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Volume 11, Issue 3, 2020 (May - June)

  1. Synthesis, Characterization And Applications Of Chitosan Linked Nanopolymer Using Jasminum sambac Leaf Extract.
    Shlini P*, Nidhi Mohan, and Shobha Mule.
  2. Comparison Between Oxidant/Antioxidant Levels In Blood And Tissues Of Patients With Thyroiditis And Thyroid Adenocarcinoma.
    Enas A. Oraby*.
  3. Deterioration Inhibition Of Spherical Shape Of Mild Steel In Acidic Medium By Philanthus embilica.
    D Ubagaramary, IV Muthu Vijayan Enoch, Javaharsing, SK Rudhara Ganesh, and M Surya Teja.
  4. Determination Of Amphotericin B In Bulk And Pharmaceutical Formulation By Spectrophotometer.
    Sunil T. Galatage*, Suresh G. Killedar, Suraj M. Mali, Vinayak Y.Bogar, Ankita B. Koli, and Sanyogita S. Sawant.
  5. Camel Milk a-lactalbumin As A Potential Anticancer Molecule: A Bioinformatics Analysis.
    Manohar Lal, Kumar Udit Saumya, Neelam Mahala, Ashish Runthala, and Uma S. Dubey*.
  6. Toxicological Studies Of Methanol Roots Extract Of Ficus sycomorus.
    Abbas AY*, Ladan MJ, Girei AM, and Achor M.
  7. Comparative Study Of Quercetin Level In Five Different Varieties Of Indian Onion Wastes
    Chandran Masi*, Mangalakani R and Yuvaraj D, and Mesfin Tafesse.
  8. Intensity Of Protein Oxidative Modification’s Processes In The Dynamics Of A Full Thickness Wound Healing In Pharmacotherapy By Gel With Sapropel Extract.
    Strus Oksana*, and Polovko Natalia.
  9. Comparative Analysis Of Bone Density Of Rats With Experimental Hypoparathyroidism During Calcium And Magnesium Intake.
    Melchenko E?, Rzhepakovsky IV, Dzhandarova TI, Denisova ?V, and Suprunchuk V?*.
  10. Biotechnological Applications of Electrochemical Biosensors: A Review.
    Minika Chetry, Nilakshi Mazumder, Diksha Gupta, and Shilpa Sivashankar*.
  11. Early Surgical Management Of Burn Wound Infection- A Case Report.
    Kiran Madhusudhan*, B Madhusudhan2, and Pujita B.
  12. Clinical Trials Of The Medicinal Product For Veterinary Use “FLYBLOCK® Insecticidal Tag” Against Bloodsucking Insects.
    ?leksey V Mironenko*, Sergei V Engashev, Alexander A Deltsov, and Ekaterina S Engasheva.
  13. Potency of Charcoal From The Body Part Kerandang(Channa pleurophthalma Blkr)Fish Which Is Not Eaten As An Antiallergy. Based On In Vitro, In Vivo and LC-HRMS
    Aryani*, Suprayitno E, Sasmito BB, and Hardoko.
  14. Comparative Study on the Use of a Moss Species,Barbulalambaranensis C. Mull and leaves of a Vascular Plant, Peperomiapellucida (L.) Kunth for Biomonitoring Heavy Metal Pollution Around Some Major Roads in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.
    Adebiyi A Olayinka*, and Tedela P Olugbenga.
  15. Antibacterial Potential Of Bacillus subtilis Silver Nanoparticles Against Some Foodborne Pathogens.
    Reham A. ElFayoumy, Seham E. Abu Ahmed*, Mohamed M. El-Zahed, and Hagar A. Elshiekh.
  16. Protective Role Of Onion Juice And Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract Against Potassium Oxonate Induced Acute Nephrotoxicity (Hyperuricemia) In Rats.
    Els. T. Awad, S. A. Abdelaziz, Abdelbary Prince, I. M. Ahmed, Hussein A. Elsayed , and Mohamed M. Abd El-Mawgod*.
  17. Antimicrobial Activity Of Anacardium occidentale On Some Microorganisms Associated With Dental Diseases.
    Md. Rageeb Md. Usman*, Ansari Asif Husain, Sufiyan Ahmad, Mohammed Zuber Shaikh, and Bharat V. Jain.
  18. Modeling the growth of Pseudomonas putida using the Bertalanffy-Pütter model .
    Norbert Brunner, and Manfred Kühleitner*.
  19. Association of NMDA receptor (GRIN2B) Gene Polymorphism and Depression in Parkinson’s Disease: A Mini Review.
    Usha Adiga, and Sachidananda Adiga*.
  20. Effect of Vegan Diet On Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Mini Review.
    Usha Adiga*, and Sriprajna Mayur.
  21. Formulation, Development and Evaluation of Controlled Release Film Forming Gel for Antiseptic Activity.
    Tulsidas Nimbekar*, and Shishupal Bodhankar.
  22. Adiponectin and Fetuin-A; Newer Biomarkers as Predictors of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in offsprings of Diabetic parents
    Parinita Kataraki, and Usha Adiga*.
  23. Role of Biochemical Markers in detection and assessment of severity of Diabetic foot
    Parinita Kataraki, and Usha Adiga*.
  24. Association Between Serum Uric Acid And Blood Glucose Level In Young Obese Individuals.
    Kurian Babu, Suchetha Kumari N, Harshini Ullal, and Damodara Gowda KM*.
  25. Antimicrobial Assay and GC-MS Analysis of Leaves Extracts Medicinal Plant Senna hirsuta (L.).
    Ernin Hidayati, Istana Wardani, Devi Susyanti, Silmi Mardianti, and IM Sudarma*.
  26. Cephalic Index And Head Shape In Western Maharashtra Students.
    Medha A Doshi, and Surekha D Jadhav*.
  27. Chemical Origin Antimicrobial And Antibiotic Based Shrimp Toxicity; Biochemical And Water Quality Assessment.
    T Sambasiva Rao*, A Samba Naik, and N Gopalarao.
  28. A Study To Assess The Knowledge Regarding Eating Disorders Among Adolescents At Selected High Schools In Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
    Kishore Jadhav, Damodara Gowda KM, Azharuddin Gondegar, and Mohini H*.
  29. A Study On Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders In Patients With Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease.
    Mathan Kaliaperumal1*, Arulmozhi Madhivanan2, and Arun Kaliaperumal3.
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