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Volume 11, Issue 1, 2020 (January - February)

  1. Antimicrobial, Anti-Inflammatory Effects Of Centella asiatica Leaf And Their Cytotoxic Effects On MCF-7 And HeLa Cell Lines.
    Yoshini Kathleen Vasagam, and Shamala Marimuthu*.
  2. An Enhanced Medical University Management System Using Cloud Computing.
    Sendurusrinivasulu, Jeberson Retna Raj, and Suganthi L*.
  3. Structure Crystal of (N-Methyl benzyl Dithiocarbamate) dibutyl Tin (IV).
    M. Sanuddin*, Armini Hadriyati, Yang Farina, and Bohari M. Yamin.
  4. Effect of Gamma irradiation in biosynthesis of Silver nanoparticles by Date-Palm Fronds Phoenix dactylifera L.
    Hazim Idan AL-Shammari*, Haider Saleem AL-Badri , Shaimaa Hameed Kamel, Mariam Ibrahim Humadi, and Hakmat Kdaeir Jasim.
  5. Efficient Procedure For Synthesis Of Cefotaxime Sodium Using Sodium-2-Ethylhexanoate As The Source Of Sodium Ion.
    Susi Kusumaningrum*, Alfan Danny Arbianto, Eriawan Rismana, Firdayani, and Raodatul Jannah.
  6. Research Of Interannual And Intra-Annual Atmospheric Boundary Layer Dispersion Variability Parameters In The NPP Site Vicinity.
    Fedor F. Bryukhan*.
  7. A Heinous Review On Inquiry Of Drug Interactions Among Hypertensive Patients Taking Antihypertensive Agents.
    Mohamed Thoufiq Ilahi*, Jomy Jacob, Jose Mathew, and Kavitha P.
  8. Formulation And Evaluation Of Instant Drink Made From Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) Fruit Powder.
    Damai Ria Setyawati*, Etik Mardliyati, Idah Rosidah, Ayustiyan Futu Wijaya, and Mohammad Aulia Rifada.
  9. Cobalt (II) and Vanadium (IV, I) Complexes based on Semicarbazide derivatives: Spectroscopic and DNA binding Studies.
    Zuhra M. Saleh, Dawood S. Ali,  and Mouayed A. Hussein*.
  10. Acute and sub-chronic 28-days oral toxicity study of aqueous extract of Euphorbia tirucalli stem bark (Euphorbiaceae) in Wistar Rats.
    Poualeu Kamani SL, Londji Meli A, Miaffo D, Nchouwet ML, Douho Djimeli RC, Mzoyem Ngnitedem J, and Kamanyi A, Wansi SL*.
  11. Treatment Of Chronic Anal Fissure; Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy Versus Local Injection Of High Dose Botulinum Toxin. A Randomized Clinical Trial.
    Hazem Nour*, Amr Abdel Bari, and Amr Ibrahim.
  12. Promethazine As Novel Reagent For Estimation Of Iodate Ion In Table Salt Samples.
    Nief Rahman Ahmed, Tamer Khaleel M. Ali, and Mohammed Salah J.Alazawy.
  13. Red Complex Bacteria in Preeclamptic Pregnant Women with and without Periodontal Disease: A Cross Sectional Microbiological Study.
    Swetha Tanneeru, Jaideep Mahendra*, Mahaboob Vali SK, and Little Mahendra.
  14. Etiological Spectrum Of Bronchiectasis In Indian Patients.
    Tushar Sahasrabudhe*, and Nirmala MA.
  15. Antibacterial activities of River Sediment-Derived Streptomyces spp. against Multi drug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae.
    Dalal Al-Rubaye*, Talib Saleh Al-Rubaye, and Marwa Shaker.
  16. Evaluation Of Asthma Management And Control In Adults In And Around Pune City Of Maharashtra.
    Shubhi Singhal*, and Sajin Mathew.
  17. Ex Vivo evaluation of the mucolytic effect from a natural herbal combination of Echinacea purpurea, Sambucus nigra, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Vitex trifolia, and Zingiber officinale.
    Rosalina Wisastra*, Poppy Firzani Arifin.
  18. Design, Synthesis And Chemical Stability Of Indolizine Derivatives For Antihypertensive Activity.
    Basavaraj M*, Giles D, Das Ak, Suresh J, and Ganesh S Andhale.
  19. Phytochemical Studies On Some Species Of Polygonaceae In Egypt.
    Fatema S. Mohamed, and Hanan M. Abou El Ghit*.
  20. Antioxidant Activity Of Pelawan (Tristaniopsis obovata Benn.) Leaf Extracts By The Use Of DPPH Method.
    Yusfiati*, Manalu W, Wresdiyati T, and Maheshwari H.
  21. Effect Of Silorane Composite On Adhesion, Survival And Growth Of Oral Microflora.
    Prashanthi S. Madhyastha*, Dilip G. Naik, Kumar M. R. Bhat, Srikant N,Ravindra Kotian, and Madhu Keshava Bangera
  22. Improvement of synthetic dyes decolorization by immobilized laccase from Penicillium sp. MN749552.1.
    Reyad Mohamed El-Sharkawy, and Hamed Mohamed El-Shora*.
  23. Fistulotomy With Marsupialization Versus Fistulectomy With Wound Sutures In Simple Anal Fistula, A Comparative Clinical Trial.
    Hazem Nour*, and Hatem Mohammad.
  24. Stabilization Study Of Earth Bricks Reinforced By Date Palm Fibers With Lime.
    Hachem Chaib*, and Abdelouahed Kriker.
  25. Remineralising Agents: An Updated Review.
    Shazeena Qaiser*, Darshana Devadiga, and Mithra N. Hegde.
  26. Control of fetal development in the female Black Sea bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus ponticus Barabash, 1940) using ultrasound and studying the dynamics of the linear dimensions of the chest of the fetus.
    Semenov VA* , Rodin IA, Vinokurova DP, Okolelova AI, Gavrilov BV.
  27. In-Silico Screening Of Certain Bioactive Compounds From Ceasalpaniabonduc (Fever Nut) For Select Class I And II Type Human Olfactory Receptors (ORs) Against Asthma And COPD
    B Nagarathnam, A Gandhimathi, J Philip Robinson, P Ponmurugan, V Balakrishnan, and R Sowdhamini*.
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