasulov Abdugani Halmurzaevich, Salykov Ruslan Salykovich*, and Abdymazhitov Nurzhan Keneshovich.

  20. Does Digit Ratio Varies In Individuals With Leo And Scorpio Signs.
    Yamini Nikitha M Kumar Sai Sailesh*, Gautami S Penumatsa, Swathi Movva, and Ravikanth Manyam.

  21. Review On Classification Of Brain Tumour.
    VM Ram Sankeerth, N Jai Jnanendra Prakash, and K Srilatha*.

  22. Tmem121 A Novel Gene Associated With The Proliferation Activity Of Adrenocortical Stem / Progenitor Cells.
    Mohammed. A. A. Al-Bedhawi*, and Andrew Bicknell.

  23. Study On Detection Of Lung Tumour.
    S Teja, S Shankar, and K Srilatha*.

  24. GC-MS Analysis Of Phytochemical Compounds Present In The Stembark Extracts Of Plant Maytenus emarginata.
    Umesh Prabhakar Joshi *, and Rajendra Dayaram Wagh.

  25. Bioactivities Of Endophytic Fungi Metabolites From Salvia.
    Mohamed F Abdelwahab*, and Ahmed Aljameeli .

  26. Biological Effects On Radio Frequency Smog.
    R Narmadha*, Godwin Premi, and T Bernatin.

  27. Species Composition Of The Earthworms In The Central Ciscaucasia.
    Viktoriya Vladimirovna Smol'nikova*, Natal'ya Viktorovna Ledovskaya, Marina Anatol'evna Kuksova, and Boris Lazarevich Mezencev.

  28. The Role Of Irrigation Methods Of Saline Water And The Chemical Effect Of Anti-Transpiration Materials In The Water Needs And Growth Of Wheat Crop.
    Tareq K Masood*, Firas W Ahmed, Abdul Baqi D Salman,Kusay A Wheib, and Mazin Fadhil Khudhair.

  29. Enhanced Image Segmentation To Infer The Age Of The Tiger Using Fuzzy Modified K-Means Clustering Algorithm (FMKMCA).
    Ramaraj M*, and S Niraimathi*.

  30. Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of The Option Of Physical Rehabilitation Of Athletes Who Have Undergone Plastic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Of The Knee Joint.
    Makhov AS, and Medvedev IN*.

  31. Zootechnical And Management Accounting Factors Of Beef Cattle: Cost Optimization.
    Oleg K Gogaev*, Gamlet Y Ostaev, Boris N Khosiev, Nina A Kravchenko, Dmitry V Kondratyev, and Elena V Nekrasova.

  32. Fingerprinting Of Rutin And Invitro Anti- Diabetic Activity Among Dietary Amaranthus L. Species.
    Pinkie Cherian*, Neethi C Nair, Durga KV, and D Sheela.

  33. Body Mechanics And Complications In The Nursing Personnel Of The Emergency Service Of Luis Vernaza General Hospital (Ecuador).
    Jenny Morejón Agualongo, Janeth Sánchez Iza, Gladys Naranjo Chávez, María Olalla García, Silvana López Paredes, Maura Muñoz, and Favian Bayas-Morejón*.

  34. Enzyme Preparations And Qualitative Indicators Of Eggs.
    BS Kaloev, MO Ibragimov, FM Kulova, VV Nogaeva, LH Albegova, and AT Kokoeva.

  35. Histological And Functional Evaluation Of The Thyroid Gland Pigs In The Condition Of Hypotrophy.
    Gulnar Zh Bilzhanova*, Tatiana Ya Vishnevskaya, Marat S Seitov, Ramil Sh Tayguzin, Oleg A Matveev, Shakir M Bikteyev, Nikolai S Pashinin, and Evgeniy ? Marin.

  36. Osteogenic / Adipogenic Differentiation Of Intact And Ovariectomized Young And Adult Female Rat Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells (BMMSC).
    Al - Mutairi KSH, Tariq I Almundarij, and Zaki AA*.

  37. Improving Soil Efficiency Based On The Destructive Properties Of Lactobacillus.
    Kalinina Galina Valerievna*, Kalinina Ksenia Alekseevna, Kuznetsov Dmitry Anatolyevich, Ponomareva Ekaterina Vladimirovna, Kurochkina Ekaterina Nikolayevna, and Tsukanova Tatyana Georgievna.

