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Volume 10, Issue 6, 2019 (November - December)

  1. Characterisation of histidine decarboxylase from Enterobacter and Lactococcus species.
    Shlini P*, Sneha Bhatt, and Gletta Anjaly CT.
  2. Stress, Anxiety And Depression During Pregnancy: A Prevalence Study.
    Mebin Alias*, Veena S Pattammady, and Sharol PS.
  3. Review On Dietary Factors In Alzheimer’s Disease.
    Monitha Star M*, Ramalingam Kameswaran R, and Sambathkumar R.
  4. Single Time Point Hematological, Biochemical And Cytokines Assays Of Sheepsuffering From Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
    Al-kheraije K*.
  5. Association Of C-Peptide Based Insulin Resistance With Liver Biomarkers In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
    Usha Adiga*, Nandith PB, and Katyayani Satish.
  6. Mitral Valve Repair With Flexible Band Hemodynamic Advantages Versus Rigid Band In Mitral Regurgitation.
    Mamdouh El Sharawy, Mostafa A. El Newihy, Mohamed F. El Gabry, Mahmoud M. Abd Rabo, and Sameh E . Saeed*.
  7. Knowledge, Attitudes And Practice Of Healthcare Professionals Regarding Nephrolithiasis In Coastal Karnataka.
    GS Chandrashekhar, and Usha S Adiga*.
  8. Oral Cancer An Endemic Disease In India: It’s Prevalence, Risk Factors And Treatment: A Review.
    Sonal Anto, Sujitha PJ*and Sambathkumar R.
  9. Paediatric Nephrotic Syndrome: A Review.
    Vanmathi SM*, Sujitha P J and Sambathkumar R.
  10. Industrial – Grade gelatin from Animal Bone Marrow through Free - Chemical Method.
    M. A. Habib*.
  11. Evaluation of Angiogenesis Potency of Portulaca quadrifida Extract Using Chick Embryo Wound Model.
    R Thirumalaikumaran*, Nivedithaa VR, Nivetha Bakthavatchalam, D Raja Vidhya, M Rithicka, and D Chamundeeswari.
  12. Spectral Characterization And In-Vitro Anti-inflammatory Potential Of An EDP Schiff Base.
    Ashwin Prakash Karurkar, V Anuradha*, A Asrar Ahamed, M Mohamed Sihabudeen, and M Syed Ali .
  13. Negative Pressure Wound Treatment In Complicated Abdominal Wall Wounds, A Comparative Study.
    Wael Abdalla, Walid A. Mawla, Amr Ibrahim, and Hazem Nour*.
  14. Evaluation Of Papain In Pharmaceutical Solid Dosage Forms: Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry Method Validation.
    Felipe Augusto NeryNambu, Fúlvio GabrielCorazza, Marcelo Dutra Duque, Patrícia Santos Lopes, Vânia Rodrigues Leite-Silva, and Newton Andréo-Filho*.
  15. Research Of Cellulases Of Microorganisms Destructing Composite Polymers.
    Anna Grigoriadi*, Kseniya Sazonova, Vyacheslav Tsvetkov, and Vadim Zakharov.
  16. Hernioplasty Issue; With Drain Versus Without Drain: A Comparative Study.
    Fady Fayek*, Wael Mansy, Tamer Mohamed El shahidy, and Mahmoud Abdou Yassin.
  17. Synthesis and Performance of Acrylic Acid Based Polymers As Scale Inhibitors for Industrial Water Applications.
    Mamoud A. Elbendary, Salah. M. El-Kousy, Waseem A. Hasan, Mohamed M. Mohammedy, and Moneer M. Basuni*.
  18. Genotoxical and Histological Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles (TiO2-NPs) in Male Mice.
    Afaf Hendawy Kamel*, and Aml Salem Saleh.
  19. Physicochemical Properties And Potential Probiotic Effect Of Whey Protein On Fruits Jelly.
    Amna H. Alkinani*, Maha A. Hejazi, and Enas M. Danial.
  20. The Neurotoxicity of Titanium dioxide Nanoparticles in Mice.
    Heba Abdul Rauf Mohamed*.
  21. Phenotypes And Endotypes Of Cow Milk Allergy In Children.
    Prikhodchenko Nelly G*, Shumatova Tatyana A, Nee Antonina N, Zernova Ekaterina S, Katenkova Elina U, and Grigoryan Lamara A.
  22. Probiotics And Its Use To Ease The Digestive Tract Problems In Children: A Review.
    Sudha M*, and Auslin S.
  23. In-Silico Analysis And Identification Of Novel Drugs For Multidrug Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (H37RV) Applying Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) Data Analyses.
    Karthikeyen TRS *, and Puniethaa Prabhu.
  24. Influence Of Cod Liver Oil As A Cocoa Butter Replacer For Shelf Life And Nutritional Enhancement.
    Florentina Priyangini Francis, Vuchooru Gayathri, Tesnia Grace George, Sruthi Prathapan, Pavidharshini, and Chidambaram Ramalingam*.
  25. Bactericidal Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Produced by Fusarium solani against the Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria.
    Basma H. Amin, and Reyad Mohamed El-Sharkawy*.
  26. Features Of Formation Of Physiological And Biochemical Protective Reactions In The Population Of Physcia Stellaris (L.) N?l. Growing In Town And Different Natural-Climatic Zones.
    R.G. Farkhutdinov*, Z.R. Saitova, V.V. Fedyaev, V.O. Tsvetkov, I.A. Shpirnaya, S.A. Bashkatov, M.I. Garipova, D.Yu. Zaitsev, G.V. Sharipova, I.A. Massalimov, V.P. Putenikhin, E.I. Novoselova, and A.A. Yamaleeva.
  27. Studies Of Physicochemical And Thermal Properties Of Linalool-Ethanol-Water System
    Stanislava Tasheva, Vanya Gandova*, Krasimira Dobreva, Ivayla Dincheva, Vanya Prodanova-Stefanova, and Albena Stoyanova.
  28. The Influence Of Organ Pathology On The Development Of Diseases Of The Oral Mucosa.
    Uspenskaya O.A, SHevchenko E.A, Fadeeva I.I*, and Kazarina N.V.
  29. Diagnostic Values Of Serum Cystatin C And Urinary Fetuin-A As Early Biochemical Markers In Predicting Diabetic Nephropathy Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
    Rizk Abdel-Azim Mohammed, Ashraf El-Shazely, Mostafa Abdalla M.A.Haridy, Amal Mohammed Abdel Aal, Mona Mohammad Soliman, Kenawy El-Sayed Mostafa, Essam M. Abdel Aziz, and Mohammed H. Hassan*.
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