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Volume 14, Issue 1, 2023 (January - February)

  1. Swietenia macrophylla King Wood Residues: A Source of Cycloartane Triterpenoids.
    Henrique Cativo dos Santos, Paulo Alan Duarte Nogueira, Claudete Catanhede do Nascimento, Joćo Vicente Braga de Souza, Ana Claśdia Alves Cortez, and Maria da Paz Lima*.
  2. Characterization And Evaluation Of Metabolites Using Lactiplantibacillus plantarum (OP535992.1) Isolated From Indigenous Cow Milk And Its Antimicrobial, Anti-cancerous Properties.
    Vipin Krishna SL*, R Ragunathan, and Jesteena Johney.
  3. Perioperative Stroke In A Patient Undergoing Non Cardiac, Non-Neurosurgical Procedure: A Case-Based Review Article.
    Gobinath Jayaraman*, and Swetha Nallasamy Sivachalam.
  4. A Study To Assess The Correlation Of D Dimer Levels In Prediction Of The Need Of Renal Replacement Therapy In COVID Patients With Acute Kidney Injury.
    Chandrashekhar HR, Keshava HK, and Foram Joshi*.
  5. Insilico Toxicity Prediction of Bioactive Compounds of Eurycoma longifolia Jack.
    Nurlely*, Khoerul Anwar, and Samsul Hadi.
  6. Comparison Of Stress Among Medical Students.
    Agyanta Dhal*.
  7. Study Of Fasting Lipid Profile In Non-Diabetic Young Patients Admitted With Stroke.
    Deepalakshmi P, Rajalakshmi T2, Vijay S, Christal Viji Shalini C*,and A Praveena Daya.
  8. The Role of Moringa Capsules with Nanogold and Nanosilver to Maintain Immunity During Umrah in Mecca-Medina: A Case Study on Special Group Umrah as Clinical Test Volunteers.
    Titik Taufikurohmah*, Rusmini Rusmini, and Djodjok Soepardjo.
  9. A Study To Assess The Prevalence And Association Of Hyperuricemia In Patients Of Newly Diagnosed Essential Hypertension.
    Chandrashekhar HR, Keshava HK, HN Satyaprakash, and Foram Joshi*.
  10. Decrease Of High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP), A Cardiovascular Risk Marker By Metformin Treatment In Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Patients.
    M Kotteswaran*, S Ezhil pallavi, and B Gowri Sankar.
  11. Detection Of Carbapenamase Production Among MDR Acinetobacter Species Isolated From Clinical Samples.
    Sacin Wankhede, Apurva*, Sunil B Bhamare.
  12. Cost Variation Analysis Of Various Antifungal Drugs Available In The Indian Market.
    Srinjoy B*,K Girish, and Jyothi R.
  13. Role of Computed Tomography in the Evaluation of Urolithiasis.
    Shiv Shankar Prasad*, Shubhda Sagar, Shiv Kailash Yadav, Arun Gupta, and Mukta Mital.
  14. Beta -Cyclodextrin Complexation: A Review On Novel Technique To Enhance Solubility Of Drugs.
    Rashmitha Nagamalla, Ankita Singh Rajendra*, and Hyma P.
  15. Study Of Electronic Devices Usage In Learning Anatomy Among First MBBS Medical Students In A Tertiary Care Center In Western Maharashtra, India.
    Arun P Chepte*, Sarika Kate, and KD Pawar.
  16. Morphometric Study Of Common Femoral Artery And Its Clinical Significance.
    Kamal D Pawar,SK Chavan*, Arun P Chepte, and RM Pawar.
  17. A Study On Knowledge & Awareness Of Work Safety Amongst Employees Working In Radiology Department In A Tertiary Care Hospital.
    Sarika P Kate*, Arun P Chepte, Sandeep V Pakhale, YS Sachdeva, and Rahul Kunkulol.
  18. Fibrohistiocytic Tumor Of Tongue: A Rare Case Report.
    Parag Narkhede*, Sangram K Das, and MeherKeerthana.
  19. Relationship Between Chest X-Ray And Pathological Type Of LungCancer InTertiary Centre.
    Saurabh Yadav, Sonali Bandil, Garima Singh, and Saumya Bhagat*.
  20. Detection Of Carbapenamase Production Among MDR Acinetobacter Species Isolated From Clinical Samples.
    Sacin Wankhede, Apurva, and Sunil B Bhamare*.
  21. An Assessment Scale For Patients With Postoperative Superficial Incisional Surgical Site Infection.
    Praveen W. Lohote, Atul Gowardhan*, Aditi Deshpande, and Tushar Jadhav.
  22. Study Of Adverse Reactions In Whole Blood And Apheresis Donors At Tertiary Care Hospital.
    Deepika Aggarwal, Neetu Kukar*, RN Maharishi3, and Neha syal.
  23. Red Cell Alloimmunization In Rh D Positive Women: A Rare Case Report.
    Deepika Aggarwal, Neetu Kukar*, RN Maharishi, and Anjali Handa.
  24. Comparison of outcome of Cartilage Perichondrium Composite Graft with Temporalis Fascia Graft in Type I Tympanoplasty in mucosal type of Chronic Otitis Media, A Randomized Cohort study.
    Nitin Deosthale, Prajakta Golhar, Sonali Khadakkar, Ananyan Sampath, and Varma Rahul Mahesh*.
  25. Assessing The Need Of Training Of Blood Pressure Measurement In Under Graduate Medical Students.
    Lata Buktar*, and Nilesh Rane.
  26. Study Of Risk Factors Associated With Low Birth Weight Among Newborns At A Tertiary Care Center.
    Rutuja Pundkar, Swapnil Sonar, Sanjay Buktar, and Sujit Mulay*.
  27. A Study Comparing Intra-Incisional And Intra-Peritoneal Bupivacaine Infiltration In Controlling Post Operative Pain Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Single Tertiary Care Centre Experience.
    Shehwar Majid Koul, Syed Naqiya Latif, Shafeen Majid Koul, and PeerzadaSareerKhurshed*.
  28. A Study On Dynamic Vs Static External Fixation Of Distal End Of Radius Fractures.
    M Manikandan*, R Hubert Praveen Abner, and S Vignesh.
  29. Determination Of The Offset Of Tibial Plateau In Relation To The Tibial Shaft In Indian Population.
    R Hubert Praveen Abner*, M Manikandan, and R Kannan.
  30. A Cross-Sectional Study On The Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Of The Eco-Pharmacology Among Undergraduate Medical Students In Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital In South India.
    CR Anuradha, A Subashree*, and PS Saran.
  31. A Study On Clonidine As An Adjuvant To Ropivacaine In Sciatic Femoral Block For Lower Limb Surgery.
    MS Lakshmi Sree*, and J Saravanan.
  32. A Study On Lipid Profile In Anaemia.
    P Sadhasivam*, C Govindaraju, and M Rajesh Kumar.
  33. A Study On Factors Influencing The Outcome Of Thrombolysis In Acute Myocardial Infarction.
    C Govindaraju*, M Rajesh Kumar, and P Sadhasivam.
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