  38. The Impact Of Innovative Fodder Additive On The Meat Productivity And Quality Parameters Of Beef.
    Gorlov Ivan Fyodorovich*, Slozhenkina Marina Ivanovna, Nikolaev Dmitriy Vladimirovich, Grebennikova Yuliya Dmitrievna, and Goryaeva Khongr Badmaevna.

  39. Assessment Of Zinc (II) Removal From Aqueous Solutions Using Prepared Activated Carbon And Bentonite.
    Abdulrahman G Alhamzani*, Mohamed I Attia, and Mohamed A Habib.

  40. Psychological And Biological Issues In Physical Activity: Sport Self-Regulation As A Motivational Source.
    Tamara Khomulenko, Karyna Fomenko, Anton Rochniak, Oleksiy Kuznetsov, Ilona Kostikova*, and Nataliia Diomidova.

  41. Analysis Of Synergetic Effects From Multifunctional Growth Regulating Agents In The Of Sunflower Mineral Nutrition System.
    Yevhenii Domaratskiy*, Victor Shcherbakov, Valerii Bazaliy, Olga Kozlova, Alexander Zhuykov, Irina Mikhalenko, Inna Boychuk, Alexander Domaratskiy, and Alexey Teteruk.

  42. Features Of Formation Of Qualitative Indicators Of Beef When Using New Feed Additive.
    Gorlov Ivan Fyodorovich*, Slozhenkina Marina Ivanovna, Randelin Alexander Vasilyevich, Nikolaev Dmitry Vladimirovich, Grebennickova Yulia Dmitrievna, Goryaeva Khongr Badmaevna, Fedorov Yuri Nikolaevich, Mosolova Darya Aleksandrovna, and Belyaev Alexander Ivanovich.

  43. The Study Of Macro- And Microelement Composition Of Rye And Barley.
    Ganna S Tartynska*,Moeen F Dababneh, Naeem Shalan, Iryna ? Zhuravel, Viktoriia S. Kyslychenko, and Andrii I Popyk.

  44. Hypoglicemic Activities Of Catfish Biscuits (Pangasius Hypophthalmus) In White Rats (Rattus Norvegicus).
    Hidayaturrahmah*, Heri Budi Santoso, Ridha Aulia Rahmi, and Dewi Kartikasari.

  45. Glycated Albumin And Glycated Albumin To Hemoglobin A1C Ratio Are Indicators Of The Glycemic Control State In Children With Type-1 Diabetes.
    Nagwa Abdallah Ismail, Abeer M Nour El Din Abd El Baky*, Tarek F ElShaer, Hoda Hegazy Ahmed, Eman A Mostafa, Mona Hamed Ibrahim, and Shereen Hamdy Abd El Aziz.

  46. The Effect Of Physico-Chemical Composition Of Micro-Particles Contamination Of Diesel Fuel On The Technical Condition Of The Power Supply System Of Diesel Engines.
    EG Rylyakin*.

  47. Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship And Artificial Neural Networks In Design Of Benzimidazoles As Antiproliferative Agents.
    Layla Abdel-Ilah,*, Selma Zukic, Elma Veljovic, Almir Badnjevic, and Lejla Gurbeta.

  48. Estimation Of The Efficiency Of Pathogenetic Treatment Of Children Moving Perinatal Hypoxia.
    Krasnorutskaya ON*, Ledneva VS, Petrova TN, Voice GS, and Balakireva EA.

  49. Bioceramics As Sealers In Endodontics.
    Shazeena Qaiser*, Darshana Devadiga, Mithra N Hegde, and Nireeksha Shetty.

  50. Comparative Analysis Of Morphophysiological And Genetic Traits Of Triticum Vulgare Germinants After Exposure To Metal Nanoparticles.
    Anastasia Mihailovna Korotkova, Olga Vilorievna Kvan, Irina Aleksandrovna Gavrish*, Dianna Bagdasarovna Kosyan, Svyatoslav Valerievich Lebedev, Alexey Nikolaevich Sizentsov, Elena Vladimirovna Salnikova, Tatyana Fedorovna Tarasova, Anatoliy Aleksandrovich Fenin.

  51. Seroprevalence Of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HbsAg) Among Blood Donors.
    Pushkala Subramanian*, Sudha Seshayyan, and Thangam Menon.

