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Volume 14, Issue 6, 2023 (November - December)

  1. Development And Evaluation Of Nanoemulsion Based Darifenacin Hydrobromide Formulation.
    Apurva N Wabale*, and Atul A Phatak.
  2. Formulation And Characterization Of Fast Dissolving Oral Film Of Prochlorperazine Maleate For Antiemetic Treatment.
    Tushar M Phalke*, SS Pimple, and DL Visokar.
  3. An Observational Study Of Clinical And Cultural Pattern Of Onychomycosis Along With Its Risk Factors And Associated Conditions.
    Priya Singh*.
  4. Prophylactic Antibiotic Versus Only Meticulous Pre-Operative And On The Table Proper Painting Of The Operating Site In Clean Elective Minor Surgical Cases.
    Prakhar Nagar, Vijay Pal, Shwetabh Pradhan*, and Avinash Sharma.
  5. Investigating the Effect of Potato Peel Biocatalyst on Emission Reduction Using Waste Cooking Oil.
    D Divyachandrika*, and J Hemanandh.
  6. Early Versus Later Enteral Nutrition In Patients Undergoing Emergency Gastrointestinal Surgery.
    Jahid Husain S*, Milind H Iddalagi, Gulamnabi, and Syed Saad.
  7. Evaluation and Formulation of Cocrystals of Efavirenz with Caffeine.
    Rutuja Z Maske* and Atul A Phatak.
  8. An Integrated Bamboo Industry for Upgrading the Livelihood of The Rural Community.
    Razak Wahab*, Mohamad Saiful Sulaiman, Sofiyah Mohd Razali, Hashim W Samsi, Johari Zainudin, Ros Syazmini Mohd Ghani, and Nasihah Mokhtar.
  9. A Study on Goniometric Measurements of Temporo- Mandibular Joint Among Normal Adult Population of A Dental Camp In Garden City University.
    Sandhya Nagolu*, S Senthil Kumar, Rakesh VM, and Gayathri A.
  10. Clinical Airway Assessment Tests In Obese Patients And Their Corelation With Lehane Cormack Grading.
    Dharmaraja, K Koel Mitra, Subramanian VV, Debabrata Sarbapalli, and Parthasarathy S*.
  11. Susceptibility of Colistin in Carbapenem Resistant Klebsiella Species in a Tertiary Care Hospital.
    Prarthana S*, Poornakala Ramu, and Gracy Paulin Dharmalingam.
  12. Clinical Features And Histopathological Evaluation Of Psoriasiform Dermatoses.
    R Ragunath, K Hari Baskaran*, and V Lokesh Kumar.
  13. A Review on Calophyllum apetalum Willd., an Endemic Medicinal Tree of Western Ghats.
    Chinthu RV*, Raveendran M, and Raveendran PB.
  14. Effect†Of†Atorvastatin†And†Fenofibrate†Versus†Mononuclear†Cells On†Histopathology And†Oxidative Markers†In†Liver Of†Streptozotocin Induced†Diabetic†Rats.
    Reham E Masoud*, Naglaa H Fadel, and Shereen E Elkholy.
  15. Bacterial Culture Profile, Antibiotic Susceptibility And Resistance Pattern In Neonatal Sepsis: A Tertiary Care Experience.
    Padma K, Sivagamasundari Venugopal*, Suresh Panchanathan, and Appandraj Srivijayan.
  16. Role Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Ophthalmic Injuries: A Systematic Review.
    Vasanthkumar VS, Bharathi Kannan Pothiraj, and Parthasarathy S*.
  17. Study Of Exploring The Influence Of Bone Tumor Pathology On Orthopaedic Surgical Approaches.
    Archana Ashish Somani*, and Ashish Somani.
  18. Study Of Pap Smear Examination In Women Complaining Of Leucorrhoea - A Prospective Multicentric Study In Suburban Based Medical Colleges In West Bengal, India.
