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Volume 12, Issue 2, 2021 (March - April)

  1. Non-Nutritive Sweeteners Reduce The Adhesion Of Streptococcus mutans UA159 On Acrylic Resin Tooth.
    Vinicius Cavalcante Morais, Kaique Yago Gevazio de Lima, Victor Targino Gomes, Bianca Teixeira de Morais Oliveira, and Ulrich Vasconcelos*.
  2. Adnexal Masses: Evaluation And Comparison Of All The Risk Of Malignancy Indices.
    S Nirupa, and Pavithra ND*.
  3. Floristic Diversity And Vegetation Structure Of Nice Mountain, In Al Baha Region, Saudi Arabia.
    Ali Abdulrahman Ali Alzandi*.
  4. Sunscreens Containing Various Herbs For Protecting Skin From UV Sunray.
    Zainab Tuama Al-Dallee, and Kawther T. Khalaf*.
  5. Analytical Method Development and Validation for Assay Method for Quantification of Busulfan in Pharmaceutical Formulations of by HPLC Method.
    Ch Venkata kishore*, V Tejeswara Rao, K Balaji, and K Raghu Babu.
  6. A Review: Food Contaminated In Bacterial Organisms And Their Remedies.
    Parameswari P*, Mohan, Manigandan, Prasanna Krishna, Rebecca, and Wazhidha F.
  7. Conventional Papsmear And Liquid Based Cytology For Cervical Cancer Screening: A Comparative Study.
    Reshmi S*.
  8. Detection of Carbapenemases - Metallo Beta-Lacatamase and Klebsiella pneumoniae Carbapenemase Production in Gram-negative bacteria causing Urinary Tract Infections isolated in a tertiary care Hospital.
    Santoshi Chaudhary*, and Bidya Shrestha.
  9. Study Of Oxidative Stress And Insulin Resistance In Late Night Workers.
    D Lakshmi Lalitha, DSSK Raju, Anil Kumar Munta*, Sai Prasanna Gudla, and Nishant Kumar.
  10. Role Of USG Parameters In Predicting Miscarriage.
    Nirupa, and Akanksha Singh*.
  11. International Scientific Communications In The Field Of Breast Cancer Immunohistochemistry.
    Galina Yaneva*, Petya Boycheva, and Dobri Ivanov.
  12. Spectrophotometric Determination of Chemical Speciation of Complexes of L-Dopa with Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II).
    S Raju, and G Nageswara Rao.
  13. Ginger As The Natural Source Of a -Terpineol Which Can Scavenge The Free Radicals Through Thermal And Photo Reactions.
    Eman M. Elgendy*, and Manal Y. Semeih.
  14. Prostanoid Modulation Of Vasomotor Reactions In Rosacea.
    Anas Sarayreh Atalla Salem, Larisa V. Kuts, Vasily A. Bocharov, Mykhailo M. Lebediuk, Veronika V. Bocharova, and Nina B. Prokofyeva*.
  15. A Review On Recent Research And Advancements In Typhoid Fever.
    Sneha Rathore, Advait Gowrishankar, Soumya Nibedit Sahoo, Anusha Jain, Archita Jain, and Kokati Venkata Bhaskara Rao*.
  16. Epidermal growth factor gene polymorphism rs4444903 in hepatocellular carcinoma in an Egyptian population: Association with the Circulating Tumor Cells.
    Rasha Fathy, Shaden Muawia, Mohamed Elshal, and Moustafa A. Sakr*.
  17. Health Hazards of Surfactants.
    D Raga Sudha, and G Nageswara Rao*.
  18. Green Extraction Of Polyphenolics As Potential Bioactive Components From Pineapple Skin: A Review.
    Ravindra R Salve*, and Subhajit Ray.
  19. Ectopic Pregnancy With Partial Molar Degeneration: A Rare Case Report.
    Shalaka Mhatre*, and Vidhya Selvam.
  20. Cervical Endometriosis: A Case Report.
    Priyanka Bagdi*, and Nithya R.
  21. Possible Protective Effect Of Curcumin Encapsulated Nanoparticles Against Colon Carcinogenesis In Male Mice.
    Farida E Elbassiouni*, Wafaa M El-Kholy, and El-Sayed M Elhabibi.
  22. Evolution in the treatment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    Mrudula Shah, Unnati Giri, Swapna Priya Moka, Kavinkumar M, Pooja Yadav, and Bhaskara Rao K.V.*
  23. Development and Characterization of Voriconazole loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticle for Topical Drug Delivery.
    Suman Narapureddy*, T Veera Reddy, Varanasi S N Murthy, and Naresh Modepalli.
  24. Indication for Tenotomy in Club feet patients treated by Ponseti Method.
    Senthilkumar K, and Vijayakumar Ramaswamy*.
  25. Blood Transfusion Reaction In Pediatric Patients Attended At A Hematology Service Of A Teaching Hospital In The Northwestern of Paraná, Brazil.
    Salvadego VEC, Lima ACR, Iwaki MV, Silva GHO, Cardia GFE, Almeida RB, Silva RA, Spironello RA, Silva-Comar FMS, and Cuman RKN*.
  26. Analogues Of Betulin And Betulinic Acid With Biological Activity.
    Agata Koziol*.
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