  52. Using Of Carbon Soot For Nickel (II) Removal By Adsorption; Kinetic Study.
    Mohamed I Attia*.

  53. Individualization Of Technical And Tactical Training Of Chess Players At The Stage Of Higher Sportsmanship.
    Mikhaylova IV*, Alifirov AI, Fomina SN, Azarov VA, and Bereza NA

  54. Effects Of Ivermectin On The Brain And Kidney And Its Interaction With P-Glycoprotein Inhibitor (Verapamil) In Rats.
    Ibrahim M El-Ashmawy*.

  55. The Phospholipid Composition Of Internal Membrane Of Hepatocytes In Rats With Glutamat-Induced Steatohepatitis And Its Correction By Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles.
    ?? Kondro*, ? Voieikova, L? Stepanova, ?V Antonenko, M Ya Spivak, and ?V Beregova.

  56. An Novel Study Multi-Document Summarization Based On Ontology.
    J Refonaa*, S L Jany Shabu, A Christy, S Dhamodaran

  57. Prevalence Of Dental Caries On First Permanent Molars Amongst South Canara Population.
    Samriti Chawla*, Shishir Shetty, Mithra Nidarsh Hegde, and Nireeksha Shetty.

  58. Predictive Testing Of Economic And Natural Time Series Data Using Nonlinear Dynamics Methods.
    Alfira Menligulovna Kumratova*, Elena Vitalievna Popova, Lyudmila Yuryevna Piterskaya, Natalya Vladimirovna Tretyakova, and Liubov Anatolievna Chikatueva.

  59. Strategic Alliance As A Modern Format For The Future Development Of Food Subcomplexes.
    Viktoriya Vital'evna Kurennaya*, Yulia Viktorovna Rybasova, Svetlana Vasiljevna Alivanova, Evgeny Aleksandrovich Shevchenko, and Sergey Ivanovich Lugovskoy.

  60. The System Of Models For Assessing The Development Of Regional Agriculture In The Context Of Expanding Foreign Economic Relations.
    Nina Vladimirovna Lipchiy*, Nina Nikolayevna Tyupakova, Olga Fedorovna Bocharova, Yuliya Sergeevna Shevchenko, and Irina Aleksandrovna Nevodova.

  61. Elements And Principles Of System Management Of Socio-Economic Development Of The Region.
    Polina Vladimirovna Shmygaleva*, Olga Ivanovna Shatalova, Elena Vasilevna Kashcheeva, Anna Alexandrovna Kobeleva, and Olga Valer’evna Bruzhukova.

  62. The Essence Of Central Bank Of Russia As A Mega-Regulator Of The National Financial Market And Its Development Policy.
    Olga Stanislavovna Zinisha*, Irina Valer`evna Ryndina, Natalya Alexsandrovna Goncharova, and Murat Aliyevich Tleptserukov.

  63. Diagnostics And Priorities Of Food Security Regulation In The Region.
    Oksana Viktorovna Takhumova*, Anna Alexandrovna Hramchenko, Galina Alekseevna Narozhnaya, Elena Sergeevna Nemtsova, and Elena Alekseevna Batisheva.

  64. Minimization Of Risks And Threats In The System Of Economic Security At The Meso-Level.
    Oksana Viktorovna Takhumova*, Anna Viktorovna Chernyavskaya, Elena Andreevna Drannikova, Ekaterina Sergeevna Alehina, and Olga Yurievna Malinina.

  65. Using Cluster Analysis To Justify The Priority Areas Of Agricultural Organizations Innovative Development.
    Oksana Viktorovna Takhumova*, Igor Alexandrovich Bursa, Olga Vladimirovna Mandritsa, Elena Nikolaevna Kushch, and Elena Aleksandrovna Kosinova.

  66. Methodical approach to assessing the effectiveness of business development in the system of market relations.
    Sergey Yurievich Andreev*, Natalia Vladimirovna Zinchenko, Sergey Alexandrovich Dyakov, Elena Vyacheslavovna Sidorchukova and Natalia Nikolaevna Yaromenko.

  67. Vendors And Contractors’ Payments: Current State And Development Perspective.
    Viktor Vilenovich Govdya*, Zhanna Vladimirovna Degaltseva, Elena Ivanovna Kostyukova and Irina Nikolaevna Khromova.

  68. Methodical Approaches To Assessing The Effectiveness Of Regional Development Management Based On Indicative Planning And Forecasting.
    Svetlana Nikolayevna Kalyugina*, Oksana Anatolyevna Mukhoryanova, Irina Petrovna Savchenko, Ruzanna Viyulovna Miroshnichenko, and Anna Yuryevna Lukyanova.

