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Volume 10, Issue 4, 2019 (July - August)

  1. Synthesis and Characterization of Ternary Complexes of Cu (II) ion with Drug Dapsone and Different Amino Acids.
    Damini Vishwakarma*, Anupama Kashyap, and Anil Kumar Kashyap.
  2. Hydroethanolic Extract Of Cassia alata (Caesalpiniaceae) Leaves Can Protect Against L-NAME-Induced Hypertension In Rat.
    Danielle Claude Bilanda, Adélaïde Marie-noël Tegah Kuissu, Paul Désiré Djomeni Dzeufiet, Jonas Kouamouo, Rosine Désirée Chougouo Kengne, Pierre Kamtchouing, and Théophile Dimo*.
  3. The Effect Of Wrightia tinctoria Leaves On CCl4 Induced Hepatotoxicity.
    Naiyna Mohamed, As Yousuf Ali*, and R Parthiban.
  4. A Review on Mini-Implant.
    Esraa Salman Jasim*, and Afraa Ali.
  5. A DFT Study Of The Products Nitration Obtained By The Isocadalene Acylation In Dichloromethane.
    RedouanHammal*, Sana El hamidi, Hassan El khattabi, Ahmed Chekroun, Ahmed Benharref, and Abdeslam el hajbi.
  6. Method Validation and Skin Permeation Studies of Microemulsion ContainingCarthamustinctorius Flower Extract as a Functional Ingredient to inhibit 5a-reductase activity.
    SitthiphongSoradech*, Tanwarat Kajsongkram, KrongkanKingkaew, Pokchut Kusolkumbot, SomkamolManchun, and SirinanThubthimthed.
  7. Epidemiology Of Acne Vulgaris And Its Comorbidity With Demodicosis And Functional Gallbladder Disorder.
    Radko AS*, Melekhovets OK, Kharchenko TO, and Melekhovets Yu V.
  8. Effect Of Aqueous Solutions Of Pomegranate Peel, Garlic AndCoriandrum Sativum On Some Heavy Metals From Grey Mullet (Mugilcephalus).
    Fathy M. Hasan, Abdelhamid M. Abdelhamid and Mona A. M. B. Diab*.
  9. Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CA-UTI).
    Kiran Madhusudhan*, B Pujita, and B Madhusudhan.
  10. Toxico-Biological Estimation Of Meat Of Broiler Chickens After The Use Of Feed Additive And Antibacterial Preparations.
    ON Yakubchak, IV Zabarna*,TV Taran, IVJacenko, SVMidyk,Dzhmil VI, andAA Antipov.
  11. Hepatoprotective Efficacy Of Amifostine Nanoemulsion In Cisplatin Hepatotoxic Rat.
    Zakaria El-Khayat, Abdel Aleem Hassan, Nadia A. Mohamed, Mehrez E. El-Naggar, Enayat A. Omara, and Dina M Basuony*.
  12. Simultaneous Quantitation of Plasma Catecholamines and Metanephrines by LC-MS/MS.
    Marina Dikunets, Grigory Dudko*, Pavel Glagovsky, and Ilgar Mamedov.
  13. Bioactivity of Enteromorpha intestinalis Polysaccharide Algae Against Hypercholestrolemic Diabetic Rats.
    Magda M. Moustafa*, Maha Z. Rizk, DinaM. Seoudi, Sanaa A. Ali, Azza Abdel Megeed Mattloub, and Amina M. Medhat.
  14. Impact of Escherichia coli toxins on blood chemistry and intestine of Oreochromis niloticus
    Amal M. Yacoub*,Sherifa Mostafa M. Sabra,and Mona Khaled D. Al-Kourashi.
  15. Clinical Evaluation of Modified Widman Flap with or without Platelet Rich Fibrin for the Treatment of Periodontal Pockets.
    Basma Raad Omar*, and Aseel Ghithal Hayder.
  16. The Effectiveness Of Mineral And Modified Fertilizers When Growing Avena Sativa.
    A KhKulikova, SN Nikitin, GV Saidyasheva, and AL Toigildin.
  17. Functional Characterization of an Exopolysaccharide Produced by Lactobacillus plantarum Ts Isolated from Bulgarian Wheat and Rye Flour.
    SevginarIbryamova, Ismail Ismailov, Hasan Hasanov, Radoslav Ivanov, and Tsveteslava Ignatova-Ivanova*.