    Medhatithi Barman, Neepamanjari Barman, Pramit Goswami, Debobroto Roy, Jayita Saha*, Monalisa Chatterjee, and Santanu Kar.
  19. Study Of Pathological Insights Into Fracture Healing: Mechanisms, Complications, And Novel Interventions.
    Archana Ashish Somani, and Ashish Somani*.
  20. The Hassles of Prolonged Mask Usage.
    Prethiga Shree R, Sangeeta M*, Anjani M Reddy, and Madhu Aishwarya.
  21. Prevalence, Progression, And Clinical Implications Of Heterotopic Ossification Formation Following Cervical Disc Replacement.
    Abilash SS*, and Melanie Philomena Valerie Gomes.
  22. Clinical Findings Of Corticosteroid Therapy With Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy To Treatment Of Intractable Plantar Fasciitis.
    Abilash SS*, and Melanie Philomena Valerie Gomes.
  23. Childhood Obesity Prevention and Intervention: A Comprehensive Paediatric Medicine Approach.
    Ujwala Shirsath, Ajinkya Dhakane*, and Ganesh Misal.
  24. Evaluation Of Nutritional Status And Dietary Practices Among Paediatric Patients In An Indian Hospital: Addressing Malnutrition And Promoting Child Health.
    Ujwala Shirsath, Ajinkya Dhakane*, and Ganesh Misal.
  25. Cross Sectional Study Of Radiological Features Of Acute Invasive Fungal Sinusitis At Tertiary Referral Hospital.
    Ajmath Shaik, Siddam Revathi, Vijay Praveen Sana*, and Sanjay P Kishve.
  26. Study Between Viva And OSCE For Final Year Part 1 MBBS Students At The End Of The Clinical Posting.
    Ajmath Shaik, Siddam Revathi, Adarsh Kumar Kusuma*, Vijay Praveen Sana, and Sanjay P Kishve.
  27. The Effect Of Early Cranioplasty On Anxiety And Depression In Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Prospective Observational Study.
    Puneet Bansal, Vimal Roy Sardana, Sanjeev Attry, Vijay Kumar Gupta, Pankaj Kumar, and Abhijit Verma*.
  28. Morphometric Analysis Of Lateral Ventricle Dimensions In Different Age Groups By Computed Tomography.
    Pranjali Uttamrao Rathod, and Motiram Ramji Khandode*.
  29. A Case Series Of Rare Variants Of Epidermolysis Bullosa In A Tertiary Care Centre In Tamil Nadu.
    S Kayalvizhi Money, N Dinesh Kumar*, and AS Nivethedhaa.
  30. A Study On The Efficacy Of Immunotherapy By Using Tuberculin Protein In The Treatment Of Viral Wart
    S Kayalvizhi Money, Aparna Sai G, and N Dinesh Kumar*
  31. A Study Of Calcium, Vitamin-D And Phosphorus In Chronic Kidney Disease On Dialysis.
    P Dharmalingam*.
  32. A Comparative Study Of Epidural Butorphanol And Tramadol For Post Operative Analgesia Using Combined Spinal Epidural Anesthesia Technique In Lower Limb Surgeries.
    A Muthusamy*, K Sevvanthi, M Maharajan, and M Vinoth Kannan.
  33. Comparative Study Of Laryngeal Mask Airway Igel And Baska Mask In Patients Undergoing Surgery Under General Anaesthesia.
    A Muthusamy*, M Vinoth Kannan, M Maharajan, and K Sevvanthi.
  34. Clinical Study On Assessment Of Post Surgical Complications According To Clavien Dindo Classification In Open And Laparoscopic Elective Abdominal Surgeries.
    S Savitha, S Karthik Muthuram*, and M Balika.
  35. Incidence Of Persistent Symptoms After Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.
    S Savitha, S Karthik Muthuram*, and M Balika.
  36. Prediction Of The Difficulties Of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy And The Possibility Of Conversion To Open Cholecystectomy Before Surgery Using Ultrasonographic Criteria.