  69. Circulation Of Zoonoses In Anthropogenic Ecosystems At Sumy Region.
    TI Fotina, HA Fotina*, S M Nazarenko, OV Fotin, MD Chemych, NI Ilina, and VV Ilina.

  70. Some Genes Expression In Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats In Response To Mushroom Extract Treatment.
    Zahraa Nassar*, Marwa Ibrahim, Hanan Ogaly, Adel El-Behairy, and Said Zaki.

  71. A Quality Factor Of Cardiovascular System Reaction On A Daily Physical Exertion Of Students.
    A Petruhnov, L Ruban, D Okun*, A Honcharov, A Lytovchenko, K Ananchenko, O Khatsayuk, A Turchynov, and O Garkavy.

  72. A Study On Fatty Acid Desaturase 1 (FADS1) Gene Variation In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
    Ullal Harshini Devi, Shilpa S Shetty, and Suchetha Kumari N*.

  73. Correlation Between Bruxism And Dental Implant Failure-Review.
    Pelivan I*, Rebrina M, and Vuletic M.

  74. Production Process And Economic Justification For The Cultivation Of Corn Hybrids.
    Sergey I Kokonov*, Boris N Khosiev, Rubina D Valiullina, Gamlet Y Ostaev, Tatiana N Ryabova, and Oleg K Gogaev.

  75. Dependence Of Body Condition Of Beef Cattle On Live Weight And Its Adjustment By Feeding Level.
    Ismagil N Khakimov*, Igor V Nenashev, Rinat M Mudarisov, Andrey M Uhtverov, Lydia A Korosteleva, Vladimir G Semenov, and Evgeniy ? Marin.

  76. Immune-Metabolic Stress In Purulent Inflammatory Diseases. Cystitis.
    Andrey M Zemskov, Yana V Kulintsova*, Tatyana A Berezhnova, and Veronika A Zemskova.

  77. Frequency Of Metabolic Syndrome Among Voluntary Screened Sudanese Healthy Subjects.
    Ahmed M Ahmed*.

  78. Mucosal Immunity Of The Nasal Cavity In Premature Infants Of Different Gestational Age In The First Year Of Life.
    Kalimullina Albina Railevna, Amirova Victoria Radikovna, Aznabaeva Liliya Faritovna, and Mironova Irina Valeryevna*.

  79. Preparing Young Qualified Chess Players With The Help Of Computer Chess Programs And Internet Resources.
    Mikhaylova IV*, Alifirov AI, Fomina SN, and Shukshina LV.

  80. The Impact Of Row Spacing On The Productivity Of Common Fennel Varieties (Foeniculum Vulgare Mill) Under The Conditions Of The Southern Steppe Of Ukraine.
    Olga Makukha*

  81. Biotechnology Of The Cultivation Of Physiologically Adapted Lactobacilli To Create Microbial Biologics For Poultry.
    Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev*, Oksana Viktorovna Takhumova, Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov, Sergei Nikolayevich Shlykov, and Nina Vladimirovna Konik.

  82. Selection And Justification Of The Optimal Raw Materials For The Production Of Protein-Fat Emulsions Based On Vegetable Raw Materials.
    Anton Alekseevich Nesterenko*, Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev, Nikolay Nikolaevich Zabashta, Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov, and Sergei Nikolayevich Shlykov.

  83. Biologically Active Extracts From Plant Based On Blood Plasma.
    Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov*, Sergei Nikolayevich Shlykov, Tatyana Viktorovna Yakovleva, Irina Aleksandrovna Derenkova, and Anton Alekseevich Nesterenko.

  84. The Problem Of Environmental Risks Impact On Region Socio-Economic Development.
    Anatoly Ivanovich Pozmogov*, Boris Ramazanovich Kallagov, Zalina Batradzovna Tedeeva, Marina Vladislavovna Kuchieva, and Alena Kaspolatovna Gergaeva.

  85. Development The Methods For Assessing The Effectiveness Of Business In The Region.
    Oksana Viktorovna Takhumova*, Elen? Sergeevna Mezentseva, Alla Aleksandrovna Mirokhina, Inna Viktorovna Kushnareva, and Anna Anatolievna Gorbachev?.

  86. Method For Increasing Reliability And Service Life Of Hydraulic Cylinders.
    Ramazan Musaevich Tavasiev*, Marat Savkuzovich Lyanov, Iranbek Musaevich Tavasiev, Ramazan Kurbanovich Aliev, and Elvira Konstantinovna Kachmazova.

