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Volume 12, Issue 6, 2021 (November - December)

  1. Thermal Degradation Studies of 2,2’-Dihydroxybiphenyl-Ethylenediamine-Formaldehyde Copolymer.
    Sanjiokumar S. Rahangdale, Santosh P. Chakole, Jyotsna V. Khobragade, and W. B. Gurnule*.
  2. Microbial Assessment And Antibiogram Of Perianal Abscess.
    Madhulatha CK, Harshitha N*, and PM Giridhara Upadhyaya.
  3. Prediction Of Molecular Interactions In Binary System From 288.15 To 318.15 K By Ultrasonic Speed And Isentropic Compressibility.
    Naveen Awasthi*.
  4. Physical-chemical Quality Control of Acetaminophen, Dipyrone, Nifedipine, Prednisone and Spironolactone tablets sold in the city of São Luís de Montes Belos, Goiás, Brazil.
    Cristiane Karla Caetano FERNANDES, Rafael Martins Custodio MENDONÇA, Mariane Santos NOGUEIRA, Vanusa Cristina de Carvalho OLIVEIRA, andEdvande Xavier dos SANTOS FILHO*.
  5. Area Under Curve Method Development And Validation For The Estimation Of Nebivolol And Valsartan In Bulk And Pharmaceutical Dosage Form.
    Sharada D. Zope*, Sachin S. Rane, Rajesh Y. Chaudhari, and Vijay R. Patil.
  6. Adalimumab-Induced Pulmonary Adverse Event In A Patient With Ankylosing Spondylitis: A Case Report.
    Estela Louro, Simone Tomás Gonçalves, Rodrigo Aparecido Silva, Ricardo Alexandre Spironello3,Francielli Maria Souza Silva-Comar, Paulo Roberto Donadio, and Roberto Kenji Nakamura Cuman*.
  7. A Prospective Cross-Sectional Study Of Correlation Between Neonatal And Placental Weight In Normal And PIH Pregnancy And Its Effect On Neonatal Growth.
    Jayashree N Hiremath, and Ramesh P*.
  8. Lipoprotein (a) Cholesterol Quantification And Its Correlation With LDL Cholesterol And Lipoprotein Ratios In The Diagnostic Assessment Of Cardiovascular Disease In A Tertiary Care Hospital.
    T Uma, J Siva Somana*, R Kalaivani, and V Gomathi.
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