    S Savitha, Deepan Madhusudanan*, and S Arrjun.
  37. Non-Traumatic Abdominal Surgical Emergencies.
    V Balasubramaniam*.
  38. Clinical Presentation And Management Of Locally Advanced Breast Carcinoma.
    V Balasubramaniam*
  39. Epidemiological Trends and Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Indian Populations.
    T Lakshmi Hema, and PSM Rama Ganesh*.
  40. Assessing the Long-Term Cardiovascular Effects of Emerging Antidiabetic Medications in Type 2 Diabetes Patients.
    T Lakshmi Hema, and PSM Rama Ganesh*.
  41. Retrospective Study On Mucormycosis During COVID-19 At Tertiary Care Centre.
    Hira Ananda Padekar*, Saleha Khan, Deepika Bhalerao, Vaibhav Rajhans, Anagha Vaidya, and Shahriar Roushani.
  42. Hanging: An Autopsy-Based Study on Violent Asphyxial Deaths.
    Hrishikesh B Deshpande*, Hemant V Godbole, and Maroti B Dake.
  43. Expression Of E6 Oncoprotein Of HPV 16/18 In Oral Epithelial Hyperplasia, Dysplasia, And Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
    Abinaya Devi A*, B Abirami, and R Rathika.
  44. A Study On Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation Of Hippocampus With T2 Relaxation Time.
    Vasudave Nadaraja*, Arundilip Subramanian, and Bharathi Selvam Sengodan.
  45. A Study On MRI Evaluation Of TM Joint And Itís Lesions.
    Vasudave Nadaraja*, Bharathi Selvam Sengodan, and Arundilip Subramanian.
  46. A Study On Factors Influencing Conversion Of Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy To Open Cholecystectomy.
    M Sasikumar*, and T Shanmugam.
  47. A Prospective Study On Various Decisive Factors For Non-Operative Management Of Blunt Trauma Abdomen With Solid Organ Injury.
    Anandan K, Rohith Kumar R, and TA Bharath*.
  48. A Prospective Study On Expression Of VGEF In Placentas Of Pregnant Mothers With Hypertension Of Different Severity By Immunohistochemistry.
    P Sindhuja*, and Keerthini Ganesan.
  49. A Comparative Study Of RIPASA And Modified Alvarado Scoring Systems For The Diagnosis Of Acute Appendicitis.
    M Sasikumar*, K Lokeshwari, and E Shenbaga Seetha Priya.
  50. Clinico-Pathological Profile Of Thrombocytopenia In A Tertiary Care Institute.
    S Eniya*, R Rathika, and V Bavithra.
  51. A Study And Analysis Of Cutaneous Small Vessel Vasculitis In Tertiary Care Hospital.
    T Aarthi Priya*, A Geetha, and S Sangeetha.
  52. A Study On Usefulness Of Cord Blood Analysis In Predicting Pathological Hyperbilirubinemia In Babies At Risk Of Developing ABO Incompatibility.
    Raju V, Krithika S, and M Pradeep*.
  53. A Study On Functional And Radiological Outcome Of Acetabular Fracture Treated By Open Reduction And Internal Fixation.
    S Mageswaran, Prabu Aloy*, and V James Sundar Singh.
  54. Clinical Profile And Outcome Of Pneumonia Associated With Traditional Child Rearing Practices In Infants.
    M Pradeep, Krithika S, and Raju V*.
  55. Cross Sectional Study Of Radiological And Functional Outcome Of Reduction Screws In Spondylolisthesis.
    P Manikandan*, EMV Muthu Subash, and M Mohamed Ibrahim.
  56. A Study On Patient`s Height To Thyromental Distance, Sternomental Distance And The Upper Lip Bite Test As A Single Test And In Combination As Methods Of Airway Assessment For Difficult Laryngoscopy.
    M Sukumaran, A Asghar Ali*, A Muthusamy, and S Karthikeyan.