  87. Diagnostics And Prognosis Of Orthopedic Diseases Of Dogs Using Thermography.
    AV Bokarev*, AA Stekolnikov, MA Narusbaeva, VE Gorokhov, and AA Imanbaev.

  88. The Use Of Sorghum-Sudanese Hybrids In The North Caucasus.
    Sergey Ivanovich Kapustin*, Alexander Borisovich Volodin, Andrey Sergeevich Kapustin, Olga Ivanovna Vlasova, Inna Anatolievna Donets, and Anna Sergeevna Golub.

  89. Scientific And Production Bases For The Production Of Bakery Products With Cryoprotector.
    Nadezhda Viktorovna Kenijz*, Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev, Natalia Viktorovna Sokol, Ruslan Saferbegovich Omarov, and Sergei Nikolayevich Shlykov.

  90. Using Emulsions Based On Animal Blood For Enrichment Meat Products With Organic Iron.
    Anna Alexandrovna Khramchenko*, Anastasia Vasilevna Strizhenko, Olga Viktorovna Kosenko, and Larisa Nikolaevna Shubina.

  91. Features Of Morphological Indicators Of Canoe Slalom Athletes Of High Qualification.
    D Okun*, L Ruban, A Lytovchenko, M Mishyn, O Yareshenko, A Korolyov, and V Olenchenko.

  92. Subacute toxicity of the preparation "Biovir-P".
    IM Kushnir, VI Kushnir, DF Gufriy, BV Gutyj, V Ya Vishchur, IV Bushueva, SM Kulish, RO Shcherbyna*, TA Samura, and VG Stoyanovskyy.

  93. Ways To Improve The Effects Of Pulmonary Rehabilitation In Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
    Luev IA, Tokmachev RE*, Ovsyannikov ES, Shkatova YS, and Chernik TA.

  94. Antibiotics Susceptibility Of Bacterial Isolates Isolated From Urinary Tract Infections In Iraq, Baghdad.
    Luma Saeed Mohammed*.

  95. Physiological Reaction Of Hemostasis In Calves And Piglets Of Dairy And Vegetable Nutrition To An Unfavorable Environmental Factor.
    LP Solovyova*, TV Kalysh, and VI Zamuravkin.

  96. Restoration Of The Functional Activity Of Hemostasis In Calves And Piglets Of Dairy And Vegetable Nutrition, Who Endured Adverse Environmental Effects.
    LP Solovyova*, TV Kalysh, and VI Zamuravkin.

  97. Improving The Efficiency Of Quail Eggs Incubation.
    OK G?gaev*, AA Abaev, ME Kebekov, A R Demurova, ET Choniashvili, Basaeva MD, and RH Mouraova*.

  98. The Effect Of A Complex Probiotic Additive On Reproductive Qualities Of The Parent Flock Hens Of The Ross 308 Cross.
    Ivan Fiodorovich Gorlov*, Marina Ivanovna Slozhenkina, Komarova Zoya Borisovna, Tkacheva Irina Vasylevna, Krotova Olga Evgenevna, Friesen Vasily Genrikhovich, Nozhnik Dmitry Nikolaevich, Ivanov Sergey Mikhailovich, and Rudkovskaya Alisa Valerevna.

  99. Influence Of Amprolinsile And Brovitacoccid On The Protein Synthesizing Function Of The Liver And Enzyme Activity In Turkey Blood Serum During Eimeria Invasion.
    B Gutyj, V Stybel, I Hariv, I Maksymovych, K Buczek, M Staniec, A Milczak, I Bushueva, S Kulish, R Shcherbyna*, and T Samura.

  100. Strategic Benchmarks For The Creation And Functioning Of Digital Regional Ecosystems: A Sectoral Profile
    Viktoriya Vladimirovna Prokhorova*, Oksana Nikolaevna Kolomyts, Elena Nikolaevna Zakharova, and Leonid Vasilyevich Baylagasov.

  101. Quality And Safety Control Of Fish Products.
    Nin? Konik*, Oksana Gurkina, Natalia Kolotova, Oksana Turenko, and Dmitriy Ivanov.

  102. Socio-Economic Sustainability Of Municipal Areas In The Region.
    Alexander Vasilyevich Shuvaev*, Vladimir Ivanovich Berezhnoy, Olga Vladimirovna Berezhnaya, Valeriya Pavlovna Chayka, and Marina Mikhailovna Churakova.