  18. A Novel Preprocessing Scheme For Predicting Breast Cancer Decease.
    R Jeberson Retna Raj*, and Senduru Srinivasulu.
  19. A Novel Pipeline Approach for Service Index to E-Shoppers using Big Data Analytics.
    Nirmalrani V*, and Saravanan P.
  20. Comparison of Inter-Rater Reliability of Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) and Conventional Non-Standardised Practical Examination (CNPE) in Assessing Practical Skills.
    Bindiya Satish, Shailaja Moodithaya*, Harsha Halahalli, and Amrith Mirajkar.
  21. Study On Prevalence Of Incidence Of Respiratory Disorders In Small Scale Textile Industrial Workers.
    Tiji SL, Jisha K, Kameswaran R*, and Sambathkumar R.
  22. Are Serum Separator Tubes An Effective Alternative To Sodium Fluoride Tubes For Glucose Estimation?
    Srinidhi Ra1, Tirthal Rai*, and Janice DSa
  23. Synthesis And Chemical Stability Of Indolizine Derivatives Of Antihypertensive And Antidiabetic Agents.
    Basavaraj M*, Giles D, Das Ak, and Ganesh S Andhale.
  24. Correlation Between Surface Tension On ß-Cyclodextrin With Heterocyclic Compound At Various Temperatures.
    D Ubagaramary, Israel V Muthu Vijayan Enoch, R Sanjay Sriram*, VMK Bharath*, and PP Akshai Kumar*.
  25. A Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Planned Teaching Programme On Knowledge About First Aid Among Students In Sree Balaji College Of Nursing, Chrompet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    F Preethi*.
  26. A Study To Assess The Impact Of Whatsapp Addiction Among Adolescent School Students (14-18 years) In Hilton Matriculation Higher Secondary School At Chrompet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Jeeva Jose*
  27. Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia (GAVE)
    M Vijayabarathi*.
  28. Reversal Of Promoter Hypermethylation Of RASSF1A Gene Caused By Aloe Barbadensis Miller And Murraya Koenigii In Cervical Cancer.
    Deepali Thakur, Pooja Verma, Deepa, Manish Kumar, Harsh Goel, Saima Syeda, Mohit Kamthania, Anju Shrivastava, and Abhimanyu Kumar Jha*.
  29. Malabsorption Syndrome.
    Bindhiya R*.
  30. A Study To Assess The Level Of Knowledge On Control And Preventive Measures Of Diabetes Mellitus Among Above 30 Years People In Sree Balaji Medical College And Hospital At Chrompet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    GE Margareat Thatcher*.
  31. Review Article On Seizure.
    R Ramania*, and V Hemavathyb.
  32. Knowledge On Lower Segment Caesarean Section Among Primi Gravida Mothers At Selected Hospital In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    P Priyadarshini*.
  33. Effect Of Health Education Program On Knowledge And Practices Related To Postnatal Exercises.
  34. Vascular Modulatory Roles Of The Sex Hormones And Thyroxine In Tadalafil-Treated Wistar Rats.
    AJIBOYE Kolawole I*, and OLUWOLE Francis S.
  35. Thalassemia: A Case Study.
    Brindha P*.
  36. Properties of Altered Matured Bambusa vulgaris via Heat Treatment Process.
    Razak Wahab*, Hashim W. Samsi, Mohd Saiful Sulaiman, Ros Syazmini Mohd Ghani, and Nasihah Mokhtar
  37. Effect of Soil Contamination by Some Azo Dyes on the Seed Germination and Plant Growth of Broad Bean (Vicia faba).
    T.V.R.K. Rao*, Chanchal Kumari, and Arjun Kumar.
  38. The Knowledge Regarding Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Among Antenatal Mothers In Selected Hospital.
    Pappy Yuvarani*.
  39. Subclinical Hypothyroidism And Conception In A Woman With Primary Infertility.
    M Saranya*.
  40. Rutin and isoflavones with cytotoxic activity from soybean, and it’s in silico docking study against ERK2 kinase.
    Ahmed Sami, Ali M. S. Hebishy, and Mohamed S. Abdelfattah*.
  41. Effect Of Loud Music And Active Telephonic Conversation On Simple Reaction Time In Dental Students.
    Vanapamala Gnana kusumanjali, Srilatha Goothy,Sai Sailesh Kumar Goothy*, and Ravikanth Manyam.
  42. Case Reflection.
    Girija Bhaskaran*.
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