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Volume 13, Issue 4, 2022 (July - August)

  1. Molecular Docking Studies On Antiviral Activity Of Pyrimidine Contain Novel Indole-2-One Derivatives.
    Swaroopa HM, Muvendan C*, Rashmi T, and Naveen K Mathew.
  2. Know It To Fight It: Efficacy Of A Smart Phone Application (APP) For Prevention And Control Of Tobacco Use.
    Shwetha V*, Sujatha SReddy, Ankitha Kar, ElahaEfatlatify, Marwa latify, Karen John, and Ritu Sen.
  3. Preparation And Evaluation OfBedaquiline Loaded Microspheres By Ionic Gelation Technique.
    J AdlinJinoNesalin, Sachith MP, and Manu Kumar MS*.
  4. Molecular Docking Studies On Antiviral Activity Of Novel Pyrazole Contain Hydrazineyl Pyrimidine Derivatives.
    Rashmi T, Naveen K Mathew*, Pramila T, Swaroopa HM, and Muvendan C.
  5. Evaluation Of The Insecticidal Effects Of Extracts And Extracts Fractions Of Nicotiana tabaccum (Solanaceae) And Carica papaya (Caricaceae) On Termites Of The Genus Nasutitermes, Main Pests Of Cocoa Trees In Côte D'ivoire.
    Kissi Therese Appoh Perrine*, AkpesseAkpa Alexandre Moïse, Kimou Anderson Claver, Coulibaly Tenon, Boti Jean Brice, KouaKouakou Herve, and KouassiKouassi Philippe
  6. Preliminary Pharmacological Prospection Of Bioactive Compounds Obtained By Organic Synthesis Against Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Rods.
    Jéssica Santos Schirato Albuquerque, Lucas Silva da Cruz, Bianca Teixeira Morais de Oliveira, Luis Cesar Rodrigues, Ulrich Vasconcelos, and Rafael de Almeida Travassos*.
  7. Study Of Evaluation Of Use Of Cemented Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty In Unstable Intertrochanteric Fractures In Elderly.
    Pritesh P Kothari, Deepak P Agrawal, and SuneetVelankar*.
  8. Simultaneous Estimation Of Paracetamol And Phenylephrine Hydrochloride In Pharmaceutical Dosage Form By High Performance Liquid Chromatography.
    Uma Shanker Maurya*, and Anju Goyal.
  9. Kinetic and Adsorption Isotherm studies for the removal of Heavy Metals by Rhizoclonium Species.
    Kirti Srivastava*, Ashima Srivastava, and Pratibha Singh.
  10. Botanic Aspects Of The Leaves And Chemical Constituents In The Essential Oil From Two Varieties Of Basil (Ocimumspp) Grown In Brazil.
    MayaraZagoto, Paulo SérgioLourenço de Freitas, Robinson Luiz Contiero, Bruna Rizzo Milagres, Pedro Henrique Meira Cripa, Gabriel Fernando Esteves Cardia, Kathia Socorro Mathias Mourão, VanderlyJaneiro , Adriana Aparecida Pinto, Denise Brentan Silva, SauloEuclides Silva Filho, and Roberto Kenji Nakamura Cuman*.
  11. Preparation And Evaluation Of Ezetimibe Loaded Nanoparticles By Ionic Gelation Method.
    J AdlinJinoNesalin, Manukumar MS, and Sachith MP*.
  12. Formulation And Evaluation Of Salicylic Acid Loaded Gel For The Treatment Of Acne.
    Shashi Kiran Misra, Krishan Dev, Ajay Kumar Gupta, Angad Kumar, Neeraj Prajapati, Jay Prakash Prajapati, Anupriya Kapoor*.
  13. Morphological Variations In Sternocleidomastoid Muscle: A Cadaveric Study From North Indian Population.
    Anshu Mishra*, ParmatmaParsad Mishra, Mohammad Javed Ali Khan, Indra Kumar Patel4, and Alka Singh.
  14. Study Of Incidence Of Various Benign And Malignant Lesions Of The Neck.
    S Vijay Praveen, Gudiseva Amrutha, Baddam Grace Swarupa Charles, Sanjay Kishve, and Prashanth N*.
  15. The Mindmaker Theory: Vestibular Stimulation Is Essential For Our Mental Health.
    Milla Maaria Kansanoja, and Sai Sailesh Kumar Goothy*.
  16. A Prospective Observational Study On Pattern Of Drug Use For Neuropathic Pain In A Tertiary Hospital.
    ShubhadaNadkarni, R Jyothi*, Ashok Kumar BK, and K Girish.
  17. Time Dependent Effect Of UV-B Radiation On The Photosynthetic Electron Transport Activities In The Cyanobacterium, Spirulina platensis.
    Shankar G, Krishna C, and Murthy SDS*.
  18. A Study of Distribution Pattern of Chorionic Arteries & Veins in Full term Placenta: Through dye injection method.
    Mohammad Javed Ali Khan, Mahboobul Haque, ParmatmaParsad Mishra, Anshu Mishra*, and Alka Singh.
  19. A Hospital Based Case Control study on Serum Lipid Profile in Patients with Active Rheumatoid Arthritis attending a tertiary care center in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    KarthigaMurugan*, Velmurugan Anbuananthan, S Michael Rajam Geetha, and Vijayalakshmi Masilamani.
  20. A Study Of Platelet Indices In Thrombocytopenia Patients In A Tertiary Care Hospital.
    A Abu Arshad*, K Madhumitha, and M Narmatha.
  21. Evaluation Of Liver Fibrosis In Liver Biopsy Of Alcoholic Liver Disease Cases, With Reticulin Stain And CD31 Immunostain.
    Narmatha M, and A Abu Arshad*.
  22. Stromal Expression Of CD10 In Invasive Breast Carcinoma And Its Correlation With ER, PR, HER2/neu.
    K Karkuzhali*, A Abu Arshad, and Gayathri Panchatcharam.
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