  103. The Effect Of Biodegradable Polymer Packaging On The Quality Of Bakery Products.
    Kristina Beloglazova*, Gulsara Rysmukhambetova, Lidja Karpunina, Nina Konik, and Dmitriy Ivanov.

  104. The Regulation Way Of Tourist And Recreational Complex To Maintain Sustainable Development Into The Region.
    Elena Vyacheslavovna Sidorchukova*, Natalia Nikolaevna Yaromenko, Larisa Evgenievna Petrova, Danil Vladimirovich Dudnik, and Marina Leonidovna Sher.

  105. Development Of A Techno-Technical Animal Feeding System Adapted To The Conditions Of Farms.
    Pavel Nikolayevich Shkolnikov*, Sergei Mikhailovich Dotsenko, Vladimir Jur'evich Frolov, and Viktor Alexandrovich Shirokov.

  106. Main Problems of Feed Industry in the Regional Agro-Industrial Complex
    Elena Georgievna Pupynina*, Victoria Artemovna Zhukova, Alexey Vasilyevich Tolmachev, Irina Ivanovna Saenko, and Elena Nikolaevna Kriulina.

  107. Ecovillage As A Tool To Attract The Working Population To The Countryside.
    Elena Nikolaevna Belkina*, Mariya Vladimirovna Zaytseva, Natalia Nikolaevna Galenko, Anna Genrikhovna Volkonskaya, and Oleg Igorevich Kurlykov.

  108. The Interaction System Of Quality Management And Management Processes In Education.
    Nin? Konik*, Nataliya Shcherbakova, Sergey Bulgakov, Yulia Izmailova, and Elena Piskareva.

  109. The Relevance Of The Creation And Mechanism Of Functioning Of Information And Consulting Services In The Agricultural Sector.
    Anna Nikolaevna Ermakova*, Olga Vladimirovna Berezhnaya, Elena Viktorovna Berezhnaya, Tatyana Yuryevna Belozerskaya, and Yuri Ivanovich Gevora.

  110. Managing The Labor Potential Of The Region By Mathematical Modeling Methods.
    Svetlana Victorovna Bogdanova*, Vladimir Ivanovich Berezhnoy, Tatyana Vladimirovna Minkina, Marina Ivanovna Barabanova , and Svetlana Alexandrovna Molchanenko.

  111. A Comprehensive Review On Microbial L-Asparaginase And Its Application.
    Al-Refai A M*

  112. Color And Thickness Of The Milk Shark’s Skin.
    AB Kiladze*.

  113. Effects Of Coumarin And Its Derivatives On The Expression Of Exopolysaccharide glucosyl transferase Gene epsG In Streptococcus Pneumoniae P3.
    RA Fal Ismael Ali Al-Halboosi, Essam Fadel Al-Jumaili*, and Abdul Kareem A Alkazaz.

  114. Development Of New Techniques For Behavioral Evaluation In Animals Submitted To Facial Nerve Damage.
    Lucidio Clebeson de Oliveira, Eligleidson José Vidal de Oliveira, Eudes Euler de Souza Lucena, José Rodolfo Lopes de Paiva Cavalcanti, João Paulo Costa Fernandes, José Edvan de Souza Júnior, Jeferson de Souza Cavalcante, Eduardo Pereira de Azevedo, Amália Cinthia Meneses do Rêgo, Irami Araújo Filho, Aline Brito Ferreira de Castro and Fausto Pierdoná Guzen*

  115. Biological Features Of Hydroponic Production: Costs, Planning, Investment And Management.
    Gamlet Y Ostaev, Boris N Khosiev, Fatima N Dzodzieva, Natalya P Donskaya, Oleg K Gogaev, Larisa A Istomina

  116. Management Of Radiation Caries With Biotherapeutic Modifiers: An Overview.
    Upasana Reddy*, Mahalaxmi Yelapure Mithra N Hegde, and Darshana Devadiga.

  117. Protective Effect Of Resveratrol Against Hepatotoxicity Of Nicotine In Male Rat: Antioxidant And Histopathological Approaches.
    Reham Z Hamza*, and Aisha A.Al-Rofaidi.

  118. Modern Therapy In The Treatment Of Patients With Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea.
    ? Yu Olisova*, Elena Sergeevna Snarskaya, and Tatiana Sergeevna Rusina.