  57. A Cross Sectional Study On Functional And Radiological Outcome Of Internal Fixation In Mid Foot Injuries.
    M Mohamed Ibrahim*, EMV Muthu Subash, and S Azariah Herbert.
  58. A Cross Sectional Study On Functional And Radiological Outcome Of Tibotalocalcaneal Nailing In Ankle Arthrodesis.
    S Eswarapandi*, G Balasubramanian, and S Pandi Prakasah.
  59. A Prospective Study On Functional And Radiological Outcome Of Valgus Osteotomy With DHS Fixation For Nonunion Neck Of Femur.
    S Eswarapandi*, M Mohamed Ibrahim, EMV Muthu Subash, and T Bharanidharan.
  60. A Study On Thrombocytosis As A Predictor Of Serious Bacterial Infection In Young Infants.
    P Kannan, S Prasanna, and M Nithya*.
  61. Urinary Tract Infection As A Precipitating Factor For Relapse In Nephrotic Syndrome.
    S Prasanna, P Kannan, and S Ponsaravanan*.
  62. Role Of MR Imaging In Rotator Cuff Pathologies.
    RajalakshmI R, and Geetha G*.
  63. Prediction Of Pre-Eclampsia And Fetal Growth Restriction By Uterine Artery Doppler At 11-13 Weeks Of Gestation.
    Thiyanesh CM, Rajalakshmi R*, Saravanan K, and Ashraf Ahmed B.
  64. Comparative Study of Netarsudil /Latanoprost (0.02% + 0.005% Sun Pharma) vs. Latanoprost (0.005% FDA) in Reducing Intraocular Pressure.
    Nikumbh Usha S, and Deshmukh SS*.
  65. Study Of Retinopathy Of Prematurity In Neonates.
    Reshma Mehta, Manish Tijare, Shruti Sonawane, and Sonali Rawal*.
  66. Diabetic Retinopathy And Related Knowledge Attitude And Practices Among Patients Of Diabetes Mellitus: A Cross Sectional Study.
    Reshma Mehta, Shruti Sonawane, Manish Tijare*, and Sonali Rawal.
  67. A Study of Poisoning Cases at F.H. Medical College, Etmadpur, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.
    Vaibhav Sharma*, Mustaria Pankaj Kumar Shushil, and Gaurav Sikarwar.
  68. Study Of Merits And Demerits Of†Tension Band Wiring In Various Fractures.
    Vamshi Gundeboina*, and R Arun Reddy.
  69. Prevention Of Preterm Labor In Established Cases Of Bacterial Vaginosis With Antibiotics.
    Atluri Anilasree*, and Dhivya S.
  70. Comparison Of Effect Of Buprenorphine Versus Phenylephrine As An Adjuvant To Bupivacaine In Ultrasound Guided Supraclavicular Block.
    Jayashridevi Rajaraman, Srinivasan Suganya, and Maruthi Rao S*
  71. A Randomized Trial Of Intravenous Labetalol Versus Oral Nifedipine In Acute Blood Pressure Control In Hypertensive Emergencies Of Pregnancy.
    Atluri Anilasree, and Dhivya S*.
  72. Exploring the Correlation between Biochemical Profiles and Treatment Outcomes in Pediatric Tuberculosis: A Longitudinal Analysis.
    Rohit Kumar Agrawal, Rachna Sharma, and Amritesh Ranjan Mishra*.
  73. Study Of Role Of Laparoscopy And Advantages In Acute Abdomen.
    Abhinav Mittal*, Khadeeja Tanveer, Sharukh Raj, Suhail Akhtar, and Sanya Bhushan.
  74. Study Of Clinical Presentation And Outcome Of Head Injury Patients Undergoing Surgical Management.
    Abhinav Mittal*, Shahrukh Raj, Sanya Bhushan, Anushka Pariya, and Suhail Akhtar.
