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Volume 11, Issue 5, 2020 (September - October)

  1. Antibacterial And Antifungal Activity Of Sponge Extract From Natuna Water, Riau Islands.
    Delladari Mayefis*, Sri Hainil, Suhaera, and Nur Afika.
  2. Medicinal and Pharmacological importance of Vitex trifolia: A Review.
    Shashank Tiwari*, and Shreya Talreja.
  3. The Characteristic of Physicochemical, Chemical and Organoleptic Gelatin: Stingray (DasyatisSp) and Unicorn Leatherjacket (Aluterusmonoceros) Skin.
    Indra Kristiana, Muhammad Akbarurrasyid*, and Ega Aditya Prama.
  4. Evaluation Of Antibacterial And Antioxidant Property Of Active Ingredient Of Watermelon Peel Extract.
    Gladvin G*, and K V Santhi Sri.
  5. Prophylactic Efficacy of Rhodiola rosea Extract against Hypobaric Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Injuries in Rats and its Toxicity Evaluation.
    Vanita Gupta *, Anuradha Tyagi, Pranav Pandey, and Aseem Bhatnagar.
  6. In-vitro Antiglycation Activity of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized from the Bioactive Fraction of Bambusa arundinacea Leaf Extract.
    Hitesh V. Patel*, Dipeksha Macwan, Devang B. Khambholja, and Himanshu S. Bariya.
  7. Management of Large Midline Incisional Hernia, Double Mesh Modification of Chevrelís Technique Versus OnLay Mesh Hernioplasty, A Comparative Study.
    Mohamed I Farid, Alaa A. Fiad, Hazem Nour*, and Hany Mohamed.
  8. A Study To Assess The Care Expected And Actual Care Received During The Labour Process Among Primigravida Mothers In Selected Primary Health Centres At Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Nirmala S*, T Senthil Kumar, K Venkatesan, R Subaranjani, and P Tamizharasi.
  9. Fungal Biodegradation and Enzymatic Activities on Sawdust.
    Eman Mossad Soliman Ahmed*, and Marwa Tawakol Metwalei Mohesien.
  10. Larvicidal Effect of Seaweed Codium Edule extracts on Aedes Aegypti mosquito.
    Mohammed A. Alkuriji, Mohammed B. Al-Fageeh, Fekri M. Shaher*, Majed S. Alorf, and Haitham F. Almazyad.
  11. An Online Randomized Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Study on Contraception.
    Sakshar Saha*, Moumita Ray, Shubham Paul, Abul Basar, and Ahana Dey, and Himanshu Sekhar Maji.
  12. A Pharmacological And Medicinal Study Of Areca Palm And Nuts: An Overview.
    Shashank Tiwari*, and Shreya Talreja.
  13. Toxicity, Biodegradation and Bioremediation of Triazophos (TAP): A Mini-Review.
    Meenu*, Manish Dhawan, and Neelam Joshi.
  14. Study Of Active Constituents From Methanolic Extract Of Watermelon Fruit Extract; A Comparative Analysis Of Hybrid And Wild Cultivar.
    Gladvin G*, and KV Santhi Sri.
  15. Perception of the Indians regarding the sudden outbreak of COVID-19: A Rapid Online Cross-sectional Survey.
    Sakshar Saha*, Moumita Ray, and Himngshu Sekhar Maji.
  16. Association between Vitamin-D with Metabolic Parameters in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
    Vijayalaxmi BM, Lakshmi Manjeera*, Suchetha Kumari N, Prasanna Kumar Shetty, Amrith M Mirajkar, Shilpa Shetty, Pravesh Hegde, and Prajna Bhandary.
  17. Mitochondrial DNA as A Marker of In-Vitro Fertilization Outcome in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Patients.
    Ghadir A. Sayed*, Hussein A. Al-Sawaf, Ahmed Hussein Ali El-Sawaf, and Iman Hassan Ibrahim.
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