  119. Design, Synthesis And Biologicalevaluation Of Novel Series Ofn-Pyrazole Derivatives As Potential Anti-Inflammatory And Antibacterial Agents.
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  120. The Potential Of Black Cumin Extract (Nigella Sativa L.) Onlymphocyte Proliferation Wistarrat Induced With Hepatitis B Vaccine.
    Evy Diah Woelansari*, Suhariyadi, and Retno Sasongkowati.

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    Ahmed Salah Darwish, Emad Mohamed El-Shebini*, Sabry Abd-Allah Shoeib,

  122. Effect Of Carbon-Nitrogen In The Production Of Metarhiziumanisopliae Native By Solid Fermentation.
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    Mohamed Elsaid Abdel Fattah*, Sherif Nasser Taha, Sara Mohamed Hassan Gaber, Mohamed Adly Elramley, and Mohamed Fathy.

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    EG Rylyakin*.

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    Kuryakova TA, Mezhueva LV, Bykov AV*, Popov VP, and Berestova AV.

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    Tamara Alexandrovna Bulygina*, Inna Nikolaevna Kravchenko, and Evgeny Vasilyevich Tufanov.

  191. The Structure Of The Radial Redistribution Of Chemical Elements In The High Mountain Landscapes Of The Greater Caucasus.
    Tatyana Vasilyevna Degtyareva*, Viktoriya Viktorovna Melnichuk, Ekaterina Alexandrovna Lyashenko, Evgenia Ivanovna Godunova, and Dina Yuryevna Dutova.

  192. Accounting And Analytical Support Of Foreign Trade Activities For Management Purposes.
    Olga Victorovna Elchaninova*, Tatyana Yakovlevna Alexandrova, Olga Vasilevna Gudenitsa, Alexandra Vladimirovna Voronina, and Oksana Gennadievna Sorokina.

  193. State Regulation And Enterprises Performance Support Into Tourism And Recreation Field.
    Sergey Petrovich ?osarin*, Irina Vladimirovna Milkina, Olga Andreevna Badlaeva, Danara Vladimirovna Idzhilova, and Elena Sarangovna Egorinova.

  194. Improving The Efficiency Of The System Of Preparation Of Whole Milk Replacer.
    Lyudmila Gennadievna Kryuchkova*, Pavel Nikolayevich Shkolnikov, Andrei Vladimirovich Burmaga, Ivan Vasilyevich Bumbar, and Alexander Borisovich Zhirnov.

  195. ?o-ordination mechanism formation in the implementation system of strategy to develop the single-product subcomplexes.
    Victoria Vitalievna Kurennaya*, Irina Petrovna Belikova, Valery Viktorovich Reimer, Yulia Viktorovna Rybasova, and Alexander Yurevich Gunko.

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    Pavel Nikolayevich Shkolnikov*, Sergei Mikhailovich Dotsenko, Lyudmila Gennadievna Kryuchkova, Vi?tor Vatslavovich Samuylo, and Sergei Anatolyevich Ivanov.

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    Murali Krishna*, Mithra N. Hegde, Aditya Shetty, and Nireeksha Shetty.

  198. Effective Segmentation Methodology For Object Identification.
    S Poonguzhali*, A Sivasangari, Rekha Chakravarthy, and Immanuel Rajkumar.

  199. Analysis Of Different Brands Of Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets Using Ultra Violet Spectrophotometric And High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Methods.
    Larisa Alagic- Džambic*, Minela Dacic, Jasmina Spirjan, and Mirsad Džambic.

  200. Influence Of Hypo-Caloric Diet On Absolute And Relative Strength Of Elite Male Bodybuilders` While Preparing For The Competition.
    Tykhorskyi O*, Dzhym V, Slavitiak O, Galashko N, Zhadan A, Piven O, and Melnyk A.

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    NV Byshov, I A Uspensky, I V Fadeev*, and Sh V Sadedetdinov.

  202. Immune-Metabolic Stress In Purulent Inflammatory Diseases Salpingo-Oophoritis.
    Andrey M Zemskov, Kseniya S Dyadina*, Tatyana A Berezhnova, and Veronika A Zemskova.

  203. A Method For Increasing The Directive Activity Of Different Cell Lines.
    Edie M Plotnikova*, Ravil G Fazliakhmetov, Ramzi N Nizamov, Zoya G Churina, Irina A Arkharova, Haris N Makaev, and Ilsiyar G Karimullina.