  75. Study Of Evaluation Of P-POSSUM Scoring In Predicting The Mortality Of The Patient In Emergency Surgery In Tertiary Care Center.
    Bhushankumar Thakur, Sushant Dawre*, Poorvi Veera, and Pratik Anandrao Chikane.
  76. Study Assessment Of Laparotomy Patients With P-POSSUM Scoring System.
    Bhushankumar Thakur, Sushant Dawre*, Poorvi Veera, and Pratik Anandrao Chikane.
  77. A Study Of Recovery Pattern Of Aphasia In Stroke Patients.
    P Arul, and T Mohanavel*.
  78. A Study Of Platelet-Derived Growth Factor In Wound Healing Of Diabetic Foot Ulcers In Indian Population.
    Rajesh Daniel*, Periasamy S, and Ravinthar A.
  79. A Study To Compare The Efficacy Of Two Suturing Techniques In Reducing The Development Of Postoperative Complications Among Patients With Generalized Peritonitis Who Underwent Midline Laparotomy In A Tertiary Center In South India.
    Rajesh Daniel*, Periasamy S, Ravinthar A.
  80. Study On Profile Of Snake Bite Induced Acute Kidney Injury And Outcome.
    P Arul, and T Mohanavel*.
  81. A Prospective Study Critical Analysis Of Functional & Radiological Outcome Of Tibial Condyle Fracture Treated By Internal Fixation.
    R Kathiresan*, R Suganthi, and G Vimalan.
  82. A Prospective Study Of Intramedullary Fixation Of Unstable Peritrochanteric Fractures With Interlocking Proximal Femoral Nail.
    R Kathiresan*, V Arun, and R Suganthi.
  83. Study Of Continuous Wound Infiltration Of Bupivacaine At Two Different Anatomical Planes For Caesarean Analgesia.
    Vivek Badada*, Umar Sheikh, Sonia Ohlyan, Akanksha Patel, and Shreya Kumar.
  84. Is Repeat Testing Of Critical Results In Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory A Necessity?.
    Pramod Ingale, Meghatai Ramrao Bhise (Megha Motiram Khandode)*, Vibha Sakhare, and Neelam Patil.
  85. Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Observational Study
    Stuti P Ugile*, Shilpa C Patil, Kishor Ashok Sagpelliwar, and Vijay Umakantrao Waghmare.
  86. Study Of Clinical Profile Of Convulsion In Pregnancy.
    Kishor Ashok Sagpelliwar*, Kapil More, Stuti Ugile, and Vijay Umakantrao Waghmare.
  87. Association Of Subclinical And Overt Hypothyroidism On Red Blood Cell Indices Together With Reticulocyte Counts.
    K Ambedkar Priyan, Meghatai Bhise (Megha Motiram Khandode), Suvarna Kundlikaro Tale, Pramod Ingale, Vaijayanti Manohar Hardas, S Shagana, Nandan M Valavaikar.
  88. Study Of Computed Tomography (CT) And Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Correlation In Brain Tumors In Tertiary Care Hospital.
    Mohd Ibrahim Ansari*, and Anubhav Shukla.
  89. Systematic Review on the Impact of Radiation Protection Measures on Pediatric Health.
    Fahad Mubark H. Alotibi*, Saad Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al-Ruwais, Abdulla Daar Alhumaidi Albogamy, Abdullah Abdulrahman B. Alosaimi, and Abdullah Mafleh Shaleh Alharthi, and Salman Ali A. Alotaibi.
  90. Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Of Pharmacists Toward Adverse Drug Even Reporting: A Cross- Sectional Study.
    Ahmed Abdulrahman Nahidh Alquwayz*, Raed Hamoud S Alosaimi, Khalid Masad Sallum Alotaibi, Sati Mohammed Sayer Alotaibi, Abdulelah Zaid Hajid Alotaibi, and Hamdan Nasser Hamdan Alotaibi.
  91. Evaluation Of the Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Moringa Oleifera Leaves in Animal Models.
    S Narendra Babu*.
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