  204. Compound FGFR3 Mutations Associated With Grads Of Bladder Carcinoma.
    Mahdi Saber Al-Deresawi, Sabah Bresam, and Abdul Hussein M Al Faisal*.

  205. Cover Crops As Sources Of Nutrients Increasing Productivity Of Soya Sown With Wide-Space Methodin The Climate Of The Amur Region, Russia.
    Vladimir Epifantsev, AN Panasyuk* Ya A Osipov, AA Tzyban, and AN Demko.

  206. The Effect Of Increasing Water Temperature On The Vertical Distribution Of Zooplankton In Mesotrophic Stratified Arahley Lake (Eastern Transbaikalia).
    MydygmaTs Itigilova*

  207. Potential Activity Of The Components Of Madhuca longifolia As A Hepatoprotective Agent Through In Vitro And In Silico Docking Technique Against The Orphan Nuclear Receptors.
    Jerine Peter S, Mary Thomas, Gayathri Ashok, Megha Treesa Saju, and Evan Prince Sabina*.

  208. The Useful Role of Vitamin "D" and Coconut Oil in Attenuating the Disorders of Splenic T and B Cells in Diabetic Mice.
    Nabila I El-Desouki*, Mohamed L Salem, Dalia F Afifi, Nasef M, and Faten M Abdallah.

  209. Climate Change As A Possible Influence On Genetic Diversity Of Plants And Animals.
    Evgeny O Krupin*.

  210. Effect Of Cerium Dioxide Nanocrystal (Nanoceria) On The Concentration Of Some Growth Factors During The Wound Healing Process In Rat Model.
    Arefeh Amiri*, Nikitina NS, Stepanova LI, Berehovyi SM, Beregova TV, Spivak M Ya.

  211. Features Of The Epizootology Of Mono- And Mixed Invasions Of Young Sheep Anaplocephalatosis In The Republic Of Dagestan And The Results Of Group Testing Of The New Drug Kuprofen A.
    Sadrutdin Sh Kabardiev, Anatoly Murashevich BITTIROV*, Omargadzhi A Magomedov, Suleiman Sh Abdulmagomedov, and Zeydullah G Musaev.

  212. The Effect Of Growth Regulators On Photosynthetic Activity Of Spring Wheat Plants.
    VA Isaychev*, NN Andreev, and AV Kaspirovskij.

  213. A Characterization Of Cellulose In Seven Books Using Raman Spectroscopy In The 800-1800 cm-1 Range.
    Juan S. Gómez-Jeria*, Sebastián Gutiérrez*, Julio C. Surco-Luque*, Ernesto Clavijo and Ignacio Reyes-Díaz.

  214. Proteomic ?nalysis ?f Bacteriophage Pr – 6 UGSHA.
    Natalya A. Feoktistova, Dmitriy A. Vasilyev, Andrey V. Mastilenko, Ekaterina V. Suldina, Sergie N. Zolotukhin, Alexander L. Toigildin, Irina A. Toigildina, Alexander V. Dozorov, Vitality A. Isaichev, Alexander ?. Nafeev, Igor L. Obuhov2, Boris I. Shmorgun.

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    Plekhova NG*, Geltser BI , Zinoviev SV, and Zayats Yu V.

  216. Green Synthesis Approach For Thiosemicabazone Derivative Cu (II) Complexes With Elaborated Spectral, Theoretical Studies
    TA Yousef*, and OK Al Duaij.

  217. Hepatoprotective Efficiency of the Preparation Based on Lecithin at Medicinal-Induced Liver Damage in Laboratory Animals.
    Elena V Kuzminova, Marina P Semenenko*, Vladimir A Sobolev, and Valentina V Malyavina.

  218. Improvement Of Therapy For The Holstein-Ditch At Digitalis Dermatitis.
    Victor V Zemlyanki1*, Igor V Nenashev, and Evgeniy M Marin.

  219. Biological Activities of Amino Acid Derivatives and their Complexes a Review.
    Enass J Waheed, Shatha MH Obaid, and Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani*.

  220. Modulatory Role Of Vitamin D And Coconut Oil On The Disorders Of The Thyroid Hormones And Cytoskeletal Intermediate Filaments Of Diabetic Mice.
    Nabila I. El-Desouki*, Mohamed L. Salem, Dalia F. Afifi, Nasef M, and Faten M. Abdallah.

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